Friday, November 20, 2020

Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Friday, November 20th, 2020: 437 New Cases, Mostly The Flu, And 9 More Deaths, Mostly From The Flu - See The Pattern Here?

 Well, it is day one in what used to be the free province called Manitoba, in the formerly free nation known as Canada.... I was out and about earlier and I went into a local store (that was still open..) just to observe the new draconian measures for myself.. And every aisle I went down had ludicrous 'yellow tape' much like what you usually see with Police enforcement crisscrossed on so many displays and shelves with the warning of "Not for purchase" or "Manitoba Health Orders"... Obviously they were planning this well in advance just to have that 'tape' ready to go!.... And yes, it continues to be so discouraging to see the good citizens here put up with this absolute GARBAGE!

OK, onto the business at hand, and once again I have the "official Manitoba COVID-19 report" the criminal assholes that are running this province put out as their daily dose of propaganda... And I do want to share the details of that 'report' as I always do right here, broken down in alphabetical order, for everyone to view and analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming "437" new 'cases' of this 'deadly virus'  for all of Manitoba in the last 24 hours, bringing the grand total for the over 35+ weeks now since these pricks unleashed their 'state of emergency' back in mid-March and made the lives of the people here a living hell, to "12919" overall...

(b) Now they are "281" total cases of this 'deadly virus' in all of Manitoba's hospitals, which is an increase of '18' cases from yesterday's report of '263' hospitalized cases... And there are now '43' of those '281' hospital cases in the Intensive Care Units, which is the SAME as what they reported yesterday.. 

(c) Now they are claiming "9" more deaths from this 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours, bringing the grand total for Manitoba for the last 35+ weeks to an 'astounding' '207 total deaths'... But of course ALL of these latest 'deaths' had underlying health issues and/or were extremely elderly... (One 'victim' was over 100 years old!!)

(d) Now they are claiming '4851' total recovered cases for the last 35+ weeks time frame.. This is an increase of '196' recovered cases in the last 24 hours from yesterday's report of "4655"....

(e) Now they are claiming "7861" active cases for all of Manitoba... This is an increase of "232" active cases from yesterday's total of '7629' active cases... But of course ALL of these 'active cases' were ALL derived from the fraud 'PCR testing' with that 'test's' 100% proven inaccuracy rate... Therefore ALL of these 'active cases' are 'suspect at best'...

No shock at all that these criminal fuckers continue to skew and manipulate their 'numbers'.. And to this day, they still have NOT even bothered to admit that they are counting ALL real INFLUENZA and even COMMON COLD numbers into their tallies!  To me, THAT is the most criminal aspect of this entire fraud and shows that these fuckers in charge are definitely wanting to see the destruction of this province and its people..

OK, Time once again to take a much closer look at ALL of their "numbers" as listed above and rip each and every one of them to smithereens to expose them all for the frauds they truly are... And as usual, I will do so in the same alphabetical order as listed above right here:

(a) Yes, the lying sacks of shit in the media are out there screaming that this 'outbreak' in Manitoba is 'out of control' and they continue to scream this overall case number of '12919' like it is a weapon of fear... But when you understand that this '12919' is a composite of so many different respiratory illnesses, coupled with the fact that this is INFLUENZA SEASON and they are counting all of the FLU cases towards this total, you see a completely different picture... And besides the fact that this overall 'number' was derived from the fraud PCR testing, we also see that this '12919' case number for 35 weeks is so miniscule when compared to REAL illnesses suffered here in Manitoba for the last 35+ weeks!   What this all boils down to is this is a propaganda scam-demic driven by fear only...

(b) No surprise that they are pumping up the cases in the hospitals by continuing to grab a few SUCKERS who were stupid enough to be tested and throwing them into the hospitals to up this total... But I continue to be surprised that they are not heavily pumping up the ICU cases, for that number if there was a REAL health crisis would be in the HUNDREDS all by itself... Obviously someone continues to miss the 'memo' about how to manipulate these numbers and thus this exposes the fraud all in itself..

(c) As I have long said, these pricks in charge are continuing this fraud 'death toll' number by putting ANYONE that has died in the last 24 hours from a wide range of real illnesses and adding their deaths to this tally... That and the fact that they continue to target senior citizen homes is to me so morbid and pathetic at the same time... And we cannot forget that ALL of these '207' deaths so far in the last 35 weeks, which is such a pathetically low number for that time frame for Manitoba, also had serious 'underlying health issues' that were the cause of ALL OF THESE DEATHS.... And voila, we are now deep into Influenza season and those real deaths from that real illness are being added into this total as well.... Therefore, I once again have to ask exactly WHO has really died from this 'deadly virus' that still to this day has never been isolated and proven as real?  The answer continues to be NO ONE!

(d) I see that they continue to manipulate and hold back on the REAL number of recovered cases, just to prop up the 'active cases' number... The facts are that since ALL of the so called 'victims' of this non-existent 'deadly virus' are left in isolation for 14 days, that 14 day time period does eventually expire and they should be released into this 'recovered cases' tally.. Therefore this 'recovered cases' number should actually be thousands more higher than this '4851' ludicrous number...

(e) Well, as they are always doing now, they are pumping up this 'active cases' number as high as they can by of course getting 'false positive' test results from the fraud PCR test.. That and they are absolutely adding in any common cold or INFLUENZA case into this tally.... Why do I know they are doing that?  All that anyone has to do is go to the official Canadian Health websites and look for the number of INFLUENZA CASES per province for this month, and astoundingly you will see the Manitoba number at ZERO!!!!  Yes, apparently this 'COVID-19' crap does indeed CURE INFLUENZA!!  Is this a miracle or clear criminal manipulation?  The answer is obviously the latter.. Further, since every one of these active cases are a fraud, the question on whether anyone in this province has this 'deadly virus' at all is obviously  NO ONE!

Well, there you go... AND I again challenge any naysayers to prove that I am wrong in this and every one of my previous reports on this scam-demic for Manitoba... I have been posting these on a daily basis for months for the purpose of showing the world how the numbers for my home province alone proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that we are indeed dealing with a massive HOAX and fraud..

But... In spite of my efforts, it has turned into a living hell for this province and its people... The Pallister government is now going full blown mentally brain dead in their want to destroy what little is left of this province's economy, its businesses, and even its citizens.... I have always wanted to see RESISTANCE to this crime, but sadly there is nearly none here as most of the people have wrongly accepted this disaster and continue to be brainwashed by fear and anxiety through the media whores..

But I am continuing my resistance in the hope that I do reach some people here in Manitoba.. For I cannot EVER forget those who have sadly taken their lives through drug overdoses and/or suicides... That number alone is far far greater than their fraud "207" deaths that they claim so far from this fraud 'deadly virus' by a long shot... I absolutely want to see the Pallister criminals and his cohorts pay dearly for this horrific damage and outright murder of so many weak minded people via suicides... This is why I want to see them all put on trial and then summarily put to death with the re-imposition of the death penalty.. That to me is the ONLY proper sentence for all of these criminals for this horrendous crime against humanity!

More to come


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