Thursday, September 19, 2019

Canadian Federal Election: I And Others Want Justin Trudeau Sent Packing, But NOT For This!

Once again I do want to turn to the Canadian Federal Election campaign that has now turned into a three ring circus act.... Every day now we find more and more reports about corruption from each of the so called major "political parties" that are vying for Canadian votes come October 21st, and to me the dirt that is being flung is sickening... AND something happened in just the last 24 hours concerning the heinous Justin Trudeau that I found most disturbing, but not for what many may think.....

First, I will try to bring readers, and especially those outside of Canada up to speed on what just happened over the last 24 hours that may indeed 'derail' the entire Justin Trudeau "re-election" campaign... Apparently none other than "Time Magazine" (are they even still in business???) put out a new report that contained some photos of Justin Trudeau from approximately 18 years ago, attending a costume party function where he basically had his face painted dark brown....Here in fact is the link to that Time Magazine report for everyone to view right here:

OK, I will cut to the chase here.... THAT was 18 freaking years ago!!!! Honestly, to me I see NOTHING wrong with what Trudeau did at that party, and it should be a non-issue.... BUT we are dealing with the criminally controlled Jew spew media up here in Canada, and they are apparently frothing at the mouth and calling this a "racist" issue (?).... It shows how truly diabolical politics can be anywhere and how the scumbags will dredge up anything from a person's past to have them destroyed... Honestly, this is so retarded and anyone that thinks it to suddenly be "racist" should have their heads examined...

And what has been Justin Trudeau's reaction to this sudden attack by the Jew spew media throwing something he did 18 years ago at him?  Here is the link to a report from  CBC news online where Trudeau has now spent the better part of the last day "apologizing" for what he did 18 FREAKING YEARS AGO!  Here is that link here:

OK, I am deeply puzzled and perturbed by this... I honestly want to see Trudeau OUT as Prime Minister for his long list of real crimes against the Canadian public and to Canada's economy and image as well.. .But NOT for this bullshit!

In fact, one of my fellow real Canadian truth seekers, Greencrow, who hails from the wilds of southern British Columbia and writes the excellent blog "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" has also been all over this story, and has written a most interesting article that too calls into question what the whole purpose of suddenly "exposing" this 18 year old non issue to the Canadian people is truly all about... Here is the link to Greencrow's article, which I do recommend that people read for themselves, here:

NTS Notes: I agree with Crow on almost everything she says in her article... I too am speculating that the Jewish criminals in charge in Canada are probably realizing that their puppet Trudeau may now be unelectable and are basically willing to throw him under the bus and try to get him to resign... I too believe that they have the diabolical plan of having Trudeau replaced with that most evil and heinous Jewess, Chrystia Freeland as Canada's next Prime Minister!

And lets face the facts here ... Trudeau is a scum bag and does not deserve to be re-elected.. But that comes from what he has done since he became Prime Minister and especially how he has been ruining this nation, BUT NOT for something that happened some 18 freaking years ago!

A reality check here.... These sudden charges of "racism" for painting a person's face brown is pure unadulterated bullshit... The Jewish actors in America used to paint their faces brown for the last century for everything from movies to comedies, and they got away with that... Only now in our stupid "racially sensitive" times of today are such actions now considered as "racist", when they are NOT....  People need to get a grip and stop acting so stupid and idiotic and quit fucking thinking that everything around them is suddenly "hurtful", "offensive", and "racist"..... Get a life people!

And again, rather than concentrate on this stupid issue to get Trudeau thrown out of office, why not actually concentrate on the real issues that should have him defeated instead?   Again, I want Trudeau out come October 21st, but not for painting his face brown 18 FREAKING YEARS AGO!....

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greencrow said...


Trudeau may have done it eighteen years ago but he did it at least three times...once while he was a Teacher. I say that the incident that happened while he was a teacher was unforgiveable...he should have been fired [if he wasn't quietly "let go"]. If you listened to his latest press conference on the topic...he's still making cheap excuses and mouthing platitudes. He avoided a Lot of very important questions.

All you had to do was look in Jagmeet Singh's eyes when he was talking about it on TV last night to see the hurt it caused him. THAT's the problem. We white people are NOT in a position to comment on whether or not it matters or is important that Trudeau wore black face several times in public...given the long history of the practice re: slavery and colonialism. ONLY black Canadians can comment on that.

But I do agree with you that there are several serious concerns about how this is all being "rolled out" by the press. I was going to do a post regarding my suspicions that the US is interfering in the Canadian Election via the preZZtitute media. Once this latest Perfidy by Trudeau has died down...I will follow up on that.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Yes, Trudeau did what he did 18 YEARS AGO and at least 3 times..

But again, that was 18 YEARS AGO, which to me should be a non issue... It should be "what have you done for me lately?" and the focus should be on the here and now rather than dredge up something that happened in his youth...

I for one find it difficult to understand politics and how the Jew spew media and others constantly dredge up dirt on candidates, especially stuff they did in their distant past... That is the problem here..

I did a lot of things wrong when I was young, so did everyone else... It should not reflect on a person's character NOW!

Jorge said...

Politically correct bullshit rules North America,.