Thursday, May 23, 2019

Emerging From The Fog

Ever since I first started writing this blog some 11 years ago, I have been constantly ridiculed and criticized for my "anti-religion" stance.... I have never swayed away from my position that ALL religions are a detriment to our societies and a poison upon this world.... Almost EVERY war that has been fought for the last two millenium at least were all based upon two warring parties with different "religious" affiliations, and millions of innocent lives were subsequently slaughtered all in the name of some type of "god"..... I have also stated clearly that organized "religion" is in fact a method of enslavement for the human race, and I have not budged from that statement for I have found NOTHING that has yet shown me otherwise....

Well, I stating that, I do want to turn to the newest article from a great writer, John Kaminski, who of course writes his essays over at his website at This article, that I have right here for all to see for themselves is entitled: "Emerging From The Fog" and does indeed take shots at "organized religions" and how they are indeed a detriment to our lives.... Here is that article, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Transcending the lies 
we continue to believe
Do you believe we have an honest government? Do you believe you are an honest person? Where is the disconnect? Are we all doomed to take the bribes and keep our mouths shut?
All writing is but the making of maps. Teaching everyone how to get from here to there.
Though separated from his product, man is more and more, and ever more powerfully, the producer of every detail of his world. The closer his life comes to being his own creation, the more drastically is he cut off from that life.
— Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle, 1968
That dire assessment is verified by the number of other species we continue to kill off. Can you see the connection between the thoughtless genocide of all wildlife on this planet, and your own scheduled departure?
Do we kill because we need to deny our own deaths? Because this is forbidden to think about, we are blocked from the seeing the root of many of our problems. The invention of a foolproof escape mechanism — muttering a magic formula that guarantees eternal life — has merely anesthetized the patient, but not really cured the disease, and much wrong continues to be wreaked in the name of the various holy scriptures.
We never signed on to this ridiculous deal when we were born. Somehow the fact that we don’t live forever is responsible for most of the wonderful things we DO have, notably, love, which comes in an infinite variety of flavors, and as any child will tell you is the best thing. As I have said before, without death, the possibility of love does not exist.
But we’ve turned death into some kind of candy store fantasyland. Millions of Muslims will kill on demand for the specific X-rated items promised to those killed in noble battle against the infidel when they reach the Islamic afterlife. (I guess before they die they want to practice on European girls.) This stupid orientation is right up there with rising from the tomb after three days and sitting at the right hand of God. They are merely embellished prognoses from the formula most religions have used since the dawn of time.
Cut the crap! These stories are fairy tales for children! The trouble is, down through history, the adults have never realized that killing other adults over they way they say their prayers is the absolute height of insanity. Humans have internalized these childhood make-believes and convinced most of the planet to believe in sacred fantasies that totally ignore the natural world and all the creatures in it. Only this invention called a soul, as Nietzsche put it, delegitimized all of human history, and made all of reality secondary to what the priests told us.
Totally suppressed in this debate was the knowledge that the less we follow the suggestions of nature the more likely it is that we will destroy ourselves prematurely. In both the world and ourselves, this process seems well advanced. Our ability to believe we can construct a better life than nature has provided for us has led to the trashing of the planet and the poisoning of all species with profit-making gimmicks, the worst of which is religion, which invariably says everyone who doesn’t follow their exclusive formula is evil, making it the No. 1 generator of wars.
It is a barometer of our failing health that American mainstream popular music for the past 57 years has failed to mention any significant social problem, or suggest any solution to the negative influences that seem to descend upon us BECAUSE of our government, rather than DESPITE our government. This kind of talk has never been allowed on U.S. airwaves; or, not since before World War II.
That should tell us something is wrong, but the population at large has become too estranged from the actual reality of their own lives to recognize it. We should have known something was really wrong in 1913. It should have told us a hundred years ago but the power of public relations was harnessed by Freud’s nephew — who got women to smoke! — and the artificial reality was well under way.
You don’t need to be religious, you need to be principled, something the Jews can never be because they are taught from the time they are 8 seconds old to hate the world around them before they learn how to steal it.
You’re not only responsible for everything that does happen to you; you’re also responsible for everything that could happen to you.
News you might have missed
The human, it turns out, is the most well developed lifeform in the universe. At least as far as we know. Other than the large sea creatures in the ocean, the only lifeforms who are thus far more advanced than humans are those characters imagined by humans and placed in a fictional context that seems real. Sometimes more real than real.
With capabilities unmatched by any other species. humanity’s great fault is its failure to realize the gifts it has been given and the powers that it possesses.
Until this fact is overturned, you should proceed as if it is true. And when and if that fact is ever superseded by new knowledge, let our mature understanding of ourselves realize this would be great because the universe contains more knowledge that we can comprehend, so it would be wonderful to learn new things from creatures of great wisdom whom we in fact aspire to emulate. As long as they didn’t want to eat us.
Which is the great fear of most of the animals on Earth.
If we are now the highest lifeform in the universe, we really should start acting like it.
Let the children lead, for they are us in our best sense. When we stop working for them we’ve stopped working for ourselves.
Will we wake up and discover what it is we really have to do, knowing that the promises of religion are mind control hoaxes? Our survival depends on it.
If we don’t emerge from the fog, we will disappear forever in the useless rubble of our own creations.
The very principles on which we base our lives are based upon an illusion. Nietszche was right. When Saul/Paul invented heaven, he destroyed the previous history of humanity and created a mindlock situation in which nothing you can do in life is as important as gaining eternal life in heaven.
This made our reality totally unreal, forever and ever, Amen.
The danger in all this is that when you declare heaven does not exist, does it release the hounds of hell upon the world? Or are the Pope and John Hagee really those infernal dogs? Better we should determine why and how these hellhounds exist and eliminate the conditions of their creation. Many of them hide in churches and mosques, but far more lurk in synagogues, eager to snatch your money AND your soul.
The lies our holy men have told us are reflected in the secrecy of government decisions. Executive privilege, they used to call it when I was covering various municipal councils. It enabled them to do things in secret that the public would be very upset to know, but when push comes to shove the business world has no ethics, and government is really just another business.
When there is no moral authority to oversee its behavior, government will commit any kind of crime to preserve itself long past the time it should be thoroughly cleaned out and consigned to an infamously bloody and misguided history. Everyone already knows that the psychopaths who control it now are not going to give back the country they have stolen from us, so it’s up to us to get it back.
The early odds from Vegas on this bet are not good.

