Sunday, August 25, 2019

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Sunday... The last Sunday in August, and time once again for my weekly rant..

First, I do want to thank readers for their patience with me... I have been working my day shifts at work and then coming home and trying at least a few hours on the seemingly constant renovations and upgrade projects to my house.... I will probably be retiring from my day job soon, when you consider that I am now 59 years of age, and work has become tedious at best.... I therefore figure that I may as well do as much renovation work I can while the income is coming in to afford it now!

Meanwhile... Someone asked me the other day why I did not even bother to touch on US President Donald Drumpf's want to suddenly have the US purchase the semi autonomous island of Greenland... I figured that it was a non issue, since the good people of Greenland, numbering less than 55 thousand at last count, are not wanting to have their island handed over to the Americans, or so we are led to believe... The US President did supposedly try to make the offer to Denmark that still controls the island's defence and foreign affairs, but again the people of Greenland do have the right to say hell no to the US offer, as many of them would rather be independent than fall under the control of the US.... I thought it was a joke originally, until I found out that Drumpf was actually serious... But again leave it up to the people of Greenland to decide their future and that should be determined by them and not by American interference...

OK, One other issue that I have not touched on over these last few weeks is of course the fraud of "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change"...But once again I found no change in the fact that the world is indeed heading rapidly now into a period of intense cooling thanks to a grand Solar Minimum that apparently is upon us..... The one laughable thing that I did find last week was the reports from the Jew spew media outlets once again claiming that this summer in the northern Hemisphere was the "hottest on record", and these criminals based it solely on the large heatwave that did hit Europe for much of the months of June through July... But once again these criminals were distorting the facts and not even looking at temperatures across the entire planet overall.. For if they did, they would be caught up in their lies for the fact that the overall climate across the globe is indeed cooling.... It should therefore be obvious to everyone that these criminals are going to continue the fraud of the planet 'overheating' for their want to push nations into imposing their own "carbon taxation" fleecing on their own people... I only need to look at what is happening here in Canada, where we are indeed being screwed by a fraud carbon tax that is ONLY going into the general revenue coffers of our crooked Liberal Justin Trudeau regime as the prime example of how carbon taxation is indeed a scam...

And yes, I am deeply troubled these days by the sheer indifference of the Canadian public to the fact that the Justin Trudeau regime in Ottawa is absolutely rotten to the core.... That criminal should already be in jail for his part in interfering with justice in regards to the SNC Lavalin affair, and yet he has skirted and danced around that issue, and has not even had the guts to formally apologize to the Canadian public for being a scumbag criminal.... In fact, the Canadian people have shown their absolute indifference to Justin's criminal actions by basically saying in recent polls that when the Federal Election here in Canada is called for October, that they will actually vote that asshole back into power for at least the next 4 years!  I do wonder what the fuck has happened to my nation, Canada, that has had such a long history of making sure that proper justice is served?  Apparently, we are now just as bad as that ridiculous circus south of the 49th parallel here, and will only vote for scoundrels and morons into public office!

And yes, I am really sick of the circus that I see happening south of here in what used to be the free nation of the United States of America.... John Kaminski put out an article the other day that I also posted here about the sheer ignorance of the American people in regards to the criminals that control their government... And John is right of course, for it does not matter whether an American votes for the evil Democrat rats, or the equally evil Republican scum, for they get a Jew run dick sucker that will sell his or her soul to the very devil itself just to please their Jewish masters..... And of course I am sick and tired of those who say that we now have "Tulsi Gabbard" who is pictured as yet another "saviour" for America just like the fraud "Ron Paul" was a few years back.... Tulsi is absolutely useless in my opinion, as she also is heavily financed by Jewish interests and will bow to them if they decide to make her the next US President.....  All it means is of course that America is about to be fucked grandly yet again in 2020 and whoever gets 'selected' into the Oval Office will be on the phone the first day to who ever is Israel's Prime Minister to call them "master"....

