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The COVID-19 Hoax: COVID Vaccine Revelation Sinks Like A Stone; Disappears!

 I am continuing my relentless assault on this COVID-19 hoax and complete bullshit... There should be NO doubt at all by those who have spent the time to sit down and do their own research into this massive swindle that they soon realize that it is and always has been the world's GREATEST HOAX in ALL human history!   Sadly though the criminals running this massive fraud have the gullible fools out there firmly under their spell and living in such fear and panic that even if you tried to wake many of them up to the reality that they have been played as fools, most simply will NOT believe you at all!

I have been putting up so many articles over the last month at this blog from Jon Rappoport, for the fact that Jon has shown through his long list of articles from his website "No More Fake News" proof positive that this scam-demic is indeed such a massive fraud and hoax, and I am continuing to present his fine works here when they do become available..

Therefore I want to present Jon's latest article, entitled: "COVID Vaccine Revelation Sinks Like A Stone; Disappears!" that is a must read by everyone... I have that entire article right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments about this article to follow:

COVID vaccine revelation sinks like a stone; disappears

by Jon Rappoport

November 11, 2020

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In major media, certain stories gain traction. The trumpets keep blaring for a time before they fade.

Other stories are one-offs. A few of them strike hard. Their implications—if anyone stops to think about them—are powerful. Then…nothing.

“Wait, aren’t you going to follow up on that? Don’t you see what that MEANS?”

Apparently not, because…dead silence. “In other news, the governor lost his pet parakeet for an hour. His chief of staff found it taking a nap in a desk drawer…”

One-offs function like teasers. You definitely want to know more, but you never get more.

Over the years, I’ve tried to follow up on a few. The reporter or the editor has a set of standard replies: “We didn’t get much feedback.” “We covered it.” “It’s now old news.” “There wasn’t anything else to find out.”

Oh, but there WAS.

A few weeks ago, I ran a one-off. The analysis and commentary were mine, but the story was an opinion piece in the New York Times. The Times called it an opinion piece to soften its blow. I suspected it would disappear, and it did.

Its meaning and implication were too strong. It would be a vast embarrassment for the White House, the Warp Speed COVID vaccine program, the vaccine manufacturers, the coronavirus task force, and vaccine researchers.

And embarrassment would be just the beginning of their problem.

So…here it is again. The vanished one-off, back in business:

COVID vaccine clinical trials doomed to fail; fatal design flaw; NY Times opinion piece exposes all three major clinical trials. [2]

Peter Doshi, associate editor of the medical journal BMJ, and Eric Topol, Scripps Research professor of molecular medicine, have written a devastating NY Times opinion piece about the ongoing COVID vaccine clinical trials.

They expose the fatal flaw in the large Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna trials.

September 22, the Times: “These Coronavirus Trials Don’t Answer the One Question We Need to Know” [1]:

“If you were to approve a coronavirus vaccine, would you approve one that you only knew protected people only from the most mild form of Covid-19, or one that would prevent its serious complications?”

“The answer is obvious. You would want to protect against the worst cases.”

“But that’s not how the companies testing three of the leading coronavirus vaccine candidates, Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, whose U.S. trial is on hold, are approaching the problem.”

“According to the protocols for their studies, which they released late last week, a vaccine could meet the companies’ benchmark for success if it lowered the risk of mild Covid-19, but was never shown to reduce moderate or severe forms of the disease, or the risk of hospitalization, admissions to the intensive care unit or death.”

“To say a vaccine works should mean that most people no longer run the risk of getting seriously sick. That’s not what these trials will determine.”

This means these clinical trials are dead in the water.

The trials are designed to show effectiveness in preventing mild cases of COVID, which nobody should care about, because mild cases naturally run their course and cause no harm. THERE IS NO NEED FOR A VACCINE THAT PREVENTS MILD CASES.

There. That’s the NY Times one-off. My piece analyzing it went on much longer, but you get the main thrust:

The leading vaccine clinical trials are useless, irrelevant, misleading, and deceptive.

But now, it gets much worse. Because Pfizer has just announced their vaccine is almost ready. CNBC headline, November 9: “Pfizer, BioNTech say Covid vaccine is more than 90% effective—‘great day for science and humanity’” [3].

