Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Exposing The Fraud Of Transgenderism: Mentally Imbalanced Idiots Are Mutilating Their Own Children In Botched Transgender "Operations"!

Every day now, I see article after article about the FRAUD of "transgenderism", and all it is doing is turning my stomach..... I will state clearly here my stance on this fraud, as I see it as nothing but a bunch of brain damaged and mentally deficient idiots that do need psychological help..... Men are men and women are women, period, end of story... We are all born with either the XX or the XY chromosomes that determine our sexual gender and there is NO such thing as a "third", "fourth", or "gadzillionth" gender as the freaks in the LBGTQPEIEIO fraud community are trying to brainwash fools with..... I have already attacked this "freak show" psychosis in the past, and it is time for yet another article covering this madness....

I came across the following very important article that comes courtesy of Mike Adams, who writes the fabulous blog "Natural News" at This one shows how psychotic this transgender stupidity has now reached, as apparently two lesbian parents living in Brazil recently murdered their own "transgender" child through their botched attempts to transform that little boy into a "girl"..... Here in fact is that article in its entirety, and I have more thoughts and comments to follow:

Exactly as Adams predicted: LGBT parents begin physically maiming their own children in botched transgender mutilations

Image: Exactly as Adams predicted: LGBT parents begin physically maiming their own children in botched transgender mutilations

(Natural News) Fascinating timeline that shows you how the left-wing techno-fascists censor anyone who tells the truth about the rampant child abuse, child mutilations and child murder now being carried out by LGBT “progressives” around the world:

– Last Friday night: Left-wing media runs hit pieces on Natural News, highlighting my “LGBT progressivism horrors” article that predicted LGBT parents would start mutilating their own children to try to make them “transgender” babies. According to the left-wing media, my predictions were absurd and “hateful.”

– Last SaturdayFacebook de-platforms and deletes the entire Natural News account, wiping out nearly 3 million followers.

– Tuesday: Natural News learns that Facebook now says the Natural News channel was deleted because of the “LGBT progressivism horrors” article, even though that article was never posted to Facebook by Natural News. In other words, Natural News was banned because of “off-platform” behavior.

– Today: News breaks that lesbian parents just murdered their own baby boy after attempting an at-home transgender mutilation procedure exactly as I predicted less than one month ago. From

Just in time for Pride Month, a pair of lesbians from Brazil celebrated their “true selves” by murdering their nine-year-old son, whom one year prior they tried to make “transgender” by forcibly cutting off the now-deceased boy’s private parts and carving a makeshift vagina in its place.

The horrific event took place less than one month after Natural News editor Mike Adams publicly predicted this new wave of “LGBT progressivism horrors,” precisely describing that “progressive” parents would begin physically maiming their own babies to slice of their gender organs.

According to reports, 27-year-old Rosana da Silva Candido, the boy’s biological mother, and 28-year-old Kacyla Damasceno Pessao, her lesbian partner, stabbed nine-year-old Rhuan Maycon to death on May 31 after a year of evading police and Child Protective Services.

No apology from the left-wing media for falsely smearing Natural News and our accurate prediction of “LGBT horrors”

Note that there is so far no apology whatsoever from the left-wing media. No apology from Facebook and no reinstatement of the Natural News channel. This proves that when you tell the truth about the child mutilations carried out by LGBT “progressives,” you will be silenced rather than thanked for trying to protect innocent children against violent, deranged LGBT lunatics.

The LGBT cult is alive and well, and its members will mutilate children and murder them if necessary to continue pursuing their transgender cult agendas. Anyone who points out that physically mutilating or chemically castrating children is child abuse will be silenced, de-platformed, smeared and viciously attacked. The Left Cult cannot allow anyone to defend the lives of the innocent, because if they admit that childrens’ lives should be protected, then their entire argument for abortions would self-destruct.

For the deranged, violent Left to continue to carry out its cult-like crusade of violence and brainwashing of children, they must eliminate all voices that seek to defend those children against left-wing violence.

I, for one, will not be silenced. I will speak for those who are unable to speak and unable to defend themselves. And I will never surrender to the twisted, immoral, violent cult of left-wing lunatics who are rapidly morphing into child killers and serial molesters.

Watch my video thanking Natural News readers for supporting us even as we are being maliciously smeared and blacklisted by every tech platform in the world:


NTS Notes: I was only made aware yesterday of the fight that Mike Adams is having against the freak shows in the LBGTQPEIEIO "community", and apparently they created a false "Facebook" page to try to discredit him.... Luckily his website is still intact, and he should not even bother with the Jew run "Facebook" crime syndicate at all.....

And it should be noted that the criminal psychos behind the entire "LBGTQ" fraud are now wanting to include PEDOPHILES in their madness, and thus adding the "P" to their title!  THIS alone should have everyone up in arms, for pedophiles have absolutely NO place at all in a civilized society but instead should be in jail for crimes committed against innocent children...But now this freak show is trying to legitimize that crime?

 I also want to present the link to that article that Mike is talking about where apparently some mentally damaged individual in Switzerland has decided to no longer be a "transgender" and instead shows his/her/its mental psychosis in wanting to now think that it is a baby!   Here is the link, and do not laugh so loud because this is actually happening:

OK, I see this world has indeed gone NUTS where now these freaks are given "rights" in so many of our sick nations.... But the reality is that they are all mentally brain damaged and should NEVER EVER be given "rights" and status!

And the idea that some grown adults can now try to call themselves babies sickens me even more.... The creatures that are thinking that they can turn back the clock and call themselves "babies" definitely need psychiatric care and should never be out in the public domain...

I honestly have had it with these freaks and their madness.... And sadly in this fraud "politically correct" sick world we now live in, they are out there and pushing hard to have their stupidity and mental retardation have "rights"?   If this does continue, our entire social systems will collapse...

AND about this being "gay pride" month... I obviously will never celebrate that sickness, and am awaiting "straight" or "heterosexual" pride month where that proper and wholesome celebration of what is right is celebrated!

More to come



greencrow said...

"...freaks in the LBGTQPEIEIO fraud community are trying to brainwash fools..."

Yes they do want to add another acronym to that list..."MAP" Which stands for "Minor attracted Persons". That's exactly where this is going.

Greg Bacon said...

Those 'parents' should be serving a 25 years to life term in some prison, but they'll probably get handouts for being so 'progressive. I know my ABC's .... of perversion.