Sunday, December 15, 2019

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 15th, 2019

Sunday.... And again it is fucking frozen tundra here in the great white north... And time again from my weekend rant..

Some readers have been asking periodically about my "weather reports" that I have in these weekend rants.... They are very important, for they give readers the TRUTH about how this planet is very much entering a very long and brutally cold "grand solar minimum" that will affect us all for the next decade at least.... I use them as a message to everyone that they must not swallow the constant bullshit being thrown at them that the planet is somehow 'overheating' due to the fraud of "global warming" aka "climate change" aka "climate crisis" aka "climate anxiety"..... I use real facts, real observations, and of course real science, to prove that all of the fear mongering being pushed by those criminals is to push people to accept the  fraud of "carbon taxation" and of course a "one world government" to somehow "save the planet" from ourselves!

And my primary target in my fight against the bullshit of "climate anxiety" is of course  that snivelling little witch, Greta Thunberg, who of course is in this entire scam for the MONEY... More facts came out last week that shows the truth about this little heinous bitch, including the fact that her supposed "green" trip across the Atlantic Ocean to attend that "summit" in Spain was NOT green at all... Evidence has come forward that the ocean crossing catamaran that was piloted by that Australian couple to get Thunberg to Spain actually burned off a LOT more carbon based "fossil fuels' than if that clown would have simply boarded an airplane and flown to Spain!.... AND I came across a most disturbing article that shows that foul creature owns and drives (1) a  $60000+ dollar Tesla that she has been abusing by piling plastic waste and garbage into!...  I especially had red flags raised when I saw that Greta owns a Tesla car, when you consider that she supposedly suffers from a form of mild Autism.... I have to ask: How can a mildly autistic person at the age of 16 drive?.... So many questions about this heinous creature are constantly arising, and everyone should be asking themselves "hmmmm...".... AND by the way, did I mention that she and her family have supposedly been raking in nearly $150 MILLION dollars by promoting their scams to world governments and leaders?... Yes, readers, this foul creature is only in this fraud of "climate anxiety" for the MONEY!

Oh, and one other thing about this evil witch, Greta Thunberg... Just the other day a new report came out where apparently this evil creature had the nerve to state that world leaders that refuse her screams for climate change 'laws' should all be "put up against a wall"!  Obviously this demented and foul psychotic little scumbag means that world leaders should all bow down to her inane tripes or be shot!... This alone shows how twisted and sick her and her foul minions have become in their want to force their fraudulent 'climate change' agenda on us all!

Anyways, I had a "comment" come my way last week where the writer of course called me an "antisemite" and screamed that I had no business in calling the controlled media the "jew spew media"..... Yes, this is the type of bullshit and braindead comments that do periodically come from those who are either brain dead or uneducated.... First and foremost of course, I am NOT a so called 'antisemite' for the facts are that the Palestinian people are the REAL Semites, and NOT the Khazar Indo-turkish based Jews that have stolen the land of Palestine for their evil empire called 'Israel'.... I absolutely support the Semitic Palestinians in their quest for justice and of course their own land... Therefore that defeats the cries of "antisemitism" thrown my way.... And second, I constantly ask readers to please look at exactly WHO controls the Media?   If you understand the fact that the Jews own and control between 95 and 100% of the entire media, combined with the facts that the media talking heads and puppets only spew material and propaganda that is approved by the Jewish criminals themselves, then to call the media the "Jew spew media" is absolutely correct even though not "politically correct"...... I have used the terminology "Jew spew media" for the last few years, and until someone can prove me wrong, that terminology will stay....

I did not even bother to put up an article about the BIG political change that just happened here in Canada... The criminal and inept leader of the Conservative party of Canada, Andrew Scheer, has officially stepped down as party leader... And no wonder, for his ineptitude showed itself in spades with last October's Federal election where stupid Andrew did not blast away at more inept Justin Trudeau, and basically ruined the Conservative party's chances of having moronic Justin thrown out of office.... And honestly, good riddance in regards to Scheer being given the heave ho by the Conservatives, for few people remember earlier this year where Scheer came out and showed himself as a Jew dick sucker by wanting to have the "first order of business" if he every became Prime Minister, to move the Canadian Embassy in the psychotic state of Israel to Jerusalem....  The question now becomes as to who will take over the reigns of the Conservative party in Canada, and some people have actually asked People's Party Of Canada leader, Maxime Bernier, to come forward and take the challenge... But apparently Maxime wants nothing to do with the Conservatives as he sees them as corrupt and no longer wanting to do what is best for Canadians... I say, good for you Maxime!

