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The COVID-19 Hoax: Fines Issued In Manitoba As 100 Brave Protesters Gather In Steinbach, Manitoba To Protest Against COVID-19 Ludicrous Restrictions

As I said in my previous post.. I seem to be constantly playing 'catch up' in terms of articles at this blog, and especially my attacks on this entire COVID-19 hoax... I am indeed doing my best, and I do want to thank everyone for their patience with me..

Yes, as I have been so heavily tied up these last few days, the work online in attacking this entire COVID-19 scam-demic has fallen upon my fellow real Canadian compadres and patriots, both Greencrow, who has been fighting this scam from the 'left coast' area of southern British Columbia and writes the excellent blog 'Greencrow As The Crow Flies' at, AND of course Penny, who hails from the insanity of southern Ontario and writes the excellent blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at Both of those fine ladies deserve all of the kudos for continuing their relentless attacks on this entire scam-demic, and I do recommend that people take a look at their work at their blogs!!

Well, Greencrow alerted me just a few hours ago about a gathering that took place earlier today in Steinbach Manitoba, just some 65km east of here, where apparently there was a gathering of some '100' brave people that were protesting the heinous and most criminal actions of the fuckers in the Pallister regime that have been destroying this province and its people with their latest 'restrictions' and "lockdowns'... I do want to share the article that Greencrow sent my way, that comes from the MSN Online news service at that 'covers' that protest.... Here is that article and I have my won thoughts and comments to follow:

Fines issued in Manitoba as more than 100 protesters gather in Steinbach to protest COVID-19 restrictions

Nicholas Frew 4 hrs ago

Less than an hour after Manitoba announced its highest single-day jump in COVID-19 deaths, dozens of people gathered in Steinbach to protest heightened public health restrictions implemented in Manitoba this week.

More than 100 people gathered Saturday afternoon in Steinbach, a city located roughly 50 kilometres southeast of Winnipeg, to protest against additional restrictions that came into effect on Thursday. The entire province is now in the red, or critical, level on the province's pandemic response system.

Some protesters brought their children with them.

Shortly before 3 p.m. Saturday, provincial conservation and health officers who were in attendance started issuing fines to some of the people participating in the protest. Some protesters, in turn, could be heard shouting profanities at the officers.

The protest comes a day after a nurse, who works in the emergency room at Bethesda Regional Health Centre in Steinbach, said the facility is over capacity and the workload on staff isn't sustainable.

It also began less than an hour after the Manitoba government announced 15 more people have died from COVID-19. The deaths occurred from Nov. 2-13, but mark the largest number of COVID-19 deaths reported on a single day in Manitoba.

Another 239 cases of COVID-19 were announced in Manitoba on Saturday. Forty of those were in the Southern Health region, which includes Steinbach.

Protesters were observed not practising physical distancing, or wearing protective masks. Some protesters wore other face coverings that obscured their faces, such as a Guy Fawkes mask, popularized by the film V for Vendetta.

Manitoba RCMP have blocked vehicle access to the rally.

Some counter-protesters were also present but remained in their vehicles.

Manitoba residents under strict conditions

Chief Provincial Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin said the restrictions now in effectare the strictest the province has seen throughout the entire pandemic.

Retail businesses deemed critical, such as grocery stores and pharmacies, are only allowed to operate at 25 per cent capacity. Other retail businesses must close, but some can operate via curbside pickup or delivery.

Restaurants cannot offer dine-in, but can offer take out or delivery. Gyms, fitness centres and sports facilities must close. Businesses like barber shops and hair and nail salons must also shut down.

a group of people standing in front of a crowd posing for the camera: Protesters were not wearing protective masks, nor physically distancing. Some protesters, like the man holding an upside-down Canada flag, wore masks to obscure their faces.© Austin Grabish/CBC Protesters were not wearing protective masks, nor physically distancing. Some protesters, like the man holding an upside-down Canada flag, wore masks to obscure their faces.

Religious and cultural services are prohibited unless they are held virtually.

Masks must be worn in indoor public places. Gatherings are restricted to a maximum of five people under the current public health rules. However, Roussin said this week that no one should be socializing with people they don't live with.

Provincial fines for individuals who break public health rules are $1,296, while businesses can be fined $5,000.

NTS Notes: I do notice the 'bias' in this report where the ass clown filing this article claims that the protesters 'shouted profanities" at officers.... This is typical for these pricks in their attempts to vilify these peaceful protests..

And yes, this is the day with the 'highest death toll' that they claim is by this non-existent 'deadly virus', and the truth is that Manitoba is now deep into a severe INFLUENZA season, and that REAL illness does indeed kill a LOT of people especially those in senior citizen homes where their immune system is compromised on top of the severe neglect most of them get in those homes themselves!

And yes, I did go myself to several 'protests' months back at the Manitoba Legislature here, and I found the real PRICKS who were causing trouble and trying to ruin those peaceful protests were the hired thugs and 'security' by the Manitoba criminal government along with the police themselves as well!

I once again want to thank Greencrow for bringing this to my attention.. It is honestly good that some Manitobans are sick and tired of these fucking bullshit 'restrictions' and the pricks in charge trying to keep the sheep in line by trying to force horrific fines on protesters who only want to have their rights to protest peacefully....

I do hope this type of protest spreads.... We can put an end to the criminal madness and stop this insanity, and all it takes is the will of the people to finally have the guts to say NO!!!

More to come


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