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Christchurch Mosque False Flag Incident: What Are They Trying To Hide? Out Of All The Violent Videos On The Internet, Possession Of NZ Shooting Video Can Get You 10 Years In Prison!

I have looked at the official New Zealand shooter's video now at least 5 times since yesterday, and what I see is an operation that is almost laughable..... There are so many things WRONG with what we see in that video that absolutely BLOWS HUGE HOLES in the entire "official" report on the Christchurch Mosque "massacre"..... I will also state that since watching that video over very carefully I can state here clearly that not only was it a set up and a preplanned operation, but that everything that we have seen from the bullshit Jew spew media about this "shooting" is absolutely a lie!

I am like everyone else now... Wondering what in the fuck makes the crooked government in Wellington New Zealand get off on the sick idea that they can send out their criminal thought police and arrest anyone living in that formerly free nation that has possession of the Christchurch shooting video be charged with at least 10 years PRISON TIME for that possession?   Honestly has the New Zealand government gone insane?  Or is there something more sinister afoot here, and I would say yes to this for if the general public in New Zealand actually sat down and watched that video for themselves, they would see that the "shooting" was a SCAM!!!!!

In fact, there are so many out there in the real truth movement that are just as puzzled as I am by the atrocious move by the criminal New Zealand government of gangsters to imprison people for simply watching and/or possessing a video!   I want to present right here the link to a fabulous report that comes from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, who writes his blog, Natural News, at www.naturalnews.com..... This is a must see report by everyone, and I do have further thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes:  I absolutely 100% agree with Mike Adams on this one...We have seen the bullshit "head chopping" videos for years now that filled the internet from the US run ISIS fraud "terrorist" group, and you do not see governments coming out and threatening jail time for possession of those, right???

I am a truth seeker, and I have no fear now in presenting the link to that so called "infamous" New Zealand "shooter" video right here that still exists via bitchute.... Here is that link for those who want to see the truth about this fraud shooting for themselves:


Again, I am NOT acting in defiance of any government here.... I am presenting this link under the terms of freedom of speech and freedom of information, and I do EMPLORE that everyone that can view it, watch it for themselves before it disappears... There is no "gory" or 'scary' parts in this video at all, and in fact some of the parts of the shooting are almost comical!  **PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO LINK EVERYONE, AND SEE THE TRUTH FOR YOURSELVES!**

I will state it here clearly that if Blogger demands I take the link to the video down, I will do as ordered.. Until then, I will leave the link up as long as Bitchute itself does not remove it!

Again, I have carefully gone over that video now since yesterday with a "fine tooth comb" and I found so many TERRIBLE inconsistencies that show that it is indeed a fraud.... The biggest giveaway to this "shooting" being a fraud is how the supposed 'victims' in that mosque as the shooting commences are all lying on the floor trying to act "already dead" as the shooter enters the main prayer chamber...... As if victims act that way in a real shooting!.....THAT alone more than anything else that is wrong with this video shows that it is indeed a fraud!

Here in fact is a growing list of what is wrong with this shooting video....

Here's the list so far of inconsistencies in chronological order.

1) When he walks to the mosque, people see him, but he doesn't choose to shoot them. Especially the one getting in the car in the mosque car park.

2) The two men at the door that are shot, do not show any damage, even though they were shot with a shotgun at point blank range.

3) The AR-15 gun (A) used in the mosque gun's sound, compare with the 2nd AR-15 gun (B) later in the video.

4) Gun A does not register any effects on where the gun is firing: no body movement, no bullet holes, no blood, especially on the shooter.

5) Notice stacking of bodies in the corners (all wearing socks), even before he started shooting them. Is it natural for everyone to do this when you hear gun fire? The other corner stack of people no socks or shoes all white feet, no black people.

6) Theory: Gun A is firing blanks. Maybe firing at crisis actors. Which is why the shooter didn't shoot in point 1)

I have so much more to add to this list...

(7) The supposed victim that was in the gutter (how did that victim even get there) is shot at point blank range and you see NO blood or NO brain splattering.. That would be impossible if that was a real person... I am looking at the use of mannequins and dummies all over this video and NOT real people!

(8) Shooter raises gun in moving vehicle as he drives away from first mosque and you can hear a shot going off and yet the front windshield or dashboard is NOT hit (!)... This shows the use of BLANKS in a lot of the firings from his gun!   Notice though that he fires off several rounds and after the third or fourth fired at the passenger side window, it suddenly shatters.... Either the prop window did not explode on cue previously to that one shot, or he finally realized that he needed to stop firing blanks from that one gun (note #6 above) and load a real round that would blow out the window.... Big oops here....

(9) And one thing that I found disturbing all through this "shooting"... The acoustics are all wrong.... This is supposed to be an AR15 gun and from videos that I have watched of this gun firing, it can be on the loud side.  And yet in many parts of the video, you see the flashing gun, the sputter of the gun "firing" and yet the acoustics especially with the sound that should be bouncing off the walls of the corridors as the shooter is firing, are so strangely quiet!  This may be a minor issue, but to me it seems huge in the entire scenario we are watching....

