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Very Important Article: Homosexuality - The Real Agenda!

I honestly am so sick and tired of the sickness known as LBGTQP..... To me, that entire "organization" is made up of mental cases and those who are truly sick and disturbed.... The entire "agenda" is against everything natural and wholesome on this planet, and is nothing more than a detriment to all mankind.... It is no wonder that I have tended to call its sick and twisted members "horse's asses"!...... I will never change my stance on this sickness and will never apologize for being "politically incorrect"......

I came across the following very important article, courtesy of another fellow real truth seeker from right up here in Canada known as "Canadian Wildflower"... .Canadian Wildflower has his/her blog over at, and has been a firm supporter of my work here at this blog... I figured I would pay kudos to their work at that blog by posting this fabulous article here... This one comes originally from the website, at, and is entitled: "Homosexuality - The Real Agenda"... In this article, you will see some very interesting facts about this bullshit "LBGTQP" movement and how the entire sick homosexuality agenda that we are being inundated with these days has some very nefarious goals in mind... Here in fact is that article, and I absolutely do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The Real Homosexual Agenda

A Self-Styled 'Gay Revolutionary' Offers a Challenge to Straight America:
"We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, ...wherever men are with men together. Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us. All churches who condemn us will be closed. Our holy gods are handsome young men. ...We shall be victorious because we are fueled with the ferocious bitterness of the oppressed..."

Michael Swift - Boston Gay Community News - February 15-21, 1987
(From the Traditional Values Coalition Special Report, Vol. 18., No. 10)

Find out about the homosexual movement and its link to pedophilia.

Clearly not everyone in the homosexual movement is an extremist. Many are solid, law-abiding citizens who make important daily contributions to our society and do not believe in confrontation or hard-line rhetoric.

However, many militant homosexuals and their supporters have different beliefs. They have adopted the following tactics with the goal of forcing their beliefs on society:
  • eliminating free speech by harassing and attempting to silence anyone who disagrees with them;
  • preying on children by indoctrinating and recruiting them into their lifestyle;
  • imposing their beliefs on others through activist judges and lawmakers requiring that everyone actively promote homosexuality in every institution (schools, workplace, churches, etc.);
  • destroying marriage and undermining the traditional family in order to annihilate any moral standard of behavior;
  • intolerance toward anyone who does not willingly submit to their agenda;
  • fighting for a discriminatory and unconstitutional double standard of justice by demanding that crimes against homosexuals be punished more severely than the same crimes against heterosexuals through 'hate crimes' legislation; and
  • deceptively portraying homosexuality as a harmless and victimless behavior.
The homosexual agenda is based on intolerance of anyone who disagrees with them and is a well-coordinated, well-financed, wide-ranging, intensive effort to infiltrate and influence organizations and society at large in order to spread misinformation with the goal of recruiting children. Click for homosexual quotes.

Children are the prize to the winners of the cultural war. Those who control what young people are taught and what they experience will determine the future course for our nation. The predominant value system of an entire culture can be overhauled by those with unlimited access to children. Homosexual activists understand very clearly how important children are to their cause.

Several very interesting special reports on the homosexual movement - information not disseminated by the mainstream media - are available free of charge. There are also excellent organizations which provide information about the homosexual movement, how it affects you, what what you can do about it, which companies push the homosexual agenda and how those who desire to come out of that lifestyle can be helped.

"Tolerance" is the buzzword and central theme for the homosexual movement. However, few people understand what they really mean by "tolerance" and how they have twisted its meaning to support their agenda. As a result, most do not recognize the threat it poses to us, our children and our freedoms.

"Tolerance" means simply to recognize and respect other's beliefs and practices without necessarily agreeing or sympathizing with them. However, when many homosexuals use "tolerance," they mean going far beyond respecting their rights; they also demand approval, praise and endorsement of their beliefs, values and lifestyle. What other group in this country could demand that? Their attitude and demands are neither fair, right nor constitutional.

Our children are being bombarded in school with the homosexual version of "tolerance." In other words, all beliefs are equal, all values are equal, all lifestyles are equal and all truth is equal. This is the basis upon which our children are being indoctrinated by the propaganda that their beliefs and values which they learned in their home are no different from those of a homosexual, or a pornographer, or someone involved in adultery or fornication, etc. Children are being taught that all truth is relative to the individual. Knowing right from wrong doesn't matter. To say something is right or wrong is not being tolerant. This is today's "tolerance" pushed by homosexual activists.

It is clear that the distorted definition of "tolerance" has many dangerous implications, and unless society stands up for what is right, we will increasingly find ourselves with fewer and fewer freedoms. First, if our young people are confused about truth and believe the definition of "tolerance" they are being subjected to, they will not be able to determine right from wrong. In fact, in a national study among youth, it was discovered that children who do not accept an objective standard of truth become: 36% more likely to lie to you as a parent, 48% more likely to cheat on an exam, 2 times more likely to physically hurt someone, 2 times for likely to watch a pornographic film, 3 times more likely to use illegal drugs and 6 times more likely to attempt suicide. It is clear that how our youth think about truth has a definite effect on their behavior and the choices they make.

Second, our freedom of speech is being taken away little by little every day. We see that happening throughout society. If anyone exercises their Constitutional right of free speech and disagrees with the homosexual agenda, they are met with intolerant hatred, shouted down and called names. Homosexuals attempt to justify their actions by claiming any view different than theirs is 'intolerant' (using their definition) and should therefore be repressed.

Third, with the twisted version of "tolerance" comes a double standard. A few years ago, an "art" show displayed a crucifix, a Christian symbol, suspended in a jar of urine. While it enraged people of faith, it was supported by the homosexual community and others as "art." However, why is it that displaying a homosexual symbol in a jar of urine would be considered a hate crime? Using the same criteria they use on others, then a crucifix in a jar of urine would also be intolerant and a hate crime.

The danger and hypocrisy of this distorted version of "tolerance" are clear. What they call "tolerance" is really persecution of anyone who disagrees with them. Our society is based on the free exchange of ideas and if any group is successful at taking that away and silencing the opposition, then we are all less free. What they are doing to others is exactly what they claim others are doing to them!(Josh McDowell Ministry)

The homosexual lifestyle is extremely unhealthy. First, the standards of behavior among homosexuals are far different than in the heterosexual community in terms of the depravity that is accepted and even expected. Second, the chance of contracting AIDS is significantly higher as well.

A habit or behavior is deemed unhealthy if it has been proven to have debilitating results. Smoking, drugs, alcohol abuse, overeating and other behaviors all fall into this category. But research has shown that homosexual behavior has the same results: nationally, less than 2% of practicing homosexuals live to age 65. 

Homosexuality deprives men and women of happiness (ask those who have walked away from that lifestyle) and lends itself to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, etc.

If the tobacco companies tried to get on a school campus to convince children to smoke, they would never be allowed. If the breweries showed up and tried to convince under-age children to start drinking, parents would be up in arms. If health classes started teaching kids to overeat, or shop classes started teaching students how to build bombs, society would be outraged.

Yet pro-homosexual groups are encouraged to come to schools and teach young children how nice and normal homosexuality is. Today children are actually being indoctrinated about the benefits of homosexuality, in spite of the fact is has been proven to be an unhealthy lifestyle.

In October 1999 the Associated Press reported that "Something so unspeakable is said to have taken place in Apartment 1207 that half the neighbors have moved out." What happened in Apartment 1207 that was so horrific? According to police, two homosexual men gagged 13 year-old Jesse Dirkhising, strapped him face down on a mattress and, while one watched, the other brutally murdered the boy by repeatedly raping him until he died. So why did the Associated Press wait several weeks before running the story, fail to mention that the two men were homosexuals, and then release the story only in local areas? Why didn't the major news networks make that their lead story and follow it through to see whether the two men are convicted?

