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Dealer's Choice - You Can Support Israel Or You Can Tell The Truth!

Yes, we have narrowly escaped World War III being launched late last Wednesday.... At least for now... For right now the criminals that run the US government and the psychos in charge over at that mentally deranged state of Israel are working diabolically in some back room trying to come up with a new plan to sell to the gullible American public that an attack on Iran is necessary.... And yes, that new false flag is definitely coming and people should all be ready for it and to immediately finger the real criminals responsible for the evil deed.....

But what has been the most puzzling and disturbing about the events of last week has been how most Americans are just too stupid and dumbed down to even realize how close they came to seeing their entire livelihoods and in fact everything around them possibly disappear in a nuclear conflagration....And in a lot of ways, I blame the brainwashing of the Jew spew media along with the poisons that most Americans ingest these days that destroy their minds and their bodies as the culprits behind the apathy and the tremendous ignorance of most American citizens... To me, this is one of the most disgusting aspects of what America has become today as most US citizens are nothing more than brain dead zombies!

Which brings me to the latest article that was just released by John Kaminski from his website at This one is entitled: "Dealer's Choice: You Can Support Israel Or You Can Tell The Truth" and summarizes how America indeed has become a failed state with nothing but an apathetic populace, which is absolutely part of the Jewish agenda of having America destroyed..... Here is that article in its entirety for everyone to read for themselves, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Published: Sunday, 23 June 2019 16:41

You can support Israel
or you can tell the truth
There is no one left to hold the vision of the America as it once was, if it ever existed at all as we like to believe it did. Before the West was won and the slaughter began . . .
The once-unlimited promise of America has vanished like a puff of smoke in a darkened room as criminals divvy up their strongarmed profits stolen from the people by laws they forgot to tell us they made and regulations that shrinkwrap the human mind.
First off, there must be a plan to rescue the children from pornographers molesting our children in public schools. They must be protected from the Deep State’s plan to disengender them, and then claim all reproductive rights henceforth belong to the government.
California middle school teachers are now forcing girls to know how to affix a condom to a penis replica in “health” classes unapproved by parents or students.
A whole series of real crimes that remain willingly unnoticed by the general population continue to fester and bleed while commuters avert their gaze and grit their teeth and only with some difficulty are able to take a deep breath in the aluminized air.
Their apathy is usually called “I can’t fix anything about that, so why worry?”
This is acquired powerlessness, sought after by most people trying to shield themselves from reality. They have all conspired together in the ultimate betrayal of the promise of America — A comfortable but premature senility in the worship of irrelevance. They preferred to sleep while the world burned.
From there came the petrification of thought in the early ’70s when pot turned to coke — no more new songs, no more original stories — only a thickening smog asphyxiating people taking pain pills that turned out to be shrinking their brains.
Who will save the children? Hell, who will have children, then they will still need to be saved from the fake news cannibals like Florida Gov. DeSantis who sacrificed the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in order to protect the children of Florida from finding out what the Jews have really done to the world. The Deep State has taken over our schools intent on producing mixed race homos who naturally are attracted to the free stuff offered — but never delivered — by Communism (which is really a Jewish Gentile Control Mechanism).
The family system cannot exist in a society that equalizes homosexuality. It is the key element — the overthrow of the traditional family system — in the Jewish destabilization template atomizing all societies into uniform worker bee categories. If you are gay the state will be your family. Good luck.
The public campaign to compare the opposition of poison vaccines to modern day witchcraft indicates the depth to which the mainstream medical profession has plummeted in its priorities for people’s actual health. As Linus Pauling pointed out, that except for surgeries you could do more with an unlimited supply of Vitamin C than you could with most of the Big Pharma lineup of killer corporations.
Save Israel, to hell with the U.S. seems the mantra of the day.
Never the whole truth
Always use a lot of the truth, just enough to make it sound convincing, but save the hook for later. The rubes will never see it coming. And, oh, don’t forget, never the whole truth. Remember the rule: to reveal the true mission of the Jews to a goy would be the same as killing the whole race. And you would say, which race? And for the last two thousand years — ever since Moses advised his fellow lepers to steal all the Egyptians’ jewelry — the Jew would snicker silently and skulk off into the night.
This my friend is the Jewish formula for success, and why slimes like Alex Jones and other camouflaged Jewish sympathizers . . . you’ve been warned about this many times.
So here’s the deal. You can support Israel or you can support free speech.
America’s population has ample reason to be concerned. Both sides of the political debate are corrupt criminals with not a whiff of genuine social concern. They’re all sucking the big bucks from the Jew bankers. It’s all about siphoning off tax money for bogus projects. Have you see Maxine Waters’s $4M house?
As with religion, the lure of this thing called democracy is nothing but an invitation to sabotage, compromise and plunder the body politic with ideas that can’t possibly work which nevertheless are attempted year after year, decade after decade . . . what is it about power that makes so many abandon their humanitarian instincts? Do they think more money can insulate them from their final thoughts about themselves? It’s one thing to live with evil you have assisted in its dastardly deeds, but quite another challenge to die with the consequences of your knowledge. I wonder how Dick Cheney felt? Is he dead yet? Maybe I was thinking of Ariel Sharon. I often confuse the two.
But then most people don’t give it a second thought.
It’s the Jews’ biggest trick: appealing to your better nature when they have none themselves.
Religions exist as a coping mechanism that allows humans to face death with a sense of optimism. Otherwise depression overtakes them and they cannot function productively. I don’t know the answer, but I believe no one should ever believe in a lie.
I believe there are good people in all real religions. I believe there are good people in inadvertently fake religions, trying to do the best they can with bad tools. And I believe there are good people with no religion, extremely intelligent atheists who don’t deserve to be slandered by people with narrower perspectives than their own.
That’s how you can tell about real and fake religions. Real religions don’t slander other religions. Which means the only real religion is Krishna, who accepts worshippers of all gods and creeds.
I’ve whittled it down simpler than that. Anything with two eyes that bleeds red deserves my affection and respect, within the bounds of human queasiness.
Fill your heart with light for the dark days to come, my friend. And pray the infection of these vampires called “America’s troops overseas” will not spread to us all.

