Wednesday, September 11, 2019

When Americans Fell For The 9-11 Deception, They Lost Their Country

Israel ABSOLUTELY did the attacks of September 11th, 2001... That is absolutely fact and has been backed by every piece of evidence that has come forward over the last 18 years..... Those monsters used not only their Mossad agents operating in America, but had the full backing of their puppets that occupy the American government, as well as their huge supply of Sayanim agents that would sell out their fellow American citizens in a heartbeat..... It is however so sad that now some 18 years later these criminals have not seen one day in court for their heinous crime of slaughtering some 3000+ innocent Americans on that fateful day....

Right now, I do want to present the following very important article that once again comes from Paul Craig Roberts, through his website at This article is entitled: 'When Americans Fell For The 9/11 Deception They Lost Their Country", and I have it right here in its entirety for all of my own readers to read for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

When Americans Fell for the 9/11 Deception They Lost Their Country

When Americans Fell for the 9/11 Deception They Lost Their Country
Paul Craig Roberts
Today is the 18 anniversary of 9/11, an event that has turned a once free America into a domestic police state and an international warmonger during the 21st century.  America’s reputation has been shattered along with the Constitution, international law, and seven nations in whole or part.  The massive crimes against the Bill of Rights and the population of seven nations are the direct consequence of 9/11.
Global Research has assembled some articles that indicate that not only Americans but the people of the world have been massively deceived about that event. 
Over the years I have reported the findings of scientists, engineers, and architects that indicate that the official story is false.  I had an open mind for two reasons.  One is that having been an engineering student, I could tell the difference from a building falling down from asymmetrical structural damage and a building blowing up.  The other is that having been involved in policy issues in Washington for a quarter century I knew that such a humiliating defeat suffered by the world’s only superpower at the hands of a few Muslim terrorists would have brought instant demands from the White House, Congress, and media for investigation into how every aspect of the American national security state failed simultaneously on one morning.  Instead the White House resisted the 9/11 families demands for an investigation for one year and never delivered a forensic investigation.  Instead, the country was given a 9/11 Commission Report that was merely the government’s official story of what happened.  No heads rolled.  No one was fired or even reprimanded.  To hold no one accountable for such a massive failure and humiliating defeat is not a believable response if the official 9/11 story is true.
It is much easier for government to deceive people in a democracy where people assume everything is above board than in a dictatorship where they know it is not.  

NTS Notes:  Paul is right about one thing... America absolutely lost their nation on September 11th, 2001... But once again he misses the KEY facts that it was the Jews and their helpful idiots in the US Government that pulled off this attack.....  I find it so disgusting that Paul always skirts around that fact and absolutelyin all of his writings always never calls out the Jews by name as being the sinister criminals behind so much of what ails our world.

I do not need to go into detail here about all of the facts pertaining to the 9/11 attacks... I have already written a massive volume of articles here at this blog covering every aspect of the actual attacks including the when and how of each step of that massive Israeli Mossad operation against America.... I ask readers that if they want the facts, go and read my articles!

Paul is right about the fact that the drone aircraft that hit the twin towers and caused considerable damage to the exterior of those buildings, did not actually bring them down... That was done by a controlled demolition using pre-planted explosives put into place by the Mossad agents that were allowed full access to the buildings in the weeks before the actual attacks on September 11th, 2001.... The facts are that those Mossad agents were allowed to come and go as they pleased and were helped in their tasks of preparing the demolition by both the security firms that operated within the towers as well as government officials....

And lets face facts here... There have  been dozens, if not hundreds, of experts and officials that have demanded a full investigation into what actually happened on that fateful day...But in each case, those demands have been refused by the US Government itself, as well as so many American courts where Jewish judges have refused to allow the exposure of the crimes of their fellow "tribe" members!   Therefore all of these recent new "demands" for a "new investigation" into these attacks will probably be refused like so many others over these last 18 years...

The facts are also that now some 18 years after this act of cold blooded murder against America, there still is NO justice for the victims, as well as the survivors, of this heinous attack... That is absolutely due to the fact that the Jewish control over America is now so complete, that these diabolical and sinister murderers can do anything they want against Americans and know that they will get away with the crimes every time!   Yes, America...This is the real state of your nation today...

I do have some follow up articles yet to come in the near future about the 9-11 attacks... And as today is indeed the 18th anniversary of that fateful day, to me it is so sad that very few Americans STILL cannot see the facts that their "greatest ally", aka the criminal state of Israel, pulled off this heinous attack and has never been made to pay for that crime against humanity.....THAT readers is what is truly wrong with America today.

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FC said...

Paul started saying Jews but when it comes to 9/11 the asshole backs off....Anyone that doesn't scream the Jew did 9/11 works for them in my book...It is the litmus test

Bob said...

2977 people didn't die on 9/11. Can you prove anyone died on that day or in any of these staged shootings?

Stevie K. said...

Controlled demolition doesn't account for the fact that most of the two structures were turned to dust, even steel columns were pictured turning to dust, The only theory that explains the events witnessed is Dr Judy Wood's DEW theory. Nano thermite just wouldn't have caused what was witnessed. I also question the planes footage, thin skinned aluminium planes cannot cut through inch plus thick steel columns. It's like firing a soft drinks can at a steel shipping container and expecting it to go straight through leaving a round hole!!!! Not going to happen. Not one piece of the planes wings or tail fin broke off and fell to the ground, IMPOSSIBLE.

white rabbit said...

Im not sure if you know this part of the deception, but ive been able to conclude with certainty that there were no planes on 9-11. They were simple video composites/overlays. You should work this reality your view of the events and figure out how it makes sense bc I assure you its the case.

papa said...

they lost their country when the FED was created in 1913 and when Cyrus I. Scofield wrote his heretical "Bible" who was sponsored by his Talmudic Jewish mentors conceived of a coming worldly kingdom led by powerful Jews who would reign over inferior Gentiles for a thousand years, they have finally achieved this.