Sunday, November 1, 2020

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 1st, 2020


Sunday... First day in November, and time again for my weekend rant..

OK, Lets cut right to the chase...Society as we know it is truly FUCKED!  There, I said it and I am not going to back down from that assertion for it is backed by facts...  I have seen THE WORSE in humanity over the last while as most people have indeed surrendered to the intense and nonstop BULLSHIT of this entire 'scam-demic' and I am at wits end in even trying to reach them now... Most have swallowed the intensive brainwashing and severe propaganda that 'we are all going to die' from this still NON-EXISTENT 'deadly virus' that they are now hopeless in trying to reach at all.... I have said many times that you can NOT fix stupid no matter how hard you try, and all that anyone has to do is go out there and see what is left of humanity walk around like brain dead zombies as PROOF POSITIVE of that statement..

I honestly am so deeply ashamed by the citizens of this province for how badly they have all been SUCKERED by the criminals in charge that it is no long funny.... I keep shaking my head in disgust when I hear anyone that I meet these days say "Oh my god.. This virus is out of control'", or when they look at me and scream 'Where the fuck is your face mask? Don't you know you are going to make everyone sick"... Attempting to answer that question with 'Sick from what? A virus that still has not been proven to even exist?" seems pointless as most of the morons will simply scream obscenities or turn away saying "you are fucking nuts" or 'What are you? Some kind of conspiracy nut?""..... I can only sit back and be truly amazed at the sheer stupidity of these people, and all it does is to reinforce my statement "You can NOT fix stupid"...

Well... It is the day before all hell breaks loose once again here in my home province of Manitoba... As of Monday, the Pallister criminal pricks in charge of this province will indeed re-impose the heavy underhanded restrictions of about 4 months ago when they locked this province down the first time.... And honestly it appears that they just do not give one fucking iota about anyone who will be harmed by their stupidity,  for apparently they simply just do not give a crap about anyone... Is there an agenda behind this you may ask?  ABSOLUTELY, for I and others have posted over the last while about how these pricks would be doing 'cyclic' lockdowns and pushing wave after wave of this 'deadly virus' that does not exist just to push everyone to the point that most will be BEGGING for them to be shot up with that Bill Gates ghoulish potion that he wants in everyone on planet Earth.... The Pallister criminals are doing exactly what these criminals in charge are demanding of them and again they do not care one crap about the lives they are destroying in the process..

So... Here we are in the annual Influenza season, and lo and behold but people are actually coming down with that seasonal bout of Influenza and many are now dying from that REAL diseases..... BUT do we see anyone reporting about the cases of Influenza here in Manitoba at all??  Of course not, for as I had expected these criminal pricks are indeed counting INFLUENZA cases towards their bullshit 'COVID-19' numbers!!!  I for one saw this coming for they need something fraudulent to drive this 'second wave' bullshit and to re-impose the severe lockdowns starting tomorrow and voila they have starting tallying Influenza cases and calling them "COVID-19" cases.....And where is the outcry in all this???  Nowhere to be seen as the Jewish controlled media in this province is suppressing any naysayers and even anyone that has the guts to come forward and cry foul... Take a look at that article where former Manitoba Health Officer Joel Kettner tried to explain this dirty trick of disguising Influenza cases as COVID-19 cases and how he was unceremoniously cut off by the media whores during his interview last week.... .Is this outright criminal?  ABSOLUTELY!

I had hoped that more people would have gotten the hint by now about how these fuckers are running this entire scam-demic...But sadly my number of readers to this blog remains very low and apparently that makes me nothing more than just another voice in the wilderness trying to do what is right but with nobody willing to listen... Heck I am mostly disturbed and outright frustrated that the good people of this province of mine, Manitoba, do not even know that I exist!  Part of that is of course the fact that I have been 'permanently shadow banned' by the fraud social media platforms such as the heinous lying pieces of shit 'Facebook' and "Twitter" and thus the gullible and idiotic fools that continue to use those fraud platforms of lies and blatant censorship are unable to see anyone such as myself trying to reach them with the real truths and a dose of reality..... I therefore am stuck with having to reach people by either word of mouth or by many sending the DIRECT LINKS to this blog and avoiding social media horse shit....

