Friday, January 4, 2019

US "Withdrawing" From Syria Appears To Be A Bold Faced Lie After All!

OK... I will state clearly that when I said last week that the US "withdrawing" from Syria would only happen when swine were able to achieve some sense of aerodynamics, it was more than a hunch and a gut feeling by myself... I looked at the facts that the US was demanded by their Jewish masters to go into Syria and have it wrecked for their glorious hell hole called 'Israel' for starters, and I also looked at how much time,money, and effort was spent by the criminal US in building their illegal "bases" across northern Syria and at Al Tanf, as the logical reasons why the US was staying... I therefore looked at the reports that the US was "withdrawing" from Syria as nothing more than pure BULLSHIT and a bluff by the criminal Drumpf regime in Washington DC... Little did I realize at the time that I would be proven right!

Over the last week and a half, I received some comments and some emails claiming that I was WRONG when I stated that the US was never leaving Syria (except by force)... I had some state that I "did not know what I was talking about" and a few of the naysayers were probably laughing at my statements..... I actually did show some doubt as I pointed out in last week's rant, and I was willing to apologize to my readers for my initial statement about no US withdrawal from Syria....BUT as logic would show, I was actually spot on in my early assessments that the US withdrawal was a sham...

Well, just earlier this week we find reports that Drumpf had ordered the 'withdrawal' out of Syria to "slow down" to a snail's pace.... When I saw those reports, I said to myself that Drumpf was up to something and/or that his Jewish controllers were getting to him demanding that he slow the "withdrawal" until they could find an excuse for staying, or create a brand new "false flag" to blame on Syria as to stop the withdrawal all together....

Now, as of today, we find clear evidence that the US is NOT going to withdraw from Syria at all!   For according to the following report, from the Blacklisted News website, at, apparently after Drumpf had a "meeting" with that horrendous snake in the grass Lindsay Graham (and probably a few calls from his masters in Israel), he is now going to "walk back" (slow or grind to a halt) the entire US plans to 'withdraw" from Syria... Here is the link to that report here for all to see for themselves:

I am not sold on the idea that someone "got" to the US President, other than his Jewish controllers and masters.... AND I constantly hear the term "deep state" in regards to who actually controls Washington DC all the time, but the facts are that even this "deep state" is absolutely either the criminal Jewish elite themselves, or they are getting their own marching orders from the Jewish elite...

The facts should be clear that Drumpf is only doing as he is told, being the good Jew butt kisser he is, and is now going to find something to explain to the gullible American people as to WHY he is reversing course on Syria and NOT withdrawing at all..... It will be interesting to see what that excuse is, and whether the American people will swallow its bullshit...

Yes, I will not gloat for the facts that I was right all along and the US is not going to leave Syria unless forced out... And one other real truth seeker, Penny, who hails from the insanity of southern Ontario, was also all over this "withdrawal" bullshit from the beginning and came to the same conclusions that I had that this was a scam....

In fact, Penny has a new article up at her website at "Penny For Your Thoughts" that covers this bullshit withdrawal as well.. Here is the link to her article here:

I will state it clearly here... The US is following their Jewish masters' orders in regards to Syria and is never going to leave unless they are defeated and sent running.... Like the lyrics from the Eagles' hit song "Hotel California" from 1976 states: "You can check out any time you like.. But you can never leave..."

The real sad  part in all this of course is how the Syrian people had so much hope that the US would finally get  the fuck out of their nation... Now the US is going to stick around, and continue to provide their proxies and their bullshit "terrorists" with more guns and ammunition to kill more innocent civilians... The war in Syria is far from over and the worse may still be coming..

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