And not a peep about the NY Times one-off. That’s gone, as if it never was.

Trump’s coronavirus task force knows the truth. Biden’s new task force, waiting in the wings, knows the truth. But they don’t care. They’re criminals. They’d sell a car with a gas tank ready to explode to a customer with cash.

But you care, because you can read and think.

You can raise hell.

Now, in case anyone is interested in knowing WHY the major clinical trials of the COVID vaccine are designed only to prevent mild cases of COVID, I’ll explain.

A vaccine maker assumes that, during the course of the clinical trial, a few of the 30,000 volunteers are going to “catch COVID-19.”

They assume this because “the virus is everywhere,” as far as they’re concerned. So it’ll drop down from the clouds and infect a few of the volunteers.

The magic number is 150. When that number of volunteers “catch COVID,” everything stops. The clinical trial stops.

At this point, the vaccine maker hopes that most of the volunteers who “got infected” are in the placebo group. They didn’t receive the real vaccine; they received the saltwater placebo shot.

Then the vaccine maker can proudly say, “See? The volunteers who caught COVID-19? Most of them didn’t receive the vaccine. They weren’t protected. The volunteers who received the real vaccine didn’t catch COVID. The vaccine protected them.”

Actually, the number split the vaccine makers are looking for is 50 and 100. If 50 people in the vaccine group catch COVID, and 100 in the placebo group catch COVID, the vaccine is said to be 50% effective. And that’s all the vaccine maker needs to win FDA approval for the vaccine.

But wait. Let’s look closer at this idea of “catching COVID.” What are they really talking about? How do they define that? Claiming a volunteer in the clinical trial caught COVID adds up to what?

Does it add up to a minimal definition of COVID-19—a cough, or chills and fever? Or does it mean a serious case—severe pneumonia?

Now we come to the hidden factor, the secret, the source of the whole con game.

You see, the vaccine maker starts out with 30,000 HEALTHY volunteers. So, if they waited for 150 of them to come down with severe pneumonia, a serious case of COVID, how long do you think that would take? Five years? Ten years?

The vaccine maker can’t possibly wait that long.

These 150 COVID cases the vaccine maker is looking for would be mild. Just a cough. Or chills and fever. That scenario would only take a few months to develop. And face it, chills, cough, and fever aren’t unique to COVID. Anyone can come down with those symptoms.


About which, no one cares. No one should care.

But, as we see, Pfizer is trumpeting their clinical trial of the vaccine as a landmark in human history.

And THAT’S the story of the one-off the NY Times didn’t think was worth a second glance.

Because they’re so stupid? No. They’re not that stupid.

They’re criminals.

And the government wants you to take the experimental COVID vaccine, whose “effectiveness” was designed to prevent nothing worth losing a night’s sleep over.

The only worry are the adverse effects of the vaccine, about which I’ve written extensively. These effects include, depending on what’s in the vial, a permanent alteration of your genetic makeup, or an auto-immune cascade, in which the body attacks itself.





NTS Notes: Well, there you go... The criminal liars are indeed out there right now claiming a '90% success rate' with their 'vaccine' that they claim they are now 'ready' to unleash on everyone.. But they are of course not telling the TRUTH that their 'vaccine' is and will be ineffective against 'serious' cases of this fraud 'deadly virus'....

And yes, what Jon reveals is indeed diabolical, and sadly too many suckers out there are now so willing to take their 'experimental' vaccine that is actually ineffective since there is NO real contagion out there (No isolation of this contagion to this date anywhere across the planet) and will do far more harm to the fool taking the shot in terms of having his health and even his/her very DNA destroyed!

Yes, this is important information that everyone should be reading carefully and made fully aware of.. .Please take this article, and any one of the over 600 articles that I have already posted at this blog that attacks this fraud scam-demic and send it out FREELY to anyone around you.. I am not going to worry about anyone not claiming me as the source if they decide to reprint this material, for the reality is that I do not give one fuck and only want everyone to wake up from this fraud scam-demic and get ANGRY enough to go after the fuckers responsible for this madness...

And never ever take their 'vaccine'.... It is a weapon of mass destruction in my honest opinion and one that will be used to kill MILLIONS..... Resist by all means possible..

More to come


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