Sunday, January 20, 2019

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Sunday, and here comes my usual weekend rant...

I am indeed going to take the next few days "off" to give my body proper time to rest and recuperate... My shoulder and arm are a whole lot better, and I have better flexibility these days without suffering a lot of pain... I will probably be returning to the YMCA soon, but will ease myself back into an exercise routine and not lift weights for at least another month... In the meantime, I do require some major rest to alleviate a lot of stress in my life and therefore I will be MIA the next few days at least.... I will however be right back here to file reports if something "earth shattering" does occur over the next few days and of course I will do some 'catching up' with next weekend's rant...  I am NOT a quitter by a long shot, and hopefully the rest will do some good and rejuvenate my body and my mind!

In the meantime, it is so fucking cold up here on the Canadian prairies with near record extreme temperature warnings for the next few days at least... The overnight lows have been down to the -35C range these last few days, with windchill factors in the -50C range as well.... As I have said in the last few rants, these temperatures are expected here in mid-January, but not to this extreme... I am of course astounded that the "Global Warming" freaks are still out there and having the nerve to claim that 2019 is shaping up to be the "warmest year on record", and all I can say is what in the fuck are those idiots smoking??  The outlook for the coming month is also not good, with the average temperatures expected to be some 5 to 10 degrees Celsius colder than what is claimed to be 'normal'... All this means is that what I and others have been predicting as to what is actually coming over the next decade as the planet enters a "Solar minimum" with temperatures much colder than normal may be starting..... Yes, the planet is getting colder, and all I can do now is laugh in the faces of anyone that still claims that we must save the planet from "overheating" by handing our crooked governments our earnings in the form of "carbon taxation"...

OK, enough of the 'weather report'.... I have indeed been shocked as much as everyone when I watched that video that I have up here posted at this blog yesterday about the reality in France right now where that criminal homosexual bastard Prime Minster Emmanuel Macron has unleashed his Police force goons on the peaceful Yellow Vests protestors... These police goons have indeed gone way overboard now with their brutality, and I have seen some reports that some of the protestors have been killed by these police goons as well.... The facts are that the French people have had enough of that Jewish butt kissing Rothschild programmed and controlled Macron and want him out and out now!  Macron has willingly done terrible damage to France both economically with his outrageous Carbon taxation and other insane policies, and has done horrific damage socially to France by allowing every conceivable sewer rat to come in from the shit holes that they originated from to pollute and destroy France as a nation... Hell, it does not take much to look up and see for yourselves that every major French city now has a "Migrant" problem with these sewer rats living in and defecating openly in the streets of these major cities.... These rats have no future in France and absolutely must be shipped back to the shit holes they come from, but NOOOOO... We have Macron wanting not only to give these freaks from third world shit holes every conceivable amount of money, food, and housing where possible, but he actually wants to bring MORE of these freaks into France over the next few years!   Basically, the French people have had enough and are indeed marching in droves across France demanding Macron step down...  The situation is now escalating and in spite of the lack of "News" coming from the Jew spew media, there is truly a revolution happening in France that we should all support...

Well, I knew that the "bombing" in Manjib in northern Syria was indeed a false flag, for the simple logical reasoning about "who benefits"?.... I am absolutely convinced that the device used to kill those 4 American servicemen while wounding at least 6 more was an Israeli built device that was either planted in the building itself or was carried into the building by an unsuspecting victim... It has been the Israeli MO to use this type of tactic as well as the media to claim that it was a "suicide bomber" that did the deed... But history has already shown that the majority of these "suicide bombers" were nothing of the sort, but were absolutely unsuspecting souls that were not aware that they were indeed carrying remotely controlled explosive devices...... And the TIMING of this attack was simply too perfect, for who else would have done this attack as a means of convincing America that they should not "withdraw" from Syria while 'terrorists' were still in action.... But what sold me on this being a set up and a "false flag" was absolutely when the fraud of "ISIS" claimed responsibility for the attack..Knowing that "ISIS" is an American/Israeli operation, for them to claim responsibility basically told the world that this was indeed a false flag....

