Sunday, November 15, 2020

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 15th, 2020


Sunday, and time again for my weekend rant..

I want to avoid talking about the 'you know what' phoney health scare for this rant... I have covered that subject now for over 600 articles and I do need a break from its madness... Therefore this entire rant will be on other subjects that I have missed for the last while and NOT about the 'you know what'..

Apparently while everyone is being locked up here under new restrictions from the 'you know what', the criminals in the Telecommunications giants are putting in their horrendous '5G' network at a feverish pace..... I found out over the last week that the infrastructure and the towers are all now being put everywhere across southern Manitoba and especially in Winnipeg for that horrendous health destroying technology and these pricks have not given one IOTA of caring for the people who will definitely be getting sick once they turn on their equipment and flood the already overburden electromagnetic spectrum with Gigahertz frequency radiation as well..

And once that equipment is indeed turned up, I will bet anything that we will see a lot of people suddenly becoming very ill, while those most susceptible to Gigahertz frequency bandwidth radiation will be collapsing in the streets as well... I also will bet that when people start feeling the side effects of the " 5G" electromagnetic fields, the so called medical professionals will examine them and because most are not yet linking illness to '5" fields, they will claim that there is a new 'outbreak' of a deadly contagion instead... It will be so sad to see so many suffer as their very hemoglobin in their blood will no longer be able to absorb Oxygen due to the "5G" 60 Gigahertz frequency that will be used very shortly, and as a matter of fact, many will indeed not only collapse but will die from lack of Oxygen and basically suffocate to death..

Well.. The war between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the breakaway area known as Nagorno-Karabakh is apparently over, at least for the moment... The winner of this conflict is indeed Azerbaijan which has basically forced the 'rebels' in Nagorno-Karabakh into submission... The rebel forces will have to accept the terms of surrender to Azerbaijan and give up their hopes of breaking away and possibly joining with Armenia.... As I stated in the last few rants at this blog,  the "peace deal" will be brutal and there is the fear that the Azerbaijanis will turn on the mostly Christian Armenians in that territory with a vengeance... We may yet see the slaughtering of civilians by the conquerers, and the question remains as to whether the nearby Russian Federation will just stand by and watch that slaughter take place?

I have been keeping tabs on the circus in the US over the last week and a half since that ludicrous "election" on November 3rd, and I truly am amazed that most of the American public is this brain dead that they will allow their republic collapse as the criminal Communists had stolen that 'election' and are indeed working towards the end of the US as we knew it.... I, as a Canadian, am so deeply ashamed at the sheer ignorance by most Americans that are so gullible and brainwashed by the consummate liars in their own media that they will do NOTHING to stop the theft of their country.. .Most sadly will just ignore the theft and believe stupidly that creepy and criminal Joe Biden won the vote 'fair and square'...

I do find it so amazing that even with the overwhelming evidence of the theft and stolen election that the Jewish controlled media can get on the airwaves and have their hosts and announcers stand there with straight faces stating that "Joe Biden" is the next President of the United States... I honestly have to laugh when I turn on the criminal Communist News Network called 'CNN' for short and all I see are liar after liar stand there and smile away thinking that 'happy days are here again' and actually believing their own lies that a "Joe Biden victory" is the best thing for their republic.... And people wonder why nobody in America believes their own media any more???

OK, Unless the US Supreme Court comes to the rescue of the American republic, we now have creepy dementia filled Joe Biden as the "President Elect'', and honestly I am standing firm from my previous statements that prick will NOT be inaugurated come January 2021... The Demon-rat Communists will indeed invoke clauses in the US Constitution that will find Joe Biden not 'fit' to be US President and thus the person inaugurated will be Communist Kamala Harris..... Yes, the facts are that Biden was indeed just used as the figurehead by the criminal Demon-rats to 'win' the vote, but openly they know that it will be insane Kamala Harris in the White House come January..

I stated in the last rant that Kamala Harris is one insane bitch and I am NOT backing down from that statement... The facts are that this lunatic is absolutely bonkers and has such horrendous 'plans' for what she envisions will be her first term as US President.. Besides the fact that she is totally on board with the insane Green Tax plan that will destroy the Aemrican economy, she will stop President Drumpf's abandonment of the fraud 'Paris Accords' and  probably be on a plane as early as next February to put the American signature to those 'accords' that will absolutely destroy American industry and permanently..

And of course we have Kamala Harris'  statements about what she thinks of white people in America... This crazy mixed up bitch has indeed already stated that she  blames whites for everything that ails America today and that once she is in power she will put in 'laws' and "rules' that will strip white people in America of their 'supremacy' which has never actually existed.. This lunatic basically wants to give all people of colour and all minorities 'rights' in America while basically strip all 'rights' from the Caucasian race..  This is fact, people..

Therefore, with the Demon-rats in power, we will not only see the downfall of American society, but every single lunatic from the military industrial complex that was working so well under Barry Soetoro's regime and then suddenly out of a job under Donald Drumpf, will be back in the Pentagon with a vengeance... The wars that we see happening right now across the world thanks to US empire hegemony are NOTHING compared that will happen once President Harris is in power.... I honestly can see one huge war with Iran off and running under that bitch's regime for sure...