NTS Notes: Once again, John does point out a lot of amazing facts that I have been posting right here at this blog for the last decade.... 

I will state one thing that people must understand... I am not against the fundamentals that all human beings should be at peace, love, and get along with one another.... These should be concepts that everyone should be following as higher intelligent beings..... We do not need "religion" to have the ability to follow those concepts, as anyone with common sense and real decency knows that they are necessary to maintain and grow a proper civilization...

Which leads me to the fraud of Judaism and its principles of hating everyone else and seeing the rest of mankind as subhuman and somehow below its followers... That to me is the most dangerous of all "religions" for it is the harbinger of real hate and racism on the planet..... I have posted article after article at this blog showing how Judaism is nothing more than a morally corrupt concept that has no place on planet Earth, for its teachings do lead to nothing but corruption, destruction, and death..... Eliminating this poison and destroying its immoralities should be the goal of everyone to ensure our survival as a species...

 And again, I do get the usual "haters" out there that keep asking me why I post John Kaminski's articles at this blog..... I will continue to do so and ignore their stupidity... John tells it like it is and everyone should heed his information and especially his warnings...

More to come



A smart goy said...

It's your own opinion which I shall read, but I believe on my King Jesus Christ for he spoke the truth about the Jewish people before any of us.

Blue Raven said...

The study of logic/logos is religion. Seriously. Ex: to view something is to look at something. To study what you have just looked at, ie viewed, is to REview. Then you must take into consideration that over time, words may change spelling. Not only due to long periods of time, but also because of neighboring/invading cultures contributing to the alternate spelling of said words. The problem is several thousand years ago (2500-3000) give or take, is that POLITICS got involved. So in essence, God, is logic. Just remember, 1700 years of corruption and conditioning people to be weak minded (to not think for themselves) and naive. 1000 and 700 years! That's a pretty long time to be conditioning people, generation after generation after generation and so forth. (A generation is about 30 years). There is NO old man in the sky, it's SYMBOLISM. So, heaven is up, now consider your body. Your feet are at the bottom. Where is your head? On top, above, or up. If any of you wish to know more, brush up on some, numerology, philosophy, astronomy, astrotheology, astrology, psychology, linguistics, geography, history, and symbology (the study of symbols). LOTS of symbolism in the holy books (old testament, Torah, NOT the talmud, and the new testament). Yes, there is a fair bit of history in the scriptures, but MOST of it is symbolism. Good luck, and be well my fellows.😊

Northerntruthseeker said...

