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Crisis In Venezuela: Updates On Present Situation, And Finally The Crooked Guaido Comes Out With His Plans For After He Steals The Venezuelan Presidency!

*Again, I had to take care of other personal and family business yesterday and could not get around to new posts at this blog until today..... Thanks everyone for their patience...

I have continued to follow what has been happening in Venezuela, especially ever since the blatant and most diabolical US attack on Venezuela's power grid using their patented "Stuxnet" virus to basically damage and/or blow up the Giri Hydro-electric facility that generates some 75% of the nation's power needs.... Slowly but surely now, Venezuela's power grid is coming back to a normal state, with fewer blackouts especially since those two "suspects" were caught red handed the other day in trying to once again cripple Venezuela's power grid through another virus....

I do want to present some of the latest updates on the present situation in Venezuela, courtesy of Jim Stone's reports over at Here are some of the latest reports from Jim here:

China has backed Venezuela's claims the U.S. took out Venezuela's grid

I have recently noticed Venezuela's power fell back down to 73 percent. To that I'd like to state the obvious: At this point, keeping the cyber attack going will only result in the risk of China getting ahold of the code.

Experts staunchly declare Maduro is to blame for the outage (still) but remember, these are the same "experts" trying to tell Americans that vaccines are safe.


As of 8:40 AM CST, Venezuela managed to get one of the newer Stux infected generators going at Guri. That's a LOT sooner than I expected, GREAT WORK. Power is now, at the time of posting this update, at 77.8 percent.

The times on the chart above are off a little due to the chart producing times based on GMT.
I'd like to state that I am not a fan of socialist countries AT ALL, but have sided with Venezuela in all of this because the U.S. screwing with them is TOTAL B.S. and the U.S. is getting a LOT worse than any socialist country. Facism combined with Pelosi is WAY WORSE.
For what the American people produce and earn, they don't get jack in return. It all gets taken via taxes, fake university induced student debt (and I say fake because the universities are indeed, now predominantly fake). Americans are also badly burdened by a hoax "scamming mechanic" medical system, and exhorbitant totally inexcusable rent and property prices, all made possible by free mason fronted city zoning and building permit codes.
It is specifically the freemasons that managed to get a form of totally uniform tyranny across all city and county governments for the purpose of screwing property values. The Freemasons are the reason why all city codes (which would be unique to each city if not messed with) are basically the same no matter what city you go to. Zoning and restricting building and building codes and permits are far too uniform in America to be for real, when there's no official centralized control of it all. It was the job of the freemasons to accomplish that. The property prices may be explainable in Hong Kong, where there's 120 million chinese trying to stand on the same floor tile, but in wide open America such pricing is an act of war.
Add to this rock stupid high phone, cable, and internet prices and Americans get totally tapped out, the only "good deal" in America is food, and with much of it now GMO who would want it? Lots of the world has banned it!

BOOM: If Maduro is an evil dictator who can't manage power, why did Suriname lose all it's power too?

ANSWER: It was fed by Guri! Almost the entire nation of Suriname was also fed by Guri, Venezuela was providing their power. This has never been mentioned by the MSM EVER. Why is Suriname not in the news with babies dying in incubators, a victim of an evil leadership? The exact same internet map provided by Oracle quoted below to show how much of Venezuela's power has been restored captured the same power outage in Suriname at the same time. None of the power Venezuela was providing Suriname is being restored yet, Maduro is taking care of Venezuela first. Take a look at both maps. There is a LOT more to this story than we are being told.

If Suriname was getting 75 percent of it's power from Venezuela, and Venezuela was such an unreliable crap provider, Why did the media never mention outages in Suriname over all these years? YOU GUESS.

Hint: it has something to do with oil.


As of 10:55 PM CST, Venezuela's power is 69.1 percent restored (up from 16.8 percent yesterday, ) when the Stuxnet virus guys were busted at Guri, subsequently triggering the U.S. to claim Venezuela has started anonymous and unjustified detentions of Americans which was used as a reason to announce removal of American embassy workers which would "allow more options" for the U.S. to "deal with the evil dictator Maduro". A fool could see what that means, cruise missiles are next.

