Monday, March 18, 2019

Better Late Than Never: Remembering Rachel Corrie - MURDERED 16 Years Ago Standing Up Against Israeli Tyranny!

With all of the reports coming out about that Christchurch mosque "shooting" last Friday that filled much of the "news" over the weekend, one other anniversary was overlooked that I vowed years ago that I would never miss..... Yes, Saturday March 16th marked the 16th anniversary of that fateful day when a very brave American, named Rachel Corrie, stood defiantly in front of an armoured Israeli Bulldozer that was in the process of levelling a doctor's home in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip and was subsequently run over by that bulldozer and crushed to death.....

I for one have made it my own personal goal to remember that brave woman and how she stood defiantly in the face of pure evil, only to have her life snuffed out of her..... I do want to present the following link to an article that comes from the Press And Guide website, at, that is entitled: "Remembering Peace Activist Rachel Corrie" and pays homage to this brave woman.... Here is that link and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

I have also made it my own personal issue to bring forward the following amazing video that I have shown on the anniversary of Rachel's death every year now for the last 1/2 decade... It is entitled: "The Girl With Dreams" and gives a most heartwarming tribute to this brave woman:

NTS Notes:  I again must apologize to my own readers, for I failed this year to honour Rachel properly last Saturday... Again, with all of the news about the Christchurch operation filling the internet as well as the Jew spew media that day, this sad anniversary was missed by yours truly... I will not let this happen again....

I have always said that Rachel never got the true justice that she deserved for this murder by the criminal Israelis..... I have also said that I want to see the day when Palestine is finally free and that they name several streets after this brave young woman who stood defiantly in the face of evil and paid dearly for her actions...

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Jody Paulson said...

Thanks for reminding me, NTS. There are good, brave people in the world and we can't let the hate mongers erase them from our memory.

Penny said...

Yes thanks for reminding us all about Rachel Corrie

Did you watch the Christchurch video?
I won't because it will be too much for me.
But if anyone else wants to, I'm sure they'll appreciate the effort