Friday, January 11, 2019

Newest Essay From John Kaminski: The Iron Curtain's Enduring Darkness

Being a student of real history and not the crap that is spoon fed into our minds through our failed education system, I have known for decades the real truths about Communism, and how most of the Communist nations were actually bankrolled by Jewish money... Many people still cannot wrap their minds around the fact that the former Soviet Union itself was bankrolled almost entirely by Jewish criminal money supplied through Wall Street itself... That is fact and absolutely not fiction.

People really do need to read some real history and not the crapola that they have been indoctrinated by through the false teachings of our so called "history" books, and they really do need to study the truths about "Communism"... For if they did, they would see that these "Communists" were indeed almost 100% bonafide Jews.... It does not take much to study real history and put "2 and 2" together to see that Judaism does indeed equate to Communism and the goals for both sides of the same coin is indeed world domination and the destruction of our societies...

I now want to turn to the latest essay that was just put out by John Kaminski, over at his website at This one is entitled: "The Iron Curtain's Enduring Darkness" and shows exactly what I have been saying for years about the sickness of the Jews and the fact that they are indeed all Communists... The article also shows how these freaks still have a Communist agenda of destroying our nations, and it shows that fact throughout our modern history... Here is that article here for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Insidious forces work from within to destroy Western civilization
Our policy is “leading us toward a Communist state with as dreadful certainty as though the leaders of the Kremlin themselves were charting our course.” — Gen. Douglas MacArthur, in a speech to the Mississippi legislature, March 22, 1952
We have all the answers we need to solve our present problems. They were written in a book published 67 years ago. Back then, it was part of the mainstream news package. There were no protests about anti-Semitism, no heated charges that it was a hate crime. It was simply a political analysis, part of a larger political spectrum, warning us about a cancer on society, which today has metastasized into a terminal disease that has already wiped out freedom of speech around the world and now is aggressively trying to take our lives.
A quarter century before Arthur Koestler wrote his epic The Thirteenth Tribe (1976) revealing to the world that the majority of people who invented the nation of Israel in 1948 were not descended from the Biblical Hebrews, John Beaty’s The Iron Curtain over America (1952) attempted to alert Americans to the same creeping Khazar tyranny we face today in the takeover by Jewish money of all of society’s systems. (Order from
As a long time military analyst both in and out of government, Beaty (1890-1961) detailed the influence of the Jewish lobby in the postwar era which shows Joe McCarthy was right and the U.S. government of the early ’50s was riddled with Communists, starting with Presidents Roosevelt and Truman. The great mistake Americans have made in the intervening years was failing to understand that Judaism and Communism are the same thing, which is why Jews always rain down murder and mayhem on countries they infect, and because they control the media and what people think, their victims never see it coming.
Beaty’s book is a perceptive dismantling of Washington corruption that is fully cognizant of the corrupt Jewish sabotage that had sickened America since the turn of the century. Ironically, why Beaty’s book is no longer on the market is because of a controversial process he actually describes in this his final book.
Among “drastic steps against classics” and a “subtle but determined campaign . . . to discredit our older literature under charges of jingoism . . .” was a law that was passed mandating copper book plates more than four years old should be melted down to help the war effort (a preposterous assertion). It was called by one writer whose books were lost “the smartest way to suppress books ever invented.”
Apart from total Jew control of what America gets to read and hear, this is why there are so few classics available today, especially by early 20th century American patriots such as Douglas Reed and Revilo Oliver who have tried to alert us to the enduring Jew menace. When a 68-year-old book is telling us that what becomes famous is determined by Jewish publishers, you can only imagine how many worthwhile works have been disappeared between then and now by those who have no intention of letting empirical reality be honestly discussed.
Yet a far more serious crime was committed by America’s neo-communist government after the close of World War II, according to Beaty, a Ph.D. who traveled the world with military intelligence outfits.
Those who have studied at least a little history know that Washington had to put a leash on Gen. George S. Patton in order for the Soviet Union to capture the eastern half of Europe, enabling that monstrous Jewish superstate to spread its totalitarian misery that became known as the Iron Curtain. Patton was later murdered for hinting at treason from Roosevelt’s White House, making observers wonder what the Yalta conference with Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt at the conclusion of the war was really all about.