The data is provided by Oracle, so it's not Maduro puffing B.S. As soon as the Stuxnet brothers were busted, Venezuela's electrical problems steadily rose from approximately 18 percent power to 69.1 percent power within a day as shown by this internet access map, which proves 69.1 percent of Venezuelans are back online. That can't happen without electricity.

Problems will continue as drones continue to drop conductive strands into substations to blow them up. This game is not over yet, but at least the virus problem has been confirmed, and obviously handled. There's no way the bust of two American stux spooks and restoration of power was coincidence!

If a virus shut it all down without damaging a whole lot, Venezuela will probably get up to about 85 percent power over the next couple days because it is apparent drones and other saboteurs have done a lot of damage to substations and transformers, it won't all come back up quickly.
My guess is that most of the substation explosions are going to be repairable, it all depends upon where a conductive strand got an arc established from and to. If all it did was blow the top off insulators and eat small transformers, that's an easy fix. If it actually ate a giant 50+ megawatt transformer, that's not so easy and will take a year or so. All such events are so bright you can't really tell what actually happened. But I'd bet that if left alone Venezuela could probably get power back up to about 95 percent restored in about 2 weeks. Many of the substations have more transformers available than they actually needed. Rolling blackout time for some areas. Better by a whole lot than no power at all.
Watch that Oracle map for updates on Venezuela's power situation, it is probably the most reliable reference there is.
There's a solid chance the power failure attack failed. Venezuela was definitely hurt by it, but not badly enough. If the U.S. got what it wanted out of this, it would not be calling the embassy workers home, obviously the war hawks know they lost the power battle and will now proceed in a different way.

Remember when I said drones as small as a DJI phantom can wipe out electrical lines and transformers?

There is a video that likely shows that happening in Venezuela.

As it turns out, Venezuela's transformer and power line explosions are likely to be exactly that. There is video where it appears obvious a drone is dropping conductive strands onto Venezuela's power lines, in the hope of getting a self sustaining arc going. There is video of this happening down the page a ways on this Twitter. The guy who posted the video assumed it was too much voltage doing this, but it is clearly not, the sparks are being caused by conductive strands being dropped. A real over voltage arc would happen in one spot only, and be absolutely immense, not the sparklers all over the place the video is showing.
This appears to be something dropping conductive strands on the power lines, in the hopes of getting a welding arc going. If such an arc is successfully started, it is pretty much game over, everything will get cooked.
Most likely, this is exactly how the substations are being torched off - drones are dropping these strands, which were well spoken about during the gulf war, for taking out substations. Once an arc gets going, there's no stopping it until it burns everything up. It is lucky circumstance that someone captured video of such an attack underway (unsuccessfully) being done, it failed to cause the lines to blow up in this case. However, this video proves foul play in the manner I described, there's no question whatsoever that the substations are being destroyed as an act of war.
So if the virus does not do it, the drones and conductive strands will be used.

Venezuela's power has fallen back down to this morning's levels, which were equal to what Guri could produce before it was updated in 2010.

So obviously, the 1980's vintage stuff is working normally, while the stuxnet compatible stuff keeps getting attacked.

Not a wise move with China no doubt knocking to get in to help fix this. What would China do with effectively captured Stuxnet code?

Probably following orders, Oracle took Suriname off their global incident map

This is because their incident map proves Venezuela was giving Suriname over 75 percent of it's power, and that Suriname is impacted as hard as Venezuela is by America's cyber attack. That did not "feel good" for a disinfo clown, so Suriname is now off the map. Don't worry, I have the link which proves it all HERE so you can see what is going on there.

HEADS UP: A NEW ATTACK ON VENEZUELA IS UNDERWAY, AND THEIR POWER MAY GO OUT AGAIN. I am just sitting here waiting for it to happen.

Too bad all their refrigerated food is rotten, so getting the power back for the better part of a day at this point obviously did not help them much.

