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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Is A Lying Sack Of Sh**: Transcript Of His Statement To The Canadian People About The SNC Lavalin Affair, And My Take On It!

The SNC Lavalin Affair in Canada is NOT going away any time soon....Evidence presented by the former Canadian Attourney-General, Judy Wilson- Raybould, from a few days ago pointed the finger squarely at the crookedness of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and her testimony basically showed clear evidence that Justin himself asked her to basically make sure that SNC Lavalin was not implicated in any wrong doing for not only his own neck that was deep in the scandals behind this entire affair, but to also protect the estimated 9000 jobs in the province of Quebec along with the voters in Quebec that Justin so desperately needs to try to assure his "re-election" in this coming October Federal Election...

However, over the last day we had the Prime Minister's "personal secretary" Gerald Butts along with the "Clerk Of The Privy Council" the heinous Michael Wernick, testify that Wilson-Raybould was somehow "wrong" in her testimony and gave conflicting reports that contradicted Wilson-Raybould's testimonies... Obviously someone is lying their asses off, and common sense would say that both Butts and Wernick are indeed the culprits and have been very possibly paid off to try to throw Wilson -Raybould "under the bus" and to protect Trudeau's involvement in the entire sickening affair.....

But of course, everyone has been awaiting any word coming out of Prime Minister Trudeau's own mouth about this entire affair, and the silence has been definitely deafening for the last few weeks.... We can all safely assume that Justin was being heavily coached and his speech writers were working on spinning the entire affair to protect him from prosecution.... And apparently the wait was finally over this morning, when Justin Trudeau went up on the podium on Parliament Hill on Ottawa in a most definitely prepared speech to talk to the Canadian public about his "involvement" in the entire SNC Lavalin scandal....

Well, right now I do want to present the entire transcript of Justin Trudeau's prepared speech to the Canadian public from this morning right here for all to see for themselves, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Good morning everyone, thank you for joining us at this early morning press conference. As you know I have to be in Iqaluit in a few hours. I know you’ve all been wanting to hear from me directly on the SNC-Lavalin issue. I have taken time to review the testimony, to reflect on what has happened over the past months, and on what our next steps should be.
(in French, translation) I would like to give you an update, based on what I have heard in the testimony. As you know, I met with Jody Wilson-Raybould and the clerk of the Privy Council on September 17th. During these meetings, I raised the SNC-Lavalin file. And as you heard, I reaffirmed that a decision was up to the AG to make. Yes, I did mention that I was the member for Papineau and I had the great honour to represent Papineau and I have done this for more than 10 years. I care about the families, workers and students in my riding. But this comment wasn’t partisan in nature.
It is our job as parliamentarians to defend the interests of the communities we were elected to represent. To be the voice of those communities in Ottawa. I stressed the importance of protecting Canadian jobs and re-iterated that this issue was one of significant national importance. Ms. Wilson-Raybould left that meeting, saying that she would speak with her Deputy Minister and the Clerk about this matter but that the decision was hers alone.
In the months that followed that meeting, I asked my staff to follow up regarding Ms. Wilson-Raybould’s final decision. I realize now that in addition, I should have done so personally, given the importance of this issue and the jobs that were on the line. In recent days I have reviewed the testimony from the Justice Committee, including that given by Ms. Wilson-Raybould, Gerald Butts, the clerk of the Privy Council and the deputy minister of Justice and deputy attorney general, recalling various interactions.
Each of these interactions was a conversation among colleagues about how to tackle a challenging issue. Each came at a time when my staff and I believed that the former Minister of Justice and attorney general was open to considering other aspects of the public interest. However, I now understand that she saw it differently.
What has become clear through the various testimonies is that over the past months there was an erosion of trust between my office, and specifically my former principal secretary and the former Minister of Justice and attorney general. I was not aware of that erosion of trust. As Prime Minister and leader of the federal ministry, I should have been.

