Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Proof The Media Are Nothing But Lying Sacks Of Shit: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Drowning Itself In A Fraud Second Wave Of Disinformation!

 I honestly have had it up to here with the consummate liars in the Jewish owned and controlled media.. Just earlier tonight, I turned on that sack of shit propaganda Liberal controlled media outlet called the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as they were running a 'documentary' during their one hour so called 'news' show claiming that we in the alternative media and the REAL truth movement were nothing but 'disinformation specialists' saying nothing but lies about this 'pandemic' (!) 

They had the NERVE and the gall to claim that we were leading readers and others down the wrong path and not 'telling the truth' about this entire scam-demic, where they had the nerve to claim that it was REAL and that there was a 'deadly virus' out there to 'kill us all" and we should all be good little slaves and OBEY what they proclaim and what our crooked governments say!  I was so appalled and I wanted to puke!

Well.. Two can play at this game, for I came across a most important article earlier today from the Global Research team at, where they are asking the important question: "Is The CBC Drowning Itself In A Second Wave Of Disinformation?" and show facts in the article that prove the answer to that question to be a resounding "YES"!!

I have that Global Research article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Is the CBC Drowning Itself in a Second Wave of Corona Disinformation?

Global Research, November 18, 2020

Almost every paragraph of a recent CBC Morning Brief, about a supposed “COVID-19 resurgence,” contains statements that leave me questioning the competency and motives of the reporter. Is this part of an orchestrated second wave of illogical fear-mongering from the Coronavirus Broadcasting Corporation? Maybe the author would be better off writing medical thrillers for Hollywood? Here are some perplexing examples:

“Canadians successfully flattened epidemic curves during the summer…” Doesn’t the cold and flu season flatten every summer all by itself? What did beer-guzzling Canucks have to do with it? Even a five-year-old knows there ain’t many people with the sniffles in hot, humid August in Canada.

For example, Drs. Karina Reiss and Scharit Bhakdi’s, in Corona: False Alarm?, write:

“Why do annual coronavirus epidemics end in the summertime? Over 50% of the northern European population becomes vitamin D-deficient in the dark winter months. Possibly, replenishment of vitamin D stores by sunshine and the shift of activities to outdoors are simple important reasons.”

And back in 2010, PLOS Biology printed a study suggested that it’s not the heat of the summer but “absolute humidity” which “drives seasonal variations of influenza transmission in temperate regions.”

Whatever the reason, thousands of years of seasonal observations would suggest that new normal rituals had little to do with reducing cases of coronavirus infections this summer.

The CBC article continues: “…the goal was to prevent hospitals and intensive care units from facing a crush of patients with COVID-19 all at once.” Nice of them to remind us of the original messaging — “slow the spread” got lost with all those “stop the spread” signs on the roadside. Needless to say, they created the opposite problem: Empty hospitals and neglected patients, as CTV reported back in the spring.

“Health officials wanted to avoid what happened in hospitals in New York City, where refrigerated trailers were used as temporary morgues.” Well, I doubt the cadavers minded whether they were in a truck or a basement. It’s more sad that their families were not allowed to hold funeral services because of the unnecessary lockdown.

Either way, a rising curve probably had little to do with the New York oddity. More suspect were the the $39,000 payments dangled in front of hospital CEOs if they would rush patients onto ventilators (as many nurses have testified).

But any such backload of patients was not enough to max-out New York hospitals. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers did indeed hand over $660 million to private construction companies to build field hospitals, according to an NPR analysis. “But nearly four months into the pandemic, most of these facilities haven’t treated a single patient,” reported NPR journalist, Joel Rose. That included three in New York State:

“But the recent surge of new coronavirus cases…” That must have been a typo. They meant to say: “…recent surge of new PCR tests…” PCR tests which may or not be detecting a coronavirus (novel or otherwise) which would only cause respiratory distress in a tiny percentage of people, like the common cold does every year.

The article continues by quoting a McMaster professor who anticipates a surge of patients with COVID-19, and he worries hospitals won’t be able to accommodate them…” Well, thank you dear leaders for not even bothering us with bogus computer modelling. Instead just go ahead and cancel surgeries, collapse what’s left of the economy and throw the elderly into solitary confinement, because some professor suffers from anticipation.

Even with Ontario anticipating as much as 6,500 new cases a day, according to The National Post, that would mean only six deaths per day (at a 0.1% death rate). Or about 180 deaths a month. But let’s say with all these dirty masking practices it’s threefold that: 540 deaths per months. In a province of 14 million, does that sound like enough deaths to warrant locking everybody in their homes again — causing more deaths through suicide, poverty and loneliness?

Ironically, the same article admits: “Traditionally, autumn in hospitals also means scrambling for health-care workers such as nurses and respiratory therapists to backfill those sick with the cold and flu or who need to stay home to care for sick children.” So, like every year, we are expecting an increase in respiratory illnesses among a largely sedentary population addicted to stimulants, smartphones and sugar. 

This year may indeed be worse, I admit, considering we’ve had a population of mask-wearers living in fear, avoiding fresh air and exercise. Sure, a rare few took advantage of lockdown to complete an online degree in quantum physics, test out all the recipes in that vegan cookbook and add twenty pounds to their bench press; but many were probably falling prey to emotional eating and Netflix novacane as a way to escape the new normal nightmare being forced upon them. Should we really be so surprised if people are more prone to infection — corona or otherwise — this fall?