Of course we have just seen the "election" in the  United Kingdom, where that criminal and  heinous Jew Boris Johnson win a massive Majority vote and a near landslide amount of seats in the UK House of Commons.... The people of the UK actually used this vote as a new referendum on the Brexit movement, and they have voted overwhelmingly to support Brexit and have the UK get the hell out of the Rothschild and Jew run European Union..... My issue is that Johnson himself is of course Jewish and therefore I wonder what his true game is here?  There has been delay after delay over the last few years as the Jewish elite have purposely stalled "Brexit" in the hope that they will be able to exasperate the British people to the point that they will gladly have a "revote" on Brexit itself... If there was ever a "revote" then obviously the vote would be corrupted to make it look like the British people have now "rejected" Brexit.....  Now with Boris Johnson back in power and the British people demanding Brexit go forward, I do wonder what kind of twisted game the Jewish power elite will do now to spoil Brexit and have the UK stay under the evil  grip of the EU?  We may not have long to find out, for the new deadline for Brexit is at the beginning of 2020!

Now, is everyone as sick as I am about the bullshit 'impeachment' circus that is still gripping all the Jew spew news headlines across America?   Thankfully, I do live in Canada, and we at least up here in the great white north are not subjected to a constant bombardment of the entire charade... And yes, it is a charade, as the true criminals and the REAL ones behind all the criminality in the Ukraine and Russia were and are still the psychotic COMMUNISTS that now occupy the left wing 'Demon-rat" party!..... And of course these freaks are going full steam ahead with their fraud "impeachment" process against Drumpf, in spite of the evidence that if the process was ever to go to court, the evidence would show that the Demon-rats would be guilty as charged...... I honestly can not understand how these criminals are so hell bent on trying to have Drumpf destroyed, when they themselves would be the ones annihilated... Are the Demon-rats wanting to commit suicide and have their entire party destroyed???

And honestly, I just do not get it... The Demon-rat Communists in America are obviously mostly led and controlled by Jewish interests, and at the same time we have Donald Drumpf himself that is so pro Jewish that it is beyond sickening as well..... Drumpf had the nerve last week in fact state to a group of Jewish criminal pricks that they were not Jewish enough and not supporters of the psychotic state of Israel to the level that he was!...... Therefore am I missing something here?  For Drumpf himself is absolutely doing everything imaginable to suck Jew dick and kiss Jew ass and give everything to the psychotic state of Israel, and yet the Jews  that control his opposition are wanting to see him "impeached"? ... I again do wonder if all of this fraud "impeachment" is nothing but a twisted and sick game by the Jewish power elite who are probably laughing their faces off at the stupidity and gullibility of the American people!

There has been a bit of a lull in the fighting in Syria over the last week, as the push by the Syrian Arab Army and their Russian allies to destroy the Idlib pocket has not happened as I had hoped... Meanwhile in northeastern Syria, the Russians and Turks continue to set up bases and outposts along what is called the M4 motorway that dissects through nearly the middle of that region.... Meanwhile, we have the US criminals continue to hold onto the Syrian oil fields illegally to prevent the Syrian government from using those fields' revenues to rebuild the entire war torn nation, and a new report came out where the US government is once again stating that they will be staying in Syria to "fight terrorism" which is a real laugher when you consider that the US government through their CIA operatives, are the terrorists!..... The only interesting revelations that came out over the last week about Syria in fact was the proof that the entire Douma "gassings" of earlier last year are now proven beyond any shadow of a doubt as being a false flag operation to try to vilify the Syrian government.  That and evidence came out that the OPCW group that was to "independently" investigate the entire false flag was indeed involved in creating the false flag itself!

I also noticed last week that some interesting documents came to light, called the "Afghanistan papers" that showed some alarming reports about how the US involvement in the ''war" in Afghanistan was equated to being a 'catastrophic success', meaning that the forces involved did in some aspects actually fight against the "terrorists" in that nation, but that the COST of several TRILLION DOLLARS to fight the 'war' was a catastrophe!.......I look at the reports that were put out by these documents for the American public to consume as being nothing but utter bullshit... The facts are that the US was ordered into Afghanistan back in 2001 by their Jewish controllers to put the Opium fields back into production and NOT to fight "terrorism" because the US is the terrorists themselves.... The facts are that the war in Afghanistan has been a disaster for the US and a war that they lost badly.... Today in fact, the  US still maintains some 'bases' along with their "partners" in NATO to make sure that the Opium continues to flow freely, while the rest of the nation is in a horrible civil war that the Taliban is winning.....  Afghanistan has therefore been nothing more than an unmitigated disaster, and what should be done now is for the US and their criminal partners in NATO to get the fuck out immediately and go home....  The people of Afghanistan have suffered enough from outside interference and they should be able to decide their own future without being dictated to by foreign powers.

One last thing before I go onto my last minute tidbits... I have become increasingly alarmed at the constant Jewish led attacks on Christmas..... I saw recent reports where some complete idiots and fools in Brazil had the nerve to push on the Talmudvision in that nation a revolting show that pictured Jesus Christ as a homosexual!  Thankfully the good people of Brazil have been attacking the promoters of that filth and that "show" will most probably be yanked from viewers immediately... And I saw a report about how a "new" version of Charles Dickens' classic, "A Christmas Carol" that has been released by that Jew controlled BBC network in the UK also has some most revolting and disgusting aspects that destroys the entire aspect and meaning of that classic.  Hopefully the British people will have had enough of that madness as well and demand that filth be pulled from the airwaves immediately as well... What is happening here is of course the usual and seasonal Jewish led attacks on both Christmas and Christianity as well...People need to stand firm and not surrender to the whims of these criminals and absolutely keep the true spirit and meaning of this season alive and well..