Most readers have noticed how my attacks on this entire scam-demic continue to be focused on the horrific usage of face diapers by the most stupidest people imaginable... I have been increasing my emphasis on never ever wearing face diapers due primarily to the increasing information coming my way about the health detriments associated with those face coverings... It is bad enough that we have a severe cutting off of vital Oxygen to our bodies as well as the horrific build up of health destroying bacteria that comes with continuously wearing these damn things, but now we can add an increase in CANCER associated with the inhaling of the dangerous chemicals that are released into our bodies from the face diapers themselves...Most people are not even aware of the horrific chemicals that are used in the initial manufacturing and 'sanitizing' of the face diapers, and those chemicals are released and inhaled into our lungs during their usage.... Thus when idiots are stupid enough to don those horrific coverings on their faces, they do stand the risk of contracting Cancer as well as brain damage, bacterial pneumonia, hypoxia, etc, etc... Honestly, why anyone would wear one, even when threatened for not wearing one, is beyond me!

I also must point out that as of tomorrow, apparently the good people of the United Kingdom are about to be ' locked down' almost to the same extent as what happened over the last few months in both New Zealand and Australia... The UK Prime Minister, that sinister prick Boris Johnson, is definitely on board with the destruction of his own nation as he is claiming that these new lockdown restrictions and rules are for the 'good of the British people' as the 'deadly COVID-19' bullshit 'virus' is killing too many people in the United Kingdom and the new rules are due to this new 'second wave' that again is utter bullshit..... I am honestly truly amazed that the British people have not been rising up in riots and forcing Boris Johnson to back down from this new destruction of their lives, but apparently just like elsewhere across the planet the brainwashing and propaganda has been this severe and has done its damage well... And once the UK falls and is locked down severely, other nations such as my own Canada, will be next....

Yes, I could go on, and on, and on, and on.... about this entire scam-demic that seems to be getting worse by the day... But there is of course the other headache of the US Federal Election this coming Tuesday, and especially where the criminal and most satanic Demon-rat Communist party of the United States is hell bent on stealing that election and having their evil twisted dementia filled prick, creepy Joe Biden, become the next US President...... I have done my utmost in the last week where I posted a major article showing everything that is wrong with creepy Joe Biden and how he has been nothing  but a sell out to Communist Chinese interests for years now..... That and the fact that Creepy Joe Biden had an incest relationship with his own daughter for years shows how that fucker is indeed a mental case and absolutely unfit to even hold any vestiges of higher office let alone the Presidency.....

And lets face reality here... The COMMUNIST Demon-rats have indeed tried so desperately to bury and avoid anyone from seeing the horrible adventures of creepy Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden... The material that I posted last week about that freak Hunter was enough to make anyone vomit... That sick freak was having sex with underaged children and was not only a severe drug addict, but was behind the making of shady deals with both the Chinese and Ukrainians that netted him billions of dollars with his father Joe Biden making out like a bandit to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars as well... What this amounts to is the fact that the BIDENS are just as criminal as the Clinton crime family and the Bush crime family as well.....And again, when we dig deep enough into this disgusting case of shady dealings, we find the BIDENS selling their souls to Chinese interests... I am not doubting at all that Joe Biden himself is actually a Chinese stooge and puppet and if the people of the US are truly this stupid to select this horrific criminal to the White House this Tuesday, then the Chinese will have themselves in control of the US....

So what are the American people supposed to do come this Tuesday?  Well, we know a vote for the Demon-rats is a vote for the COMMUNIST take over of the US, so voting for those pricks should be out of the question...But the alternative?  Voting for Donald Drumpf may not seem to be as bad, but Drumpf is just as evil in his own ways... Drumpf has long sold out American interests to his Jewish overlords and masters, and another 4 years of Drumpf will only further give away the US to those criminal pricks.... And with the stupidity of the American two party system with no other alternative, it does indeed become the vote for the 'lesser of two evils' but with evil itself maintaining control of America... Yes, you have to love the American political system indeed...