The media yawned and looked the other way when Jesse was murdered. Compare that with the murder of homosexual Matthew Shepard that received front-page coverage for months and well over a thousand articles nationwide. Is the rape and brutal murder of a thirteen year old boy by homosexuals any less tragic? Apparently the major print and TV news organizations think so. Once again the pro-homosexual double standard is clear. This is the climate that "hate crime" legislation fosters.

The Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) had their annual conference in Atlanta. Their goal: train the principals, bypass the Bible, and control curriculum. According to the Concerned Women for America, G.L.S.E.N. is targeting Southern schools in particular. And this conference will address that with a host of workshops. Some of those offered include: "How To Train Your School Principals," "Deflecting Bible Bullets," and "Integrating Lesbian and Gay Students Into Literature Curriculum." These are their goals, and their target group starts with kindergarten. (Center for Reclaiming America)

"Hate crimes" legislation is dangerous to us all for two reasons. First, it allows greater punishment for those who think bad thoughts while committing a crime than those who don't. It gives the thought police the power to punish people based on what they're thinking, which is a policy prevalent in communist countries. 

Criminals should be punished for their actions, not their thoughts. If we start down that road, where do we stop? Who knows, what you're thinking right now might even be a crime! Second, it assigns greater penalties to those who commit crimes against homosexuals than those who commit crimes against heterosexuals. Not only is that un-American, it is blatantly discriminatory and unconstitutional as well because homosexuals are given greater protection under the law than anyone else. Crimes against homosexuals are just as serious as crimes against heterosexuals, and in either case perpetrators should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but the fundamental principal in America is "equal protection under the law" as stated in the Constitution, instituted to protect all citizens equally against injustice. Click for examples of homosexual intolerance. Also, find out how to intelligently discuss hate crime laws, which are unnecessary and a threat to free speech as well.

One of the demands of homosexuals is protected class status as a 'minority.' Although they want special protection and special rights, being homosexual isn't the same as being an ethnic minority. We choose our sexual behaviors, not our skin color. Find out why homosexuals are not a minority, but a powerful special interest group. In truth, to equate gays with any true ethnic group is a travesty of logic. Homosexuality can only be equated and compared with other sexual behaviors or fantasies, legal and illegal, like heterosexuality, sadomasochism, bestiality, necrophilia, rape and pedophilia. Why homosexual behavior should merit special treatment is a question gay extremists are hard-pressed to answer logically.

In addition, homosexuals make the claim that as an entire class they are seriously "oppressed." However, that conclusion cannot stand when seen in light of marketing studies done by gays themselves that show them to be enormously advantaged relative to the general population, and even more so when compared to truly disadvantaged minorities.

The homosexual agenda is not an impersonal force. It touches and destroys the lives of real people everyday, like Karen. Her husband announced one day that he was leaving her and their two boys pursue a new "lifestyle" as a "transgendered" female. Today, her ex-husband is living as a woman with a transgendered male and is suing Karen for the custody of their children. Her life has been ruined financially and emotionally.  She lost a husband and their children lost a father. She has been threatened with fines and jail, but she is not giving up the fight to save her children from the poison of the homosexual agenda. (Alliance Defense Fund newsletter) 

In 1999, the American Psychological Association (APA) published a report on child sex abuse saying that sexual relations between children and adults are "less harmful than believed" and might actually "be positive for willing children." How could trained psychologists, let alone anyone in their right mind, suggest that sex between adults and children could be positive for the children? Luckily there was a huge uproar throughout society about this absurd conclusion. As a result the APA backed down and acknowledged that there was a serious problem with the study and that they should have been more careful in publishing the report in the first place. See, you can make a difference! (Family Research Council letter)

"It’s Elementary" is a pro-homosexual propaganda documentary aimed at children in grade school. The video conveys the message that homosexuality is good and those that disagree are bad. This is the Joe Camel of the homosexual movement. Only unlike Joe Camel that targets teens, this video targets children as young as five or six years old. And unlike cigarettes, there are no warning labels. The 78-minute lesbian-produced documentary shows teachers introducing pupils to homosexuality and urging its acceptance by manipulation, indoctrination, use of trusted authority figures, and peer pressure.

It’s Elementary is not about simply teaching "tolerance." Indeed, the president of the National Education Association has declared this himself: "I’m not talking about tolerance," says Bob Chase in support of the program. "I’m talking about acceptance." This deceptive program has already made astonishing inroads into America’s educational, political, and media worlds. The film’s producers have bragged about the wide distribution of the film through "an extremely effective grassroots distribution campaign." According to the producers, It’s Elementary has been shown to state legislators, all grade levels of school teachers and counselors, statewide "school safety" conferences, regional school health provider meetings, PTAs, faculty in over 200 school districts, students from high school through graduate study levels, school administrators, nearly 500 college-level teacher training programs, and many more.

It’s Elementary includes scenes from a Cambridge school’s "Gay and Lesbian Day" assembly in which teachers profess their homosexuality in front of the students. At another school, a lesbian and a male homosexual visit a social studies class to talk about homosexuality – and, according to the principal, "to be role models for gay students." Such teaching, says the principal, "should be mandatory."

According to Family Research Council’s website, "teacher after teacher in the film present homosexuality as normal and resistance to the lifestyle as bigotry – to children as young as first grade." Lies about the biblical view of homosexuality appear to be part of the fabric of this film. There is no balance of any other views offered anywhere in the film.

Some quotes from the video: Debra Chasnoff has this to say about her video, "What's clear in the film is that the younger the kids, the more open they were. ...If we could start doing this kind of education in kindergarten, first grade, second grade, we'd have a better generation." The principal of an elementary school says on the video: "I don't think it's appropriate that values only be taught at home. There are social values as well, there are community values." was planning to make available an "e-Card" mocking the Iwo Jima memorial. The "gay" celebratory card pictured men, including one in high heels, planting a homosexual rainbow flag instead of Old Glory on Mount Suribachi. However, due to public outrage the card has been canceled. Unfortunately, there are other "gay" "e-Cards" still available, including some that mock women with bisexual philandering husbands. A card called "The Bathhouse" has a women telling her friend, "I hope everything's OK. Tony's been in the bathhouse for over an hour." (Washington Watch - Family Research Council)

Another new pro-homosexual group called Just the Facts Coalition has issued a slick pro-homosexual "fact sheet" which they mailed to every school superintendent in the 15,000 public school districts across the country with the goal that children will be taught to accept and promote homosexuality. This coalition includes the National Education Association, American Association of School Administrators, American Psychological Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Association of School Psychologists, American Federation of Teachers, American School Health Association, Interfaith Alliance and others.

