Friday, November 20, 2020

Here Is Proof Positive That The Criminals Here In Manitoba Are Counting ALL INFLUENZA CASES As COVID-19 Cases: There Have Been ZERO Reported Influenza Cases In Manitoba At All This Season!

WHY do the people here in Manitoba, and in all of Canada as well, not get it in regards to this COVID-19 FRAUD?   I have stated in so many articles over the last while that the scumbags behind this entire fraud would indeed be counting every single INFLUENZA CASE since that seasonal Influenza epidemic began over a month ago as "COVID-19" cases just to purposely fudge and over exaggerate their "numbers"... I have had some readers actually try to call me out saying that I was 'wrong' about this, and I figure it was time to blow those naysayers to hell with the truth..

I want to present the following report that comes directly from the media whores in the "Winnipeg Free Press" at, that clearly states that "Manitoba Yet To Log Flu Case This Season", as it absolutely presents proof positive that these criminal scoundrels are absolutely counting EVERY Influenza case this season as a  "COVID-19" case... Here is that article, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Manitoba yet to log flu case this season

OTTAWA — Manitoba has yet to register a single case of influenza this fall, giving a silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic, which on its own has threatened hospital capacity.

At this point last year, Manitoba had logged roughly 60 cases of the flu. On Tuesday, its Health Department told the Free Press it hasn’t launched its weekly reporting because no cases have been recorded.

Nationally, there have been just 17 cases logged across Canada, as of Monday. At this point last year, the nation had already recorded 711 positive cases of influenza.

"Influenza is way behind the eight-ball here," said Dr. Gerald Evans, chair of infectious disease in the department of medicine at Queen's University in Kingston, Ont.

Many health experts feared a fall wave of COVID-19 would not only be worse than the first wave in the spring, but it would come just as seasonal flu infections started to spread, making it impossible for hospitals to keep up.

COVID-19 is proving to be worse this fall, with more than 1,400 people in hospital nationally, about one-fifth of them in critical care. The flu, however, is not.

In the first week of November, not one province or territory reported a single patient hospitalized with the flu, compared with 60 during the same week a year ago.

In 2019, provinces reported 147 lab-confirmed cases of flu the first week of November; this year, they reported four.

This despite testing more than twice as many people for flu than usual — almost 10,000 tests done in the first week of November, compared to a six-year average of about 4,500.

"This would be the beginning of our usual flu season, and we have an extraordinarily low number of influenza cases, despite testing at a higher rate than what we normally do," Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, told reporters Tuesday.

"That’s a pretty good sign that the hygienic and public health measures we’ve implemented for COVID-19 are obviously having an impact."

Signs from the Southern Hemisphere, which gets hit with flu season first, were reason to hope the "twindemic" wasn't going to happen in Canada.

New Zealand said its flu infections were down 99.8 per cent. In Australia, lab-confirmed cases of flu were down 93 per cent. In 2019, more than 800 Australians died of the flu; in 2020, that number to date is 36.

South Africa's National Institute for Communicable Diseases reported only one case of the flu out of about 4,000 random surveillance tests performed. Most years the program detects about 1,000 cases.

While Canada's flu season is still in the early days — it typically starts in late August and dies out in April — Evans said all the signs here suggest Canada will report similar numbers in the end.

He said most of the credit goes to the public health measures taken to slow COVID-19 — hand washing, social distancing and face mask-wearing — as well as the dramatic drop in international travel.

Canada is also pushing the flu vaccine harder than ever, and Tam noted "a phenomenal uptake" of the flu shot this season. Although Canadian provinces ordered almost 25 per cent more flu shots than last year, many can't keep up with demand.

— The Canadian Press, Free Press staff

NTS Notes:  I honestly feel so vindicated once again in what I have been saying every day in my daily Manitoba reports on this entire fraud scam-demic that these fuckers are indeed lying to the public in their 'numbers', for those 'numbers' are nothing but outright lies and distortions thanks to them counting Influenza cases as this fraud 'deadly virus' instead!

