Friday, March 22, 2019

Yellow Vests Protests In France Continue: This Could Get Ugly As Criminal French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron Deploys French Troops To Streets In France

 It has now been over 18 weeks and counting since the French people rightfully took to the streets in France's major cities to protest against the criminal Emmanuel Macron and his crooked government in Paris....

These protests, popularly called the "Yellow Vests Movement"  have been primarily against the IMMIGRATION laws in France that have been passed by the criminal Macron that has opened France wide open for every conceivable piece of garbage from third world shit holes to come flooding into that nation.... The French people are no fools as they have been watching their cities rapidly turned into sewers by the influx of these illegals that have brought their disgusting lifestyles, diseases formerly unheard of in French cities,  AND especially their criminal ways into those cities.....

The French people had been patient enough with the Macron government but their patience finally gave out last year,  and for the last 4+ months now they have been filling the streets in their cities with wave after wave of protests DEMANDING that the Macron government change its policies or have Macron resign as Prime Minister...  However, to this day the criminal Macron regime has refused to change its horrible immigration policies and in fact has further allowed the flooding in of those sewer rats.... The people of France are now seeing the reality that Macron is following his Jewish masters' wishes by allowing French culture to be literally destroyed and they have had enough and are demanding Macron step down from office....

Well, 18 weeks of protests, and I was wondering when the evil Macron regime would indeed try to clamp down hard on the Yellow Vest protests... And according to the following report from the Investment Watch Blog website, at, apparently the Macron regime has now called in the French army to take to the streets of French cities!   Here is the link to that article here:

OK, this is truly diabolical, and honestly I can see serious trouble now brewing where the evil Macron regime in Paris will try to instigate some type of 'false flag' operation in a major French city, possibly Lyon or even Paris, to try to claim that the Yellow Vests caused this 'attack' and will use the army to clamp down hard on the Yellow Vests movement to try to put an end to it...... That or have "martial law" declared and have the police forces and army clamp down on the protests, while also having the personal rights and freedoms of the French people curtailed as a result....

And lo and behold, but my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Penny, who hails from the supposed "centre of the universe" aka southern Ontario, has just released a new article which also covers this sinister French army deployment to the streets of cities in France, with the twist being that there may have indeed already been a criminal operation launched involving the use of "chemical agents" against the peaceful Yellow Vest protestors!   Here is the link to that article, from Penny's website at, for all to see here:

I am appalled by what I am seeing happening in France, and if Penny is correct about the French army now launching a heinous "chemical weapon" attack against peaceful protestors, then he has now exposed himself as a criminal and the French public should be demanding his removal from office immediately.... He has to go, either peacefully or by force!

If it is true that the French army has now resorted to this type of heinous act against the protestors, then it is obvious that the evil Macron regime itself has launched this chemical attack in the hope that the protestors will now retaliate "violently", which will give that criminal Prime Minister his excuse to impose "martial law" and have the protestors arrested on sight by the police and the army!

I honestly do not like what I see coming in France... The next step will indeed be martial law imposed by that criminal Macron, which will probably lead to a massive escalation of violence in France and could indeed lead to a violent revolution..... And yes, we could indeed see a lot of bloodshed happening on the streets of France shortly, and it will all be on that criminal bastard Macron's dirty hands!

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Penny said...

Hey North:
thanks for the link too
I've added additional information to the post- yes it appears that the French police used some kind of gas they are claiming as super concentrated tear gas.
I don't know
They also fired the police chief for giving 'inappropriate orders'
NO idea what those orders were?

I notified readers in the comment section of the extra info and there is video footage as well posted by independent media sources

Here's what else I had to say in the comment:

If they are admitting to a little then they used more then just a little

This occurred last week end.

If this was Assad or Erdogan there would be no end to the carrying on in 5 eyes media about the heavy, heavy handed use of violence and chemical weapons against protestors..

Instead Jupiter (Macron is known as Jupiter in France) can do it all

Who the hell really knows what they have used or are using presently..