And of course right on cue after the Manjib "bombing" we have the US government claiming that the attack has now "slowed" the planned (non-existent) "withdrawal" from Syria to a crawl.... But again the entire concept of the US "withdrawing" from their illegal positions in Syria was nothing more than pure propaganda and hype... As we can now see, the US is NOT leaving Syria any time soon, and in fact there have been reports that the number of American servicemen and "contractors" working at those illegal bases in northern Syria has actually increased since President Drumpf's announcement of an American "withdrawal"..... As I have said before, the US is NOT going to leave Syria anytime soon, for they have been demanded by their Jewish masters to stay put to both (a) continue with illegal operations in Syria for the ultimate goal of "regime change" in Damascus, and (b) to set up that illegal "Kurdistan" in northern Syria as part of the sick Jewish plans of dismemberment of Syria itself into smaller vassal states controlled by the US and Israel....  The only way the US will ever leave Syria IMHO is when they are forcibly removed!

And about the Kurds in northern Syria?  I have said many times before that the Kurdish "leadership" should have accepted that peace offering that President Bashar al-Assad placed in front of them back in September 2017... Bashar al-Assad's terms were for the Kurds to lay down their arms and accept the government in Damascus... In return, Assad would give them both the protection and the autonomy that they needed to live freely and peacefully within the Syrian nation as Syrians..... The terms of that deal were actually too good to be true, but of course the Kurds stupidly rejected that agreement under the belief that they would get their Kurdistan by making a deal with the devil itself, aka the US and Israel...Now we find over the last few weeks where the Kurds have indeed been negotiating with the government in Damascus where they would basically get everything that Damascus offered them in 2017 but have had the nerve of asking for the additional demand that they be given a form of "federation" under a new Syrian constitution where they would basically be an equal partner, rather than a central government controlled semi-autonomous region within Syria, under a new constitution.... This is absolutely not what the Damascus government will ever accept....  I do wonder if this is once again the Kurd's American masters driving this agenda knowing that the terms were impossible for anyone, especially the Damascus government, to accept....The US absolutely does not want to see the Kurds reach any "peace deal" with Damascus, for the fact that they want to see Syria broken up.  I still say that the Kurds should stop their stupidity, accept what Damascus has offered them, and force the gawd damn Americans out of their region permanently.

People are also not aware that the original Idlib agreements for a ceasefire and a demilitarized zone around the Idlib pocket in northwestern Syria had never been formalized, agreed upon in full, or set in stone... The militants in the pocket are still fighting amongst each other while the Syrian Arab Army has now decided that the time for any agreement for a ceasefire is over and have been moving their forces forward for a planned assault to finally take over the entire pocket.... The government in Damascus has indeed grown impatient with negotiations and is indeed going to put an end to the rebel encroachment in Idlib once and for all through force...... There is one twist however, as more reports have surfaced over the last week stating that the "rebels" in Idlib have now finished their preparations for a brand new "chemical weapons" attack in the hope that the American government will once again try to sell the usual bullshit that 'Assad has gassed his own people' to the gullible American masses.....Yes, the US government and Jew spew media will indeed push the lies that Assad has "done it again" and will be calling for direct intervention once again into Syria.... They are banking on the short attention spans of most of the American people, and sadly the majority will indeed fall for this lie once the attack takes place......

One other note about Syria... I saw a report just the other day where the US killed some 23 innocent civilians that were in a caravan fleeing "ISIS" in the southern Euphrates River valley south of Deir ez-Zor..... And I cannot help but point out that this type  of attack has been a constant occurrence by the US so called 'coalition', and points to the fact that the US has once again been targeting civilians all along and NOT their bullshit "terrorist" group known as ISIS......The US has indeed been killing civilians by the thousands since their illegal incursion into Syria about a half decade ago as part of a long term plan of "ethnic cleansing" aimed at killing Syrian civilians to clear out large swaths of northeastern Syria for their "Kurdish controlled region"..... We have seen what the US did at al Raqqa as it intentionally murdered thousands of civilians, and now in spite of the news of a 'withdrawal'  from Syria, that ethnic cleansing murderous rampage against Syrian civilians is continuing..

