Thursday, February 13, 2020

Important Health News: The Battle Against Criminal 5G Technology Deployment Rages As Switzerland Halts 5G "Roll Out" Due To Health Concerns And Widespread Public Opposition!

I have been watching the telecommunications industry in Canada very closely over the last while as those criminals in charge are absolutely hell bent on having their hideous "5G technology" be put into place... These criminals are absolutely wanting that new technology fired up right across Canada and have absolute total disregard to the serious health issues that will arise, for they are bent on thinking only of the "profits" that will come rolling in while people are dying..... It is sickening to behold indeed!

However, I found the following article, that comes from the Information Liberation website, at, that shows that some nations on this planet are indeed now taking a more serious look at this "5G" technology, and apparently the nation of Switzerland has now put a halt to the "roll out" of "5G" due to health concerns and the widespread opposition from the Swiss people!   I do want to share this article right here with my own readers, and as usual I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Switzerland Halts 5G Rollout Due to Health Concerns, Widespread Public Opposition

Chris Menahan

Feb. 13, 2020

"Switzerland, one of the world's leaders in the rollout of 5G mobile technology, has placed an indefinite moratorium on the use of its new network because of health concerns," The Financial Times reports.

Switzerland is relatively advanced in Europe in adopting 5G. The wealthy alpine country has built more than 2,000 antennas to upgrade its network in the last year alone, and its telecoms providers have been promising their customers’ imminent 5G coverage for most of the past year.

However, a letter sent by the Swiss environment agency, Bafu, to the country's cantonal governments at the end of January, has now in effect called time on the use of all new 5G towers, officials who have seen the letter told the Financial Times.

[...] The Swiss Medical Association has advised caution on 5G, arguing that the most stringent legal principles should be applied because of unanswered questions about the technology’s potential to cause damage to the nervous system, or even cancers.
There have been zero major studies on the health effects of 5G.

On the other hand, there are tons of studies showing WiFi in its current form can have a multitude of negative effects on our health, they're generally just ignored by our governments and media (the UK recently went as far as banning an advertisement warning about the dangers of 5G).

Here's another study from just a few months ago.

From BioNews, 7 May 2019, "WiFi devices affect sperm, suggests study":
A small study by researchers in Japan has indicated that exposure to WiFi may have detrimental effects on sperm function.

The study assessed the effect of electromagnetic (EM) waves from WiFi devices on human sperm. It found that longer periods of direct exposure to a portable WiFi router decreased the motility rate and increased the death rate of sperm from human samples.

[...] The sperm samples analysed were taken from 51 men seeking fertility treatment, such as IVF or artificial insemination, at the clinic.

Samples were tested under different conditions; no exposure to EM, shield-protected, and full exposure.

The exposed samples were placed near a pocket WiFi router – similar to the way a mobile phone might be carried in a man's trouser pocket. After two hours, sperm from all groups had decreased health and motility, but the most substantial effect was seen in the sperm with full exposure to EM waves. The difference in sperm health between groups was seen even more clearly after 24 hours of exposure.

'Judging by the results of the current study, it is fair to assume that the longer the exposure is, there is a higher risk for potential negative effects,' Nakata told newsGP. 'And what I mean by longer exposure is not only a few days, weeks or months – we are talking about years. So looking at billions of people over the next few decades, the impact could be huge when it comes to fertility rates.'
5G towers are exponentially stronger than current WiFi devices and they want them to be in everyone's neighborhoods within just a few dozen yards of people's homes for maximum efficiency.

Kudos to the people of Switzerland for rising up against this lunacy, more folks need to follow suit.

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NTS Notes:  I do wonder if the Swiss government actually did care about the "health concerns" but was forced to back down from the deployment of this ghastly "5G" technology due to widespread and rising public opposition?  I would bet that it was indeed the latter....

Yes, I can only say...Good for the Swiss people!   This is indeed a good day for Switzerland, and shows that public opposition does work if the people are given the REAL FACTS about this "5G" criminal technology and how it does indeed affect human health immensely....

It is just too bad that nations, such as my own here in Canada, and even the United States, are hell bent on pushing this "5G" technology forward and seemingly do not give a shit about the horrendous health issues that will arise once those 5G electromagnetic fields start bombarding our bodies!

I have discovered, and very sadly, that most people out there are not even aware of the terrible health risks associated with "5G".... When I have approached a lot of people and gave them a long list of the horrible health issues associated with this technology,  in most cases I get that wild eyed or "deer in headlights" kind of look... Many actually come forward and say "Oh come on now, as if the government would ever allow such a terrible technology to possibly kill us all?  You must be some kind of kook!"....... And yes, this only shows how truly gullible and dumbed down a lot of people truly are these days!

The bottom line is this... Our criminal governments do not give one shit about our health concerns, and only want a piece of the pie in terms of profits from this "5G" technology... And in regards to the usage of 5G and what it will do to us?  I have long said that with 5G you could be dying from its damage to your health, but you will have  "kick ass" telecommunications!  What a trade off, right???

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