Saturday, August 1, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: We Are The Good Guys, And Good Guys Win (Most Of The Time?)

I  finally finished another part of my renovation project a few hours ago, and after having a very late dinner I am now sitting down in front of my computer to do some surfing and catch up on what is happening in our sick world... And of course the news even in the alternative media continues to be focused in on the COVID-19 bullshit......

I have previously shown at this blog several videos that come from Vernon Coleman, out of the United Kingdom, who writes his website at I want to present his latest video, that is entitled: "We're The Good Guys, And The Good Guys Win", right here for everyone to see for themselves... I have it right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I agree with Vernon Coleman right off the bat in this video where he goes over the "numbers" that the criminals are using to continue to push this fraudulent 'pandemic'.... Even right here in Canada, the numbers are absolutely skewered and misleading, for the criminals in charge have taken ANYONE who basically is sick with respiratory problems, and classify them as "COVID-19 victims"... In fact, Canada is just like the United States and other nations now, where the seasonal "Influenza numbers" have suddenly decreased dramatically, while these "COVID-19 numbers" have taken their place and are actually making up for that decline in Influenza numbers!  Is there a coincidence?  Not really, as the criminals have basically taken those who have Influenza and/or have died from that real disease and labeled them as 'death by COVID-19".....

Vernon Coleman also discusses the fraudulent Climate Change hoax, and I do agree with his assessment on that fraud... I have put up hundreds of articles previously at this blog showing that fraud in all of its glory, and I can guarantee that since the criminals have failed with that hoax, they have now 'hitched their wagons' on this COVID-19 hoax instead....

And I too have gone over in detail in previous articles the real agendas behind both the "Agenda 21" and "Agenda 2030" EUGENICS programs and the push for a massive reduction in the world's population to under 1 billion people..... It does not take much for rational people to see that this COVID-19 BULLSHIT fits very nicely with both of those programs, as the sinister Bill Gates and his minions are indeed pushing their criminal and deadly vaccination programs as a method of that population reduction plan!

I added the caveat to the title, "And Good Guys Win", where I say "most of the time"... For the facts are that the criminal Jewish elite that is at the bottom of the rabbit hole when you dig deep enough to find who is really behind this pandemic fraud, has been in control of nations for decades, if not the last century, at least... Thus the concept of good guys winning would be the ultimate goal, but I am a realist here, and I know that with such evil in near total control it will indeed be an uphill battle and one that we may not win, as their control mechanisms that they have in place are that strong and overpowering.... I would honestly hope that good will triumph though, for the alternative will be the end of our existence as we know it forever!

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