I have had many question why I put so much emphasis on "important health reports" here at this blog, rather than focus in on the criminality of the "tribe" and other world wide key issues... I will state it again here that without a healthy body that is not being poisoned by the horrific chemicals and vaccines that the criminals have been administering, we would not be able to fight the "tribe" on other fronts.... It is most important that everyone understands how these bastards have indeed been poisoning us through the usage of "fluoride" in our drinking water, and of course the wide assortment of dangerous chemicals in the very foods that we all ingest.... And do not get me started about how they are indeed using "vaccines" as a means of destroying our brains and turning us all into near vegetables that they want as slaves.... I will absolutely bring forward these reports and try as I must to get everyone up to speed and do what is necessary to stay healthy....

I was asked once again for my two cents worth in terms of what the hell has been happening with the "Brexit" in the United Kingdom... I have been reading and watching the reports about how the crooked May government has been fighting against all adversaries and trying to "hammer out" an "agreement" to allow the UK to leave the criminal Rothschild controlled European Union, and honestly I see this as nothing more than fluff for the fact is that the crooked UK government is indeed delaying "Brexit" as much as possible and to possibly seek a "revote" from the British people and hopefully have them "change their minds" and want to stay enslaved to the European Union... The bottom line is this: The criminal Rothschild controlled European Union will never allow the UK to leave as the Jewish elitists want to see the UK as a slave nation forever...Therefore all this bickering about the "terms" of "Brexit" is nothing more than a stall tactic as the criminals will attempt to "delay" the Brexit and eventually see the entire deal squashed.....  IMHO, the British should have left right after the vote to leave some two years ago, and to hell with these bullshit "negotiations"!

And about that US "government shutdown" that is still so much in the Jew spew media these days... I say keep the US government shutdown, and if necessary permanently.... I again could never understand why the American people cannot see that their nation is operating just fine without the overpaid and underworked government employees, and that they must understand that the system is actually working more efficient now without the waste that has long been associated with the US government workers..... I need not remind everyone also that there have been major instances of national government shutdowns that have shown that a nation can operate quite fine without the overbearing bureaucracy.... The nation of Belgium in fact had a total national government shutdown just a while back in 2011 that lasted for well over a year, and the nation operated just fine without the bureaucrats making a mess of things....  This is probably the only time in the last while that I see the US President actually doing something right and wanting to see that much needed border wall put in place before he even bothers to recall the government.... Honestly, fuck the bureaucratic insanity of the US government and keep it shut down until some forms of sanity, including the Mexican border wall, are actually restored to the nation...

