Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Important Health Report: More Information On The Dangers Of 5G Cellular Technology!

This is indeed the year that the criminals behind our telecommunications industry as well as the Jewish "elite" roll out the "new and improved" 5G Cellular Phone technology that is supposed to do wonders for our usage of smart phones... But as I have already shown over the last 2 years, this "5G" technology is a detriment to human beings, and its implementation will only harm our bodies!   I have been against the introduction of "5G" cellular phone service everywhere, and have very strongly recommended that more important and truly independent research take place first and foremost before this "5G" service is rolled out into our neighborhoods...

I came across this most important article that comes from Jim Stone's website, at, that absolutely shows how this "new and improved" 5G cellular phone technology will do great harm to our bodies and especially our brains.... I want to share this right here with all of my readers, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

UN staff member 5g war on humanity

My comment:

Now that I know how the antennas are configured, I have to agree. Shooting a pencil beam in a random direction (possibly straight through the user's brain depending on tower orientation) is totally negligent of all safety and proves the agenda is nothing but control , spying (via back scatter receivers) and actually causing a measured amount of harm ON PURPOSE.
They might even be able to eventually read people's thoughts by monitoring how that pencil beam ends up being affected by brain waves when it passes through people's brains.

I am going to bump a report on this topic from yesterday in case people missed it, it is very important

5G satellite launch

20, 000 satellites are soon to be launched for 5g. The tech being used defies common sense. I did not realize up to this point that the antennas, even in the 5G devices, are going to be able to focus their beams the same way Haarp does. Let me explain how a radio beam is focused, using AM radio as an example.
Let's say your broadcast audience is in a narrow corridor (such as a valley in a mountain range). It will make no sense to send your radio signal where it won't be heard (back in the mountains, where only a few hikers are) so in such situations, multiple antennas are used. The tallest antenna will transmit the signal. Then passive antennas, spaced at precise intervals away from the active antenna, will cause the signal to be diverted in their direction. The more antennas in a row there are, the more focused the radio beam will be. The picture below shows an antenna array that will make an AM broadcast directional by 6DB (which will quadruple the effective broadcast power to a preferred zone) these antennas are for 1.52 MHZ so they are shorter than most AM radio antennas.

AM frequencies are very low compared to 5G, and antenna size is a function of the speed of light vs the frequency that will be transmitted at. To do a full wave antenna for an AM signal at 1 MHZ would therefore require an antenna that is 5, 280 x 186, 000 / 1, 000, 000 feet long. That equals 982 feet tall. There is an effect that allows AM antennas to work efficiently at around 62.5 percent of full wave length, so for 1 MHZ the antenna actually only needs to be a little over 600 feet tall. We have all seen such antennas, they are common. That was a very short explanation, there is more to this than that, but it will suffice to explain how the illustration above can be implemented in a much smaller space, only the size of a cell phone
AM radio, which ends at 1.7 mhz, requires very large antennas because the frequencies are so low. And low frequencies of the type AM used were not dangerous to people. But let's say your transmitted frequency is 1 GHZ. That would require an antenna only about 8 inches long. 5G, which operates at frequencies up to 80 times as high as that, requires antennas that are only about 1./10th of an inch long and the entire frequency range is potentially dangerous. You can put lots of those little antennas in a cell phone, arranged like the AM radio illustration above, and therefore cause the 5G beam to become very focused, giving it the power it needs to punch through solid objects (which high frequencies absolutely hate to go through).

PROBLEM: What if the satellite or tower is on the opposite side of your brain, and your cell phone decides to shoot a super focused beam through your brain to reach the tower? It cannot know where your brain is, or someone else's brain next to you. THIS IS A ROCK STUPID TOTALLY NEGLIGENT SYSTEM. I WILL NOT USE IT, THIS IS RETARDED BRAIN DAMAGE TYPE TERRITORY, IT CANNOT EVER BE DONE EVEN AT FRACTIONAL WATTAGE.

AS IF I want a phase array antenna pushed up to my head, shooting out a high intensity pencil beam! Oh, you won't notice the slowly creeping damage as your brain constantly re-assigns new neurons to complete the tasks that were done by the million or so that got wrecked from an hour long phone call. Those calls will only be sent directly through your brain for 50 percent of all calls anyway because sometimes the tower or satellite is favorably placed so don't sweat it. You've got trillions of neurons to waste, your brain "only uses 10 percent of them anyway" RIGHT?

If the current batch of cell phones (which won't kill neurons outright because they don't shoot a pencil beam) were a problem because they caused cancer, JUST WAIT until 5G takes off. That tech is NOT FOR ME, 3g is working JUST FINE and I worry about even that!.

