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Crisis In Venezuela: Updates On US Caused Power Failures, As Venezuela Now Recovers From That Heinous Attack

I finally turned on the 'talmudvision' up here in central Canada earlier today to find out what the Jew spew media has been saying about the recent "cyber attack" that the US definitely launched against Venezuela's power grid a few days back and caused a massive power outage right across that nation that only now is beginning to get fully cleared up.... This heinous attack was most definitely launched by the US in a diabolical effort to somehow sway the Venezuelans into attacking President Nicolas Maduro's government, and shows how low the US Government is now willing to go in trying to get one of their patented 'regime change' going in that nation!

I first do want to present the following updates that come courtesy of Jim Stone, through his website at, about what has been happening since that US caused cyber attack on Venezuela's power infrastructure a few days back.... Here are those updates here for everyone to see for themselves:

Venezuela blackout update:

Some of the power is being restored. As I said earlier, it should be possible to get anywhere between 50 percent and 70 percent of it back after the type of attack the U.S. did, but there will be permanent, years long damage, and it will take at least a week before what is left after the attack can (mostly) come back on. LOW AND BEHOLD:

With perfect timing, massive Guiado demonstrations are happening with "Venezuelans angry with Maduro about the power outage". The problem is that what happened could not have possibly been the result of mis-management, poor maintenance, under-funding, or anything else, what happened is the equivalent of saying that just because someone did not do an oil change, the car got totaled by a semi. The facility at Guri dam was not the same type of scenario you'd have in a coal fired power plant, where if a virus opened the boiler valves there to over-spin the generators they'd quickly deplete the boilers and back off, Instead, Guri had over a thousand square miles of water reserve that would never run out pushing on the generators and when the virus opened the valves all the way, it was game over no matter what. One of two things would happen:
Either you keep the generators coupled to the grid to stop them from self destructing by being over spun, or you just let them go free, until they spin so fast they start throwing pieces.  What happened at Guri was a really really filthy, rotten, evil "destroy a nation" attack, all launched by software from a hole in the ground where cowards sat, watched the numbers come in, and laughed at what they did. ALL BECAUSE VENEZUELA HAS AMAZING OIL RESERVES AND IS NOT PLAYING BALL WITH THE NWO
I'd like to mention something also - In reality, it does not matter if your political system is communist, socialist, fascist, or capitalist, What matters is if the people in charge of it all are corrupted bastards or not. As it turns out, the people running Venezuela as a socialist country were not corrupt, (at least not like Hillary and Pelosi) and Venezuela was actually a fairly decent place to live until they got screwed with by sanctions and foreign thieves who wanted their oil.
The big problem with systems that are not capitalist is the weaknesses of people, who after seeing such opportunity to start screwing everyone, subsequently do. It's pretty much universal, it always ends up happening over time. Venezuela was not there yet, it was all running fairly well until foreign tampering screwed the country up. So though I am no socialist, there are examples you can point to where the results are not some sort of apocalypse, and when Venezuela was being left alone, it was not. People were actually quite happy there.
Getting back to Guiado - What happens with him will be 100 percent dependent upon whether or not average Venezuelans figure out the U.S. is attacking their infrastructure via well known viruses and back doors that are so well published and admitted to they are comic book material. They'd have to be stupid to miss the obvious, and they are probably not that stupid. Even Press TV called out the U.S. for attacking Guri, and they are not my favorite. At least they don't lie on purpose, in this case the truth is so obvious not being a liar is all it takes. Pompeo's tweet probably helped them figure it out.
America was great for as long as it was capitalist. But after the Federal Reserve, and the income tax, and creeping socialism which has now been combined with abject fascism, where the fascists are taking over the financial, information, medical, education, and other areas the rule of law is gone and the information sector is simply not doing it's job of reporting anything accurately.  I guess if America was actually attacked by Venezuela and the response against Guri was a counterattack it might be justified for the media to lie about it all, but in this case they are FILTH, aiding and abetting a criminal war mongering facist cabal that wants to go into Venezuela and post a bunch of trophy oil wells. And they used your tax dollars, fed to them via the skimming of a socialist tax system to pay for it all. Conquering Venezuela will be done on your dime and they'll then just squat on someone elses turf and rake in the cash. 
We will have to wait and see where this goes. "wait and see" with a pretty good idea of where it is all headed, if they played this nasty against a facility that was one of the sparkling gems of the energy world - let me be clear about what Guri was -
Guri is a 12+ gigawatt hydroelectric dam.  There are no nuclear reactors that generate significantly more than a gigawatt in the United States. There are very few facilities in the United States that generate much more than two gigawatts total. 12 gigawatts is a MONSTER facility of epic global significance. Guri was the third largest generating station in the entire world. 