Well, once again I probably have pissed off some people with what I have stated... Well, too fucking bad, for I am never going to stop calling a spade a spade... And with that, here comes my closing last minute tidbits.........I am sick and tired of the madness of the LBGTQEIEIO madness, and especially the rampant push for the idiocy of "transgenderism" that is actually handcuffing and destroying our societies.  There are only 2 sexes, male and female, and for those who claim otherwise I would recommend that they seek psychiatric help immediately......... I had to laugh when I see that crooked Nancy Pelosi get what was coming to her these last few weeks, especially when someone decided to challenge her on her open border insane policies by having some illegal migrants pitch a few tents on her own private estate in California.... That was bad enough for that bitch, but this last week President Drumpf decided to take a few shots at her stupidity by canceling her "security entourage" that was going to accompany her on an outrageous furlough across the world while the US government itself was "shut down".  IMHO, she got exactly what she deserved.........And has anyone noticed that while the US government was supposed to be "shut down", here we have the Congress critters actually meeting to discuss and force the US taxpayers to send money to Israel.  Yes, once again here we have the evidence of exactly who the US government actually obeys and it is NOT the American people......Ok, what in the hell has happened to the "Skripals" and that supposed "Russian poisoning" of last March in the UK?  The news reports have all disappeared now, and the Skripals as well.  Honestly all this shows is exactly what I and others have been saying from day one, in that it was a set up and nothing more than Russia bashing.  The crooked UK government got caught up in the lies and have tried desperately to bury it permanently now........Some good news, as an Israeli "historian" named Benny Morris came out recently with a report that the criminally insane Jewish state of Israel will eventually cease to exist thanks to the massive number of Palestinians that are being born and will eventually outnumber the criminally insane "Zionists" within Israel itself.  Honestly, the sooner that evil on this planet is eliminated once and for all the better..........Someone asked me about the recent economic "recovery" where last week the Stock Markets suddenly had a "resurgence" after weeks of falling.  I will ask those who actually think this is a recovery to look up "Dead cat bounce" and get back to me.  There is NO real recovery and the world wide economic collapse will indeed be upon us very soon....... I saw a few articles last week where the criminal Jewish elite are now in fear that the impending economic collapse will see the people rise against them and overthrow their debt based economic enslavement system.  And yes, they should be in fear, for a lot of people are now awake and see what their tyranny has done to this planet and would love to see them all sit in jail for their crimes against humanity......War in Yemen continues as the so called "peace talks" have gone nowhere.  Honestly, anyone with two brain cells could see this coming, as the criminal Saudis are not going to accept any deal with the Houthis other than a Houthi surrender.  The sad part is of course watching the innocent civilians suffer and die from the resultant famine........The plant life on board that Chinese probe that is supposedly sitting on the 'dark side' of the moon have all died after the hype that they were growing fine in that extreme environment.  I would say the plants were doomed for the simple fact that the moon itself has extreme radiation as well as tremendous hot and cold between day and night that even the probe's artificial atmosphere could not sustain these plants.  Nice try by the Chinese though......OK, Why is the US continuing to provoke China?  I saw a report where apparently the US is wanting to up the stakes in the straits between China and Taiwan by sending a US carrier battle group through.  This will only irk the Chinese ever more, and sadly I do believe that the US does indeed want a war against China to somehow stop their own impending economic collapse from happening!.........Strangely, no strange new news about the Canadian idiot Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, this last week.   But has that fool done enough damage already?  I sure hope the Canadian people will remember how badly this fucking moron has damaged Canada's economy and prestige come the Federal Elections slated for this October........About that Gillette "toxic" commercial that bashes men?  I watched it, and I too was not impressed.  I too hope that people push back against this stupidity by boycotting ALL Gillette products as a message to them that we have had enough of this male bashing madness.......Arsenal won a very important game yesterday by beating their arch rival Chelsea Blues at Emirates by the score of 2-0.  I an indeed impressed by the massive improvement in this very young squad, and there may indeed be hope of the Gunners getting a Champions League berth this year if their fine play continues..... And finally, I do not have time for the insanity of the Kardashians this week as I too have finally had enough of having my own brain cells damaged by their sheer stupidity.  I for the life of me still cannot see what America sees in a "family" of useless eaters such as these morons and skanks, and I am still waiting for an answer to this day......

See you all soon, for I am indeed taking a short break for the next few days....

More to come


Saturday, January 19, 2019

Video Reveals The Reality Of The Yellow Vest Revolution In France - Watch And See Shocking Police Brutality At Yellow Vest Protests

I have been shocked by the absolute lack of any real reports coming out from the Jew spew media about exactly what has been happening right now in France with this "Yellow Vest" revolution.... But of course many people are being kept purposely in the dark by the Jew spew media, for that criminal media is run by the criminal Jewish elite that wants to see the "revolution" fail and to keep Jew butt kissing Emmanuel Macron in power absolutely do NOT want people to see the truth.... That is where I and other come in to tell the real truth about this ever changing situation in France..

I was sent a most important video that covers some of the reality of exactly what is happening with this Yellow Vest revolution, and I absolutely want to share it with my own readers here... This one comes form Youtube user, "Lift The Veil" and is entitled: "Shocking Police Brutality At Yellow Vests Protests"... I have it right here for all to see for themselves, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I watched this video several times and it absolutely made me very angry, and reinforces my views that the criminal Macron has to go for the betterment of France and the French people..