The document, entitled "Just the Facts About Sexual Orientation and Youth - A Primer for Principals, Education & School Personnel" is a 12 page booklet which confuses providing a safe environment for all students with saying that homosexuality is good, normal and healthy. They demand that homosexuality be accepted as the moral and legal equivalent of heterosexuality and present their one-sided view. (Traditional Values Coalition)

Produced at the urging of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), the booklet denigrates groups that help and support people who want to leave the homosexual lifestyle. It incorrectly portrays heterosexuality as a "religious" viewpoint and homosexuality as "scientific." It warns of potential harm to young people and includes a threat to schools of legal action if they do no censor views which do not agree with theirs. (Impact - Coral Ridge Ministries)

"This is another attempt by the homosexual lobby to silence any views on homosexuality but its own. The primer does not acknowledge the unhealthy consequences of homosexuality. It presents a one-sided case that promotes homosexuality by advocating censorship for information in schools about the opportunity of individuals to experience a healthy change and leave the homosexual lifestyle." (Janet Parshall - Family Research Council)

The real potential for harm here is that this misinformation leaves kids with no way out. They need to hear the truth that there is an alternative to this propaganda. If the homosexual community has nothing to hide and the truth is really on their side, why are they so afraid of other viewpoints and open dialogue? Guard your children from the unhealthy consequences of homosexuality and protect your right of free speech. Call your local school superintendent or school board member and voice your opinion about this harmful booklet.

NTS Notes: I have said here at this blog for some time now that our public "education" system that we have today is nothing more than pure indoctrination centers for brainwashing our children into the fraud "liberal" agenda.. That 'agenda' absolutely includes the brainwashing of children into the false belief that "homosexuality" is somehow "normal"!  And it has been working to some extent, when you consider that children's minds are open to "learning" and to "understanding" what adults to tend to teach to them... This is one of the major reasons why I have been a strong advocate of parents taking their children out of the so called "public" education system and having them either attend private schools or even home school them to have them learn the proper fundamentals of life!

I put into BOLD print some of the major points that everyone should focus on in the article above.... It is so important that people do understand those main focal points of the entire article above, to show how this "homosexual" movement is absolutely abnormal and truly does have a criminal agenda....

We all must understand that the true agenda of this abnormality is to break down our societies.... What truly is wholesome in our lives such as family and raising children properly is being usurped with this horrid idea that what is abnormal is now the "new normal".....

I for one will continue to fight against this criminal and evil agenda.... People need to take a stand against this monstrous attempt to basically destroy our very societies and our way of life......Stand up for what is right, everyone!

More to come


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Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 17th, 2019

Sunday.... And time once again for my weekend rant...

I again decided to take yesterday off from blogging, to spend time with family, and especially to attend a party last night.... It was so nice to see a lot of people that I had not seen in months, and to try to stay away from discussing things like politics just to avoid any arguments..... I figured that I would have some fun and concentrate on what is going on in the real world for this rant instead....

Well, we are having a bit of a small "reprieve" from the intense cold weather that has been hitting these parts of central Canada for the last two months... The temperatures outside have actually risen to a "near normal" condition for a few days, but fear not for the plunge back to unseasonably cold conditions is coming up once again later this coming week......  I still am waiting for anyone in the "climate crisis" hoax camp to come out and explain to us all how this intense cold somehow fits into their "Global Warming" aka "climate change" model without being laughed at tremendously for their stupidity!

One factor that cannot be overlooked with all of this intense cold weather is the fact that normal agricultural output from farms around these parts has been drastically reduced, and in some cases farms have been unable to get their product out of the ground at all before the cold swept in and destroyed their crops.... This is a tragedy in my honest opinion, and has not only happened across central Canada but right across the main grain belt in the continental United States as well...  With reduced crop outputs, there will be less food products to go around and we will not only see a massive rise in the price of farm goods, but many of our shelves in local food stores could become empty as well..... Sadly,  our governments are overlooking this impending disaster in the making, as they continue to promote their fraud "carbon tax" schemes, rather than warn their own citizens to stock up now and prepare for the possibility of food shortages.... We may all pay the price dearly for this stupidity and ignorance!

And about the entire fraud of this 'climate crisis' bullshit?  I was sent a few links last week after I posted more evidence exposing both the entire fraud and the evil machinations of that Greta Thunberg and her  criminal associates, where apparently that foul creature  was being "sailed" from North America to Australia courtesy of a young couple on a catamaran with photos and a lot of fanfare to attend some major "climate crisis" events.... It was laughable to see how the media has climbed on board with this "climate crisis" bullshit by promoting the entire fraud with this propaganda bullshit!.... The article even had the nerve to try to claim that Greta Thunberg and her evil group of minions were traveling around the world using methods that were somehow "carbon neutral", which to me is a laugher considering how much time has been spent  jetting that entire entourage from place to place while eating and sleeping in the finest establishments possible, which in no way in hell is even close to being 'carbon neutral' at all......  But again, people out there will swallow this bullshit without any thought, and sadly so many have indeed fallen prey to the "climate crisis" brainwashing which to me shows that there are indeed suckers out there born every minute..

Meanwhile, down in Bolivia, apparently I and others have been right about the entire premise for the overthrow of the popular Evo Morales government by the criminals in both the US and Canadian governments..... Apparently there were reports that came out just before Morales was forced out of the La Paz government showing that "negotiations" for some new deals for mining Bolivia's massive Lithium reserves had apparently "broken down" as Morales was seeking better and more fair deals for his nation and its people....  I saw and read several articles speculating that Morales was not going to allow his nation's massive Lithium wealth to be handed over to criminal international corporations any longer for a pittance of profits for the Bolivian nation, and there was some indication that Morales was heading towards nationalization of all of Bolivia's Lithium mining..... I can guarantee that if this is indeed true, it would be a most logical reason why the US wanted at this time to go in and remove Morales from government so that they could continue to allow Bolivia's Lithium to be mined (in reality stolen..) with little profit given back to the Bolivian people!.....Greed and profits for corporations and little in return for a nations' own people may indeed be at work here in Bolivia....

And what about the future of Bolivia itself with Morales out of the picture?  Word has it that an American puppet by the name of Jeanine Anez, who is considered one of Bolivia's "Spanish Elite" is now to be the hand selected ruler of Bolivia... If this foul creature is indeed put into power, the people of Bolivia will suffer tremendously as the tremendous accomplishments towards ending poverty and increasing freedom in Bolivia that were the main aims of the Morales government will now all but disappear....It will also make Bolivia ripe for internal strife and a possible civil war that could rip the nation apart......And apparently this may be the case as new protests and some fighting has now erupted in Bolivia between pro and anti Morales forces.... Yes, readers, this is once again the price a nation pays for the criminal intervention and/or overthrow of their popular government by the criminals in the US government...... It also shows once again how the US does not believe in true democracy for other nations, as they only want to maintain their world wide hegemony and control over other nations, especially for those nation's natural resources, at all cost...

Apparently the long awaited new offensive by Syrian government forces and their Russian allies, is finally taking place against the US run terrorists still holed up in the Idlib pocket in northwestern Syria... Honestly, I can only say Thank Gawd, as the must needed liberation of the Syrian people being held hostage and being used as human shields in that pocket is indeed hopefully at hand....I for one do want to see the Syrian forces and their allies push through and seize key areas of the pocket to force the entire pocket to collapse, and to hell with any new calls for bullshit "ceasefires".... The Idlib pocket IMHO MUST be destroyed once and for all, to not only allow the Syrian people there be reunited with their nation, but to eliminate Idlib from being any future position from which the US/Israel/NATO cabal can launch "terrorist" attacks against the rest of Syria...

Meanwhile, in northeastern Syria, the Russians and Syrian government forces continue to take control of major key positions away from both the Kurds as well as American forces.... In fact, there have been reports showing that the Russians are indeed taking control of several 'abandoned' American bases and using them for REAL humanitarian aid centres for both the Kurdish and Syrian people now liberated in northeastern Syria, which was something the American forces did not do at all during their illegal occupation over the last several years!..... It also means that US and Russian forces are indeed being positioned across northeastern Syria, making a potential clash between both sides a possible reality in the near future.... A possible false flag attack to cause such a fight to erupt is a strong possibility indeed...