The new attacks commenced when Venezuela's oil ports opened up again and began filling tankers. Coincidence? What is that?

At least all the phones and flashlights got charged, along with car batteries I am sure.

OK, That was Jim's post from two days ago, and yes, he is right about the fact that not only did Venezuela lose power, but neighboring Suriname as well....  The fact that Surimame was knocked out of power should have everyone realizing that it was indeed an intentional assault on the Giri facility, and that these criminals do not give a crap about how many people, or nations, are affected by their actions...

And yes, the fact that Suriname was indeed without power as well as Venexuela was not reported anywhere in the Jew spew media at all!  Surprise, surprise....

And here is Jim's report from just the other day in another update:

Maduro is hoaxing full power restoration

There's no way all power could be restored in Venezuela after all those electrical explosions, and via the trace map, I'd say a random number between 80 and 90 percent is restored. Not bad, considering how bad the attack was and Maduro ought not play "kim jong" by spewing B.S. about a 100 percent recovery when the U.S. and any other nation of significance including allies of Venezuela can look at the entire country from space in real time.
I will declare Guri 100 percent up and running when Suriname gets switched back on. For as long as Suriname is sitting at 25 percent power, there's no reason to say Venezuela got it all back. Above 80 percent restored such a short time after busting virus planting saboteurs is bragging rights, there's no reason to lie and say it is more than it is.
Update: It did become meaningful to post Suriname's data, because they keep removing it from the incident map by falsely reporting it has zero problems (probably because the truth about this has been revealed). I'll get to that later. Yes, oracle will bow down to the deep state and bury data. Too late, I have it.
Suriname was suddenly put back on the global incident map. I have their data captured in case it becomes meaningful to post it.

I will say that yes, Maduro did tell the Venezuelan people and the Jew spew media reporters from around the world that power in Venezuela had been restored... But the facts are that the power was still in the proces of being restored... And again, yes, when Suriname gets its power back on THEN at that point we can be assured that the damage done to Giri would have been fixed...

And lo and behold, but later that same day comes the following report from Jim Stone:

It appears Venezuela switched Suriname back on

Now it is possible to say the permanent damage to Venezuela amounts to approximately 15 percent of total electrical infrastructure. This will come back slowly over months.



The conductive strand trick is now approximately 15 years old. The U.S. started doing this to Iraq at around the time of "shock and awe".

OK,Now we can see the progression towards full power restoral is moving along nicely with power now restored to neighboring Suriname.....

But of course the US is now taking this power grid attack one step further by using drones to drop conductive filament strands across power lines in Venezuela to cause them to spark and shut down local generation substations along the lines.... That is of course another nefarious action by the US Government....

And here is another subsequent report from yesterday from Jim:

Study Venezuela

We are clearly seeing a new form of warfare. Study Venezuela and remember, because when the same group wrecking Venezuela tries this in the U.S. it will be helpful to have learned from this. What we are seeing in Venezuela is a combination of virus attacks, small drone attacks where the drones are not shooting or dropping bombs, combined with on the ground saboteurs.

They educated us with Venezuela

I think it is foolish for whoever is doing this to Venezuela to do it, because they are showing Americans the exact same guerrilla tactics that can be used against THEM, - like - All across America there are fuse disconnects on large power transmission lines that are only locked with a padlock, and a simple pair of bolt cutters will get rid of those locks and pull of a handle can knock power out to millions and such things are right out in the great wide open, not secured AT ALL. And it would not damage anything but it would take hours before anyone figured out what happened. Tons of substations are only protected by hurricane fence, and to wipe out a transformer, all you have to do is cut the fence and remove large plugs that are at the bottoms of all the large transformers to drain the oil which acts as an insulator, and they'll blow up without it . . . . . remove one of the plugs and RUN. . . . .this is the kind of crap they are doing in Venezuela, LEARN FROM IT, it will be useful in a civil war.
Stupid stupid morons teaching everyone how to kick their asses on their own home turf. Just to steal a nation's oil.