Well, the news was indeed great in Syria this last week, at least for the Syrian army and their Russian allies... The good guys decided to hell with any more of those ridiculous "ceasefires" in and around the Idlib Pocket of resistance and decided to take matters into their own hands by launching what hopefully will be the first of many major offensives to clear up that mess and free the Syrian civilians being held hostage in the pocket itself.... And of course with their initial success, we have the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal screaming to high heaven about Assad's forces "killing civilians" in the pocket and during their successful advance...AND we have the Turks, who of course have built their so called 'observation posts' across the Idlib pocket, that of course have been nothing more than spotting positions to assist the terrorists in the pocket itself, screaming and stating that they will NOT withdraw from their posts even in the face of an SAA/Russian offensive....Apparently, the Turks are indeed willing to use their forces at these posts as human shields to slow down any offensive thrust by the SAA and also to possibly create the scenario that if the SAA attacks a few of these observation posts, it will give Turkey their excuse to come in fully with their military into the Idlib pocket to directly confront the Syrian army!.....  The good news is that the Russians, as allies of Syria, have been working to prevent direct confrontation between Turkey and Syria while assisting the Syrian army in their advance towards Idlib....

Meanwhile, one of my fellow Canadian truth seekers, Penny, put out a most interesting article the other day where apparently the US criminal illegal occupiers of northeastern Syria have had the gall to call on the Syrian government in Damascus to directly "negotiate" with the American run Kurdish "leadership", where the Americans may once again call on Damascus to accept Kurdish "sovereignty" over that entire northeastern Syrian region..... This is so ludicrous IMHO, for the facts are that the US has been calling the shots in northeastern Syria now for several years and have NO intention of ever leaving in spite of President Drumpf's assertions over a year ago that an American "withdrawal" was actually taking place at that time but did not......The criminal American/Israeli plan has always been to have northeastern Syria sliced off of Syria itself and handed over to the Kurds to create their own "state"... Assad has long stated that he will not stop the fighting in Syria until the nation is "whole" once again, and that does include ALL of American occupied northeastern Syria... That, and Turkey, Iran, and Iraq have also stated that they will NEVER accept a Kurdish state carved out of Syrian territory, and if the Kurds even attempt to formalize some type of "sovereignty", they will be under constant attack from ALL of their neighbouring states!.......Basically, the US has no intentions of ever leaving northeastern Syria and will continue to be the real government in that region, and not the Kurds... The Kurds themselves will only find themselves in a constant state of war against surrounding nations if they ever are stupid enough to declare their "sovereignty", while a better alternative was actually put out by Assad's government almost 2 years ago, where he called on the Kurds to lay down their arms, stop fighting the SAA, and force the Americans out of their territory.  Once that was achieved, Assad offered them peace and semi autonomy within the framework of the Syrian government based in Damascus.... Sadly, as I have said so many times before, the Kurds have chosen to sell their souls to the devil itself by siding with the criminal Americans, and they potentially could pay dearly in so many lives lost and no future at all thanks to that act of folly..

I got called both a "racist" and laughingly a "white supremacist" last week by a few stupid commentators who did not like my stance on being proud to be white, and of course my recent posts here about how the criminal Jews in charge are now pushing hard for their sick dream of "white genocide"..... I truly am sick of the  pricks that come in here and stupidly claim that it is wrong to state that it is "ABSOLUTELY OK TO BE WHITE" and that we as white people should take pride in our "WHITE HERITAGE"..... I honestly have to ask those fools a basic question: "Why is it ok for blacks, and asians, to come out and state that they are proud of their black and asian heritages, and yet when a white person claims the same equal right, the white person is slammed as being a "racist" or a "white supremacist"?  And when I have confronted some people openly asking them that exact same question, they can NOT even answer it at all!..... The facts are that thanks to the Jew spew media constantly now slamming whites at every opportunity, the people are actually stupidly and gullibly being brainwashed into the false belief that we should all be somehow "ashamed" to be white!  I will never ever falter here at this blog in stating that this "white bashing" is absolutely being done on purpose, as the Jewish pricks in charge have always had the wet dream of seeing their primary resistance to their sick dream of world dominion, the white race, destroyed.... And if they are able to actually succeed in the destruction of the white race, the idiots out there should be asking themselves what the Jews will do next?  And the answer is to destroy their races as well.....  Therefore I will continue to take a hard stand against this hatred of whites, and will continue to ask all whites to stand firm and be proud of our heritage, for we have done so much for this world and deserve respect...

