Friday, March 8, 2019

Crisis In Venezuela: US Just Attacked Venezuela's Power Grid With A New Form Of Their "Stuxnet" Virus!

I have been reading the reports coming in since last night about the massive power blackout that hit Venezuela since yesterday at around 2PM CDT..... The power outage is indeed nationwide and as of this morning, partial power has finally been restored to the entire beleaguered country....

The questions that have been arising since this massive nationwide blackout in Venezuela are centred on exactly what caused the blackout, and if it was sabotage then by whom and for what purpose?.....Well, after reading a lot of reports, it can be safe to assume that it is the criminal US government behind this heinous act of sabotage, as the only ones that are benefiting from this blackout are the US and the other criminals that want their "regime change" to take place....

I have been reading about how this blackout originated at the massive Giri Hydroelectric facility in Venezuela, due to some of that facility's turbines going into an "out of frequency" condition due to too much water allowed into the system to drive the turbines, and I could not help but to think about how the psychos in Israel ruined the safety systems at the nuclear facility at Fukushima Japan way back on March 11th, 2011, and subsequently caused at least 3 nuclear reactors to shut off their safety systems allowing the reactor cores to meltdown and explode....  That was caused by a virus known as "Stuxnet" and the result was the world's greatest nuclear disaster that is still plaguing the world today some 8 years later..... Knowing how diabolical the US is, did they do much the same at Giri in Venezuela?

Well, to help answer that important question, I once again want to turn to an article that was posted today by Jim Stone, over at his website at Jim is calling this disaster in Venezuela a new "Stuxnet" type of attack, and from what I am seeing in his article, there is a lot of credibility to his statement.... I therefore want to share that article here with my own readers:


GAME OVER VENEZUELA. Here's what's going to happen now. All the oldest mothballed stuff Venezuela has is now going to be brought out of mothball and run, because that's all there is left that might be ready to go right away. There will continue to be a blackout for a week or more, after which power will somewhat resume with a total capacity of between 50 percent and 70 percent of what Venezuela had previously. This will mean permanent rolling blackouts for over a year, IF no more attacks take place.

Here is the key Pompeo quote that says it ALL:

No food. No medicine. Now, no power. Next, no Maduro.

MY TRANSLATION: "WE CAME, WE SAW, HE DIED. HA HA HA HA HA. The world's largest proven oil reserves will now be OURS!!!

Update to below:

I re-traced steps looking for the tweets that said the generators went "off frequency" at Guri and can't find them anymore. There is censorship underway.  If the generators did go off frequency, power will not be back up to all of venezuela any time soon. Such an event would likely permanently destroy anywhere from 30 - 50 percent of generating capacity in one whack. UPDATE: I just got all the stats. If the generators at Guri were over-spun on purpose to put them out of phase and blow other power facilities up elsewhere (plus at Guri, whoever wins the out of phase battle) the damage will amount to 40 percent of Venezuela's electrical capacity being wiped out for about five years. The types of generators Venezuela would have lost can't be replaced within a year, even without sanctions. My guess is that the news will now be continuously full of reports about how bad venezuela's electrical system is, all reports blaming Maduro.
If that happens, the following report is going to stand the test of time, if Venezuela now goes into continuous rolling blackouts that never stop, here is the reason:


I likely know EXPLICITLY what happened based on posts Venezuelans managed to get onto Twitter, and here it is:

Someone from either American or Israeli DOD got into the PLC controllers on the hydroelectric Guri dam. They attacked the systems that regulated water flow through the valves on the dam that send the water to the turbines. This is precisely the type of attack Stuxnet is supposed to be made for. They opened the valves all the way. They (or whatever virus they planted, probably Stuxnet) then told the engineers, via the readouts, that the water flows and turbine speeds were normal. With an enormous amount of pressure from the dam, the turbines managed to push ahead of phase on the rest of Venezuela's grid, got into an enormous tug-of-war with power stations elsewhere and blew everything up, tripping a nationwide blackout.
Since people at Guri have stated that they had a runaway problem with the turbines, where they pushed ahead of phase and that's what triggered the blackout, a virus or other cyber attack is assumed. It is safe to assume this because once a power station is locked into the grid, it stays locked into the grid come hell (but not high water, ) - water, which in this case had enough pressure to force the generators to spin ahead of phase no matter what once the valves were simply totally open, controlling nothing. Once the generators were more than 20 degrees ahead of phase, everything would have absolutely no choice whatsoever to do anything but go kablooey. After that, pure destruction would commence.  VENEZUELA WAS ATTACKED, this could not have happened any other way, case closed.

