Saturday, November 7, 2020

The COVID-19 Hoax: American Mother Loses It As Her Child Passes Out From Wearing A Face Diaper During Physical Education Class At School!

 First, my apologies to readers.. I have been busy today taking care of a lot of personal business AND family matters... And today just so happens to be the day of the 'perfect storm' in terms of real news, especially the FRAUD of the American 'elections' where the COMMUNISTS have now taken over what used to be the free nation called the United States... 

But I am back now, and finally in front of my computer... And I do have a LOT of catching up to do.... Thank you all for your patience..

First and foremost, I want to present the link to an article that was sent my way via my fellow real truth seeker in the US, John Kaminski, and this one is a must read by everyone.. For according to the following report and this must see video, apparently a mother in the US has finally spoken up and is telling it exactly like it is, thanks to just seeing her own child PASS OUT in physical education class at her child's school after having to endure wearing a gawd damn face diaper during that physical exercise period!  Here is the link to that video here:

I also have the Bitchute link here, just in case that one does not work too well:

NTS Notes: I do want to thank John Kaminski for bringing this information to my attention..

This to me is so alarming, and something that I actually did expect to happen eventually..

As I noted earlier last week, I saw for myself children at a local day care centre having to wear gawd damn FACE DIAPERS as they played outside on that centre's play structures, and I honestly wanted to scream at those day care workers for this act of pure evil and negligence....

This video should be a wake up call for so many out there, as I and others have said for months now that everyone should not be wearing gawd damn face diapers, period, for those coverings do restrict vital Oxygen supplies to the wearer's body and can indeed cause hypoxia and even asphyxiation if worn for long periods of time... That effect is especially more pronounced in young children who absolutely must get vital Oxygen into their growing bodies!

Please spread this video around and show everyone once again the truth about these face diapers and how they are indeed destroying our health, especially in young children..

More to come


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