Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Fraud Of Transgenderism Is Now Insane: Bill In US To Allow Transvestites To Compete Against REAL Women In Sports Has Been Narrowly Defeated!

It is the "lull before the storm" today in terms of the rush to war by the criminals in the US/Israel "alliance" against the innocent and peaceful nation of Iraq.... Therefore, I do have the time to get into a few other subjects that have been on my mind and that I have been wanting to post at this blog for quite some time now... One of them  is of course the disgusting and stupid actions by our criminal governments to allow "transgender" freaks to actually compete in organized sports against REAL women.....

I have been stating for months now in my weekend rants that I absolutely cannot even understand how our society has fallen so far and so badly that we have idiots and kooks out there that are actually allowing transgender and transvestite freaks of nature to compete against women in female athletic events.... This is to me such an abomination and I for one am truly angry that there are few people out there standing up against this travesty.... Honestly, has our society now become so neutered that we are allowing mentally unbalanced freaks to call themselves "women" and to have the rights to actually compete against women in organized sports?  To me, this action does show that our society is now truly sick and on the verge of total collapse...

First, I came across the following important video a while back that I watched in disgust, for it showed how some REAL young women actually feel when they spend so much time competing against other REAL women, only now to see their athletic efforts and their futures as athletic stars go up in smoke thanks to the stupidity of allowing "transgender" freaks to compete directly against them!  Here is that video, entitled: "8th Place: A High School Gril's Life After Transgender Students Joined Her Sport":

OK, WHY is this video not being seen by more people?  I for one watched it several times, and I have been absolutely appalled by the fact that biological and REAL women are forced to even face these freaks in athletic competition!  

And just the other day, I saw the following article over at Jim Stone's website, at, where apparently a "bill" that would have allowed TRANSVESTITES to have the right to compete against women in organized sports, REGARDLESS of what a particular American school district wanted.... Here is that article:

A quick comment:

The Dems in the house one vote short of unanimously, including both Muslims, voted to allow transvestite males compete in women's sports regardless of what a particular school district wanted. Don't let the "soft Muslim eyes" Ilhan Omar has fool you, she's a demonic POS.  There is something to be learned from this: Feminism was never about helping women, it was about destroying society. Here's how anyone can see it:

Every last one of these Democrats pretends to support women's rights, and feminism. ALL OF THEM. Yet they allowed males to enter women's sports and blow them away. You can't tell me you are "all about helping women" if you are just going to let guys wipe them out. No matter how much you entertain the fantasy that transvestites are women, sports prove that is not the case, the fantasy has to end at least there. If it does not, then it becomes clear that the only sole lone unified objective is to create chaos and destruction of society, psychopaths and freaks are running the hen "house".

There is a clear objective: Pervert, isolate, divide, and induce hatred between as many members of society as possible, no one can tell me ANY woman is going to like guys after one declared himself trans and wiped them out in sports. It is all about perversion, division, and instilling hatred between groups and NOTHING ELSE.
Great job Nancy, you just showed exactly what you and everyone around you really stands for.

The writing is on the wall. Welcome to the wake up call.

Honestly, has America become insane?

It is bad enough that some mentally wrecked male children decide to have their junk whacked off, and take "hormone replacements" to somehow pass them off as women, which they will never ever be.... But now the idiots in government were actually considering stretching the travesty of transgenders competing in women's sports to now include transvestites that are still 100% male as well???

Yes, Jim Stone has hit it on the head when he states that this is about the destruction of our society.... And sadly, there are too many idiots and brain dead people out there that have allowed their brains to be turned to mush, who are not going to do any thing to actually stop this travesty from continuing....

Here is the reality... Men are men, and women are women... We are two different sexes and we are biologically and physically different... Men are almost always more muscular and  therefore much stronger than women... To allow men to now compete against biological women is one of the most stupidest things that we can do for all it will do is cause more friction and polarization between men and women, which I do believe is the goal here by the bastards behind this transexual stupidity!

Here is an alternative.. If freaks want to compete in sports, let them compete directly against other freaks... They should have NO rights, ever, to be allowed in direct completion against real biological females, period!

And for those who are suffering the lie of "political correctness" and are suddenly appalled by my stance in this matter... They can go jump in a lake for all I care... I will never ever fall for "political correctness" bullshit, for I see it for what it is; A weapon being used to destroy our cultures and our societies...

More to come



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NEMO said...

The problem with transgender people is between their ears, not between their legs. They need our sympathy, not scorn.

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