I agree with Jim that people in the US so badly need to be proper educated about what is really happening in Venezuela, for what has happened in that nation is coming to the US eventually!

And later yesterday comes this report from Jim about how it has not only been the hydro-electric stations that have been under attack by the US, but apparently they have been attacking the oil storage facilities along the Caribbean coast of Venezuela as well:

SURPRISE SURPRISE: Oil refineries in Venezuela are now exploding

Also, in at least one district, during the mayhem saboteurs connected oil lines to water lines so when the water came back on the entire water system got wrecked.
There's a saboteur based war going on in Venezuela. A coward's war. Someone is not brave enough to send cruise missiles so they are pulling other B.S.
Fact: Power outages do not mysteriously put oil in water lines at 100 percent concentration! A little skiff of oil might be believable from back flow after the lines lost pressure in a country full of oil but there's no way pure black crude would come out at full pressure instead of water. But trolls are hitting multiple forums and blogs, saying yep, it can, because "Venezuela is so incompetent under Maduro that this really can happen and the country needs a NWO jack boot savior! Maduro ripped the brains out of everyone, he's so bad that suddenly overnight everyone got stupid and can't tell the difference between an oil line or a water line, or an on/off button on a generator."

This is absolutely heinous, and shows how the US is still mounting TERRORIST attacks against Venezuela's infrastructure...

And late last night, came this follow up from Jim:

Most likely Venezuela is being attacked from space now.

100 percent of ALL substations in the state of Zulia and city of Maricaibo simultaneously exploded and burst into flames. Such timing is not possible, either these are now coordinated ground attacks, cruise missile attacks or these substations are being nailed by lasers from space. Once a laser cuts into one of these transformers even a little, it's kablooey. The only problem with lasers is one would think they'd be visible.
One way or another however, this is a clear and obvious war. Someone is destroying these substations no ifs or buts, "lack of maintenance" can't hit this kind of destruction schedule. All this stuff was working fine before the blackout, why would all of it blow up now?

THIS IS ALL THE WORK OF GUAIDO. There's no way Maduro would do it, which leaves ONLY GUAIDO.

Do you want someone who will destroy your country to become your president? It's as simple as that.

I for one am not yet sold on the idea of laser based weapons in Earth orbit causing the substations to blow up.... But I do agree with the facts that these attacks are all being done for the insane notion that they will somehow benefit that heinous "Random" Guaido, who has since the attacks on Venezuela's infrastructure, been attacking Maduro claiming that the infrastructure damage has been caused by the President's mishandling and corruption!  BUT the people of Venezuela are NOT this stupid, for they can easily see that these attacks have been orchestrated by the US and aimed at trying to get the people of Venezuela to somehow turn away from Maduro... However thanks to the logic of the Venezuelan people, these attacks have in fact galvanized the people into a firm support of President Maduro.... Basically it means that these vain and stupid infrastructure attacks have backfired on the US Government!

And today, I started to read up on further reports about that heinous Guaido, and on what exactly that criminal would do to Venezuela once he "attains" power through the criminal actions of the United States.... And according to the following link to a report from the Blacklisted News website, the criminal
Random Guaido is definitely going to "privatize" Venezuela's massive Petroleum wealth as one of his first orders of business if he ever becomes Venezuela's President!  Here is that link here:

Honestly, I knew that was coming... Privatization my ass... What the criminal Guaido would do once in power would be to hand over ALL of Venezuela's massive oil wealth to the greedy bastard American corporations... Such action would be a detriment to the Venezuelan people who would suddenly see their wealth stolen from them!

Yes, things are definitely changing on a daily basis in Venezuela..... I am still hoping that the US would not be fool hardy enough to invade Venezuela and possibly trigger a war against not only that nation, but Russia and China that are definitely wanting to see their own interests protected... But the American government is hell bent on grabbing Venezuela's oil (and Gold) wealth, and they obviously do not give a damn about how their actions could indeed not only trigger a massive civil war in Venezuela, but a global war as well...

More to come


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