Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Wednesday, November 18th, 2020: 400 New Cases, All Influenza Or Common Cold, And 11 Deaths NOT From COVID-19. The Lies Continue!

 I had a most interesting run in with someone earlier today that I had thought to be 'rational' and "logical".. She got into a bit of a heated discussion with me about this entire COVID-19 bullshit, and she insisted that her sister had 'contracted' this disease as she was sick back in October (the beginning of Influenza season..) and she 'tested positive' at one of those horrendous bullshit testing sites.... I tried my best to show her the facts and discuss the evidence that what her sister most definitely had at that time was NOT this 'deadly virus' but something else and possibly this season's strain of Influenza... Lets just say that things continued to be heated and she refused to even bother with what I was saying at all... It shows the power of the mind manipulation and brainwashing as we all are encountering this type of resistance to our continuing pursuit of the truth..

I am continuing my daily Manitoba reports on this fraud scam-demic for the FACT that the 'numbers' that these criminal fuckers show for this province alone proves that we are indeed dealing with what is truly the world's greatest hoax....And yes, I have today's "official numbers" as put out by that horrendous bald headed SOB that continues to call himself a 'doctor' and Manitoba's "Chief Medical Officer", none other than Brent Roussin.... I want to share those 'numbers' here in alphabetical order for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming '400' new cases of this 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba in the last 24 hours.. This brings the grand total for Manitoba for the full 35 weeks since the pricks in charge launched their 'state of emergency' back in mid-March to "12007" cases.... But of course it is INFLUENZA SEASON and no shock here but the number of Influenza cases for Manitoba continues to be ZERO!

(b) Now they are claiming "249" cases of this 'deadly virus" in all of Manitoba's hospitals as of today... This is an increase of '9' hospital cases for the last 24 hours.... And oddly the number of Intensive Care Unit cases continues to fall slightly as there are now '40' in total in the ICU units which is a drop of '1' case from yesterday's total of '41' ICU cases...

(c) Yes, they are claiming '11' new deaths from this 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours... This brings the total number of deaths that they claim are from this COVID-19 fraud to "190"... But of course these latest '11' deaths as well as ALL '190' so far ALL had serious 'underlying issues' and/or were extremely elderly with weakened immune systems.. That and it is of course INFLUENZA SEASON and that real illness does take lives, especially the elderly, this time of year...

(d) Now they are claiming '4432' recovered cases of this 'deadly virus' for the full 35 weeks since mid-March.. This is an increase of "108" recovered cases from yesterday's total of '4324' recovered cases over that same time frame..

(e) NOw they are claiming '7385' active cases of this 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba.. This is an increase of "280" active cases from yesterday's tally of '7105'... But of course ALL of these 'active cases' were derived from the fraud "PCR testing" with that fraud test's 100% inaccuracy rate.. That, and once again I must remind readers that this is INFLUENZA SEASON and those numbers as well as those suffering from the Common Cold, have been added criminally into this tally as well as the overall tally..

No shock here at all at the numbers shown... I had suspected earlier last month that these pricks would indeed count ALL Influenza and Common Cold cases as "COVID-19" cases and that is exactly what they are doing!  This is very criminal and thus makes all of their 'numbers' heavily distorted as well as false... But the people of Manitoba are doing NOTHING to stop this from continuing to occur..

OK, time again to do what I always do, which is to take their 'official numbers' and rip each and every one of them to shreds to expose their lies.. And in the same alphabetical order as above right here:

(a) No shock that they are pushing this number as high as they can, and basing it all on adding every Influenza case and Common Cold case into this tally.... And as I have been saying all along, this '12007' number may look impressive to some readers who do not know the real facts, and that is that this '12007' is actually very MINISCULE in comparison to the real number of respiratory cases and infections suffered by Manitobans over the last 35 weeks.... But of course this is a propaganda and brainwashing scam-demic pushed by the liars in the media, and sadly Manitobans are swallowing this horse shit without any real thought or challenges...

(b) Once again they are trying to push up this 'hospital case' number to create the illusion that the hospitals are 'overwhelmed' by COVID-19 cases... But of course most if not ALL of these 'hospital cases' do not have this 'deadly virus' at all as most if not all have either Influenza or the Common Cold.. And it must be noted that if they really wanted to propagate this fraud, they should be driving the "ICU cases" as high as possible for the fear factor.. But once again someone continues to goof and thus show that this entire scam is pure bullshit..

(c) No surprise that these pricks continue to pump up the number of 'deaths' from this non-existent 'deadly virus by classifying ALL deaths from Influenza, the Common Cold, and any other disease right now as this FRAUD "COVID-19" bullshit... Sadly, they continue to throw this '179' number out there as their 'excuse' for wrecking lives, but of course not telling the truth that (a) that '179' number is actually very miniscule for a 35 week period of time, for in ANY 35 week time frame in Manitoba, tens of thousands of people die from a lot of different causes.. And (b) that every one of these '179' supposed deaths ALL had "underlying health issues' and/or had severely weakened immune systems due to their advanced age.. And yes, we can NOT forget about the INFLUENZA factor and how that REAL disease does indeed attack a lot of senior citizens on an annual basis..

(d) Again, they are 'slowing down' the release of recovered cases, and doing that blatantly and purposely just to keep the 'active cases' number as high as possible.. .The fact remains that this 'recovered cases' number should be thousands of cases higher due to the fact that the '14 day isolation/incubation period' does run out and either the patient 'dies' or has to be released into this category.. AND the fact remains that NOBODY is really dying FROM this 'deadly virus' at all as their either fully recover or die from OTHER causes...

(e) Yes, they are trying to prop up this 'active cases' number as high as they can for its 'fear factor'.. But of course ALL of these 'active cases' came from the fraud "PCR testing" and its 100% inaccuracy and generating nothing more than 'false positive' results... Thus every one of these 'active cases' do NOT have this 'deadly virus' at all, and if they are sick at this time, they are suffering from either Influenza, the common cold, or even Bacterial Pneumonia.... But it is 'COVID 19' all the time now here in Manitoba, and the propaganda of fear is relentless..

Yes, now 35 full weeks since that prick of a Health Officer shut down this province under the false pretense that there is this 'deadly virus' out there that will somehow 'kill us all'...The effect has been horrific to Manitobans as all I see now are mindless sheep walking around everywhere with their eyes so glazed over with panic that they are indeed the 'Walking Dead' and totally mindless..

I continue in my efforts in trying to reach everyone with the truth about this scam here in Manitoba.. And I have an open challenge to anyone to please prove me wrong in terms of what I have shown here in these daily reports... I have yet to find anyone that has been able to show my facts as false, and I have been doing these daily reports now for  over 7 months now and counting!

And I am relentless in my want for real justice to be served for the criminals responsible for this scam, and that is based upon the fact that there have been now hundreds of Manitobans who have killed themselves through overdoses, or by suicide, because of the overwhelming fear propaganda that has brainwashed them to the point that they believed their lives were meaningless.... Premier Brian Pallister and his cronies are absolutely responsible for ALL of those deaths, and they must pay the price for that crime... Seeing the re-institution of capital punishment and then seeing these criminals all receive the death penalty for this crime is to me true and righteous justice being served!

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