Thursday, November 19, 2020

Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Thursday, November 19th, 2020: 475 New Cases From The Fraud PCR Testing And 8 New Deaths. When Will This Fraud Finally End?

 As I said in my previous post, I am so troubled by the sheer ignorance of everyone I see every day here in Manitoba.. Everyone, other than the few that know this is a scam, are wearing their face diapers EVERYWHERE and are indeed destroying their health and their own immune systems in the process... It will only be a matter of time now before we see an explosion of serious illnesses caused by stupid people wearing their health destroying face coverings and needless to say THAT is exactly what these criminal fucks running this scam-demic absolutely want!

Well... I got today's "official numbers" from that daily briefing and report from that bald headed foul creature that has the gall to call himself "Manitoba's Chief Medical Officer", that disgusting and pathetic excuse for a doctor, Brent Roussin, and no shock here that he and his cohorts are now pumping up the number of 'cases' of this still non-existent 'deadly virus' for Manitoba and classifying ALL deaths from OTHER causes as "death by COVID-19".... 

OK, onto their "numbers" and once again I have them broken down here in the usual 'alphabetic order' for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming '475' new 'cases' of this 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours, bringing their grand total for all of Manitoba to "12482" total cases for the now over 35 weeks since this fraud 'state of emergency' was declared for Manitoba... But of course we are now  deep into the annual INFLUENZA SEASON, and these criminal fucks are indeed adding in those REAL respiratory illness cases into this grand total as well...

(b) Now they are claiming "263" total cases of this 'deadly virus' in all of Manitoba's hospitals right now.. This is an increase of '14' hospital cases from yesterday's tally of '249'... And they are claiming '43' out of that '263' number as in the Intensive Care Units as well, which is an increase of '2' ICU cases in the last 24 hours...

(c) Now they are claiming "8" more deaths from this 'deadly virus' in the last 24 hours, raising the grand total for the over 35 weeks time frame since mid-March to '198' deaths in total.. But once again ALL of these latest deaths were extremely elderly and/or had severe underlying health issues.. That coupled with the fact that we are indeed deep into Influenza season and how that real illness does target the sick and the elderly..

(d) Now they are claiming "4655" recovered cases of this 'deadly virus' for the last 35+ weeks... This is an increase of '223' recovered cases from yesterday's grand total of '4432' over that entire time frame..

(e) Now they are claiming "7629" active cases of this 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba.. This is an increase of "244" active cases from yesterday's tally of '7385' active cases... But of course once again it must be noted that ALL of these 'active cases' were ALL derived from the fraudulent "PCR testing" with its 100% inaccuracy rate... Therefore ALL of these active cases must be labeled as 'suspect' at best..

Absolutely NO shock at all by what I am witnessing... These fuckers are indeed pumping up their overall and active tallies and using those fraud 'numbers' as a weapon of fear on the gullible people in this province..  Thus they are indeed contemplating even further 'restrictions' and "laws" for the citizens here that will further destroy the lives of every one here in Manitoba..

Well, time to do what I always do which is to take an even deeper look into each of their 'official numbers' that they have thrown at the people of this province, and rip each and every one of them to shreds... And I will do so in the same 'alphabetical order' as listed above, right here:

(a) Honestly, if there was a REAL 'deadly virus' out there, this number would have easily been in the multi-tens of thousands by now... But instead we get this '12482' fraudulent number, which is such a joke in itself for the fact that it continues to be so miniscule when you compare it to the number of those who have suffered from REAL illnesses over the last 35+ weeks... And the travesty is magnified even further by the audacity of these criminals in counting ALL INFLUENZA and even COMMON COLD illnesses towards this overall number!

(b) No shock here that they are still trying to pump up the number of "hospital cases" because they have the propaganda going that the hospitals are being 'overwhelmed' by this non-existent 'deadly virus'...And I was right (as I always am in terms of these reports) that they could not let the number of ICU 'cases' slip and that they had to pump this number up as well for the fear factor that there are a lot of hospital cases 'dying' from this non-existent virus... So what about the people in the hospitals?  I will state that if they are 'sick' it is most definitely due to other illnesses and of course the fact that we are in Influenza season..

(c) And again, I am very angry that these pricks continue to troll the senior citizen complexes and grab any deaths that have happened and re-labeled those deaths as 'death by COVID-19'... This is such a travesty in itself, but this fraud is even further magnified that this '198' death toll is such a ludicrously low number of deaths when you compare it to the number of REAL deaths from other illnesses over the last 35+ weeks... But the propaganda is "COVID-19" all the time now.... And here is the real kicker, as every one of these '198' deaths so far ALL had severe underlying health issues meaning OTHER illnesses, and those other illnesses were in fact the cause of ALL of their deaths... Therefore it continues to be safe to say that NOBODY here in Manitoba has actually died FROM this 'deadly virus' at all..

(d) Well, now apparently they are stuck and having to release MORE 'recovered cases' into this total, which is no surprise to me at all.... As a matter of fact, this recovered cases number should be THOUSANDS of cases higher, as each and every one that supposedly comes down with this 'deadly virus' absolutely fully recovers unless they are suffering from other illnesses that were the real cause of their demise..

(e) Again, no shock at all to me that they are continuously pumping up this 'active cases' number by an means necessary... It is bad enough that their 'PCR testing' is hopelessly inaccurate and only generates false positive results, but these pricks are indeed taking ANYONE that happens to come down with a wide range of other respiratory illnesses, even Influenza, and re-classifying them all as "COVID-19" cases... Thus the big question remains as to whether or not any of these 'active cases' even have this 'deadly virus' at all? The answer is simple, for since the 'virus' has still never been isolated and thus even proven to exist, and since the testing is fraudulent, AND they are indeed counting other illnesses as this fraud virus, you have the straight forward answer of NO!!!!

Yes, my dear Manitobans and anyone else that sees the fraud here as well as I, welcome to heldl.. We are now entering week 36 in this scam-demic with NO end in sight.. And in fact that criminal pricks in charge are pushing even harder with their fear propaganda, which only causes grief and anxiety to a populace that has already endured 36 weeks of this madness..

Thus the economy here in Manitoba is now all but destroyed.. I got reports earlier this week that even MORE small businesses have now had enough of this anxiety and are closing their stores permanently, throwing so many more poor helpless people out of work and especially with Christmas fast approaching.. 

Yes, 36 weeks of insanity and I cannot help but to think about those poor souls out there that succumbed to this madness and have sadly taken their lives via drug overdoses or via suicides... The facts remain that the Pallister criminal government here in Manitoba is absolutely 100% fully responsible for each and every one of these REAL deaths, and they MUST pay dearly for this travesty... This is why I will not falter in my want to see the Pallister criminals all be put on trial and then given the death penalty with the re-imposition of capital punishment as a suitable sentence for those who did this massive scam against humanity.. Let us all never forget those who have tragically died, and never give these criminals any mercy for this crime..

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