(10) And as I said in a few previous articles... What about the gun casings as the cartridges are flung out from the gun as it is being fired?  In some scenes the casings almost magically "disappear" meaning that the video of the gun as it was being shot itself was being manipulated and the side effect was to have the cartridges magically vanish..... Several other astute researchers found this same problem, and this is a huge "hmmmmmmm...."

Readers can send me their own perspectives about this video through my comment section, and I will add to this list accordingly...

The bottom line is this.... This shooting is as phoney as a $3 bill.... This was indeed a set up and that video is a piss poor attempt to pass this shooting off as somehow being the real thing... And therefore it is NO wonder the New Zealand criminal crooked government wants it buried, for it shows the reality of the entire shooting being a fraud and would expose their own government's part in this charade!

And for my readers in New Zealand... If you do not stand firm and go after your government for this lie, then you are truly FUCKED!  Take a stand against tyranny!

More to come


*Important update: Even some of those in the real truth movement that thought this was a real shooting eventually do come around to the truth...Here for example is the latest from Jim Stone over at his website at www.jimstone.is:


Too many other credible sources confirmed what I thought. You can see the shell casings flying out of the gun and hit a wall, but it is as if they vanish into the wall, they never hit the ground afterward. There are clear details on the ground that are much larger than a shell casing, and it cannot be explained how the shell casings simply disappeared other than that the entire video was hoaxed with an AI, that was not programmed to realize it had to generate the casings on the ground laying still after they fell. It only calculated the frames where the casings were still moving away from the gun.

Remember, all along I have stated they have something to hide in that shooting video because if they did not, it would not be banned everywhere or a crime to have it. The vanishing brass is obviously it, it proves Christchurch was BULLSHIT.

I was extremely careful before posting this, as you can see by reading down the page. I suspected a hoax but it was such a sensitive issue I did not want to go there. However, now it is clear it was a hoax and if the video re-surfaces where you can see the casings on the sidewalk, THAT will be a hoax, because in the original videos they missed that!Ok, so now with Christchurch we have: A hoax video set up by intelligence agencies (predominantly Britain) with a Jewish actor who's mug is everywhere but has his face blanked out in court (GEE, WHY?) because he's in Israel now as some have speculated and they don't want people to realize the court case is a sham where the guy who "did it" is not even there.
Add to this that they are banning the video everywhere because there is not enough (if any) blood, plus there is a pre-scene crisis act video where someone who is "shot" is texting while looking comfortable and another guy is eating a snicker bar (as if THAT would happen right after a shooting) and then vanishing brass? Stupid. They F***ED this up but want all the gun ban and hatred towards whites mileage they can possibly get out of it so BAN THE VIDEO.
OK, there. I said it. And this time around I was so shocked by it all that I kept my mouth shut early on, rather than dig this and say it like it is. I also had major doubts about one of the web sites that was a source of some of the info, but so much came in from elsewhere on other topics that I am going to have to go along with "A Jewish actor was the main shooter" because when the shooter's face is blanked out in court there HAS TO be a reason - he's not there at all and only Israel would cover it all up for him and have a place waiting. He'll lay low with "five swimming pools and a lake" for a few months, and then vanish into Argentina with a totally new identity.

So there. I said it.

New Zealand is pissed at Erdogan

Erdogan keeps sharing and airing the Christchurch shooting, and doing so can land you in jail in New Zealand, and will put you on an FBI watch list anywhere. But Erdogan is calling B.S. to the censorship and keeps reposting it, with the following comment:
"If you come in peace, fine, if not, you will be sent back in COFFINS the way your forefathers were dispatched after the Gallipoli Battle of WW1."
People are forgetting a key issue here: The video should not be banned anywhere, and ridiculing people who re-post it and jailing them on top of it pretty much proves that whoever is banning it has something to hide, something BIG to hide and you can't expect Erdogan, who may well be illiterate about conspiracies, to figure that out. He's just continuously posting it because he thinks Muslims got attacked.  True or not, this is a fact that can't be denied: IF ANYONE WANTS TO ANALYZE THAT VIDEO, THERE IS A NATIONAL PRESIDENT WHO WON'T LET IT DIE, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOUTRIBE, JOOGLE AND THE SCAMMING MSM WANTS IT BANNED. IF THEY ARE BANNING THIS VIDEO, THERE'S SOMETHING IN IT THAT HURTS THEM, MOST LIKELY A SECRET OR ERROR THEY DON'T WANT DISCOVERED.
I already know what is wrong with that video but in this case am taking a back seat because I can't find the final back truth about a Jew being the shooter, about crisis actors being set up, and about it having widespread intelligence agency support. I sure think it does, but I can't prove it so I am going to sit this one out.  BIG NEWS: Erdogan won't let it die. Even if he is wrong about the reasons, that SCREWS the Jewish censors, and my big question is WHY ARE THE JEWS CENSORING THIS? Call me an anti semite all you want, but the proof is on the table, THEY ARE. WHY?

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