And one of my long time commentators, and someone that used to write a pretty good blog himself, Buelahman, said it best a while back that there is NO real choice in voting, so why vote at all??  I do agree with him on this principle, but the crux of the matter is that the criminal Demon-rats are manipulating the voters and their ballots that if anyone does NOT vote, then they are automatically listed, criminally of course, as casting their ballot for Joe Biden..... That and the outright theft of ballots changing them all to 'Voted Demon-rat' and having the electronic voting machines switch votes from Republican to Demon-rat, means that if people do not get out there and actually vote overwhelmingly for the Republicans, and demand that their votes be verified in person, then to not vote will only give the Demon-rats the nod and allow their take over of what is left of the American republic... I therefore do agree with Buelahman and others, but what other choice do Americans really have other than to vote to stop the blatant theft and destruction of their republic?

Well.. Apparently just a few days ago, we had another false flag attack in Nice France, where the 'official story' claims that it was done by "Islamic radicals" who targeted "innocent civilians" in a church in Nice, and was a 'terrorist attack' conducted due to France's attempts to cut down on Islamic extremists across France itself as well as what "Muslim extremists" are said to be interpreting as French "slanders" against their prophet Muhammed... But after three days of looking over the 'facts' behind this attack, I can safely say that this one was as bad a set up as  previous 'false flag' attacks as well... The timing itself of this 'attack' alone is just too perfect especially with the Macron criminal government now launching new 'lock downs" of France's citizens to somehow fight this 'COVID-19' bullshit scam-demic...With the French becoming increasingly disenchanted with Macron and his bullshit scam-demic policies, Macron and his cronies obviously knew they needed a 'distraction' to divert public attention away from his sick and twisted policies, so voila, we have this ' terrorist attack' in Nice and suddenly a call by Macron for a crackdown on Islamic extremists..... Yes, it is just too perfect IMHO, and to have this one occur in the same city of Nice where there was another false flag attack 4 years ago is just too much a coincidence......  I may yet post an entire article on this newest fraud false flag once enough information is gathered for everyone to see the truth behind this one... Yes, when you need a good 'terrorist attack' and another 'false flag' somewhere in the world, you can count on the public paying attention when you use 'Islamic extremists' to carry out the 'attacks'....

And the war in the Caucusus mountains between Armenia and Azerbaijan is continuing unabated... There was indeed a third 'cease fire' attempt this last week, but that one barely lasted one day before the Armenians and Azerbaijanis started shooting at each other once again... And as last week progressed, it became obvious that Armenia was indeed losing the war as the 'breakaway republic' of Nagorno-Karabakh was losing the battle against the full scale invasion by Azerbaijani forces....  I have not been following the entire spectrum of this conflict, but can clearly see that unless a true peace deal can be settled shortly, the Nagarno-Karabakh region will fall under the full control of Azerbaijan and when that happens the future of the Christian population in that territory could be at risk, and could result in either the extermination or full expulsion of that entire populace.... My fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Penny, has been more closely following this war and if anyone wants some real details they can take a look at her continuing reports at her website at

Well, it is the start of a new month, and I could go on and on with my two cents worth into so much that has been happening around the world this last week... My continuing emphasis is of course on this real war for our very lives via the fraud scam-demic, and I will indeed continue my reports on that important matter for the near future and/or as long as it takes to hopefully wake people the fuck up!   Once that is accomplished, I do hope to turn back to other important subjects that I have so dearly missed out over the last 9+ months time!