Furthermore, Guri was not a piece of crap. It went online in the late 80's, and got all new generators and hardware in 2010, under a socialist system. Far from being a disheveled piece of crap like the scamming American media claims, Guri was a STATE OF THE ART BUGATTI. The U.S. has ZERO generating facilities that are that modern, and none that are significantly over 20 percent of it's size, even if they are nuclear or coal powered. I am not talking the third largest hydroelectric dam, I am talking the third largest power station in the world, PERIOD.  And some FACIST A-holes after a few oil dollars, went into the facility via some hole in the ground in the U.S. or Israel, planted a virus from a "safe space" thousands of miles away, and blew the place up like a crack head with a crowbar, destroying a $2000 vending machine to score $50 in change.  This one pisses me off.

All of the information about what happened at Guri came across Twitter right after the U.S. blew the place up. Numerous people at Guri tweeted out that they suddenly lost all ability to control the speed of the generators and that caused them to go out of phase with the rest of Venezuela's grid. Pure destruction would commence, no if's or buts and there's a kike laughing somewhere, BANK on it.
Now, right by the playbook, Guiado "supporters" are staging an enormous protest, AFTER power came back on (in earnest) and enough communications have been restored to turn America's spy apparatus back on. You can damn well bet that's what the timing of all of this indicates, if there were going to be REAL protests against Maduro they'd have happened when the lights were totally off, not when things are coming back on well enough to give the U.S. it's ears back!

OK,  A lot of what Jim states here absolutely does contradict the bullshit that we are now seeing come across the Jew spew media that is of course trying to blame this "power outage" in Venezuela on the Maduro government while of course trying to make that heinous criminal Juan Guaido (which my fellow truth seeker, Greencrow, has been calling "Random Guaido", which is so good I think I too will start calling this clown that same name here at this blog!) look "Presidential" while he attacks Maduro for being the "cause" of the power outages.... Luckily most of the Venezuelan people are no fools and are now seeing that it was indeed the US being the power failures....

And of course now the Maduro government has been taking action to stop the US from doing further damage to Venezuela's power infrastructure... And according to the following report from Tyler Durden, through the Zero Hedge website at, the Venezuelan Government has now deployed their army to protect the Venezuelan national power grid from further attacks by the US aggression... Here is the link to that article here:

I for one absolutely applaud this move by the Maduro government... And while they deploy their armed forces to prevent further attacks on their power grid, they should have their experts working around the clock in removing any vestiges of that new "Stuxnet" virus from their power systems to prevent any further cyber attacks as well.....

I have also been monitoring what other real truth seekers are saying about this heinous attack on Venezuela's power grid, and I do want to present one that comes from the Moon Of Alabama website, at, that discusses this attack against Venezuela in great detail, and goes into some great detail about previous US usage of malicious behaviour against other nations in their sick efforts in trying to get "regime change" in those nations as well...Here is the link to that Moon of Alabama article here:

I too have had a thought about what the Venezuelan government may try to do in retaliation against the US cyber attack on their power grid....  At present while the Maduro government is working round the clock in restoration of Venezuela's own power grid, there is probably little thought about attacking the US in "retaliation" for this heinous action against the innocent nation of Venezuela, but it does make one wonder what may happen in the near future OR if the US launches another cyber attack?.......I also do wonder if the US wants Venezuela to retaliate, for that retaliation would be scripted by the US and their compliant Jew spew media as a "Venezuelan attack on America" and could be used by the criminals in the US Government as their method of getting the green light to invade that nation in "retaliation"!...

There is so much more yet to report on this continuing crisis in Venezuela, and I will do my utmost to present further material here at this blog when I have the opportunity to do so... Stay tuned...

More to come


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