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In Spite Of Troubles Right Here In Canada, Criminal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Continues Push To Overthrow Venezuela's Government!

Most Canadians are absolutely disgusted with their Prime Minister, the stupid and moronic Justin Trudeau, and especially with his government's ongoing scandals that have rocked the entire Liberal Party.... It is a fact that with impending Federal Elections coming this October right here in Canada, the majority Liberal government is about to be thrown out of office, and rightfully so...... The big problem however is that at present there is NO alternative to the Liberal regime to take the reigns in Canada due to that heinous Andrew Scheer showing his true colours in wanting to suck up to the Jewish power elite and move the Canadian embassy illegally from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem... As I said in my previous article about politics here in Canada, Canadians are truly fucked!

Yes, Justin Trudeau has been a mess since he became Canada's Prime Minister, and he continues to stick his foot in his mouth at all times.... But something caught my eye earlier today, and it comes from writer Yves Engler, through the Aletho News online website at The article is entitled: "Trudeau Continues Push To Overthrow Venezuela's Government" and shows that in spite of the horrific troubles Justin is having right here in Canada, he is stupidly "leading the charge" for that illegal "regime change" in Venezuela!  Here in fact is that article right here for all to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Trudeau continues push to overthrow Venezuela’s government

By Yves Engler · May 10, 2019
The effort Justin Trudeau is putting into overthrowing Venezuela’s government is remarkable.
During the past 12 days the prime minister has raised the issue separately with the leaders of the EU, Spain, Japan and Cuba. On Tuesday Trudeau had a phone conversation with European Council President Donald Tusk focused almost entirely on Venezuela, according to the communiqué .“Prime Minister Trudeau reiterated his support for Interim President Juan Guaidó”, it noted.
The next day Trudeau talked to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez about ousting president Nicolás Maduro. Venezuela is the only subject mentioned in the official release about the call.
Venezuela was also on the agenda during Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Ottawa on April 28. The post meeting release noted, “during the visit, Prime Minister Abe announced Japan’s endorsement of the Ottawa Declaration on Venezuela.” Produced at an early February meeting of the “Lima Group” of governments opposed to Maduro, the “Ottawa Declaration” called on Venezuela’s armed forces “to demonstrate their loyalty to the interim president” and remove the elected president.
On May 3 Trudeau called Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel to pressure him to join Ottawa’s effort to oust Maduro. The release noted, “the Prime Minister, on behalf of the Lima Group, underscored the desire to see free and fair elections and the constitution upheld in Venezuela.”
Four days later foreign affairs minister Chrystia Freeland added to the diplomatic pressure on Havana. She told reporters, “Cuba needs to not be part of the problem in Venezuela, but become part of the solution.”
Freeland was highly active after Guaidó, Leopoldo Lopez and others sought to stoke a military uprising in Caracas on April 30. Hours into the early morning effort Freeland tweeted, “watching events today in Venezuela very closely. The safety and security of Juan Guaido and Leopoldo López must be guaranteed. Venezuelans who peacefully support Interim President Guaido must do so without fear of intimidation or violence.” She followed that up with a statement to the press noting, “Venezuelans are in the streets today demonstrating their desire for a return to democracy even in the face of a violent crackdown. Canada commends their courage and we call on the Maduro regime to step aside now.” Then Freeland put out a video calling on Venezuelans to rise up and requested an emergency video conference meeting of the Lima Group. Later that evening the coalition issued a statement labeling the attempted putsch an effort “to restore democracy” and demanded the military “cease being instruments of the illegitimate regime for the oppression of the Venezuelan people.”
Three days later Freeland attended an emergency meeting of the Lima Group in Peru. The coalition released a communique after that get together accusing Maduro’s government of protecting “terrorist groups” in Colombia.
At another Lima Group meeting in Chile on April 15 Freeland announced the fourth round of Canadian sanctions against Venezuelan officials. Forty-three individuals were added to the list of 70 leaders Canada had already sanctioned. CBC reported that the latest round of (illegal) sanctions were designed to “punish Venezuelan judges who rubber-stamped Maduro’s moves” and “lower-ranking police officials who took prominent roles in suppressing the attempt by Venezuela’s opposition to bring humanitarian aid into the country on February 23.”
The Venezuelan government responded to Canadian sanctions by denouncing Ottawa’s “alliance with war criminals that have declared their intention to destroy the Venezuelan economy to inflict suffering on the people and loot the country’s riches.” A recent Center for Economic and Policy Research report gives credence to this perspective. Written by Jeffrey Sachs and Mark Weisbrot, “Economic Sanctions as Collective Punishment: The Case of Venezuela” concluded that 40,000 Venezuelans may have died over the past two years as a result of US sanctions.
The Liberals want us to believe their campaign to oust Venezuela’s government is motivated by support for democracy and human rights. Yet in recent weeks the Trudeau government has deepened ties to repressive Middle East monarchies, gutted its promise to rein in international abuses by Canadian mining companies’ and justified Israeli violence against those living in the open-air prison known as the Gaza Strip.
Last month members of Mouvement Québécois pour la Paix interrupted a speech by Freeland at the University of Montréal to criticize Canada’s policy towards Venezuela. Activists should be disrupting Freeland and other Liberal MPs public events across the country to demand an end to their effort to overthrow the government of Venezuela.

NTS Notes: Sometimes I do wonder if Justin Trudeau is either the most arrogant man alive, or the stupidest... Apparently he comes across as a little of both...

Yes, here we have political corruption right here in Canada that Justin should be paying attention to, but instead he continues to stupidly lead the charge to have the legitimate government under Nicolas Maduro overthrown illegally in Venezuela!   Honestly, is the man a moron?

But of course the sinister Jewess herself, that hideous Chrystia Freeland, is out there still trying to weave her web of evil in trying to continue to put out lies and deception about Maduro's government.... This creature is to me nothing but pure evil, and sadly there is still talk about if Justin Trudeau was ever forced to step down as Prime Minister, that the Liberals would consider this sinister piece of garbage to be the next Canadian Prime Minister!

I for one am so disgusted by what I have seen in this report.... The Canadian people are being kept in the dark (purposely of course) about the actions by both Freeland and Trudeau in regards to Venezuela, and I guarantee that if the people of this once free country were to see what was actually happening, these two criminals would have a lot to answer for, and heads would indeed roll.....

Well, there you have it... Trudeau's government is so badly being wrecked by the corruption that it has created at home here in Canada, and yet here we have that same corrupt regime still trying to see to the overthrow of a legitimate government in a peaceful foreign nation?

What the hell ever happened to Canada being that shining light of freedom for other nations around the world to emulate?  Obviously those days are over and this nation, that I once loved, has indeed now gone to hell..

More to come


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dickmick said...

NTS don’t despair, it’s not that your countrymen all suddenly went dumb. Porfirio Diaz did point the troublemaker hundred years ago: Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States! Substitute Mexico with Canada nowadays.