Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Even More Proof That Terrorism Is A Massive Fraud: REVEALED - US Training Their Fraud ISIS Militants (Operatives) At Illegal US Base At Al Tanf To Attack Syrian Oil Fields!

I was actually listening to the Jew spew media the other day... Not to have my mind clouded further by their attempts to back peddle on their Russia Gate lies, but to actually see if for a change they would actually try some REAL reporting and stop their constant bullshit.... Sadly I was deeply disappointed once again as they were turning their feeble attention finally to what has been happening elsewhere in the world and started into the story about how the US government is claiming "victory" over "ISIS" in Syria and yet claiming that they now have to stay in Syria because they say that "ISIS" is still not destroyed (no shocker here, for they need that fraud to justify their illegal actions)... Then the criminals in the US Government stated that they are once again in Syria for their "regime change" and how President Bashar al-Assad "has to go"!   No surprise here, for the plan has always been to use their fraud "terrorists" as a weapon of choice to get that regime change done in not only Syria, but any other nation that defies US rule!

Well.... I came across this amazing article from the Fort Russ website, at, that is no shock to me what so ever, and once again proves what I have been stating for years; So called "terrorism" is and always has been a fraud, as the REAL TERRORISTS are our own crooked governments.... And of course this report also shows once again that "ISIS" is and always has been a massive fraud as well and is absolutely being used by the US government for attacking the Syrian nation and its people to further the push for "regime change"..... For according to this most interesting report entitled: "REVEALED: US Training ISIS Militants At Al Tanf To Attack Syrian Oil Fields" this once again proves that the US is still definitely gunning for regime change in Syria, and they are indeed repositioning their ISIS frauds for the next "phase" in their diabolical operations!  Here is the link to this amazing report here for all to read for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I will state it clearly that the US 'victory' against their "ISIS" operatives in the Euphrates River valley earlier this month was a massive charade and a hoax..... The facts should be clear that the US had to 'eventually defeat' their operatives as those attacks had gone on for months and people were indeed finally wising up to the facts that small "ISIS pocket" of "resistance" should have in every aspect of military siege doctrine been defeated several months back for the simple logic that those forces were cut off from weapons and ammunition and they should have run out of food and supplies also months back... But of course the US itself was supplying those basic needs as part of the game, but the game had finally run its course....

And with that "defeat" those "ISIS militants" were able to run out of Syria in US protected convoys to US bases in Iraq.... I stated many times in previous articles that these operatives were given food, supplies, and other necessities at those US bases in Iraq, and many were being "retrained" and given new orders to be sent back into Syria to stir up trouble once again.... Now we see the proof from this article that those militants were indeed sent from US Iraqi bases to the illegal forward operating position at Al Tanf, where they are now being further trained to infiltrate back into Syria to cause havoc and to attack Syria's oil fields!

This once again should show everyone the truth about this fraud of "ISIS" and about the entire 'war on terror' itself... BOTH are massive hoaxes and nothing more than psychological weapons to try to scare the most gullible people on this planet to continue to believe the fraud that "terrorists are out to get you"....I for one would wish that the stupid people out there would finally wake the fuck up and smell the coffee here!

Well, there you go... The US is indeed diabolical and is now preparing their "ISIS" frauds to do even more damage in Syria..... People were indeed wondering what ever happened to those operatives that "surrendered" and were sent to US bases in Iraq... Now you have your answer!

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