Friday, January 4, 2019

Sweden's Horrendous Migration Policies Now Pays Dividends: New Report Out Today About Suspected EBOLA Case In Sweden!

I have been stating in every weekend rant for the last few months that our nations must end the migrant issue immediately by taking every single last one of those sewer rats and ship them back to the hell holes they originated from.... For if we do not stem the flood, these illegal migrants will destroy our societies, turning our nations into third world nations within a decade.....We have already seen the unmitigated damage that these migrants have done to nations such as Germany and France... But the real damage has been to the nation of Sweden where the Swedish government in Stockholm has opened their borders wide to these migrants and have turned every single of of Sweden's major cities into cesspools of destitution, crime, and especially disease....

To show how bad the migrant issue has indeed ruined Swedish society, we only need to look at the issue of the horrific diseases many of these illegal migrants have now introduced into Sweden....I have seen countless reports over these last few years about migrants carrying a wide range of African diseases that have previously been unknown in Sweden and are now spreading across Sweden itself.... That is bad enough, but this newest report is especially shocking, for according to the RTE online news service, at, apparently there is now a Swedish hospital at Upsalla University, in Enkoping Sweden, now dealing with a "suspected" case of EBOLA.... Here is that shocking report for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Swedish hospital investigating suspected Ebola case

Person is being treated after suspicion of Ebola contamination (file image)
Person is being treated after suspicion of Ebola contamination (file image)

A man is being treated in isolation at Sweden's Uppsala University Hospital on suspicion of infection with Ebola after visiting Burundi, the regional authority has said.

The hospital's chief medical officer said the young man had been in Burundi for around three weeks, and was exhibiting classic symptoms of haemorrhagic fever, including vomiting blood. Test results were expected later today.

Symptoms of the highly contagious and often deadly virus can take up to three weeks to appear.

There is no known Ebola outbreak in Burundi, but it borders the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has been fighting an outbreak for almost six months.

The disease has killed 356 of the 585 people known to have been infected.

The epidemic in a volatile part of Congo is the second worst ever, according to the World Health Organization.

The largest outbreak was one in 2013-2016 in West Africa, where more than 28,000 cases were confirmed.

The emergency clinic in the Swedish town of Enkoping, where the patient was first admitted, was closed and staff who had been in contact with him were being looked after.

NTS Notes: I notice the report states that this "patient" was recently in the central African republic of Burundi, and fails to mention his nationality or race.... I will bet dollars to donuts that this "patient" is absolutely one of those migrants that has been flooding into Sweden over the last few years, who went back to Burundi to possibly visit relatives and returned carrying Ebola!

I also wrote in several previous articles about how the Jewish elite that controls much of the World Health Organization has been working clandestinely for a few decades at trying to modify the Ebola Virus to make it work in an environment other than the hot and humid climate of central Africa where it is in abundance.... For the virus to possibly survive now in Sweden's northerly and colder climate shows definitive signs of being genetically modified, and this new weaponized form may be part of their criminal scheme to unleash it as a world wide plague....

I will be following where this report goes... The facts are that this may be another "haemorrhagic disease" and possibly NOT Ebola.... But the facts remain that this type of disease was absolutely unknown in Swedish society until the government opened the doors to these illegal migrants to allow them to come flooding in..... Now we may see the price for such folly indeed...

Let this be the message to everyone, for the present "migration policies" that our nations are so blindly putting into place are indeed unmitigated disasters..... The best option for our countries are to close their borders and send every one of these migrants who are unfit or unwilling to actually be part of our societies, shipped back to the hell holes they came from... The alternative will be to see our nations destroyed..

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greencrow said...

Why does the US Government have a patent on the Ebola virus?

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