Saturday, October 17, 2020

The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Saturday, October 17th, 2020: Still More Cases From The Fraud PCR Testing, And Of Course NO Deaths! But Try To Wake Up The Sheep??

 I was out and about earlier today doing my usual Saturday morning shopping, and of course I had to enter several establishments wearing those gawd awful face diapers... I find it so revolting in having to put on those bacterial laden face coverings as I know they are USELESS for this entire scam-demic!

But I can say that the morning was not a total loss, for I conversed with a young lady at one establishment and discussed this entire scam-demic... I told her the facts about the entire scam, and she actually agreed with me and showed interest in wanting to find out more... I gave her the link to this site, and continued on with my business knowing that yes, my efforts are not entirely in vain and there are indeed some out there that are not totally brainwashed by the intense bullshit and propaganda!  I do hope that young lady does a lot of reading and spreads this important message of truth to others as well...

Well, onto the business at hand, and I just got today's "Manitoba official COVID-19 report" that comes from the criminals in charge of running this scam in this province.... And I want to present as I usually do their 'numbers' in alphabetical order for everyone to analyze and assess right here:

(a) Now there is a grand total of '3258' cases for the last 30.5 weeks since this province decided to lock down their citizens with their fraud 'state of emergency' declaration in mid-March... This is an increase of some '85' cases from yesterday's grand total of "3173' cases....

(b) Now there are '28' cases of this 'deadly virus' in all of Manitoba's hospitals, and '5' of those '28' cases are in the Intensive Care Units as well... This is an increase of '3' hospital cases from yesterday's total of '25', but with NO change in the number of cases in the ICU units as well..

(c) Still only "38" total deaths that they are claiming is 'from' this 'deadly virus' for the last 30.5 weeks since these criminals declared their 'state of emergency' in mid-March... This is NO change in the 'death count' for the last few days, and everyone one of these '38' deaths are 'suspect' as each and every death had either severe underlying health issues already and/or were extremely elderly with weakened immune systems...

(d) Now they are claiming '1572' recovered cases of this 'deadly virus' for the province of Manitoba for the last 30.5 weeks in total... This is an increase of ONLY '19' recovered cases from yesterday's total of '1553'.  The criminals in charge also now have had the audacity to claim that there is a 'backlog' of recovered cases and that this number will be 'adjusted' accordingly 'shortly'!!!!!

(e) Now there are supposedly '1648' active cases of this 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba.. This is an increase of some '66' active cases from yesterday's total of '1582' active cases... And of course ALL of these 'active cases' are suspect at best as they were all derived from the "PCR tests" with their 100% inaccurate "false positive" results....

Yes, the pattern continues as these criminals in the Pallister regime are absolutely lying their asses off just to perpetuate this fraud and NOW further impose more draconian restrictions on the gullible people of this province come this Monday the 19th of October!!!  

Well.. Lets get this over with... I will now do my due diligence in taking a closer look at each and every one of their 'numbers' as I always do and RIP THEM TO SHREDS to expose their LIES!  And of course I will do so in the same 'alphabetical order, as listed above, right here:

(a) Yes, the pumping up of the overall 'cases' number continues unabated... They are of course lying their asses off  just with this "3258" total cases in 30.5 weeks time alone as each and every one of these 'cases' were of course derived from the fraudulent 'PCR testing' that has turned into nothing more than a sham!  And when you compare this '3258' number of cases of this 'deadly virus' with those of REAL respiratory cases in the last 30.5 weeks time frame, the number in itself is nothing but a bad joke, for those REAL respiratory numbers are in the TENS OF THOUSANDS alone!   Thus all we are dealing with here in reality is a propaganda scam-demic to scare the gullible people of Manitoba into accepting criminal actions by our crooked government!

(b) I have said many times that they are blowing it big time with this scam-demic by not propping up the number of cases in the hospitals... If this was a REAL health crisis with a REAL 'deadly virus', the hospitals would probably have a few THOUSAND patients in their facilities.. .Thus this '28' number in all of Manitoba's hospitals is such a horrific joke being played on the citizens of this province.. And apparently the best these criminals can do these days is to take a few SUCKERS that were stupid enough to be 'tested' and throw them in the hospitals for good measure??

(c) I cannot understand how anyone can look at this 'number of deaths' that these pricks are claiming are FROM this 'deadly virus' and not see the scam exposed fully?   When anyone analyzes this '38' death count for a 30.5 week period, they can easily see that 35 out of the 38 were elderly patients with OTHER serious health issues already that most definitely took their lives, while the other '3' were patients with either chronic or terminal illnesses and THOSE other illnesses were also the cause of their demise as well!   Therefore, and logically, we can state that NOBODY in Manitoba is or has ever died FROM this 'deadly virus' at all over the last 30.5 weeks and even longer!  

(d) I am VINDICATED AND ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about how these pricks in charge here in Manitoba are purposely manipulating this 'recovered cases' number just to drive the fear mongering by having their 'active cases' number pumped up!  The arch criminal in charge of this  entire scam-demic for Manitoba actually freely admitted yesterday that this 'recovered cases' number is indeed being suppressed and he stated that it is due to a 'backlog' (my ass!) of recovered cases that have not been added to this number!  What a load of horse shit indeed!   The reality is that THIS 'recovered cases' number has to be much much higher, and these pricks were indeed keeping it suppressed purposely to drive the panic propaganda!

(e) Just like in (d), they are manipulating this 'active cases' number to drive the fear porn along and to scare the gullible people here in Manitoba into 'accepting' their new diabolical and devious 'restrictions' that they are about to throw at us come this Monday!   It is truly diabolical, but it gets even better when you consider that ALL of these '1648' active cases are suspect at best as they were ALL derived from the 100% inaccurate "PCR tests" that is generating nothing but lies and false positive results.... Therefore I am also standing behind my statement that NOBODY here in Manitoba actually has this 'deadly virus' at all!  It is a complete 100% fraud!

Well, there you go... Another day of hell for the people of Manitoba as these criminals are continuing their fear and panic propaganda via the Jewish controlled media outlets unabated... They have been hammering into the gullible peoples' minds here in Manitoba that we are into this 'second wave' of this 'deadly virus' and it is all being generated solely by their 'number of cases' derived from the FRAUD "PCR testing" that also continues unabated.... 

I am so ashamed these days by what I see happening, as more and more sheep out there are still lining up at those FRAUD "PCR testing" facilities and putting their very lives in the hands of criminals who will randomly choose who is 'positive' for this 'deadly virus'..... And when I go by those facilities these days and watch these sheep line up shivering in the cold for hours, I can only think to myself that 'you cannot fix stupid!' no matter how hard you try!

And of course I cannot help but to think constantly about all of those sad and miserable people out there that succumbed to this bullshit and took their own lives via suicides..... It is so amazing that everywhere you look the criminals are absolutely refusing to show those numbers of real deaths via suicide, for they know that if the public found out that the suicide numbers were multi-times higher than their BS 'COVID 19 deaths' there would be hell to pay!   I for one want to absolutely see real justice meted out to all of the criminals in the Pallister regime for the number of suicides alone for Manitoba...Putting them all in jail is not punishment enough for this crime, but hanging them all would indeed be a decent start  IMHO...

More to come


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