Friday, January 24, 2020

US Welcome In Iraq? Watch This Video, As Millions Of Iraqis Take To The Streets Demanding The US Get The Hell Out Of Their Country!

Iraq has been nothing but a mess since the US invasion of 2003... That is a fact.... The US invasion of 2003 in fact was for not only seizing Iraq's vast oil supplies for the US to steal and control, but it was also to prevent Saddam Hussein at the time from switching his trading of Oil from US dollars to Euros.... Basically the US attacked Iraq and lied to the world that Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction", which was absolute hogwash..

And what has happened since the American invasion?  Millions of Iraqis have suffered through the horror of the American occupation of their nation, and thousands if not millions have died as a result of American destruction of the Iraqi nation and its people... And to top all that off, the Iraqis have endured the US criminal usage of depleted Uranium weaponry on their land that has a half-life of BILLIONS of years... It is a fact that Iraq will be irradiated by that radiation horror for long after mankind no longer even exists on this planet!

So... Are the Iraqis "thankful" that the Americans still maintain illegal bases on their land, and continue to try to control their nation?  Not by a long shot, as the following video clearly shows that the Iraqi people have had enough of the American criminal occupation of their land and want them to get the hell out of their country.... Here is that video of the recent protest in Baghdad against the American occupation where MILLIONS of people took to the streets of Baghdad to show how much they truly "love" their American occupiers:

NTS Notes:  WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by the Iraqi people doing this massive protest?  They have had enough of the criminal US government and the equally criminal US military still raising havoc across their land and they absolutely will no longer tolerate that American presence in their land...

If there ever was a time when a people have had enough and are screaming "Yankee go home", we see it so apparent in Iraq!

And one other note... I did catch the fact that the American Jew spew media is absolutely NOT covering this protest and what little news has come forward via the American (and the Canadian as well) Jew spew media reports, those reports are fraudulently claiming that the number of protestors at  this event only numbered in the "thousands".... But anyone with common sense can see  that there is NOT "thousands" there, but a far greater number that indeed could number in the MILLIONS...   But of course, the liars in the Jew spew media want to promote to gullible people that the Americans are still "welcome" in Iraq, when the evidence is clearly different!

It is indeed time for the US to get out of Iraq now, before the Iraqi people finally say they will have to have them removed by force.... Sadly, due to the American arrogance and want to continue to stay in Iraq just to maintain their control, the time for force against them is very fast approaching..

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Unknown said...

The Jews seized the USofA probably around the
turn of the last century with their control of
the newsprint mass media. At new technologies,
such as radio and television became forefront,
they seized those as well. Only by pain of death
will these Jews be removed from their power. Is
there anyone capable of doing that in this country
as of now? Unfortunately not.

However, an economic collapse might do it. Unfortunately,
only an epic collapse that would pale the so-called
Great Depression, might do it. Only a few millions
of Goys died in the First Great Depression. Great Depression
II would have to kill tens of millions of them, before
they would finally wake up and smell the coffee. The
Christian brainwashing has done its job.

Stevie K. said...

I'd like to see all the Iraq people who demonstrated take a dump in a plastic bag and catapult it into the American Embassy compound.... Perhaps then the Yanks might get the message they're not wanted