Thursday, November 12, 2020

The COVID-19 Hoax: Doctor Tom Cowan Shows That Studies Conclude Face Masks Increase Rates Of Infection And Disease

 Yes, it is now 'DAY ONE' in the new 'lockdowns' and restrictions imposed here in Manitoba aka central Canada (FYI...Toronto IS NOT the center of Canada by a long shot!) by the criminal Pallister regime.. And this means the full destruction of the small businesses here that barely survived the last horrid and unsubstantiated lockdowns of a few months back... All this over a severe INFLUENZA outbreak that has occurred in some senior citizen complexes in the north end of Winnipeg... I will cover that sheer stupidity later in my usual Manitoba COVID-19 report, but for the moment I have a lot 'bigger fish to fry'....

I just put out a most interesting video earlier today where Doctor Vernon Coleman came out blasting away at the fraud of wearing health destroying FACE DIAPERS or what they are trying to claim as 'face masks'.... I want everyone to look at that video when they can, but right now I have ANOTHER "Brandnewtube" video that was also released earlier today, from another doctor, Tom Cowan, that shows how studies have concluded that wearing 'face masks' actually INCREASES the rates of both infection and diseases!  Here is that BRANDNEWTUBE video link here for everyone to view for themselves, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: What Doctor Tom Cowan has done in this video is VINDICATE what I have been saying for months now about the real diabolical reasoning for the criminals to push their gawd awful face diapers on all of us... It is to INCREASE the amount of diseases and infections in all of us!

And it is no wonder people will now definitely become very sick thanks to wearing face diapers... Those awful face coverings do nothing more than cut off vital Oxygen to our bodies as well as increase the amount of bacteria on our faces as well as in our nasal passageways.... Thus the more someone wears a face diaper, the more prone they will become to becoming seriously ill from bacterial infections especially BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA...

Yes, this is all part of the diabolical plan by the criminals behind this entire scam-demic... They will use their propaganda machine of the liars in the media to claim that the sudden upsurge of people getting sick is due to this 'second' or even 'third' "WAVE" of their still non-existent COVID-19 BULLSHIT, and of course not telling the truth that these new 'waves' are due to the wearing of health destroying face diapers and the diseases caused by those face coverings!!!  It is indeed diabolical and the gullible idiots out there will swallow this horse shit without any thought to the contrary..

Yes, for your sake and the sake of those around you, take off your health destroying face diapers immediately... If others argue with you about why you are not obeying the criminals and not wanting to be a compliant slave to insanity, show them this video and many others that I have up at this site.... People must become aware of the truth here!

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