That more serious crime was the sudden switch of support from Chinese patriots to Chinese Communists at the close of WW2. That’s right, the USA enabled Mao’s murderous Red forces to take over the world’s most populous country while betraying a staunch ally that had served us well during the war, a moral crime that resulted in as many deaths in China as WW2 produced in Europe and Japan.
Observe how the governments (but not the people) of Russia and China were the main beneficiaries of WW2 and how both were covertly assisted by U.S. leadership eager to help spread Communism around the world. This is the shadow of the Iron Curtain’s enduring darkness that assails us today in the twisted faces of Schumer and Pelosi, powerful Jewish leaders of the current U.S. Congress.
This clandestine manipulation of world events aimed to assure there were competitive forces willing to continue the perpetual war that since Nathan Rothschild swindled Britain out of its treasury in 1815 has made the collective upper crust of the Jews the richest people in history.
Particularly tragic about the betrayal of the Chinese Nationalists was the severing of the close bond that had developed during WW2 when U.S. pilots were actually embedded among Chiang Kai Shek’s troops, and that earlier in the war MacArthur had actually suggested merging the two armies. But when Truman took over from the suspiciously dead Roosevelt, the policy flipped. Gen. MacArthur, perhaps the last true American patriot to hold high office, believed America’s failure to supply the Nationalists had allowed Mao’s Communists to capture China.
Gen. Patton had many of the same reservations with nonsensical U.S. orders he received in Europe before he was mysteriously murdered in a military hospital.
Imagine if a functioning American republic and its proven ally China were close friends today. But the Jewish powers that be saw that that didn’t happen, because they make their money from fomenting conflicts in which they bankroll both sides.
Truman’s Red record includes vetoing the Internal Security Act of 1950 cracking down on Communists, and launching the unconstitutional Korean War without approval from Congress.
In accusing the State Department of “nullifying” existing law by permitting the illegal distribution of Communist literature, Beaty wrote: “The degree of infestation by Communists and those indifferent to or friendly to Communism in our bureaucracy in Washington is staggering beyond belief.” This was in 1952.
Beaty recommended “first, clean out the subversives [and] all others of doubtful loyalty to our country and to our type of civilization be removed under law from policy-making and all other sensitive positions in our government. In that way only can a start be made toward throwing back the present tightly drawn iron curtain of censorship. In that way only can we avoid the continuing interment of our native boys beneath far-off white crosses, whether by inane blunderings or for sinister concealed purposes. In that way only can we save America.”
Needless to say, this hasn’t happened.
Sixty seven years later we observe with regret that his recommendation has been buried under an avalanche of Jewish sabotage and assassinations. In today’s world we see the first order of business in the Senate is a bill criminalizing criticism of Israel, one final knife in the corpse of American free speech.
Beaty also stressed the fact that the new nation of Israel had a jurisdiction over 12 million Jews throughout the world, as subsequent events have proven.
One of the greatest traitors in U.S. history was New York Congressman Emmanuel Cellar. Most infamous for his sponsorship of the 1965 legislation that radically increased immigration from Third World countries which has since greatly destabilized the U.S., Beaty notes that Cellar was also the architect of a 1950 bill which doubled the number of Jews allowed into the country every year.
Today, the Iron Curtain now envelops America, suffocating it from the inside. The media carry on with their artificial reality as the world goes up in smoke, the rich get richer and the poor die by the millions. Is this the way the world has always worked? Perhaps.
They are trying to take our lives with aluminum particulate in the air, which kills vegetation and makes living things more susceptible to disease; through Glyphosate in the food, which will negatively impact the reproductive capabilities of future generations; through fatal doses of microwave radiation through phones, computers and 5G cell towers; through total domination of the U.S. education system, which now recruits toddlers as potential food for superrich liberal politicians who are immune to the laws that regulate the rest of us.
Why is it those who bankroll politicians — and in one egregious case are politicians themselves — have always made their money through gambling casinos or benefiting from big swindles? These are our leaders. These men determine presidential elections. Why is it the public never learns that to trust these men is to kiss your money and very often your lives goodbye?
These are the status seekers who have no compass to guide them but their own greed. Left to their own devices they will get us all killed. John Beaty knew all about them in 1952, but his book was lost and the world has ignored what he said, much to everyone’s peril.