The CBC article concludes by quoting Patty Tamlin, a registered nurse in Toronto, who is “also concerned about the coming cold-and-flu season” and recommends everyone better “get their flu shot.” I wonder if this nurse reads the Journal of Clinical Infectious Disease? A 2012 study found that the flu shot significantly increased people’s chances of getting sick with the coronavirus. Most certainly she’s reviewed such an important paper before making such an authoritative statement.

Furthermore, Vaccine Choice Canada’s Fluwatch Archive shows “influenza comprises only a small percentage of all influenza-like illness.” Tallying up government of Canada records, this watchdog organization found that only 13.5% of flu-like illnesses — from 2000 to 2017 — were attributed to an actual influenza virus. I would love to know, then, how Nurse Tamlin justifies such contradictions.

But contradictions seem to be part of the new normal: Take toxic vaccines. Avoid exercise. Wear a germ-collecting mask. Shun fresh air. Lock up Grandma. And then scratch our sunlight-deprived heads when we see an increase in respiratory illnesses.

But why blame it on a the latest mutation of the common cold virus? That’s like blaming gravity for an airplane crash. Instead, should we not be looking to the second tsunami of COVID-19 disinformation sweeping this land from Bonavista to Vancouver Island?

John C. A. Manley has spent over a decade ghostwriting for medical doctors, naturopaths and chiropractors. He currently writes the COVID-19(84) Red Pill Daily Briefs — an email based newsletter that questions and exposes the contradictions in the COVID-19 narrative and control measures. He is also writing a novel,  Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story. You can visit his website at He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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NTS Notes: The BIG question that everyone should be asking themselves here is WHY?  WHY are the mother fuckers over at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation so hard up now in wanting to label us, the  real truth seekers and the ones who are working on exposing the truth about this entire scam-demic, as 'disinformation' agents??  The answer is so obvious that WE ARE FINALLY GETTING TRACTION as people are sick and tired of constantly being LIED TO and are finally waking the fuck up!

And yes, IMHO, the answer to the Global Research question is absolutely YES, as again and again these liars and other media whores everywhere are now being CAUGHT in their own web of lies and forced to either backtrack or make some stupid excuses for their clear evil pushing of a fraud.. And at present they are indeed working on whipping up the frenzy and fear in the Canadian public about this fraud 'second wave' which is nothing more than the onset of seasonal INFLUENZA!!!

To me, these pricks can NOT plead ignorance, and claim that they were 'unaware' that they were reporting lies.. .They are all complicit in this massive fraud and have been the ones pushing the fraud propaganda on everyone for the last year that there was this 'deadly virus' out there when the truth was so much different..

And I say that if and when the people do wake up, these pricks in the media outlets should be hauled out and thrown in jail for their part in perpetuating this entire fraud... They may try to plead 'ignorance' but  that is NO excuse for their part in seeing hundreds if not thousands of innocent lives in Canada alone die from suicides or overdose thanks to the propaganda that these victims endured by switching on these lying media outlets...  I have said that I want to see government officials be tried and then get the death penalty for this massive crime against humanity, but they should be followed to the gallows, electric chair, or even to get lethal injections, by the pricks in the media for their part in this entire scam-demic..

So the next time you turn on the 'news' and see some media whore proclaim that we are all in 'danger' and that we should all 'comply' with bullshit 'health orders', realize what a bunch of lying sacks of shit they truly are and how THEY ARE INDEED PART OF THE ENTIRE SCAM!

More to come



Rose Fox said...

"“Health officials wanted to avoid what happened in hospitals in New York City, where refrigerated trailers were used as temporary morgues.”"

This sentence has volumes of information behind it. Information about a mass murder campaign being carried out "in lockstep" all over the world.

Seniors in care homes were deliberately murdered by long term neglect, then moving sick patients from hospitals into the same rooms as the seniors in the care homes. This was done in multiple countries, like Italy, the US, Canada, the UK etc. As if that weren't enough, the people caring for them were not provided with adequate PPE and were forced to work double and triple shifts by short staffing. In Ontario care workers in seniors homes are not allowed to work more than 3 hours per shift. To make a living wage they had to work in several care homes each day, spreading diseases between the homes.

In New York they had to use refrigerated trailers to contain all the bodies. In Ontario just before the outbreak started, the chief coroner changed the rules governing handling of the dead in care homes. He made it mandatory to cremate the remains WITHIN 24 HOURS without honouring the deceased's or the family's wishes. Death certificates were no longer written by those who had actually cared for the patient, instead in order to expedite the cremation anyone can sign the death certificate. All this was to avoid autopsies being carried out on these "dead of covid" cases. The reason given publicly was "to prevent running out of storage for bodies". They didn't want the public to find out that these seniors were deliberately murdered.

The disabled are next on the covid mass murder chopping block. First the government refused to offer any financial aid to them until the end of October, despite the fact that disabled people tend to have higher expenses than the able bodied. In the meantime they are about to pass Bill C-7 which will allow disabled people to be murdered ("euthanized") by the state because they will be deemed as having a poor quality of life (aka useless eaters) just because they are disabled. Already, all of the provincial governments have triage protocols in place that allow them to refuse lifesaving emergency treatment to the disabled because "they're not worth saving". The bill is packaged as "offering disabled people to choose" to be euthanized. It's not hard to see how the state could abuse that "choice" in the near future.

CanadianNotCommunist said...

I read a month or so ago that if you total up all the monies allocated to the CBC by our government, it amounts to somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.3 billion dollars. (per year)

That's a lot of reasons to spew out a torrent of propaganda.