OK, enough of my ramblings.. Onto my last minute tidbits to touch on some of the other key issues that I have missed out over the past week...... I see that China is now trying to up the stakes in their long time 'cold war' with the island nation of Taiwan, where last week Chinese planes blatantly flew into Taiwanese territory and apparently as a means of trying to provoke a response from Taiwan.  Luckily Taiwan did not retaliate, but I can guarantee that this is only the beginning of more acts of provocation by the Chinese.....Has anyone else noticed how the bullshit 'Black Lives Matter' protests and riots have strangely disappeared from the news for the last month?  Apparently the Demon-rats went to their leadership and told them that their riots were going to 'hurt' Joe Biden's chances for the Presidency, so they obediently obliged!  This only shows who controls the entire BULLSHIT BLM Antifa COMMUNISTS and what their agenda is truly all about!.........And I do worry about what will happen November 4th if by chance Drumpf get re-selected to be US President, for these same Demon-rat criminals have threatened riots right across America starting this Wednesday.  And IMHO, Drumpf is right in calling these pricks nothing more than a terrorist group, and he has the right to turn the National Guard and even the army loose to put an end to their criminal madness once and for all.......Well, apparently there is indeed a small asteroid that will come very close to planet Earth within the next few months, and will miss hitting this planet by a tens of thousands of kilometres. That is indeed a real close shave, but the BIG issue that nobody wants to talk about is how the much bigger asteroid Apophis, which is about 5-10 kilometres in size, is due to HIT this planet in the year 2068 unless between now and 48 years from now its orbital trajectory is altered by other gravitational forces or deflection on purpose.  Yes, it is still 48 years away, and we can hope that for the survival of the next generation, the trajectory forecast does change or between now and 2068 someone comes up with a plan to deflect Apophis and steer it away from Earth.......So how is insane Bill Gates' "COVID-19" vaccine doing these days with its clinical trials?  Not too good as reports are showing some 83 South Korean suckers aka 'guinea pigs' died from receiving the jabs of those concoctions in just the last month.  NO surprise here at all that the 'vaccines' are destroying lives, but once again the morons out there will be lining up to gladly take these 'shots' just to 'end' the entire scam-demic and return their lives to 'normal'.  And yes, once again you cannot fix stupid.......Is it now amazing how Germany is now calling anti-lockdown protestors 'terrorists'.   And sadly most of the dumbed down German citizens will agree with that stupid assertion as well.   The day may come yet when I and others that see the truth about the entire scam-demic are called out as 'terrorists' and we may see jail time for our stance!.......I see that Sir Thomas "Sean" Connery passed away yesterday at the age of 90.  I honestly thought he was THE BEST James Bond actor in that entire series of movies, and I did like his work in the Hunt For Red October movie from 1989 as well.  Rest in peace, 007..... What the fuck? NO "Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" this year as the criminals behind Apple decided to steal the entire trademark and refuse to allow that children's classic on the air this Halloween, unless you pay for it via "Apple TV"!  What next? NO "Charlie Brown Christmas" as well?  Just more ruination of our children's lives IMHO...... And I am indeed worried that the criminal pricks will try to ruin Christmas this year thanks to the scam-demic fraud.  I do hope that people will NOT stand for that and will finally put an end to the entire madness before a true celebration of 'peace on earth' and 'good will towards all men' is destroyed by these pricks and on purpose......Strangely, not much happening this last week with Justin Trudeau's antics here in Canada. Other than being able to avoid the long list of corruption that little prick has, he has stayed amazingly silent the whole week. But there is always next week, right? And I do expect the little prick to stick his foot in his mouth like he always does soon.........I notice the National Football League is now demanding players wear face diapers while standing on the sidelines during games.  This is nothing more than blatant propaganda to push the face diaper agenda as a lot of people do tune into NFL games and will be swayed into donning face diapers just by seeing their football 'heroes' do the same!....... Some good news, as Arsenal just defeated Manchester United in a key game at Old Trafford this morning by the score of 1-0.   This vaults the Gunners into 3rd place in the entire table, which is far better than where they were this time last year.  Good job, guys, and keep it going!........And I saw news that the two useless eaters, air breathers, and consummate free loaders, Meaghan and Harry, are apparently NOT going back to the UK any time soon, but are going to continue to freeload on the suckers living in California instead.  I do hope the people of California are ready for what they are in for the long haul by having these two freaks stay in their state, for all they need to do is see how these two bozos sucked millions of dollars from Canadian taxpayers when they abused their stay in Canada......And finally, in the insane mixed up world of Kardashian, apparently all of the skanks and trollops flaunted their surgery enhanced bodies recently with main skank Kim celebrating her '40th birthday' on a private resort island. It was a moral outrage with most of the rest of the world struggling to make ends meet with this scam-demic that these foul creatures were out there partying and having a great time to boot!  But what the heck right?  These creatures have made hundreds of millions of dollars from SUCKERS out there, so this was only fitting that they basically flaunt it in front of everyone else's faces.  And people sometimes wonder why America is so sick?