5g is the type of system that goes in when the people making the decisions don't give a damn about you. They'd rather have their back scatter radiation scanners sending back high res images of the inside of your home so they can big brother you real good. That's the real reason why 5g is being implemented, BET ON IT and if you don't think they want you brain damaged, VACCINATE YOUR KIDS, AND GET YOUR DAMN FLU SHOT.

By the way, NO ONE at the golden globes actually accepted the flu shot, it was all a ruse. They know what the hell is going on. If you think the people pushing 5g want to improve your life, think again, they are the EXACT same people pushing the tainted vaccines. Brain damage may well be one of the "positive outcomes" of 5g that they are seeking, especially with them having the audacity to use pencil beams for it to work. Pencil beams are considered potentially dangerous, they are the radio form of a laser. You don't have that in a device operating at any sort of power levels around ANYONE if you care about whoever is using it.

Aah yes, but people get stoned, and that kills brain cells too, -SO- so what?

NTS Notes: I am absolutely not shocked in the least bit by these findings and what Jim provides in this article... I have known through my own knowledge of electromagnetic fields how DEADLY these concentrated Terahertz waves can be to our bodies...

Honestly, I am deeply perturbed and dismayed by the fact that few people are even aware of the dangers that we face here... .The criminal Federal Government here in Canada alone has gone ahead and already "approved" of having the Telecom giants here putting into place a multitude of new 5G technology including a wider range of new and improved "cellular phone towers" to handle this 5G Terahertz signal....

It will be most interesting to see the reaction from the public when this 5G technology "improvement" goes online and people everywhere start feeling the adverse affects from these Terahertz waves... I can guarantee the so called "medical industry" will call it a new form of disease, and as Jim shows they will claim that people will have to go out and get a 'vaccine' for this as well.....

Yes, 5G is coming and sadly I and others are unable to stop its introduction due to the ignorance of too many people.. .And get ready for the Telecom giants will start getting out their new and improved cellular phones to handle this technology as well... The bottom line is that people will argue that they are getting greater cellular phone features without noticing that their health is being destroyed as a result..

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wallflower said...

What really ticks me off here is the good ole greedy US is where I live the welfare farmers lease out their land to put these retched killers up. All for money. The state park where I live has had an extreme death rate of animals and birds because of a cell tower that went up last year. From the many melodious sounds of many birds who migrate here to have their chicks to the year round birds...there is NO MORE BIRD SONG at all. There used to be an abundance of Canadian geese (whom I love to watch)...down to -0-. Many of the mammals have been killed on the roads because what happens to these creatures is that they lose their mapping abilities and therefore die. I HATE IT NTS and how I wish I could take a big piece of equipment and knock them down. As long as we here have these SELL OUT welfare farmers this will only get worse. In many cases I've seen stock yards and pastures of animals under the shadow of these giant killers...imagine what people are ingesting too. Thank you for this important report as I will be passing it along for sure.

wallflower said...

Harald Kautz-Vella​ on 5G and the Wave Salad we are exposed to!

Anonymous said...

Why can't they just use the same technology that they used when they went to the moon? I mean, they were able to have a phone conversation with Nixon in the White House from the moon -- WITHOUT 5G! Wow, those old NASA guys must have been wizards or something because nobody can do what they did 50 years ago! Maybe we should have tasked them with solving world hunger or negotiating peace in the middle east.

Yeah, this whole 5G thing can't really be about cell phone service or faster internet. Sure, we'll get better cell service and faster internet, but only because they could have given us that years ago but instead have throttled us so they could slowly roll out better speeds and justify huge price hikes every time they do it.

And to wallflower: here in the US, it isn't just the welfare farmers to blame. Often schools allow towers to be built on their land because they are desperate for funding (all those billions for Israel have to siphoned from the budget somewhere -- and education is perfect because we want idiots who are too uneducated to question what the gov't does). Young brains are also more susceptible to damage like this so it makes sense that they would seek to put them near schools, too.

Jody Paulson said...

This is so depressing, but it doesn't surprise me in the least. In the United States they purposefully put poison in the water (fluoride). The global elite really don't care if their slaves suffer brain damage, it makes them easier to control.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I get your pun, Scars... And it is to laugh...

I had it out a few years back with someone trying my best to explain to them how that video and phone call from the moon in 1969 was impossible for the technology of that day, and all I got was a "wild eyed" look on his face as usual.... Old analog rotary dial Step by Step phone technology of 1969 compared to 5G wireless of today? Hmmmmm...

I have the same problem here in Canada... So many businesses have been asked to put cell phone towers on their business roofs and the payoff is a few bucks thrown their way by the telecom giants for doing so.... It is called selling out for profit and so many are so willing to bite.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Jody... This is NOT to depress people, but to make them angry and hopefully get many to be aware and to be called to action....

My purpose is to try to awaken many so that they can do what is necessary to call out these maniacs and get people to wake the fuck up!