I see that the "trade war" between the US and China has continued, with both sides at loggerheads and apparently not willing to budge on so many key issues.... Then we had criminal US President Donald Drumpf come out last week and state some actual truths about how China has been stealing US ingenuity, jobs, and manufacturing, from US businesses for decades now... But of course Drumpf never talks about the facts that the Jewish criminals in charge have been the ones behind the shifting of American industry to China for the last few decades, and how in this era of so called 'free trade' so many American industries and corporations have shifted their entire business and manufacturing plants directly into China itself, driven by pure greed for the fact that Chinese workers would do the same work as American workers for pennies on the dollar......The result has seen China now surpass the United States as the number one manufacturing giant on the planet..... Drumpf can scream all he wants about this "imbalance" and how the Chinese have indeed been grabbing American businesses, but the facts are that his and so many previous administrations in Washington have allowed it to happen and have done NOTHING to stop it....... However, in regards to the actual 'trade war' that is has both the US and China now locking horns, the facts are that China still needs the US as its number one purchaser of its products, while the US continues to send businesses and the ever increasing US debt to China to hold and absorb.   Both nations do indeed need each other, and as I have long said the best way to sort out this mess is to actually sit down and negotiate some REAL deals.... The alternative is to continue this stupidity, which in the long term may indeed go from an economic war to an actual fighting war!

I again was asked this last week about Hong Kong, and the continuing "unrest" there... I laid it out in last week's rant that this "unrest" was absolutely fomented and run by the US itself, who has been financing the groups running the "protests" in Hong Kong for the last few months.... This may indeed be an offshoot of the economic trade war being waged right now between the US and China, and may be the criminal American method of trying to undermine the government in Beijing itself..... I have been following the news in terms of the protests in Hong Kong, and I have found it quite remarkable as to the level of "restraint" that Beijing has shown in the face of the turmoil on the streets in Hong Kong itself..... IMHO, the Beijing government has every right to crack down on these illegal protests, as Hong Kong is their territory and has been since the British handed it back to China in 1997..... Hong Kong has been allowed to continue to have a semi-sovereign status since that handover, and the Chinese have indeed allowed them to not only have a peaceful coexistence with Beijing, but some differences including more freedoms than what China does give to their own people..... Having the Americans run insurrection at this time in the enclave could only spell disaster for the citizens of Hong Kong who could indeed see their limited amount of freedom disappear in a brutal crackdown...  The best thing to happen is for the people of Hong Kong realize who is really running the protests, stop those criminals from continuing their American run "protests", actually sit down and negotiate with Beijing about key issues of Hong Kong's citizens' rights,  and to seek a continuing peaceful coexistence with China.