Well, just yesterday we saw well over a MILLION President Drumpf supporters go to Washington DC to pledge their support for the US President and to DEMAND that the US law makers do the right thing and examine in great deal the theft of the US vote that just occurred.... It was an amazing spectacle and shows that not ALL of the American people are this stupid and rolling over to allow a Communist take over of their nation... I for one do hope that the message is clear to Donald Drumpf that he should NOT so quickly give up his office and to fight against the criminal theft of his Presidency and of course America itself..

And yes, many are out there saying that what has just happened in America is due to the fallacies and corruption of the 'two party system', and honestly they are so right... Corruption is on both sides of the same coin, both the Republicans and the Demon-rats.... It really did not matter who the American public actually voted for in the last election, for the criminals are rampant in BOTH PARTIES.... Many have indeed argued that voting for Drumpf was the lesser of two evils, and my answer to them is that is NO excuse for all you are doing is casting a vote for evil either way......IMHO, if the American republic is ever to be 'saved' and returned to some type of glory, then a total overhaul of the American political system is badly needed and immediately.... There has to be safety measures put into place to prevent the fiasco that just happened from happening again in both 2022 and the Presidential elections of 2024.... But will anything be done?  Arguably NO, due to the fact that the criminals run the entire charade and they do not want changes that  will usurp their control over the  American government....  Therefore all we will see in the near future, short of a full revolution, is America being fucked royally again and again...

I cannot help but to think of the collapsing Canadian economy as I went to the local shopping mall the other day to find all stores forced to close due to the 'you know what' fraud scam-demic... And right now, small retail stores in Canada are definitely on the brink of total financial collapse as they have been hanging on by a thread and have banked everything this  year on a great November-December retail sales period coupled with "Black Friday" sales just to make it and actually turn a small profit this year...  But no, here comes our crooked governments and their sheer stupidity in pushing the 'you know what' fear mongering and stating that all small retail stores and outlets must close and be closed for upwards of a MONTH at least... And the sheer hypocrisy of this is when I see the 'big box stores' being allowed to stay open as THEY are considered 'essential services'.... Thus this is a sign that the demented evil sick freaks in charge of our governments are indeed out there wanting to see small "mom and pop" business go under while supporting huge corporations instead.... I do hope that more see the reality here, and especially in light of the 'you know what' not even EXISTING, that our economy is so very fragile and the actions of our sick criminal bastards running our governments is indeed to see that  economy disintegrate completely..

Well, I have not talked about NASA and their ludicrous 'space exploits' in a few months now, as I have been concentrating on the 'you know what' instead.. But apparently the criminals behind NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory are now about three months away from landing a new 'probe' called "Perseverance" on Mars that apparently will not only be as phoney as their 'Curiosity' probe that I have proven as never actually landing on Mars in 2012...  And yes, the criminals are planning an audacious mission with "Perseverance" that apparently a sample of Martian soil will be collected and then 'returned' to Earth....  I honestly have to laugh with this one, for the fact that NO probes using 'retrorockets' and ludicrous 'parachutes' have yet been able to land on Mars and Perseverance is set to use that exact landing method with its mission landing next February that was used so fraudulently with "Curiosity".... That and the audacious plan to launch a 'return' probe from that lander has also never ever been attempted at all in previous missions as well..... Considering the fact that Curiosity is and always was a fraud and is probably rolling along still on Devon Island in the Canadian Arctic, and once again NASA is planning something that has never even been TESTED before, I am saying we are looking at another fraud in the works...  But hey, it makes for good publicity and a means of selling to the gullible public that space missions are viable and should be financed... And of course NASA and JPL do need the money to keep themselves viable and in operation, right?

Well, I figure that is enough for the moment... I have a lot on my plate over the next few days, and will do my best to continue my assault on the "you know what" for the time being... Sadly, I have seen my numbers drop in terms of viewership to this blog over the last while as few people are actually paying attention to the factual material that I have presented here... And honestly, I just do not get it at all? Are people truly this ignorant of the fact that the entire 'you know what' is  a massive scam and a hoax?  Apparently many are still more interesting in believing all of the crap that they see via the Jewish controlled media that is doing nothing more than filling their heads with panic and  despair rather than see the truths that I and others show with the hope that they turn that fear into anger and actually go after these pricks for what is truly the greatest hoax in all human history!    I have not yet abandoned hope that I am reaching people out there, and will continue to persevere in the hope that my efforts are worth it..