"A Smart Goy".... I usually do not like comments that have religion as part of their content... I will let that one go, but in the future, no comments with religious overtones, please..

Northerntruthseeker said...

And Blue Raven... I dismissed religion early in my life, and have no qualms in agreeing with you about the naive nature of religions over all.....

I do respect those that have a strong belief in the "magical sky fairy" , but I will not let them try to get their views across here at this blog.... If they want to continue to have their brains turned to mush by believing in an imaginary man in the clouds, they can keep that belief

Unknown said...

I agree with your assessment of "Smart Goy" brain-dead
Christians who are what makes Jews possible and to get away
with what "God's Holy People" are doing to the rest of
us. After all, Christianity was invented by the Jews and
designed for Goy consumption.

Adrian Chetwynd said...

I am a "smart Goy" too, because not only do I believeth in my elder THE King Jesus Christ, but I now also believeth in my new King Andre Anglin (R.E. The Daily Stormer) because he tooeth tell the truth about the jews (as does many another controlled opposition "alt-right" operative).

(Sarcasm with educational intention)

Adrian Chetwynd said...

I have a feeling that Lasha Darkmoon won't be uploading a copy of Johns latest essay (as she usually does).

(Lasha D believes that (((Jesus))) really existed!!!!!!)

Adrian Chetwynd said...

" Blogger Unknown said...

I agree with your assessment of "Smart Goy" brain-dead
Christians who are what makes Jews possible and to get away
with what "God's Holy People" are doing to the rest of
us. After all, Christianity was invented by the Jews and
designed for Goy consumption."
(((Christianity))) was invented with the intention of forbidding the Goyim from creating money out of thin air and being able to charge interest (usury) on the thin air money)
(((Christianity))) was also a very early form of "political" government subversion/control over the Goyim.

Adrian Chetwynd said...

Here is just one example of a "Christian (retarded)comment/belief that was posted just over 1 hour ago:

stephen cabry
1 hour ago
This is why jesus christ is coming back to wipe out them evil disgusting vile people like police governments politics. So if you see this get right with God and stand his army cause the evil will fall once christ is here on earth all the. Satanic followers will fucking regret it cause they think Satan is a cool guy who is full of himself but behide the spiritual realm he is not what you think he is he is extremely ugly aggressive powerful evil force he tortures people and kills anything that has a soul so to anyone who is a satanic person ye will be sent to hell not heaven ye greedy selfie nonhuman being can't wait till jesus comes face to face with ye on judgement day sick of this law and society

Northerntruthseeker said...

I will be closing this comment section to the buy-bull thumpers and the religious kooks who want to use this as their "platform"...

I will continue to post comments from those who stay with the program and concentrate on the information provided and refuse to go off on stupid "religious" tangents of stupidity..

This is a warning that I will not tolerate brain washed mutton heads that have had their intelligence destroyed by religious propaganda..

Jimmay said...

I watched the movie Cold Blue last night. It is a documentary about the US Army Air bombing campaign over Europe in WW2. Definitely a piece of Zionist propaganda necessary to keep the myth of the good/just war alive so that young goy will be willing to sacrifice their existence for a “greater” cause and we know who that greater cause is and will continue to be until humanity finally wakes up. Ton’s of religious irony throughout the documentary. Prior to the bombing runs a priest would take confessions and administer communion to allegedly “Christian” airmen who would then proceed to drop to’s of TNT on fellow Christians???? Some will say the Nazi’s weren’t Christian and more and more evidence is pointing that this is indeed correct as we are discovering that much of the German high command was......Jewish! Der Fuhrer’s driver and bodyguard was Jewish and there in a quote from him saying Adolf was a good guy. That being said the documentary closes with references to the holy holy hoax by inferring that the original producer of the film was Jewish (imagine that Jew’s in film!) and he felt it was important to film us destroying the enemies of the Jews. All these American boy’s putting their lives in harms way to protect Jews so that the Jew’s can steal from them via financial crisis’s at home while encouraging the soldiers kids and grandkid’s to embrace homosexuality or worse yet mutilate their nature given reproductive organs??? Heil (hell) to the victors.

