Saturday, March 7, 2020

The War In Syria: Criminal US Government Has Vetoed (!) Turkey/Russia Idlib Ceasefire Agreement At The United Nations Security Council!

We had all hoped that as of yesterday morning, March 6th, 2020, that there would be a new and actual functioning "ceasefire" in place in regards to the Idlib pocket in northwestern Syria... The Russian President, Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Erdogan had hammered out an agreement that would have de-escalated the situation in that province and hopefully return the situation to the initial agreements hammered out in the Astana treaties signed off in late 2018.... And with the de-escalation in the fighting in the Idlib pocket, we could only hope that a long term real agreement would be reached that would have solved the problem of Idlib and would have eventually led to the return of that province to the good people of Syria... We had indeed all hoped....

Well, I knew the new Russia/Turkey agreement may have been "too good to be true"...For according to the following very important report that comes courtesy of my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Penny, who hails from the insanity of southern Ontario and writes the excellent blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, apparently the criminals in the US government have VETOED the entire Russia-Turkey 'ceasefire' agreements reached just a few days ago, by using their power of 'veto' in the United Nations Security Council!   Here is Penny's article about this travesty here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Saturday, March 7, 2020

US Vetoes Russian/Turkish Ceasefire Agreement at the UN Security Council- Birth Pangs

What party/ies don’t want a cease fire? 
  • Does Turkey want more dead soldiers so the heat is turned up politically on the leadership? To weaken the dollar? Put negative pressure on the economy?
Well, let’s see what party(ies) would want that to occur? 

I’d say it’s the same parties that VETO’d or disputed the UN Resolution at the Security Council. 

Let’s read together what player and friends on the grand chessboard disagreed with the ceasefire agreement.

Syrian Troops in Idlib
Press TV   
"The United States reportedly blocks adoption of a United Nations Security Council statement supporting a ceasefire agreed between Russia and Turkey in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib, although the deal has led to direly-needed de-escalation in the province.

Diplomats cited by AFP said the US stonewalled the measure that Russia's UN Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia had asked the other 14 member states to adopt on Friday, with Washington calling it "premature."

The US’s standpoint was echoed by Britain and Germany. "There are a lot of questions about how it will work in practice, who will monitor it," remarked British Ambassador Karen Pierce, while her German counterpart Christoph Heusgen said, "We have to see if this will work."
If it will work, or if it can be undermined by non participatory parties?

"Russia sought UN Security Council backing Friday for its agreement with Turkey aimed at establishing a ceasefire in Syria’s northwest, but the United States called it premature and several European countries wanted to amend Moscow’s proposed statement welcoming the deal.

Russia’s proposed press statement, obtained by AP, would have encouraged all parties “to fully implement the cease-fire.” 

Of course that would include the US. France. UK. Kurds ensconced in the area.
"It also would have reaffirmed the council’s strong commitment to Syria’s “sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity” and reiterated that there can be no military solution to the nine-year Syrian conflict — only “an inclusive Syrian-owned and Syrian-led political process under UN auspices.”
Russia’s UN ambassador, Vassily Nebenzia, said he called for closed Security Council consultations on the agreement because its meetings last month were always “emergency and emergency and emergency, and this time we had an opportunity to discuss some positive developments.”
Nebenzia said Russia wanted to issue a press statement afterward, “but due to the position of one delegation it was not possible.”

Several diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity because the meeting was closed, said that was a reference to the United States. But they also said Russia did not want to negotiate on amendments proposed by France and the United Kingdom.

British Ambassador Karen Pierce wouldn’t comment on the discussions but said: “This is all about the proof of the pudding being in the eating.”
For those who insist Damascus was out of the loop on the Idlib situation, ever (eyes a rollin’)
"Putin, Assad discuss Syria ceasefire

Meanwhile, Putin told Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a phone call that the truce would stabilize the situation in Idlib, the Kremlin said.

"Bashar al-Assad rated the outcome of the talks between the leaders of Russia and Turkey highly and expressed his gratitude to Russia's president for supporting the fight against terrorist groups," the Kremlin statement said."

NTS Notes: Yes, this is a travesty, and I too have been searching for the real answer as to WHY the world would even accept this 'VETO' by the US that is preventing the need for real peace in Idlib?

I honestly am not in the least bit shocked by this though, for the US has been running the so called 'terrorists' in Idlib for the last 5 years at least, and has always planned to use the position in Idlib as a means of projecting their terrorism right across Syria and to still push for the overthrow of the Damascus government... Therefore a real 'CEASEFIRE' would destroy their plans and would probably spell the end of their "terrorists" operation out of Idlib all together...

To me, this is so sickening... And as shown in the article, it is sickening to see the American poodle nations, such as Britain and Germany, actually support this 'move' by the US.... I had actually hoped that these stupid nations' governments would have some backbone and actually see that this agreement between Russia and Turkey is backed by Syria itself and is a good deal for not only the nation of Syria, but for the entire world that is sick and tired of watching so many innocent people die in Idlb itself.....

The bottom line is this.. What this should show everyone once and for all is how the US is NOT in Syria for peace and stability, but is there to see the destruction of that nation itself.....  I honestly do hope that Russia and Turkey give the US the middle finger and implement this agreement and ignore the stupidity of an American "veto"... The US has NO right to dictate how to end the fighting in Idlib, considering they have always been the instigators of that fighting,  and honestly should mind their own business.

More to come



greencrow said...

Who ordered the US to "veto" the resolution supporting the ceasefire?

USrael...of course. The US is the poodle, only doing what its master orders!

Penny said...

Hi North;
Isn't it a travesty? I think it makes very clear who is interested in war and who is interested in peace.

It also makes a lie of the US supporting Turkey, very clearly so, because Turkey wants this ceasefire, and their alleged allies don't support it?

That's a non ally sign in my book.
Thanks for giving this news more attention.