Monday, March 4, 2019

Baby, Its Cold Outside: Solar Output Dropped Since 2003, Cold Weather The Result

As I said in yesterday's weekend rant... It is indeed fucking cold outside in this part of central Canada... This is now the beginning of March, and usually by this time we begin to see some moderation towards seasonal weather conditions with daily highs approaching the 0 degrees celsius mark..... But this has absolutely been a most abnormal winter that seems to never end.. The daily highs have been an abysmal -15C to -20C range, with overnight lows in the -25C to -30C range... And this cold weather does not seem to want to end, with forecasters stating that it will be "unseasonably cold" for the remainder of this month and well into the beginning of what usually is Spring!

I have been watching as the LIARS in the bullshit "Global Warming" scam are still out there selling their sack of shit lies that the planet is "overheating" and having the NERVE to try to explain this unseasonably cold conditions as being part of the planet "overheating".... I for one am absolutely sick of their bullshit as much as everyone else, for ALL of the evidence shows that the planet is definitely cooling and that this cold winter is just the beginning of what may be long cold winters to come to these parts for the next decade at least....

I found the following article that I definitely want to share with my readers, for it shows a lot of real truths as to what is causing these colder conditions on this planet... For according to the following report from the Investment Watch Blog website, at, apparently solar radiation output from out Sun, Sol, has been dropping steadily since 2003, with the cold conditions that we see now across the planet as the result....Here is that article, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Solar Output Dropped Since 2003, Cold Weather The Result

by Natura Naturans
It seems the sun has dimmed more than the usual amount at the end of solar cycle 24, and it could be a factor in the severe winter we are experiencing in many parts of the northern hemisphere.
What is most interesting is in the PMOD ( Physikalisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium Davos (PMOD) composite ) TSI data, measured by satellites, and endorsed by NOAA, shows a drop of 2 watts per square meter since it’s peak around 2003, to the present in 2019, where in the last month, it has literally dropped like a rock, creating the lowest value in the dataset so far.

Four climate scientists assert (1) the last ~130 years of temperature changes fit “perfectly” into statistical indices of natural variation, and (2) a long-term deep cooling of the Earth system has recently commenced.

NTS Notes: I am not in the least bit shocked at all in the findings presented in this article from Investment Watch Blog...For I have been watching REAL scientific reports for the last decade that have shown conclusively that solar radiation output from Sol has indeed fallen at a steady pace and that fall will continue for the next few years at least....

Again, what is happening is a natural cycle that Sol goes through once every approximately 44 years.. However, this cooling trend is coupled with the fall of the amount of sunspots on Sol along with a shrinkage of its large magnetic field... The last time this occurred was centuries ago and triggered the "Maunder Minimum" that caused the "little ice age" that affected our planet for decades....

We are now watching history repeat itself as we again are entering what may indeed be a new "solar minimum" that will cause devastating consequences for those nations that have stupidly "accepted" the bullshit lies that the planet is somehow overheating...The facts are that nations should be preparing their citizens for a long cold period instead....

I have also seen a lot of articles now coming over the alternative media claiming that we are heading for a new "ice age"..... I am not sold on that notion, for there is no indication that temperatures on this planet will not rebound after this cold cycle within the next few decades..... These cycles are and always have been natural between periods of heat and cold and there is nothing showing that the cold will last long enough to generate said "ice age"....

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