Michael Mann said...

Excellent article by Mr. Kaminski, and excellent are your comments on it and the subject matter. I was brought up and became enslaved to the Jew-controlled religion called Christianity for over 40 years. A thorough study of the inconsistencies, contradictions and absurdities of the Bible, together with reading some of the following works, set me free from the clutches of religion:

“Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America’s Leading Atheists,” by Dan Barker; “Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason,” by Seth Andrews; and “50 Simple Questions for Every Christian,” by Guy Harrison; “Is It God's Word? An Exposition of the Fables and Mythology Of The Bible And The Fallacies Of Theology,” by Joseph Wheless.

To learn about who the Good Book was written by as well as who is being served by it, I read Joseph Wheless’ Forgery in Christianity; Revilo P. Oliver’s “The Jews Love Christianity” and his “The Jewish Strategy”; Joseph McCabe’s “History’s Greatest Liars,” H.L. Menchken’s “On Religion,” and “Why I am an Agnostic,” by Robert G. Ingersoll.
Some of my favorite quotes on the subject:

“Christianity is an old metaphysical fiction, stuffed with fables, contradictions and absurdities: it was spawned in the fevered imagination of the Orientals, and then spread to our Europe, where some fanatics espoused it, where some intriguers pretended to be convinced by it and where some imbeciles actually believed it.” -Frederick the Great

“There could be no clearer proof that the Jewish mystery religion, a spiritual syphilis, has rotted the minds of our race and induced paralysis of our will to live.” -Revilo Oliver, A Cringing Lord

“The only defense against our enemy's refurbished weapon was to expose the absurdity of the superstition they had foisted upon our race so many centuries ago, a kind of spiritual "AIDS," which had sapped and was destroying our racial immune system.” -Revilo Oliver

“Inside every Christian is a Jew(!)” - Pope Francis

“Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism.” -Oswald Spengler

“But this people has deliberately made itself stupid, for nearly a millennium: nowhere have the two great European narcotics, alcohol and Christianity, been abused more dissolutely. -Friedrich Nietzsche

“A thoroughgoing atheist will necessarily have emancipated himself from even the residue of Christian superstitions and will therefore perceive and understand the cunning and insidious devices of the Self-Chosen People.” - Liberty Bell Magazine, August and September 1989

“The purpose of Jew-controlled religions, especially Christianity, is to “exalt religion and mysticism above common sense and reason itself. (. . .) to destroy reliance on reason and objective facts and to enslave the human mind to debasing superstitions. A very few of those "scholars" may, perhaps, have been influenced by the now disproven and obsolete notion that Christianity could be used to promote the stability of a civilized society after scientific research and historical scholarship have proved, beyond peradventure of doubt, that the creed is, at every point, a denial of ascertained facts.” –Revilo Oliver

A smart goy said...

Funny thing is I never mention any religion at all. I just named a anti-Semitic man named Jesus Christ.....sad that people take that man's name and put it in a group of brainwash people who believe more on the pope or jewish people.

Adrian Chetwynd said...

Can you recall that the alleged shooter of/in 2 Mosques in "Christchurch" mentioned this particular JewTube channel: (JewDiePie)?

Well I've finally checked it out and saw no mention of the event on his channel.

How weird is that? Because under normal circumstances; any normal slandered man would immediately attempt to defend himself from any slander.

But maybe it's not so weird after all, because I recently stumbled upon this YT channel that was created by a man that boasts about just how much money he makes out of posting videos onto YT: (Auto Auction Rebuilds)

Auto Auction Rebuilds has only 159k subs.

But: PEW DIE PIE has nearly 100 million subs!(So if he was a problem to the so called : "elites", then his channel would have been terminated long before it got so many subs.

"Follow the money" (And keep your eye on the single (((eye))) that is watching over you)