Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Important Health News: VACCINE BOMBSHELL As UN Health Experts Admit Toxic Vaccines Are Harming Children Worldwide - See Video And Transcript!

Every day it is still the same rhetoric coming out of the  Jew spew media; "Iran is this evil", or "Iran is a threat", etc, etc.... Now over a week since the US/Israel criminal cabal CAUSED the destruction of Ukrainian flight 752 out of Tehran, the liars and the criminals are still at it in trying to brainwash the most stupid people imaginable so that they can get their nice little war against the innocent nation of Iran off and running... I HONESTLY am sick and tired of that sickening rhetoric, and I figured that I would turn away from that garbage and post up an article or two that does not concern this insane rush to war...

It is now full blown "flu season" up here in Canada, and every day I see the Jew spew media in this formerly free nation do their best to lie their asses off and try to get people to go out like gullible sheep to be "vaccinated".... AND with more and more people now aware or becoming wise to the dangers of "vaccines", I have found these same liars are pushing stories about people "getting the flu" and blaming the 'anti-vaxxers' for preventing people from getting immunized!   It is definitely now a war on peoples' minds for the truth about vaccines, and I figured I would throw some gasoline on that fire with a report that I came across that I found very shocking, and once again showed that vaccines are actually very dangerous to human health...

I want to present the following very important link to a report that comes from the Natural News website, at www.naturalnews.com, that is entitled: "VACCINE BOMBSHELL As UN Health Experts Admit Toxic Vaccines Are Harming Children Worldwide - See Video, Transcript"..... I want to keep the encased video intact in this report, and therefore I have it as a link for everyone to view right here... I do want readers to take the time to go over the facts presented, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes: Honestly, and once again, WHY am I not in the least bit shocked by the findings presented in this Natural News report?

I have been trying my damn best for the last decade at least at this blog to show clear cut evidence that vaccines do NOT work, and in fact are detrimental to our health.... Much of the findings in this report reflect upon the fact that the 'Adjuvents" that are added to vaccines, and act like catalysts to make the vaccines take hold in our bodies to produce antibodies against disease, are in fact very deadly to human health..... Squalene for example was recently found to be horrendous to our very bodies and has horrific side effects, and yet it is prevalent in most "vaccines" used today!

It is important that readers do focus on the video attached to that link, and in fact I have the link to that video via Brighteon.com right here for everyone to see:


Lets face facts here... Vaccines do not do as they are promoted and in fact do weaken our bodies' immune systems..... We have the evidence in so many recent reports, including the one that I have at this blog from December showing how 'vaccines" against common Measles actually promoted the outbreak of Measles in the island kingdom of Samoa!   And just as a refresher for those who have not seen my report about that incident,  here it is:


I will continue to fight against the criminal usage of "vaccines", and I am absolutely proud to be called an "anti-vaxxer"...... And about this "flu season"?  It is better to take natural remedies and high amounts of Vitamin D and Vitamin C rather than allow criminals to roll up your sleeve and have your body injected with their so called 'vaccine' any day!

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