I have absolutely IGNORED the laughable and ludicrous political circus happening in the United States right now, by not putting up a lot of articles covering that circus up until now, with good reasons.... The fraud and most evil Communists aka "Liberals" that now make up the former Democratic rat party in the US are gunning for blood and absolutely want to see criminal US President Donald Drumpf overthrown and have their own criminals seize control of the US government.... These 'impeachment' proceedings that we see happening right now is nothing but a but pure unadulterated bullshit, as the psychos in the Democratic party have absolutely NOTHING on Drumpf and are throwing scoundrels and liars up on the podiums to lie their asses off.... The facts are plain and simple here, as the real criminals involved in this entire "Ukraine" fiasco are the crooks and criminals in the Democratic party!   Everyone in that gaggle of evil all the way up to that heinous Hillary Clinton was involved, and if REAL hearings and proceedings were to actually take place, the entire Democratic party in the United States would probably collapse and many of their key party leaders would all be in jail....But instead, we have these liars pushing for the overthrow of the American government and their own crooks and criminals being put into power in what is nothing more than a full blown coup attempt against the American nation.... The real sad part is how the American Jew spew media is right there siding fully with the Liberal criminals in the Democratic party, being cheerleaders and pure propagandists, attempting to brainwash the gullible American public.....  As a Canadian, and an unbiased observer of what is really happening right now to the formerly free United States of America,  I am sad to see how that once great nation has turned into a mockery of its former glory... The American people do need to wake the fuck up right now and not only put an end to this madness by having the criminal Communist Liberal freaks in the Democratic party be put in jail, as well as having the liars in their own media put out of business!

I once again came under attack last week by a few "commentators" who obviously are part of my "favourite fan club" aka the JIDF/Hasbara group of Jewish scoundrels hired to infiltrate the Internet, where they once again tried to label me as being a "Jew hater" and of course the laughably ridiculous moniker of being "antisemitic"..... I need not even bother with the latter, as most of us know by now that the vast majority of these criminals are NOT even Semites at all, making that claim to be ludicrous.... But the former is absolutely a lie, as I am NOT a hater of anyone who are good and NOT evil.... I am after criminals, and knowing that the entire premise of Judaism is nothing more than a truly racist and most hateful "religion" is my major point of conjecture in this entire argument.... If the Jewish people out there want to curb the apparent rise in "antisemitism" and "hate" against them, then why stop their evil want for world control, seizing other peoples' lands and killing them, and stop being real racists by claiming the rest of humanity to be subhuman?   It is to me the most interesting aspect in this argument that the real haters and racists themselves, aka the Jews,  are the ones out there screaming "racism" and "hatred" against everyone else!   I have always said that if the Jewish people actually stopped and took a good hard look at their entire religion and realized how truly evil it really is, and gave up on its want for destruction and/or domination of the rest of mankind, then I would be one to gladly welcome them back into the human race...

I also came under attack for my stand on the fraud of the LBGTQP horse's ass group of freaks out there that are still pushing their agenda right in our faces....  I will not waver on my stance that these freaks have NO place in our societies, period, and that their push to force their sick agenda of filth into our daily lives must be halted at all cost.......Our societies have long been built on the premise of family and wholesome family values, but here we have these freaks wanting to destroy that very foundation and basically tear our nations'  values to smithereens..... I have long said that these freaks are one of the weapons that the Jewish elite are wanting to use for their push for world dominion, and the entire LBGTQP fraud can even be seen right in their own blueprint for that world dominion, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.......Sadly, so many people have fallen prey to that sickness and so many have been silenced under fear of being somehow "politically incorrect" and "offending" others... That silence MUST end if we are ever to save ourselves from seeing our cultures, societies, and our very nations destroyed.... Fuck the LBGTQP madness, everyone, and put these freaks in their rightful places as the scourge of our societies...

One last thing before I get onto my usual last minute tidbits... I have once again been warned that there will be changes in the criminal enterprise called 'Google' especially in some of their platforms including "Blogger".... I may find myself shortly on the outside looking in, as the criminal scumbags in that organization do indeed go all out and censor sites such as this one that are out there  trying to get the true uncensored truth out to people...... If I am shut down, I may be out of the picture for a bit of time until I am able to  get a new platform up and running and one that continues to not bend over to political correctness or what the Jewish elite want people to only read...... I may indeed consider going 'mainstream' with a ".ca" site, but that will cost a LOT of time and money to get launched and maintained, and I may have a hard time getting that website considering criminal corporations such as "Go Daddy" are all on board with only allowing sites to be launched that 'meet their approval'.......  I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to survive for a while yet with this format at "Blogger" as I do work on alternatives...

OK, That is enough for my main train of thoughts for this last week... Time to close this rant with my usual "last minute tidbits"........Yellow Vests Protests are working on a big protest to mark the 1st anniversary of their marches in France.  But again, all of the efforts by these protestors are for naught, for their main push for the removal of that criminal Emmanuel from the French government had its chances late last year but never materialized.  Therefore the protests have lost their main focus and are presently powerless and only symbolic.  This indeed is sad for the people of France, as I for one wanted the protests to succeed,  especially in wanting to stop the flood of illegal migrants into France to destroy French society and culture!......The American run fraud "protests" in Hong Kong are now flaring up again, only this time the Chinese government may have finally had enough and may be calling their army into action against the entire enclave.  The people of Hong Kong need to wake up and see that these protests have been nothing more than a US CIA operation to use Hong Kong against China itself, for if the Chinese government does launch operations to crack down on Hong Kong, then what little democracy they have been able to maintain under Chinese control will disappear....... I was out and about this last week at the local mall, and I was stunned to see NOBODY doing any real shopping as well as so many stores trying desperately to survive by having "Black Friday" sales NOW when it is still two weeks  before that busy day!  Is this a sign that economic collapse is happening right now in Canada?  From the evidence I have seen, I would say ABSOLUTELY!........A new report came out late last week showing that the "number of deaths" associated with Influenza over the last few years has been severely overblown, and that the real number is actually quite miniscule.  No shock here, for the propaganda of over inflating the number of actual deaths from the Flu is done purposely as part of the scare tactics to get gullible people to line up and allow criminals to inject their poisons into their bodies!  The facts are simple, everyone, in that the Flu Shot does NOT work, period, and you should avoid it at all cost........The psycho state of Israel is at it again, as it launches new attacks against both Gaza and the occupied West Bank that are killing more innocent Palestinians.  People need to wake up to reality here, as the psychos in Israel are still hell bent on having the Palestinians killed or sent into permanent exile so that they can have ALL of Palestine for their greedy selfish selves........Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in a recent interview that the US dollar will collapse real soon, and honestly he is right.  The US dollar has been in reality based on NOTHING for the last several decades.  Nations all over the planet are now coming to that conclusion very rapidly now, and many are dumping the US dollar as their reserve currency.  This rapid change could not only spell curtains for the US dollar but for the entire US economy in the process..........The war in Yemen is still continuing, with the criminal Saudis still targeting Yemen civilians in what is nothing more than a war of genocide.  But with the reality still being that the Saudis have lost this war,  and therefore all of this still ongoing killing of innocent people will only make the price the Houthis will demand on Saudi Arabia's surrender that much more drastic!......I find it interesting that the hoopla for the upcoming Tokyo Olympic games next year are now in full swing, with people being made unaware that the nearby Fukushima nuclear disaster is still ongoing.  I will not back down from my statement that the athletes going to those games had better have decent radiation suits with them along with geiger counters handy, for they will get a real healthy dose of radiation during their stay in Tokyo next summer........And speaking of Tokyo, I saw an article where President Drumpf's administration is wanting some $8 Billion from the Japanese government to "maintain" US forces on Japanese soil.   Honestly, is there a catch here?  The Japanese government should tell the US government to take a hike, screw their $8 billion demand,  and get the hell out of Japan immediately!...... I saw an interesting article stating that the claim that 11000 "scientists" have written a letter claiming that the climate crisis is real is in fact bogus, as there were NEVER 11000 scientists who put their name to that letter at all.  No shock here, as all of this hype that man caused "climate change" is real and proven by "science" is an absolute FRAUD....... Reports stating that the Italian city of Venice is now "under water" thanks to "climate change" are a fraud.  The reality is that Venice itself has been sinking for decades now, thanks to the very land it sits on, and that the recent flooding was caused by a natural storm surge and NOT by "climate change".  Yes, people are indeed so gullible and not aware of reality......... Someone wrote a comment to this blog recently calling these rants "lame".  Well, to that reader, you try writing all this from information just off the top of your head and see how well you can do this yourself.  Yes, the vast majority of what you read here comes from my own mind and from my own recollection and diagnosis of details of events..... I see one of my targets, that heinous Taylor Swift is back at it, frothing at the mouth with her stupid Liberal political views.  And here I thought the Kardashians were bad, but this creature is really gunning for being my new target to end these rants........No EPL league games this weekend, as I again go through Soccer withdrawals.  Arsenal is slated to play Southampton next Saturday, and I am crossing my fingers for a Gunner victory to get them back on a winning track.  I have given up hopes as of now of seeing the Gunners actually win the EPL title though as Liverpool and Manchester City are just too strong.......And finally,  I had wanted to post something this week about the revolting psycho ward world of the Kardashians, but there has been a dearth of anything coming from those misfits and trollops this last week.  But fear not, for these foul creatures are still out there turning American minds to mush with their antics. Maybe next week I will have another instalment on these skanks in what I am calling 'As The Stomach Turns"....