NTS Notes: John once again hits the nail on the head with this one....

It is a fact that so many people over the last century have tried to warn everyone about the dangers of these Jewish criminals and how they absolutely had and still have a "Communist agenda" for destroying our societies and cultures and turning our nations into much the same madness that the former Soviet Union endured for well over a century.... And if they are ever able to achieve their goals of Communist dominion over the entire planet, the 100+ million innocent people that died in both the Soviet Union and Communist China over the last century will pale by comparison to what they intend to do to the world in the near future...

These days, I do not like what I am seeing happen in both the United States and right here in Canada... Both of our criminal governments seem to have a "Globalist" agenda, which is nothing more than Communism by another name... And sadly as John Kaminski points out, too many people are now too weakened and have have their minds destroyed by the chemicals and pollutants in our environment to do anything to stop the slide towards seeing our formerly free nations becoming full fledged Jewish Communist states....

More to come



Dwayne said...

The demise of western civilization began the moment the mythical "scriptures" (the story of an insignificant sand tribe from the Arabian peninsula about their screwed up sky god - the planet Saturn - and the people who worshiped it) were adopted by Celtic/Germanic peoples who in turn rejected their ancestral gods Odin/Woden.

The parasitic Few have convinced the white non-Few that the Few's god is the only god and that they, the Few, are it's "Chosen". Until this myth is dispelled, the march of destruction of the white European will continue unabated.

"All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit." ~ Thomas Paine, Age of Reason

Suffice to say, I've more or less given up trying to educate folk of this bait and switch. Sometimes it's simply best to let things go and allow Nature to auto-correct that which is unnatural. Nature abhors the unnatural... the correction will come. It's just a matter of time. I'm in my mid-50s. I leave behind no children to endure the coming Few made hell. My mind is at ease. Let what needs to happen simply happen. It sucks, but there is very little any of us can do anymore at this point. Only Nature can correct what needs correcting. More than likely billions of humans will perish from the coming cleansing. So be it.

Adrian Chetwynd said...

I agree with you, it really has become past the stage of any hope for us, but I think that you have understated the POLITICAL power that the (((Abrahamic))) religions had in order to create the situation we are now facing.

I repeat, the Abrahamic religions are nothing but jew invented political forces and have no connection with whatever it was that created life on earth.

No (((Bible))) would have meant no Israel, no Jewish central banks, no (((UN))) no WW1,no Versailles treaty and therefore; no WW2 and no (((EU)))..

Adrian Chetwynd said...

I don't agree with NTS on everything but at least NTS has the sense to realise that (((Christianity))) is a Crock of Jewish "excrement".
But not sure if NTS realises that the "you know who's" invented Islam too.
Last time I checked, at least 70 million Americans worship Israel because of the (((Bible))).
No Bible = No Israel.

How many times have you witnessed a jewish man holding up a bible and claiming that it gave the jews a so called; "legal right" to steal Palestine from the Palestinians?

Dwayne said...


I'm a great fan of Thomas Paine (likely the true author of the Declaration of Independence). He tore Christianity apart in "Age of Reason". Additionally, there was Ethan Allen and Elihu Palmer who wrote books against religion. All three men were deists.

Every christian is a jew. The worship of anything jew makes these ignorant christian goyim jews. Same goes for islam, just another sect founded by Rome to control another group of ignorant people.

Anyways, the thirteen united states in confederation died March 4, 1789 when the Constitution went into effect and replaced the Articles of Confederation. Individual liberty has been diminished almost entirely since the Constitution became the "law of the land" (as if man made law can eclipse Natural Law).

As Lysander Spooner succinctly stated, "But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain - that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case it is unfit to exist."