NTS Notes: Another fabulous article by John Kaminski.... And of course I have some points of conjecture that I want to add here...

First, I do agree with John's statement that there is no one to hold the vision of what America should be today... The US government is nothing but a corrupt treasonous group of criminals that should ALL be put in jail for their pledging their undying allegiance to Israel above and beyond the American republic and the ignorant citizens that took the time to vote them into higher office.... These treasonous bastards should all be forced to revoke their American citizenships and be forced to board the first planes out of the US and flown to their 'cherished state of Israel' immediately... The citizens of the United States needs leadership more than ever now that actually cares about America and ONLY America...

Second...I too have stood firm in my convictions that "homosexuality" and every single filth that makes up the LBGTQPEIEIO fraudulent community of mentally damaged psychos should all be in mental institutions or be shunned by our societies.... These frauds and their "liberal" counterparts are definitely out there doing as their Jewish masters demand, and are following the Jewish agenda of destroying our families..... That madness should be halted immediately and to HELL with those who scream that I am suddenly "racist" or a "Hater", for their political correctness is nothing but bullshit and must be put out of its misery...

Third... Yes, John is absolutely right that the target of the freaks and mentally damaged misfits in the fraud LBGTQPEIEIO psych ward are children as they are wanting to force PEDOPHILIA out in the open and allow the sickos that want to destroy children to have the "right" to do so!   This also must be stopped immediately or we will see the end of our societies....

Fourth.. John is correct in regards to the Jews being behind this madness... And yes, as I have said many times, these criminals want to have "free speech" destroyed, and they want to have anyone that says one peep about the criminality of their "beloved" Israel to be thrown into Jail on false charges of "hate" and the fraud of "antisemitism".... Our governments, in both the US and up here in Canada, are indeed working on "bills" to have anyone who says anything about the criminal activities of Israel to be punished!  And if these criminals are successful, then "free speech" will definitely die.....

And Fifth.... I have no qualms in stating that Religion is nothing but pure bullshit and nothing more than mass brainwashing.... I have stated over and over again that religion is a form of enslavement, and I stand behind that conviction... I have also said that you do not need a religion to understand the differences between good and evil and how we should live our lives by helping and being good to our fellow human beings, as these are the backbone of a thriving civilization.   However we live in a world where a truly disgusting and evil 'religion' called Judaism is able to thrive and take control over our societies, and if able to achieve world dominance will indeed bring about a new dark age that will be unheard of in all human history...

More to come


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