More to come


Friday, November 15, 2019

Real History Revealed: The Cosmonaut Cover Up Story!

There is a bit of a lull in real "Earth shattering" news over these last few days.. Other than the American coup in Bolivia (most probably for the American government to grab Bolivia's Lithium supplies!) and of course the news that there is a new "school shooting" in California (lack of Jew spew media coverage may indicate this one to be real..), the news cycle has been a bit slow......I therefore want to once again take a look at some real history, and what I found is very revealing!

I grew up in the public school system being indoctrinated with what has been written in our so called 'history books", and one of my prime interests as a young man was in Science and especially Astronomy and space exploration..... I was amazed early on about how both America and the then Soviet Union were locked in the so called "space race" for supremacy in outer space, and I read all of the reports about the initial flights of the Soviet Sputnik probes that was launched on top of modified early Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles, as well as the American Explorer satellite missions as well... I especially took a keen interest in space flights with the first flight of Vostok 1 back on April 12th 1961 that carried cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin into outer space, making him the first human in "recorded" history to actually orbit the Earth.... And yes, at the time I believed everything that I read, for I thought they would not lie to us about space travel, right????

Well.... Over the last few decades, and with so much REAL history now coming to light, I found outthat what we were indeed told about the Yuri Gagarin space flight of April 12th was NOT only a complete lie, but that Yuri Gagarin was absolutely NOT the first Cosmonaut to orbit the Earth at all...That distinction goes to a young Soviet test pilot by the name of Vladimir Sergeevich Ilyushin, who indeed was, or is, well known for the development of so many Soviet and Russian aircraft that bare his name..... It is a strange story about Ilyushin and how he actually made it into Earth orbit, and I do want to share some of the details in this article with readers....

First, I do want to present the following interesting video, that is entitled: "The Cosmonaut Cover Up Story" for everyone to see for themselves.... In this video, you will see the facts on how Ilyushin was not only the first Russian to orbit the Earth, on an ill fated flight launched on April 7th, 1961, but how the then Soviet Union covered up that fact, which paved the way for their poster boy, Yuri Gagarin, to take the honours instead.... Here is that video, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I have known over the last decade at least that Gagarin was NOT the first man to orbit the Earth, and I knew about the details on how Ilyushin actually orbited the Earth 3 times before his Vostok capsule crash landed in China... Ilyushin was then hospitalized in China for months before quietly returning to the Soviet Union and NO fanfare at all for his amazing achievement!

But what a lot of people are not even aware of is the fact that Gagarin himself most probably never even went into orbit at all.....There is so much evidence now out there that shows that the Soviet Union definitely wanted so badly to have Gagarin's "space flight" succeed that they FAKED the entire mission.....

There are many people out there that do not understand the fact that the Soviet Union were masters at lying about their own "space exploits" almost to the same level as the Americans with their fake Apollo missions..... The "space race" itself was not a race at all, as much of the "race" was actually for the development of military technology, and both sides were very much well aware that the other side was indeed lying their asses off about their "exploits"......One example is the "first walk in space" by Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, on March 18th, 1965 which was by all indications actually done in a large water tank on Earth!    

The facts are, readers, that BOTH sides in the so called "space race" were indeed lying their asses off, and the other side knew about the lies..... And that knowledge does indeed help everyone to understand why the Soviet Union had every chance to 'blow the whistle" in regards to America lying about their Apollo missions, but did not.... The American lies were as bad as the Soviet ones!

Yes, more real history revealed...  And sadly the lies are continuing to this day, especially with the bullshit of America 'returning to the moon' and "going to Mars".... Sadly, so many gullible people out there will fall for the lies so easily...

More to come


Thursday, November 14, 2019

The American Run Coup In Bolivia: Lessons To Learn From The Coup In Bolivia!

I have been asked since last week as to WHY I had not posted up any articles about the "coup" in the South American country of Bolivia.... I honestly had been waiting for news to see if the residing President of that land-locked nation, Evo Morales, would be able to fight back and get back his Presidency in a "counter-coup", but that did not materialize... As of the issuing of this article at my blog, Evo Morales is now out of Bolivia and is right now living in asylum in Mexico....

I had long realized that any 'coup' in the Americas would indeed be run by the criminals in the US Government, as they want to continue to keep their hegemony over ALL nations in both South and North America... We have watched and have been waiting for the next step in the American push to have President Nicolas Maduro overthrown in the South American nation of Venezuela, but that has not materialized as of yet... The American (and Canadian) government has decided to try to strangle Venezuela economically and wait until the people of Venezuela had had "enough" and would either overthrow Maduro or basically "starve to death"... Luckily that has not yet happened....

The thing that I found interesting about this American run "coup" in Bolivia is; WHY NOW?  And why push for this change in government in that nation at all?   Something seemed terribly amiss, and I have been like everyone else and looking for the real answers....

