Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Canadian Idiot Prime Minister Has To Go: Updates On Situation In SNC Lavalin Scandal- Throwing Out The Baby To Save The Bathwater!

I have been watching the circus happening in the United States over the last while in regards to criminal US President Donald Drumpf and how his enemies have been still trying to pin the fraud "Russia Gate" fiasco on him.... It is so ridiculous that now some 2 years into his tenure that the criminal so called "Democrats" are still out there trying to find something on him, but are failing so miserably.... .But honestly, Drumpf is still a Jewish butt kisser and I picture the entire American political fiasco as pure fluff and a distraction to keep the gullible Americans focused on pure garbage rather than how their national economy is failing along with the American leadership involved in illegal wars for Israel...

Yes, the American circus is bad enough... But what is happening in Canada right now with our idiot and moronic Prime Minister Justin Trudeau trying so desperately to hang onto power, even with his criminal involvement in the SNC Lavalin debacle, is just as sickening and makes this nation's leadership look like a laughing stock!  The facts are now out for all Canadians to see that Justin did indeed interfere with SNC Lavalin just to protect jobs (and votes) in Quebec, and the man should be either forced out of office immediately or do the right thing and RESIGN!

To help bring everyone up to speed on where the SNC Lavalin affair stands as of today, I do want to present the following very important article that comes courtesy of my fellow Canadian truth seeker,  Greencrow, who hails from the wild region of southern British Columbia... Her blog is called 'Greencrow As The Crow Flies' and can be reached at www.greencrowasthecrowflies.blogspot.ca....   Here is Greencrow's article on the sad SNC Lavalin scandal, entitled "Throwing Out The Baby To SAVE The Bathwater: Trudeau SNC Scandal Update", for everyone to see right here, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Throwing Out the Baby to SAVE the Bathwater: Trudeau SNC Scandal Update

Another day and another twist in the ongoing saga/strategy of the globalist neocon perps efforts to provide a "fresh face" for the voters prior to the Fall (s)election.  For readers just tuning into this Regime Change Drama, I will provide links to the previous episodes.  Please refer to the following list of Parts to the Drama and I will have more comments to follow:

Canadian Regime Change Crisis
 A Tragicomedy in Many Parts
 - by greencrow
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Part Two - February 12, 2019 - Political Newbie finds out What Happens when you Play Politics With the Big Boyz

Part Three - February 15, 2019  - Under Pressure

Part Four - February 19, 2019   - Canadian Regime Change Update: Trudeau's Principal Secretary Falls On His Sword

Part Five - February 21, 2019  - Top Canadian Bureaucrat, formerly unknown outside of Ottawa, reveals himself to be the Pimple on Canada's Ass

Part Six - February 28 2019 - Canadian Regime Change Crisis: A Tragicomedy in Many Parts 

Part Seven - March 1, 2019 Speaking Truth to Power: The Trudeau Scandal 

Part Eight - March 3, 201-  Huawei CEO Meng Wangzhou sues Feds for "Violating her Constitutional Rights" 

Part Nine:  March 4, 2019  Two More Body Blows - CawRANT #73


Greencrow says:  I see in today's CBC analysis that the Trudeau strategists, in desperation, are considering showing some evidence of contrition for failings on Trudeau's part. Well, I said they would do this way back say about Part Four, didn't I?  I said Trudeau would eventually apologize for "not being aware" of the nefariousness of his staff...say, Gerry Butts, for example.  That's SOP for these kinds of flailings about.

The one thing I keep emphasizing is not to lose sight of the big picture of what's going on here in the myriad of details and distractions.  This is a long-strategized game play to get rid of the "brand" (i.e., Trudeau) WITHOUT GETTING  RID OF THE SUBSTANCE/AGENDA.

In other words, they want to throw out the baby but keep the[Sorosian] bathwater.  This turbid and stench-ridden bathwater has already done irredeemable harm to Canada at home and abroad--with their support of the criminal policies of violence and anti-democratic subversion [as just two examples] in Ukraine and Venezuela.  They love the way Canada has so far willingly handed over all its sovereignty and all its judicial/constitutional integrity, culture and values....for what?!  NOTHING!  They will fight like hell to prevent any reversal of this destruction!!!!

What they probably want is for Trudeau to disappear to be replaced by Nazi Freeland.  Canadians as a majority hate the woman...hey, but when did that ever matter?  They want to shoehorn Freeland into place as "Acting Prime Minister" before Opposition Leader Andrew [Can't Travel to Russia] Scheer gains any serious traction with his calls to Trudeau to resign.  When Readers see Freeland named as acting PM...you will know we are finished as a nation.  Stay tuned.

Top Most Arrogant Trudeau Moments

NTS Notes: I agree with Greencrow on the fact that Trudeau has to go... He has become unelectable and is now a burden on the "Liberal Party" of Canada....

I too am worried about who these idiots would select to replace Justin if he is forced out of the office of Prime Minister... That Chrystia Freeland is so heinous and evil that if they are stupid enough to actually consider that Jewish creature as the replacement for outgoing Justin, then we are in for a rougher time in Canada than when Justin was in control.... Everyone here in Canada must remember that she is the insane Jewish bitch that worked (and is still working..) to get Canada to spearhead that fraud "regime change" in Venezuela... That is the prime example of how truly evil she really is!

And sadly, I have to agree with Greencrow that the opposition leader in the Conservative party in Canada, Andrew Scheer, is barely electable (by design?).... And the New Democratic Party?  Forget that, for those morons that run that group have not a clue how to run a party let alone run a nation... Basically this leaves nobody of any stature in all three major political parties in Canada to choose from come this October's Federal Elections..... Canada is therefore in serious trouble with no one coming forward to show true leadership for this nation that so desperately needs that leadership....

But the facts are still the same.... Trudeau has to go, for he is not like his father, Pierre Eliot, and has not a clue how to run this nation and thanks to the SNC Lavalin scandal has blackened his mark on Canadian history forever.....

More to come


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greencrow said...


Thanks for posting the link. You say...

"...Basically this leaves nobody of any stature in all three major political parties in Canada to choose from come this October's Federal Election..."

Ironically, this soap opera HAS revealed someone able to lead Canada--and extricate it from the mess it's in: Jody Wilson-Raybould.

Now, watch for them to try and ruin her reputation so that can't happen. Starting with Gerry Butts in his testimony tomorrow.