And of course this is NO 'miracle" in seeing no Influenza cases, for once again they have been 'relabeled' as COVID-19 instead...  And yes this article stipulates that this is only the BEGINNING of a very long Influenza season, and thus the number of cases of Influenza will naturally grow exponentially and thus give these criminal fuckers even MORE 'cases' of their fraud "COVID-19" bullshit to scare the public even more and further lockdown and destroy their lives as a result...

Yes, every single person that has stupidly gone and been 'tested' by the fraud "PCR testing" is being labeled as 'false positive' from that fraud testing, and/or if they are really 'sick' are actually sick from a wide assortment of REAL respiratory illnesses, such as the COMMON COLD, INFLUENZA, AND even BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA... 

So, here you have it, you naysayers.. The PROOF that we are seriously being LIED TO in regards to their "numbers'... The fuckers are indeed criminally distorting their numbers by counting INFLUENZA cases as "COVID-19" cases instead..

More to come



greencrow said...

Max Igan of The Crow House said in his latest video that the same fudging of flu numbers was going on in South Queensland, Australia. The orders must have from the new centre of the earth...or asshole of the universe, whichever you prefer...The WHO head office.

CookingUpANewLife said...

What blatant psychological manipulation.

Flu article : all our measures are working, the flu is gone!
CV article : omg the sky is falling, no one's following the measures. SHAME ON YOU ALL.

Reminiscent of the summer when Trump rallies were blamed for spreading CV in one breath while BLM protests were said to not be in the next breath. A very "aware" virus indeed.

It's worth noting that Telus' coverage map is now showing active 5G in Winnipeg. I would suspect we'll be seeing an increase in respiratory issues and possibly more severe cases over the next few months (ie people hemorrhaging or practically suffocating for no good reason).

Freeborn said...


The dumb docile fuckers who swallowed the COVID SCAM hook, line and sinker are responsible for the loss of all our freedoms.

It will be so cathartic therefore to watch these same fuckers lining up for their COVID and flu shots and bound for eternity at last.

Good fucking riddance to the feckless scumbags!

Northerntruthseeker said...

CookingUpNextLife...If you think about it, it is not 'blatant' but brilliant on the part of these criminal fuckers..

Thanks to the thousands of cases that we would have seen by now that are suffering from Influenza, but instead having those sufferers go stupidly to be 'tested' and then labeled as "COVID-19" positive, the numbers are magnified, and will only get worse over the next while..

The psychological effect alone is paying dividends for these pricks as it will be used as their propaganda device to have everyone so fearful that there will be no need for 'mandatory' vaccines as the dumb ass sheep will BE BEGGING FOR IT!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Freeborn.. Tell me how you REALLY feel!!!

But your statement is very true.. I too can no longer stand the ignorance of the brain dead sheeple and will probably just stand aside and grin when they all start dropping like flies when they get their 'vaccines'..

Northerntruthseeker said...

And Greencrow... I saw that report as well... But that is the same MO that they are doing everywhere, not just in Canada and Australia, but the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc etc...

FEAR IS THE NAME OF THE GAME HERE, and sadly too many sheep are playing it!

rotagen said...

Like I said before and I'm a microbiologist - corona is a mild flu like virus WAY less pathogenic than the flu and it likes to "piggyback" on a flu infection. Fuck them and their lame excuse...MORE TO THE POINT ... Please CALL ATTENTION to this article I found on Lew Rockwell ... Strike the Root.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Thanks for that link, Rotagen...

I will probably post that up a bit later at my site.... Interesting arguments that are right about our surrender of our basic rights and freedoms.

But the story that made me howl was the previous one at that same website, concerning eric's 'Diaper Report' for this day... That is one that everyone should be reading, for I have seen that same thing happen to myself so many times over the last while..