Well... I guess that is enough of what has been on my diabolical mind for this last week.... I know that my opinions do piss off a lot of people and those in disagreement can state their thoughts in my comment section, just as long as they cut down on the cursing and swearing!...... And since I have to get back to some drywalling and other work this afternoon I do want to close this rant with my usual last minute tidbits....... North Korea continues to test missiles, which they have every right to do under ever sense of international laws and agreements, and in spite of the Jew spew media screaming that they are suddenly a 'threat'.   I on the other hand see this as North Korea once again showing their sovereignty and their right to be prepared in the face of American aggression........I see that Houthis are continuing to rain missiles and drones on Saudi Arabia making the war a living hell for the criminal Saudi leadership.  But of course the Saudis are continuing their war against Yemen, as they will never admit to their defeat and would rather go down in flames than surrender.....Saw a commercial on the Jew spew media the other day where it showed a two guy gay couple hand in hand boarding an aircraft.  Yes it was a commercial for that airline, and after shaking my head in disgust, I have to ask what the fuck ever happened to a normal man-woman couple for such a commercial?   The blatant brainwashing of the masses to somehow accept the LBGTQP-EIEIO-GO FUCK THEMSELVES bullshit apparently has no end now.........Someone asked my last week about how I can lie (?) to everyone when I have stated that Michelle Obama is really a man named Michael.  I said to that person to go and watch the videos that show Michael's apparent "junk" between his legs, and then get back to me.  And no shock to me that he has not sent back a reply since.........I saw another report last week that showed clear evidence that Fluoride in our drinking water has lowered the IQ of so many people across both the US and even right here in Canada.  That is absolute fact and not fiction, and does explain why this next generation of children in our nations is very much dumber than the previous one!  It also may explain why people are seeing the criminality of our leadership and yet are too stupid and ignorant to do anything to stop those criminals from ruining our nations.......Saw an interesting video from the Renegade Tribune website the other day, where apparently a Jewish curator at one of the so called "Holocaust museums" came out and said that there is NO physical evidence of the Holocaust at all at so many of the so called 'death camps'.  His excuse is that the Germans somehow plowed up the camps and removed all the evidence before the camps were "liberated"(!).   I honestly do not know whether to laugh or cry here, for what that person says is the most ludicrous thing imaginable.  BUT again, I cannot come out and say if the Holocaust was real or not, for it would get me in prison in this formerly free nation called Canada........Now almost 3 weeks since the Jew Jeffrey Epstein escaped real justice by high tailing it off to Israel, and a few people including myself have had to ask about what the heck happened to the funeral for that criminal?   Obviously there will be none, for there is no body at all considering that pedophile freak is very much alive and well.   And sadly, so many of his victims and their families will never get the real justice they deserve by seeing that bastard hanging at the gallows for his crimes against humanity.......I again got another comment from the idiots over at the flat earth retard group asking me to 'show the curvature of the Earth".  My reply is considering how big this world really is, you cannot see the curvature from the surface other than to see things like ships disappearing over an apparent horizon when out at sea and thus proving curvature.  The other alternative is to get really high up into the atmosphere, say above 50000 feet, and you will definitely see the curvature of the planet.........A new "tropical storm" is indeed forming off the coast of Florida, and considering how late this one has started, it only leads to proof that the planet is indeed cooling as a cooler Earth generates a lot less hurricanes.  But tell that one to the idiots behind the entire Global Warming scam, and they will of course lie their asses off with more excuses as to why we are seeing less storms world wide......And about Brazil's rainforests being "up in flames"?  I have looked at maps and the reports and this is being blown out of proportion to once again push the Global Warming bullshit.  The facts are that even with these fires in Brazil, the rainforests are NOT dying at all, and with increased CO2  in the atmosphere, most rainforests across the planet are actually quite healthy while the few that have been "decimated" have been in a state of full recovery..........I stated in last week's rant about what I thought about the crazy Taylor Swift now going full retard and spewing the liberal nonsense of the US Democrats.  I stand behind that statement, as this 'singer' is indeed a nut job and now showing what she is really like for everyone to see........Arsenal lost a key game yesterday against Liverpool by the score of 3-1 and luckily I was able to see the game on "network" television yesterday.  Even with the loss, the Gunners are showing vast improvement, and may indeed be set for at least a Champions League berth this year.  Title dreams are still a long way away, with both Liverpool and Manchester City now the powerhouses of the league.......And finally, in the sick and convoluted world of Kardashian, apparently reports have come out about Lamar Odom apparently suffering from a bad drug addiction during the time he was married to skank #2 Khloe.  Honestly, considering how brain draining being married to that mental misfit must have been for Lamar, it is no wonder he turned to drugs.   And sadly, while America goes to hell, its citizens continue to have their own brains turned to mush by following the 'lives' of these media whores and skanks.  And again, people wonder why I say America is so fucked up?

More to come


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