BUT... In the meantime, several other bloggers have tackled this ongoing coup in Bolivia, and I want to present a pretty good one that comes courtesy of the Moon Of Alabama website, at This one is entitled: "Lessons To Learn From The Coup In Bolivia" and does indeed give an excellent summary of the events of this coup as well as what will be the aftermath of this change of government for the good people of Bolivia... Here in fact is that article in its entirety, and I do have additional thoughts and comments to follow:

Lessons To Learn From The Coup In Bolivia

The coup in Bolivia is devastating for the majority of the people in that country. Are their lessons to be learnt from it?
Andrea Lobo writes at WSWS:
Bolivian president Evo Morales of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) party was forced to resign Sunday evening by the Bolivian military in a coup backed by the United States. Last night, Morales tweeted that he is “leaving for Mexico” after that country agreed to grant him asylum. 
After three weeks of protests following the disputed October 20 presidential elections, the imperialist powers and their Bolivian client elite have overthrown the government of Morales. In the context of a deepening crisis of global capitalism and a resurgence of the class struggle internationally, including recent mass strikes among miners and doctors in Bolivia, the ruling class lost confidence that Morales and the MAS apparatus can continue to suppress social opposition.
During his twelve years in office Evo Morales achieved quite a lot of good things:
Illiteracy rates:
2006 13.0%, 2018 2.4%
Unemployment rates
2006 9.2%, 2018 4.1%
Moderate poverty rates
2006 60.6%, 2018 34.6%
Extreme poverty rates
2006 38.2%, 2018 15.2%
But Morales failed to build the defenses that are necessary to make such changes permanent. The leadership of the military and police stood against him. Why were these men in such positions?
Jeb Sprague @JebSprague - 20:19 UTC · Nov 11, 2019
The US coup connection
Officials who forced #Evo to resign worked as #Bolivia's Mil. Attachés in DC. The CIA often seeks to recruit Attachés working in DC.
2013: Gen. Kaliman served as Mil. Attaché
2018: Police Com. Calderón Mariscal was Pres. of APALA in DC
The Agregados Policiales de América Latina (APALA) is supposed to fight international organized crime in Latin America. It is curiously hosted in Washington DC.

These police and military men cooperated with a racist Christian-fascist multi-millionaire to bring Morales down.

Morales had clearly won a fourth term in the the October 20 elections. The vote count was confusing (pdf) because it followed the process defined by the Organization of American States:
The [Tribunal Supremo Electoral, or TSE] has two vote-counting systems. The first is a quick count known as the Transmisión de Resultados Electorales Preliminares (TREP, hereafter referred to as the quick count). This is a system that Bolivia and several other Latin American countries have implemented following OAS recommendations. It was implemented for the 2019 election by a private company in conjunction with the Servicio de Registro Cívico (SERECÍ), the civil registry service, and is designed to deliver a swift —but incomplete and not definitive- result on the night of the elections to give the media an indication of the voting tendency and to inform the public.
The early and incomplete numbers let it seem that Morales had not won the 10% lead he needed to avert a second round of voting. The rural districts in which Morales has high support are usually late to report results and were not included. The complete results showed that Morales had won more than the 10% lead he needed to avoid a runoff.
Kevin Cashman @kevinmcashman - 1:36 UTC · Nov 11, 2019
Eventually, the official count was released: Morales won in the first round 47.08% to 36.51%. If you had been watching the polls before the election, 5 out of 6 of them predicted the same result. Weird to have a fraud that matches up with polls.
Poll Tracker: Bolivia's 2019 Presidential Race
To allege false election results to instigate color revolutions or coups is a typical instrument of U.S. interference. In 2009 Mahmoud Ahmedinejad won his second term in the Iranian presidential elections. The U.S. supported oppositions raised a ruckus even as the results fit perfectly with previous polling.

The OAS which recommended the quick count scheme that allows for such manipulations receives 60% of its budget from Washington DC.

Western media do not call the coup in Bolivia a coup because it was what the U.S. wanted to happen:
Army generals appearing on television to demand the resignation and arrest of an elected civilian head of state seems like a textbook example of a coup. And yet that is certainly not how corporate media are presenting the weekend’s events in Bolivia.
No establishment outlet framed the action as a coup; instead, President Evo Morales “resigned” (ABC News11/10/19), amid widespread “protests” (CBS News11/10/19) from an “infuriated population” (New York Times11/10/19) angry at the “election fraud” (Fox News11/10/19) of the “full-blown dictatorship” (Miami Herald,11/9/19). When the word “coup” is used at all, it comes only as an accusation from Morales or another official from his government, which corporate media have been demonizing since his election in 2006 (FAIR.org5/6/098/1/124/11/19).
The poor and indigenous people who supported Morales will have little chance against the far right para-militaries and police (vid) who now go from door to door(vid) to round up leftists and Morales supporters.

Evo Morales found asylum in Mexico. Bolivia will now turn into a neoliberal hell and a quasi-dictatorship. It will take time, a lot of effort and probably a civil war to regain what was lost through this coup.

What can one learn from this?
  • As one person remarked to me: "When one wants to win and keep a socialist revolution one has to bring guillotines."
  • Socialist movements who come into power must neutralize their biggest local enemies. They need to build their own defenses. They can not rely on those institutions, like the military and police, they inherit from previous regimes.
  • Such movements must never rely on U.S. affiliated organizations like the OAS or on military and police personal that had come under U.S. indoctrination. 
  • A movement needs a public voice. It must build its own media locally and internationally.
Hugo Chavez knew this all this. As soon as he won the presidential election in Venezuela he built the necessary forces to defend the state. It is the only reason why his successor Nicolás Maduro defeated the coup attempt against him and is still in power.

Evo Morales unfortunately failed to follow that path.

Posted by b on November 12, 2019 at 18:08 UTC

NTS Notes: One thing that I had discovered in my own research on Bolivia is the fact that Bolivia is one very rich nation in terms of natural resources... Bolivia does in fact produce almost 1/2 of the world's supply of Lithium that is in increasingly high demand for a wide list of electronic devices... Then we have the fact that Bolivia does indeed have a wealth of untapped important metals, including a large amount of Gold and other valuable metals, that the US would indeed want to control....

Another thing that I was not aware of is the FACT that Evo Morales had turned away from the Rothschild criminal Jewish central banking cartel and had introduced into Bolivia a new central bank that did not bleed the Bolivian people with odious debt.... And the results have been extraordinary as that list above showed.. The  Bolivian people were actually beginning to prosper without a Jewish controlled central bank disaster... THIS may be, above all other factors, the real reason why the US went into Bolivia to overthrow Morales!

As this Moon Of Alabama site shows, Morales did so much good for his own people that I would bet anything that the criminals that run this planet got angry and demanded his overthrow... The criminal Jewish elite absolutely do not want any of their slave nations to escape their evil grasp, and I can guarantee they ordered their American puppets to have Morales removed immediately so that they can bring back in their central bank and re-enslave the Bolivian people to their odious debt!   Morales failed to see that he was in defiance of these bastards and did not work to build a proper defense against a possible coup, or overthrow by force..

So now we will see Bolivia and the Bolivian people start to suffer immensely as poverty, crime, endless debt, and other factors associated with Jewish run central banking controlled nations entail..... This is indeed a lesson for any nation that wants real freedom that they must guard against the criminals that run this planet for they will do anything necessary to maintain their evil grip and enslavement of us all..

More to come


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Baby, Its Cold Outside: Record Cold Weather Hits Canadian Prairies... So, About That Climate Crisis Thing?

I figured it was about time I turned back to the fraud of the "climate crisis", as right now across Canada's prairies we are experiencing the COLDEST weather that we have not seen in decades..... It has been absolutely frigid where I live right now, as temperatures are some 20 degrees Celcius BELOW seasonal "normals" for this time of year....

How cold has it been?  Well, just this last weekend, the good people of Alberta, Canada, experienced what amounted to as being the coldest temperatures on the entire planet!  Here in fact is the link to an article from the Narcity website, at, that covers that information right here:

Lets just say, that after Alberta got hit by that massive cold spell, that weather moved eastward and slammed into this part of Canada later over the weekend....  And it was damn cold here, as the daytime highs over last Sunday and Monday reached barely above the -15C level which is a full 15 degrees below the seasonal normal of 0 degrees Celcius (32 fahrenheit for you Americans..).....