OK, enough of my ramblings... Time once again to close this rant by throwing out my usual "last minute tidbits"........Apparently North Korea has stated to the world that they see no point in even bothering to try to negotiate with the US on any nuclear deal as the US is NOT an "honest broker" at all.  Well, duh, that is fact and not fiction, and the North Koreans should not be making any deals with the devil itself and keep their nukes as a deterrent against American aggression.......The US is back doing some Russian bashing again, where apparently they have been trying to claim that Russian athletes are "doping" again and should be banned from next year's Olympics in Tokyo.  Honestly, is this not the pot calling the kettle black, especially when the US is one of the worse cheaters in athletics imaginable!  And honestly, I do hope the Russians do not go to Tokyo at all, and thus prevent their athletes from being exposed to lethal radiation there........Yes, Fukushima is alive and well, and still spewing its radioactive garbage into the Pacific Ocean and the Japanese countryside.  I have found ZERO reports anywhere that are stating that anyone is actually even attempting to clean up the mess as again the technology to actually tackle this disaster still has not been invented yet!.......Some ass clown put out a report last week claiming that the "anti vaxxers" out there should all be locked up for claiming that vaccines are deadly to human health.  Heck, I am an "anti vaxxer" and damn proud of it.  I will continue to attack the fraud of vaccines simply because I have shown evidence that they do NOT work, period, and people do deserve the real truth!.........Interesting report came out of Sweden where apparently the vast majority of the 'gangs' that have been raping Swedish women, and destroying Swedish property, are absolutely run and controlled by illegal migrants.   NO surprise to me, for I have long said that these sewer rats have NO place at all in our nations and citizens of all nations should be demanding that their own criminal governments arrest every single one of these slime from third world shit holes and have them shipped back to the hell holes they originated from immediately...........Yes, Poland's "ruling elite" is hell bent on kissing Jewish ass by having Poland itself destroyed by giving some 30% of Polish territory to criminal and lying Jewish "holocaust" survivors.  It still puzzles me to this day as to why that important part of our history is still considered "taboo" and not open to investigation to verify its authenticity?  But again, truth does not need laws to support itself, for only LIES do!...........Someone said that I should "tone it down" in regards to my stance against the LBGTQP RETARD madness, for it may 'destroy' my credibility.  I will not sway or deviate from the reality that anyone involved in that sicko agenda are indeed retards, and therefore my attacks on those freaks will not stop or be swayed.  Screw them and their sickening want to destroy our societies!........And speaking of retards, I see Manbearpig himself, Al Gore, has come out of hiding last week and wanting the Communist Demon-rat Party to endorse the ludicrous Green Deal pushed by that insane and failed bartender, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to be their "platform" for the 2020 US elections.  Honestly, I do hope the Demon-rats endorse that sheer stupidity, for it will see them annihilated at the polls come next November for their moronic ignorance and retardation........I see that the criminal Jew controlled platform "Youtube" is finally starting its massive 'purge' of what the Jewish criminals do not want the public to see.  I say to readers to give up on Youtube, and go over to sites such as "Brighteon" instead.  This type of censorship should not be accepted by anyone!...... Are the Demon-rats actually considering having that heinous and ultra evil Hillary "Killary" Clinton run one more time in the upcoming 2020 campaign against President Drumpf?  Probably, as recent news has shown that psycho has had plastic surgery on her face to hide her hideous and evil appearance from the public.  Hopefully the American public is not this stupid to actually consider her for President, for she is absolutely demonic!.............And speaking of demons, I saw the reports about how that most evil and psychotic Taylor Swift is now 'singing the blues' about her sheer stupidity in allowing the sale of her music rights to none other than Dr Evil himself, George Soros.   Swift obviously is not too bright, for she is stupid to not realize what happens when you make deals with the devil himself..........As I type this report, Arsenal is being trounced by Manchester City by the score of 3-0.  I have indeed given up on the Gunners' hopes for this year, as the team does need to look at first getting their coaching in place and then signing some stars for next year's schedule.  And getting a Champions League berth this year?  Forget it........ And finally, it is Christmas time, and the Kardashian sickness of misfits, trolls, and skanks, are at it again, as the Matriarch of the entire sickness, Kris Jenner, is giving away as Christmas presents what everyone needs; Botox injections!.  Yes, nothing spells Christmas more than good old fashioned botox injections.  But hey, we have seen how these skanks and trolls have celebrated Christmas in the past with their stupidity, so this is again right up their alley....

More to come



Aeneas said...

I may not agree with everything, but I love that you take the time to tear at and tear down the puppets called politicians. I often wonder how we have got to the point where we let these mendicants be our rulers.

Jorge said...

It reached 88 degreesC here in Junction,Texas.I don't swallow that bankster climate change fraud but I do believe that they are modifying the weather