Thursday, January 10, 2019

Important Health Report: Even MORE Information On The Dangers Of 5G Cellular Phone Technology!

I posted up a most important article yesterday covering some interesting facts put forward by fellow truth seeker Jim Stone covering the facts that the new "5G" cellular phone technology that is presently being rolled out to the general public by the criminals that run our nations is one of the most nefarious and diabolical acts ever done against humanity.... What has really shocked me is how very few people have picked up on that article and other previous articles at this blog covering the dangers of 5G technology.... Apparently most people are oblivious as usual and most care only about the sick and twisted lives of the Kardashians!

But I am not giving up, and I want to present some information here as a "follow up" to yesterday's article... And first, I do want to present a most important video, where the dangers of 5G technology was brought forward by a UN staffer at a hearing at the United Nations itself... Here is that video:

OK, I will say that the lady presenting the evidence at that meeting was absolutely truthful and had the guts to tell those criminals at the UN the truth about the dangers we face from electromagnetic fields generated by this "5G" technology....  But it did alarm me that these UN "officials" acted so oblivious to the facts (while laughing about it like it is a big joke!) and tried their best to play dumb and act like what was presented was not a critical issue and was not to be on their agenda!  It does make one wonder if they are in on the truth about 5G and how it may indeed be used to wreck humanity.

And one of my astute readers and commentators, "Wallflower" came forward yesterday and presented me the link to the following video that is a must see by my own readers...This one contains an interesting interview with a Harald Kautz-Vella and discusses the dangers we do face from the electromagnetic fields generated by this latest and greatest "technology", and how those fields can be and may have already been used for military purposes against the general public... Here is that video here:

Why am I not in the least bit surprised from what is presented here in both of these videos?  I do find it so shocking that most of the dumb ass general public out there is absolutely oblivious to the dangers we do face from this "5G" electromagnetic radiation.... As I said before, most only care about their crapola "social networks" and what is happening to their "celebrities" rather than care about what is truly a threat to all humanity...

It is my hope that everyone takes these videos and shows them to anyone that they can.... Everyone must be made aware of these dangers immediately...

I also will state that I have never been against advancements in technology, just as long as those advancements are for the betterment of mankind... This is why I am appalled by this "5G" technology for it is absolutely a detriment to mankind and not some great "advancement" by a long shot...

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