But that intense cold did not stop there, for that "Arctic cold" slammed into southern Ontario just over the last few days as well... In fact, this severe cold weather was not overlooked by my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Penny, who of course writes her excellent blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at Penny has written her own article earlier today covering the brutally cold weather and at the same time taking shots at that heinous little witch, Greta Thunberg, and her  fraud "climate crisis" bullshit agenda... Here is the link to Penny's article right here for all to see for themselves:

I have to laugh about how Penny takes shots at that Greta Thunberg and that foul creature's "hot air" rhetoric of pure nonsense...

But Penny is absolutely right about the fraud of  "Global Warming" and this bullshit "Climate Crisis"... The reality is staring everyone in their faces that the planet is COOLING and that these type of cold spells that are presently hitting us hard will be here to stay in the coming years.....

I find it disgusting that so many gullible people have fallen for this "climate crisis" bullshit so easily... What the heck ever happened to the concept of common sense, especially when the reality is right outside our very doors right now?  It is indeed getting colder right across planet Earth, and even the hot air being spewed by that Greta Thunberg and her idiot handlers and followers will not change that aspect one iota!

Yes, Baby, Its Cold Outside... And it will only get colder, as another brutally long and dismal winter is indeed starting right now....

More to come


The Murder Of Morality

I have been posting articles by John Kaminski for YEARS now at this blog.... And in all that time, I still get the periodic naysayer or ass clown that continues to harp the same lie that John himself is a "disinformation agent" or even Jewish.... I honestly have to laugh at those type of comments for the reality is that John is neither and is a very honest and prolific writer of the real truths about our societies..... I have dismissed the naysayers for years now, as I continue to promote John's essays at this blog....

In fact, I do want to present John's latest essay, that of course comes from his website at This one is entitled "The Murder Of Morality" and as the title implies, takes shots at the crumbling immoral status of our nations.... Here in fact is that article for everyone to read right here for themselves, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Any philosophy that doesn’t recognize
the primacy of the individual is a trap 
aimed at turning you into a number.
A world without hope 
doesn’t have long to live.
When they killed the churches, they killed morality. Churches were the glue that tied neighborhoods together. It didn’t matter that religions destroy themselves as they try to conceal their own false dogma or succumb to their own human frailties. Now most neighborhoods are gone, too, vaporized first by malls, then by immigration, and more lately by the Internet. Underlying all this social change was the century of corporate capitalism, which today more resembles a preliminary steppingstone in an inevitable metamorphosis toward communism which corporations and banks seem to desire.
The churches couldn’t survive their own fabricated dogma. The tragedy of these false fabrications of history is reflected in the corruption of every government that was ever assembled.
There is no compassion in bookkeeping. We all face our own bottom lines. As they say, you pay your own freight or the train don’t run.
In all of history no country has ever been what you could call moral. The one exception in history may have been National Socialist Germany, which was crushed by what is known today as the Deep State, that is, all the countries of the world who are dependent on money from the Jewish-owned central banks.
The karma of spin
The absence of nations demonstrably valuing their inhabitants — as opposed to enriching their oligarchs — spotlights a revealing perspective on the essential nature of political rhetoric and reveals nothing but a grisly picture of humanity feeding on itself.
In any country at any time in history, native popular media speak inspiringly of their military heroes, who execute the depraved orders of a compromised leadership under the usual false cover stories of righting a fabricated wrong by having their military heroes commit inexcusable atrocities on innocent people around the world for which they are given medals.
The point is: You can’t expect your country to do the right thing. It does what it has to do to survive. Those who promote their own countries must fail the test of candor. A 6th century AD Welsh poet did not mince his words: “This town is green graves and blood under the feet of its men.”
So we need to be realistic about our government. It has to fight to survive. But when we see it fighting us — its own loyal supporters — we must realize something is really wrong — or we will perish.
And that realization is that the United States has prospered on the backs of the nations it has conquered and controls. After plundering every country on Earth that it could, and having no one else to conquer, it began to create its own enemies to ensure its policy of profitable permanent war would continue. Success in this effort has inevitably turned its focus inward, and it has begun using its warmaking tricks on its own people in order to constantly increase its level of control over its “subjects”.
This bulletin is really addressed to people who won’t read it, who are locked into the mainstream version of fabricated events, and as a consequence know nothing about what their so-called government is really doing.
You may pretend this is a work of fiction if that makes it more comfortable for you, but many people already know the score enough to know it isn’t.
All traces of authority which used to govern people’s behavior have been obliterated. They have been replaced by politically correct mind control jargon, specific language aimed to standardize everyone’s responses to everything, all of which are aimed at overtly offending no one.
Which means that nothing can ever be objectively described, and no one can ever be blamed. You may only be identified by your approved label — slave! Hence is all human behavior standardized, and presumably all human disagreement resolved by the stealthy erasure of all opposition. These one-size-fits-all rationalizations dominate the deliberate conditioning of children to become obedient servants of the state.
Selling your children?
Morality has been destroyed by the bottom line. What does that mean? It means you’re willing to sell your children for the right price, for what you think is the “right” place in society.
When the Jews killed the Catholic church by infiltrating young homosexuals into the seminaries, the moral center of Western society crumbled. Pretensions of morality in American society have largely disappeared
Whatever happened to the Boy Scout motto?
"A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent."
This is what I would want my children to be. I fear they would not survive this age of zombies. Nor would they survive today’s Boy Scouts.
The Scouts have long since been destroyed by child-molesting homosexuals. And despite their training, most people grow up to be undependable, fickle, indifferent, rude, disrespectful, crabby, wasteful, cowardly, smelly and dishonorable.
Break free of the hold media have on your mind. Discover things for yourself and see how you’ve been lied to.
The curse of the bottom line is that it rubs out all other considerations and prevents you from seeing many of the hazards to your future.
The American educational system and mainstream media conspire to shrink the area of knowledge children are allowed to examine, while at the same time enlarging avenues to teach sexual perversions to children who are too young to understand the implications of such training and as such are damaged for life.
Hypocrisy rules us all, unless we have succumbed to the sedation of a false dogma that continues to erase all doubts.
The failure of morality. You see it everywhere. How about President Trump’s justification of the Saudi potentate’s murder of an opposition journalist because he supplies the U.S. with oil? What a gruesome lesson in morality for all of America’s children!
By the example of their elders, our children have been taught that morality is counterproductive. We are nurturing generations of conscienceless cannibals.
Can the curse be fixed?
So that’s the curse of the bottom line. How do you fix it? Can it be fixed?
These large organizations with their well-known figureheads all muttering the same Communist slogans can be all identified because they emphasize the need to prioritize the crowd above individuals, and that is exactly the way to brain dead totalitarianism.
Any philosophy that doesn’t recognize the primacy of the individual is trap aimed at turning you into a number. Too bad that adolescents are too young to know that Communism is a snare based on noble but insincere lies always resulting in mass murder and robbery of all opposition.
For those at the bottom of the food chain, such rarefied philosophical choices are not really available as they die in droves on the feces stained streets of capitalism’s big cities.
We have to have a religion that works, and we don’t have one. Lutherans have betrayed America by bringing in a hundred thousand Somalis who have started gangs in many Midwestern cities. And the world already knows of the decades-long reign of Muslim rape gangs on the young girls of Europe, as well as officialdoms puny response to this affront.
At this point, because of tax laws, all religions are owned by the government. A religion that works would be able to tell government what to do without resorting to lies about anything. But religions all tell you the biggest lie that can ever be told. Governments merely imitate them.
The purpose of women’s liberation was to work toward the extinction of mothers because they are the main obstacle to the state usurping that role and assuming the all-powerful position of everybody’s mother.
Does humanity need to be told that without mothers there would be no future? The state will never be an adequate substitute for your mother. If it ever is, babies will no longer be human.
The bottom line will eventually kill who we really are, if it hasn’t already. Murdering morality was merely a predictable step in this process.