Ok, Onto my last minute tidbits...... The fear mongering of a potential war between Taiwan and China has died down over the last week as China has backed off with its violations of Taiwan's airspace, and the US has stopped running its navy through the South China Sea as a show of force against China in support of Taiwan.  I still say that in spite of China's want to have Taiwan reunited with the mainland, the Taiwanese want to stay independent and China should respect the decision of the Taiwanese to remain that way.....It is also interesting that all of the news of protests in Hong Kong has also faded away, at least for the moment.  To me, the people of Hong Kong still have it pretty good with their 'loose association' with the Chinese government, and pursuing "independence" from China is not in the cards at all.  Basically the Chinese government has indeed shown a lot of restraint in the light of US funded 'protest movements' in Hong Kong, and have refrained from turning the Chinese military loose in the enclave which they have every right to do.....The war in Syria continues to be basically a stalemate at the moment, with the only reports of action has been the US run "ISIS" forces continuing with basically hit and run attacks against Syrian government forces in the Raqqa region.  The Idlib pocket remains very quiet with only sporadic fighting over the last week, meaning the Turkish/Russian run ceasefire agreements continue to hold.  The only upsetting news last week was where Turkish President Erdogan had the audacity to claim that Turkey has its eyes set on a permanent hold on northern Syria as well as the Kurdish controlled areas of northern Iraq as well.  IMHO, Turkey has no rights to Syrian and Iraqi territory, and hopefully the Russians and the Syrian government forces have something to say about Erdogan's boasts.......I saw an interesting report last week where apparently the US military is now beginning development of a '6th generation' fighter that will supersede their horrendous "F35" program of stupidity.  Apparently it is not bad enough that the US has wasted well over a TRILLION dollars with the  "F35" flying POS, but here they are now claiming to go forward with a new 'fighter" already?  Maybe, and this is a hunch, the US military sees how the F35 is a disaster, and just to save face they are now going forward with a "new" fighter instead.  We shall see, and I do worry if this '6th generation' fighter will be as big a turkey as their 'F35' has turned out to be.......It has become increasing very cold here in this part of central Canada, with temperatures forecasted over the next while at well BELOW normal.  The long term forecast for this winter is extreme cold conditions which flies in the face of the climate change lunacy.  Gosh darn this "Global Warming" thingy!...... No earth shattering news as of yet spewing out of that mouth of the horrendous Justin Trudeau that will once again ruin Canada and its image world wide.  But that is coming, for good ol' Justin always has a notion of constantly sticking his foot in his mouth again and again...... And strangely, there has been zero reports up here in Canada over the last while about the nearly 1 BILLION dollars that Justin and his entourage stole from the Canadian people and given criminally to that fraud and pedophile "WE" organization.   There were supposed to be new court hearings and a possible trial coming, but no word on either.  I do hope the Canadian people do not allow that criminal SOB to get away with this one!......Interesting news coming out of Fukushima Japan last week,where apparently the criminals behind TEPCO are finally admitting to the need to dump the nuclear waste water from the failed exposed nuclear melted down reactors directly into the Pacific Ocean.  Reality check here for everyone, for that is EXACTLY what they have  been doing for well over 9 years now and their stories of 'storage' of that waste water is pure bunk.  I do hope that people do realize eventually that Fukushima is still OUT OF CONTROL and is still spewing its radioactive poison into the Japanese countryside and directly into the Pacific Ocean and will continue to do so for years to come until someone finally demands the world do something to fix this disaster........Gee, that did not take long, as apparently the stupidity of 'defunding Police' in America has backfired as many communities that were stupid enough to try that lunacy are now being overrun by criminals and have been begging for the re-institution of their police forces.   Honestly, it takes this type of crime for them to finally wake up and realize their stupidity!......Well, Arsenal lost a must win game last week to Auston Villa by the score of 3-0.  That puts the Gunners out of the top 10 in the table for the moment, and shows that my team has a LONG way to go for it to return to its past glory.   Is this another rebuilding year for the Gunners?  Maybe, and I am not surprised........I am shocked! I found out that the useless air breathers, both Harry and Meaghan, have a "PR team" and are about to unveil a 'new foundation" based upon themselves?  Honestly, considering how these two are nothing but useless freeloading scumbags, I wonder who in their right mind would be running a PR team for them?  And where are they getting the money for a 'foundation'? And a 'foundation' for what?  Useless eaters and air breathers?? It does boggle the mind that these two are still out there when they do NOTHING for society at all?.........And speaking of useless eaters and air-breathers, the Kardashian skanks and trollops are finally wrapping up and ending their 'show' on Talmudvision.  I am surprised their 'show' lasted all this time, for I truly had thought Americans would have abandoned these skanks and their antics the first year of their 'show'.  But better late than never, and adios to bad rubbish IMHO....

More to come



JT Custer said...

NTS, if it is true that your viewership numbers are dropping (and not Google-jewgle finagling), it is easy for me to guess why. Repeat visitors to your site already know that the whole covid-19 tyranny is a fraud, is a massive crime, and they don't need endless repetition about it. This applies to me. I know that there is no such virus. I visit your site and ignore your covid articles, and I just look at your blogs list in the right-hand column to see if there is anything on other sites I might want to click to. Most of the time, they are lame, at best. I click to maybe one or two.

By the way, I would like to ask if you would consider putting my site in your "best bloggers" list? It is MyWhiteTV. I also post my videos on Bitchute and WorldTruthVideos.

Jim Laffrey
(I use a couple other names for anti-jew purposes.)

CanadianNotCommunist said...

Regarding the WE scandal. I saw on Nov.9, Conservative MP Michael Barrett Tweeted that a number of documents legally ordered by the House of Commons Ethics Committee, had instead been destroyed.

Clearly, the government doesn't want Canadians to discover how corrupted this whole affair is.