(in French, translation) After several witnesses appeared it has become clear over the past few months that confidence has eroded between my office, my former principal secretary and the former AG. I was not aware of this erosion of trust and as Prime Minister and head of the cabinet, I should have been aware of it.
Many people have been sharing their advice, perspectives and experience with me over these past weeks. What is clear is that there are many different styles of and approaches to leadership. There’s one theory that the most effective leaders are adversarial and almost tough to a fault. That’s not what I believe.
I believe that real leadership is about listening, learning and compassion. It’s about the push and pull of robust discourse and honest debate. It’s about transparency and accountability. One of the things central to my leadership is fostering an environment where my ministers, caucus and staff feel comfortable coming to me when they have concerns.
Indeed, I expect them to do so. In Ms. Wilson-Raybould’s case, she did not come to me, and I wish she had. Because, if it’s a real relationship and we truly are a team, we can always acknowledge when we need to make adjustments. Things won’t always be perfect, but there should remain a constant level of openness and dialogue. And that dialogue is crucial on a file as important as justice.
I’m not going to surprise anyone when I say my father and me had different leadership styles. But I can also tell you that the files that were closest to his heart are also for me. And one is the justice file. I was immensely pleased to discover that the new Prime Minister’s Office in the West Block is an office that was occupied by my father when he was minister of justice. And throughout his career he was dedicated to that principle of justice—the just society, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms—and his approach of justice and fairness infused everything he did and certainly was something that he raised me with.
So, as I look at the different departments and responsibilities and things that a government must do, the justice file has always been one of particular importance and interest to me. It’s always been very close to my heart and the work we have done over the past few years on justice has been very important to me: the reconciliation files, the medically assisted dying file, the cannabis and pardon files—these principles of justice are fundamental for me, in terms of who we are as a country and who we want to be as a society.
I’ve spent my entire political career fighting for justice, and for people. Social justice. Protecting Canadian jobs. Since I started politics, I’ve always worked to the best of my abilities to represent people faithfully. The SNC-Lavalin file was no exception to this rule.
SNC-Lavalin is a company that employs 9,000 Canadians across this country. They create many thousands of spinoff jobs and peripheral industries. They directly or indirectly put food on the table for countless families as one of Canada’s major employers. They are also a company facing serious criminal charges.
The context is a tough one, with potential job losses in the thousands. These are the types of situations that make governing a challenge. And when there’s an erosion of trust within the people involved, it further complicates what is already a difficult decision for the attorney general.
This has been a tough few weeks. Canadians expect and deserve to have faith in their institutions and the people who act within them. Almost every day as Prime Minister I learn new things. So I can tell you without a doubt that I have taken and will continue to take many lessons from these recent days and weeks.
We will be seeking external expert opinions on a number of things as they relate to the set of issues raised over the past few weeks. This includes the dual role of the minister of justice and the attorney general as well as the operating policies and practices across cabinet, the public service and political staff as they relate specifically to judicial matters but also more general.
Ultimately, I believe our government will be stronger for having wrestled with these issues.
This morning I’m headed north to Iqaluit to deliver an official apology for the federal government’s management of tuberculosis in the north in the 1940s to 1960s and the harms this created in Inuit communities. This is an important day and this apology will be another defining moment along the road to reconciliation.
Our government has said from the very beginning that there is no relationship more important to us than the one we share with Indigenous peoples. That remains true and we will work hard to advance reconciliation each and every day.
On Friday I’ll be in Toronto marking International Women’s Day with incredible young leaders. I plan to listen and learn from their lived experiences as we talk about how we can work together to deliver true gender equality in this country and around the world.
(in French, translation) And next week and the other weeks that will follow my government and the Liberal team will focus on the mission that Canadians electors gave us, building a strong economy, attracting better jobs and creating better opportunities for middle class Canadians. After all, we are here for that.
Thank for being with us this morning.

NTS Notes: Honestly, WHAT A LYING SACK OF SHIT....

I heard the speech and read this entire transcript over several times, and all I can say is that this is definitely a well prepared answer by Justin's spin doctors and is nothing but a pack of lies.....

Justin Trudeau is basically trying to protect his sorry ass by pleading ignorance to the entire affair.... I honestly had expected so much more coming out of his mouth rather than trying to claim that he had no idea about what was going on and claiming that he was basically kept in the dark about the entire scandal.....

And of course he is now throwing Judy Wilson Raybould under the bus as well by claiming that she did not even come to him with the knowledge that she had about what was happening with SNC Lavalin, which of course is a crock of shit.....

Yes, readers, this is nothing but political spin... Trudeau is trying to save his sorry ass from being found guilty of his involvement in the crooked dealings of SNC Lavalin, and absolutely should be investigated, questioned and prosecuted by the RCMP in Canada for his crooked involvement....

The bottom line is this.... This "statement" put forward by this lying sack of shit is indeed a vain attempt to protect his job as Prime Minister.... But the facts are that he is responsible as Prime Minster to know exactly what his own government is doing, and if he does not then he is unfit to sit in Parliament period and should resign immediately...

There is still so much to come in terms of this scandal, and I will be following up this report with more when they become available...Stay tuned...

More to come


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greencrow said...


Thanks for posting about Trudeau's speech this morning. As per usual, I could bring myself to listening and watching someone in power "Lie to my face" directly, and so rely on those with stronger stomachs to watch and listen. It was more weasel words.

So much came out yesterday in the questions put to Butts and Wernick by the opposition members of the Justice Committee. The truth is that the lawyer "Lynch" for SNC Lavalin was lobbying directly to Wernick. Lynch made a phone call to Wernick during the time in question. This is such clear evidence of deep corruption that, even if Jody Wilson Raybould never does another thing in politics, she will have done a deep service to Canada by tearing the lid off this nation-destroying corruption.

Trudeau's appointment of a First Nations to the Justice Portfolio was a historic moment in the reconciliation of First Nations with Canada. Trudeau should have known that he and his henchmen COULD NOT DO BUSINESS AS USUAL with Jody. The trust was vulnerable and could be easily destroyed...which it was by the backroom boyz. Now, instead of moving forward, Trudeau has set the whole indigenous matter back significantly. Now, he's going to go and apologize to the Inuit. He thinks mouthing words is sufficient. As per his training...he's just an actor.