NTS Notes: Another superb article by John Kaminski IMHO....

I personally have been taking shots at the fraud of religions at this blog for years now... I am like John in that I see how modern religion has been morally corrupt, and we can point at the criminal Jewish influence and infiltration of said religions as behind that corruption and the destruction of our churches...

I remember years ago when it was indeed revealed how the Boy Scouts were infiltrated by sicko homosexuals and child molesters that ruined that organization.... I was shocked to discover those revelations, for I too in my youth remember how the Boy Scouts were revered and many joined that organization for the fact that they taught wholesome and moral values to young children...

And I have been against the fraud of feminism for decades now... That entire scheme, which of course was hatched by Jewish criminals, was not for the "empowerment" of women, but to destroy the family unit and eventually tear the very fabric of our societies apart.....

I will indeed continue to present John's essays here at this blog when they become available... And again to the naysayers out there, they can drop dead as far as I am concerned... If you clowns do not like what I post here, there are many LBGTQP horse's asses sites, and other sicko sites, that you can attach yourselves to..... This site is all about the truth and discussing real moral values...

More to come


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Canada Is Screwed: High School Student Suspended For Standing Up Against The Bullshit "Rainbow" Poppies Pushed By LBGTQP Madness For Remembrance Day!

Readers to this blog remember how in last weekend's rant I blasted the LBGTQP horse's asses group of mental retards for pushing a "rainbow" poppy for this year's Remembrance Day and the memory of the brave men and women who fought for this nation.... I found it so appalling, as once again the madness of those sick freaks has come out in the open as they have the NERVE to try to take over Remembrance Day for their sick and abominable agenda....

But what happened up here in Canada last week absolutely shows how this nation is NOT a free country at all, but is now absolutely bowing down to the sickness of the LBGTQP mental midgets and their freakish and vomiting agenda... For according to the following article that comes courtesy of the Natural News website, at, apparently it is now MANDATORY (!) to have to be forced to wear the sick LBGTQP agenda's symbols, or you are now guilty of hate speech!  Yes, readers, here is that article for everyone to see for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

It’s now mandatory to wear LGBT symbols or else you’re guilty of “hate speech”

Image: It’s now mandatory to wear LGBT symbols or else you’re guilty of “hate speech”

(Natural News) A 17-year-old girl from Manitoba, Canada, was suspended from her high school recently for objecting to wearing a “rainbow-colored” LGBTQP poppy broach, a personal decision that faculty and administrators at the school dubbed as “hate speech” before punishing her for it.

While the Interlake School Division refuses to either confirm or deny that this Stonewall Collegiate student, identified only as Natalie, was, in fact, suspended until after Remembrance Day, statements that she and her father made to the Post Millennial reveal that this is precisely what took place.

“It all started when teachers, counselors, and some students said we should wear the rainbow poppy,” Natalie told reporters, adding that she vehemently disagreed with this mandate because it tarnishes the pin’s true purpose. “I typed up papers on a computer, printed them off, and taped them up in the halls.”

The poppy, as you may know, has long been a symbol of Remembrance Day, or what we know here in the United States as Veterans Day. Its red color represents blood, while black symbolizes widows and loved ones. Green further represents the land upon which the blood of courageous heroes was spilled – and these three colors are not to be changed in any way, as they memorialize lives that were lost, and horrors endured, during times of war.

But at Stonewall Collegiate, the Cult of LGBTQP decided to change these colors into the the gay “rainbow” before proceeding to coercively force students to be branded with it, or else face punishment.

“You’ve got a whole month dedicated to the LGBTQ community, but the people who legitimately made a difference and died so that we could live decent lives get one day,” reads a poster that Natalie taped up to the wall of her school in protest of this LGBTQP takeover of Remembrance Day.

“You don’t need a poppy, you just clearly want attention. One day to celebrate the real heroes how about we don’t make it about your sexuality for once?” the poster went on to state.
Natalie says that as she was affixing her posters to the walls, teachers were creeping up behind her to tear them down.

“I watched as they took them to the office and gave them to the secretary,” Natalie says.

Pro-LGBTQP administrators screamed at Natalie, almost made her cry

Not long after she headed back to class, Natalie was called into the principal’s office and confronted. Principal Jason Calissis and Vice Principal Bryce Baldwin reportedly began “yelling at her to the point where she became afraid and was on the verge of tears.”

“They accused me of hate speech and endangering the physical safety of the group of individuals (LGBT students),” Natalie told the Post Millennial.

“They asked me what I was thinking, and I told them everything,” she added. “I said I was just voicing my beliefs and morals. I got to the point of almost crying, but I didn’t. I had to be the voice for all those families who were greatly disrespected and offended.”

Natalie also tried to record this confrontation for her own protection, but says that Principal Calissis and Vice Principal Baldwin confiscated her phone and sent her packing.

“So I asked why? Why am I being suspended and punished for expressing my feelings?” 

Natalie went on to explain about this horrific encounter. “And they said everybody is entitled to their own beliefs, opinions, and way of life. So I asked, why am I not?”

Natalie’s father told the media that what his daughter experienced did, in fact, happen as she says. When he arrived at the school to pick her up and take her home, Natalie’s father witnessed school administrators returning Natalie’s phone to her, and confirmed that she was barred from returning back to school until after Remembrance Day.

He also says that school administrators admitted to him that his daughter was suspended for refusing to wear the rainbow poppy, which they believe constitutes “hate speech,” which isn’t even a real thing, by the way.

For more related news about how the LGBTQP mafia now openly persecutes people it doesn’t like, including children, be sure to check out

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NTS Notes: I live in central Canada and very near where this incident did take place... And to me this is one of THE most revolting things that I have seen in years...

I look at this as "political correctness" again gone mad, and how these freaks in that LBGTQP horse's asses group of fucking retards are not only pushing their criminal agenda, but are now FORCING it on everyone....

I look at this brave young lady in Stonewall, Manitoba, as a hero and one that we should ALL support... She stood up for what is RIGHT and wholesome, and in spite of being put into a situation where she was lectured and almost forced to tears, she stood her ground.... We all need someone like this to take firm stands against the criminality and sickness of those LBGTQP freaks...

And again, there is NO place in regards to Remembrance Day for "rainbow" poppies, period... The red and black poppy that is worn on lapels for that important day symbolizes the sacrifice of Canadian soldiers who gave their lives for what they believed was right for this nation.... For the fucking retards in the LBGTQP group of freaks to now try to destroy that important image is something that every Canadian should be against...

I will keep tabs to see what happens next to "Natalie" in regards to all of this torture that she received... I do hope that parents everywhere do their best to contact the Manitoba Interlake School Division to voice their outrage at this wrong doing... I have already done so by leaving them a stern warning in an email message that their actions are out in the open and everyone across the world will be watching to see how they handle this situation to its conclusion.... "Natalie" should be honored and NOT put through the horror that she received for her stance...

In fact if anyone wants to send a nice letter off to this "School Division" for their thoughts about this criminal act, here is the email address for you to do so:

And remember everyone... It is NOT "hate speech" for standing up for the truth and what is right... Never ever back down from those who scream that lie in your direction!

More to come