My original report follows. It is in part confirmed accurate by the facts that:

They deleted the airtime off the primary data plan (I am on a backup one now, with the old modems) and/or shut it off when I was typing this, PLUS they deleted the Fukushima report from the web site, PLUS the Stuxnet graphics, and then locked me out of the site entirely, with my only way in being the unstoppable "combat mode" which I have not tested yet by hitting "post" with all of this but I bet it will work. I'll get all of the Fukushima stuff put back up when I can finally log in again.
So things got dicey with this one, it's a DOOZIE.


Probable Stuxnet attack underway

At approximately 1:40 PM CST March 7 the Guri dam was cyber attacked, which tripped a nationwide blackout.

Here is a cute one: POMPEO TWEETED: "No food. No medicine. Now, no power. Next, no Maduro.

Given that statement, it can be fairly safely assumed the power outage in Venezuela was done on purpose by the United States. He has since rescinded the comment, but the genie is out of the bottle, THAT ONE is not going back in.
Ok, more details: There have been various comments about the turbines at Guri dam (that must be a huge hydroelectric project) went off frequency, phase canceled with the rest of the grid, and tripped the blackout.  FACT: Once a generator is online and synchronized, as the turbines at Guri dam were, there's no way they lose sync and go out of phase unless something causes it.  My guess is that most likely someone got a virus into the control systems at Guri dam which gave the engineers a false frequency reading while it opened the valves into the turbines too much and pushed them ahead of phase, which would trip a blackout. Most likely, the generators at Guri dam have been destroyed after they played tug of war with the entirety of Venezuela's grid. AND ONLY STUXNET OR A VARIANT COULD HAVE DONE THAT, now that word has gotten out about what actually happened, STUXNET ALL THE WAY BABY!!!! American/Israeli attack basically confirmed.
And for THAT I got a connection cut, got files deleted, got locked out of the web site and posted this with another connection I had in reserve via combat mode!

When I saw the report that the criminal Pompeo tweeted the message "No food. No medicine. Now, no power.  Next, no Maduro" I automatically realized that the US was absolutely behind this power disaster in Venezuela..... And the method of doing this dirty deed points the finger right at a virus injected into the systems at Giri Venezuela that caused a false reading allowing the turbines to begin to go into overdrive!

This is absolutely a "terrorist attack" by the United States itself against the peaceful nation of Venezuela, and it is indeed diabolical...... It does beg the question as to what the rest of the world thinks and sees in this type of action, and whether or not the Russians and the Chinese will now do their damn best to have proper power restored to the Venezuelan people and pronto!

Honestly, how low will the US now go to force their regime change on the nation of Venezuela?  I fear that this is only the beginning of this type of attack with other important infrastructure soon to be targeted......

More to come



greencrow said...

And don't forget that Trudeau and his Pitbull Freeland are supportive of this mayhem and criminal destruction. Now they too [and, consequently Canada] are guilty of war crimes!

Jody Paulson said...

Thanks for posting that, NTS! Here's the latest:

RickB said...

Evil Empire.

Penny said...

btw North

the World Bank has just ruled that Venezuela owes Conoco Phillips 8.7 Billion dollars

"The oil company had sought up to $30 billion for the takeover of three oil projects more than 10 years ago, according to a World Bank report. The tribunal, known as ICSID, found the takeover unlawful in 2013 and two years ago rejected the OPEC-member nation’s request for reconsideration.
The tribunal said Conoco could not seek double recovery. It was not immediately clear how that finding would affect Friday’s total $8.7 billion award. The past award covered two of the company’s three oil projects in Venezuela. "