Oh well.. I guess it is back to blasting the scam-demic once again for the next while.  I do hope that people do eventually wake up and realize how horrible that entire fraud has become and how they all have been played as fools..

More to come



Steve Codwell said...

I always look forward to your articles on this site.

Freeborn said...

UK push-back still largely non-existent.

A guy running a gym in Liverpool was visited by armed police and told to comply with lock-down rules and shut down. He refused and after his MP raised questions in Parliament - the government backed down and allowed the gyms to open again.

However, with the new nationwide lock-down starting Thursday - they may well close again.

By far the largest majority here in UK are still the SHEEPLE who are eagerly awaiting the vaccine that's going to return them to their maker - the papers are telling them it's going to be ready for Xmas.

Several other citizens are now stuck in the cognitive dissonance stage. They say things like - "Well, everybody's getting sick of it now....we've all had enough...we're ready to take our chances with the virus."

To me, this is just the same type of lazy thinking that got us in this current shit in the first place. In their heart of hearts they now realise they have fallen hook, line and sinker for this SCAM but there's no way on this Earth they are going to admit it to themselves. No way. That would mean they would have to start thinking for themselves.

The idea of thinking for themselves frightens them more than the "virus" itself.

How on Earth can they mutter about going back to normal when there's still a deadly virus on the loose? They can't have it both ways.

Either they admit they've made utter asses of themselves and acknowledge that the "virus" is a SCAM or they carry on with the supposition that it's a real threat.

By the time they make their minds up they will have lost everything.

Sadly, it's looks like the combined stupidity of the SHEEPLE and the cognitive dissonants will drag the still sentient beings left down with them.

BuelahMan said...


My position is a bit more nuanced than your description.

Its not that the system is so rigged that we should not vote (we shouldn't), but that we should use all our energy to verbalize and educate others to how corrupt the system is, making loud noise about our intent... which is "Never an R or D Again"

Communicate via social media that as a massive unit, we will NEVER vote for the corrupt parties again (which does leave independent parties or something else for us to achieve).

The point isn't to win or lose the election, but to communicate that the society knows the system is rigged for the jew and that we won't participate. My thinking is that if enough people join in, screaming loudly, no one could ignore it.

Would it fix anything? I don't know. But doing this same god damned thing over and over and over certainly won't.

Its time for a new approach.

Horse at Video Rebel's Blog wrote today:

Work with Republicans to rid your party and America of corruption and treason.

And then come the next election you can rebuild your party without corruption and treason.

Its the same old stupid never ending ping pong strategy, hoping that IF we just try one more time to vote for your preferred poison, we can hope the poison will heal us next time around.

Fucking ridiculous.

JT Custer said...

You know I support you on nearly everything -- especially on jewry being the enemy of humanity.

But I would like to offer a bit of science knowledge that comes from the independent scientist James McCanney -- with whom you are aware, I think. He is the BEST on SolarSystem formation and related issues. He said it is impossible to accurately predict a direct hit on Earth when an object won't arrive for months. There is no way possible to calculate the object's exact trajectory as it is affected by gravitational and electrical forces that cannot be accurately determined at great distances.

McCanney has been monitoring the NASA,, and other enemy-controlled lying organizations and has seen that it looks like they are setting up the public for an asteroid hoax. A hit can be faked by a "rod from god" missile from a satellite.

BOTTOM LINE: Please don't inadvertenly help them with their hoax.

Jim Laffrey

PS. BrandNewTube is now officially censoring the top "antisemitic" videos. One of mine was deleted, thus far. I plan to post a brief article on the proof of my assertion today, including quotes from the BrandNewTube "senior founder" Muhammed Butt who has done a few videos of his own recently and replied to my comments.