Monday, May 20, 2019

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Continues: Tokyo 2020 - The Radioactive Olympic Games Of Death!

It has now been 8 years and some 2+ months since the disaster of March 11th, 2011, when the Israeli Stuxnet virus did its damage to the Fukushima-Daichi nuclear power station on Honshu Island in Japan and basically shut down the nuclear reactors' cooling systems causing at least 3 nuclear reactors to go into full meltdown while also leading to at least one blowing itself up throwing massive amounts of Plutonium into the Earth's atmosphere and the Japanese countryside....And sadly to this day, this catastrophe continues as the melted cores continue to spew their radioactive nucleotides into the atmosphere, the Japanese countryside and even directly into the Pacific Ocean..... There is NO solution to this crisis to this day, and I must say that when you hear the Jew spew media try to claim that this disaster is "under control", they are LYING THEIR ASSES OFF!

Many people are now fully aware that the city of Tokyo Japan, which lies barely 100km south-southwest of the Fukushima disaster, has been awarded the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.... And with the build up to those games now in full swing, we can expect hundreds of thousands of tourists and thousands of Olympic athletes to flock to Tokyo and many cities around the Tokyo region to watch and participate in those games..... But I am absolutely appalled that these games have been allowed to take place, especially when you consider that Fukushima radioactive contamination is all over the Tokyo area and many of the people that are going to those games next year are headed straight into a radioactive hell on earth!

In fact, I came across this very important video recently, that shows just how dire the situation is with the radioactive contamination from Fukushima in the Tokyo region, and absolutely gives some damning condemnation to the nation of Japan and the Olympic games committee for continuing to push for the 2020 games in Tokyo itself.... Here in fact is that very important video, entitled: "Tokyo 2020.... The Radioactive Olympics Of Death" for everyone to see for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit shocked at all by the findings shown in this important video?

I have been saying for over the last year in my weekend rants, that I am so angry that the Olympic Games were awarded to Tokyo, especially when the officials all know perfectly well that the entire area is contaminated with radioactive nucleotides and other deadly particles.... I stated that I hope  that everyone that goes to these games next year each carries a geiger counter, and I was NOT kidding when I made that statement of fact...

What we have here is pure greed by the Japanese and the criminals behind the Olympic Games... They all know perfectly well that the athletes participating in Tokyo will absorb a tremendous amount  of radiation that could indeed cause severe damage to their bodies in the near future, and all they care about is the possible profits, and the "prestige" of having Tokyo have these games take place!

I do hope that a lot of people that are going to Tokyo next year are able to watch this video... They must be made aware of the radioactive hell that they are going into before they decide to participate.... The games in Tokyo next year are absolutely an abomination and are indeed the  games of death..

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Zan said...

Well I thought they would call it off because of the plandemic. I can find only one piece of good news - politicians might get a dose of radiation.