Thursday, November 12, 2020

The COVID-19 Hoax: Doctor Vernon Coleman Shows Proof Positive That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good!

 I was out an about yesterday in COVID-land here in central Canada, and I had to venture to the local supermarket where I stood in the customer service line.... While I was in that short line up, I pulled my 'mandatory' face mask down below my nose simply because I cannot breathe through the damn face diaper... I kept it down for about 5 minutes and finally got to the service counter to do my business... 

But of course while I was standing there doing my business, I heard a voice in the background saying "you have to pull your  mask over your nose"... I ignored the voice, only to find that same statement repeated... I turned and found this lady with her eyes glazed over with fear standing there harping at me that same stupid statement over and over again... I looked at that KAREN and said flat out "I do not want to get hypoxia and I care about Oxygen levels to my brain!"... To which the KAREN then gave me such a foul look of disdain and stormed off....  The lady at the service counter looked at me and said "I agree".... And I went about my business, finished my shopping and got out of that idiot mask filled stupidity as soon as possible..

Yes, the lunacy of the face diaper wearers has now reached the level of permanent psychological damage to THEM.... I have tried my best to awaken people to the dangers of wearing face diapers, but now I am a voice in the wilderness as the overwhelming majority of the morons out there are now permanently brain damaged and are wearing their face diapers EVERYWHERE... I see them now regularly wearing those health destroying coverings out of doors, and even driving their cars!  The madness is beyond reproach now..

I want to present the following important BRANDNEWTUBE video by Doctor Vernon Coleman, that is entitled "Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good" for everyone to see the proof positive that wearing face masks is THE most stupidest thing anyone can possibly due during this entire scam-demic... Here is that link to that video, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I do want everyone to share this video by Doctor Vernon Coleman with as many people that they can reach immediately..

I have also shown proof in many of my previous articles at this blog the facts that the wearing of face diapers is EXACTLY what these criminals in charge of this entire scam-demic want.. And that is the FACT that wearing those gawd awful face diapers will actually WEAKEN the immune systems of the wearers and thus make them highly susceptible to real diseases such as  bacterial pneumonia and even Influenza...

And I found one other interesting fact about the wearing of face diapers that has alarmed me... I have written many times in the past about how CANCER takes hold in our bodies due to the acidification of our body's blood and thus the lowering of our body's per-Hydrogen (pH) level into the acid level that causes a cut off of vital Oxygenation of our body's cells.... And lo and behold but the wearing of face diapers forces our bodies to consume Carbon Dioxide that causes that acidification of our blood!  Thus it can be argued that the continuing wearing of face diapers can indeed cause a massive increase in cases of CANCER....

It is therefore most vital that everyone understand the real truths about wearing face diapers and for those who have not been brainwashed to fight back against this madness and force a change in this dangerous policy... Our very health and the health of those around us is at stake here..

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