Yes, the French police have been brutally attacking protestors, and in many situations those protestors are absolutely unarmed and only want to have peaceful protests against the Macron regime... But for the police to act in the manner shown in this video shows that the revolution MUST continue and Macron has to be thrown out of office either voluntarily or by force if necessary..

I actually am very proud of the people of France for standing up against the criminality and the horrific policies of the homosexual Jew butt kissing Rothschild brainwashed Emmanuel Macron and his crooked government... France needs to have a change for the better to also stop the destruction of their nation through the horrific immigration policies of said Macron government...

The sooner the French people succeed in this revolution the better it will be for that nation and to send a message to other nations that they need not sit back and allow their own crooked governments to continue with their sick "Globalist" agendas.... What is happening in France needs to happen in other nations, especially right here in my own nation Canada, and quickly!

I will be following up this video with others that are sent my way, and will present them here for everyone to see the truth about this Yellow Vest revolution in France.. Stay tuned...

More to come


Important Health Report: The Vaccine Scam Is Far Worse Than Anyone Realizes

* First an important note:  I am indeed going to take some time off starting this coming week, possibly Monday... I do need some rest and will be taking a short vacation break for the upcoming week, only to return the following Sunday to get out my weekend "rant"... I have been under tremendous stress at both work and in some aspects of my personal life, and I am desperately needing some relaxation and a short vacation to recuperate... I hope my readership understands, and hopefully after taking a week off, I should be 're-energized'..... 

I was out and about just the other day and I had to go to the local pharmacy to get some muscle relaxant and some ointment for my shoulder and arm that are in the final stages of recovery.... I could not help but notice when I entered the pharmacy door a HUGE sign that greeted patrons stating "It is now flu season, and it is still not too late to get your flu shot to prevent the flu"..... And yes, that pharmacy and so many other similar stores are absolutely plastering advertisements everywhere almost begging people to line up and allow them to inject their bodies with poisons....

I have already put out a long list of articles at this blog covering the dangers of 'vaccines' and trying to hammer home the fact to people that these chemicals absolutely do NOT work and will only do harmful damage to your body and especially your immune system..... But I found one article late last week from Jim Stone's website, at, that lays it out clearly that vaccines are indeed a scam, and that the level of criminality by Big Pharma and our crooked governments in trying to get everyone "vaccinated" is far worse than anyone ever thought possible.... I have that article right here to share with my own readers, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The vaccine scam is far worse than anyone realizes

Jim Stone January 17 2019

When the claims are that most kids are going to be autistic in a little over 10 years it is pretty obvious there is something seriously wrong. Worse yet, the most affected are white males, - the exact group under attack as adults now - by a stunning stark majority. That parallel is obvious, and should not be overlooked.

It is annoying to have trolls claim anti-vaxxers are anti-science when people who realize something is amiss speak up. Obviously the goal is to make people feel stupid for SCIENTIFICALY observing the obvious - too many kids start to sink mentally or get damaged after "vaccination" and many go autistic. 

Trolls call anyone who notices a problem after the shots "anti science" but that's really a weak statement when anyone with any observational ability can see it clearly now, the scam is wide open. "Science" is nothing more than experimenting, documenting, hypothesizing, theorizing - gathering evidence to prove a reality.

We have ALL the evidence we need to prove the reality behind what is happening to our kids.

Don't forget, - the Italian government ousted it's entire vaccine board and the new people appointed to that board did lab testing of a 6 in 1 childhood vaccine over Christmas 2018 and discovered it had NONE of the antigens for the diseases it was supposed to prevent, and NONE of the listed ingredients to boot. That proves there's no curative science behind what they are claiming is a vaccine, which begs the question: What the hell are those shots?CLEARLY, if they don't have any of the listed antigens needed to trigger an immune response against a particular disease, and don't even have the listed ingredients, they are not vaccines at all.

So what are the shots really for? It's called Eugenics. A weapons program launched by an elite few who want to seek permanent dominance by destroying everyone else, especially their greatest competition - the white male.

It is not a matter of questioning what is "in those shots" anymore, it is instead a question of "what the hell the shots really are".

It has become awful damn obvious our children are NOT being vaccinated anymore, they are instead receiving injections that determine what they will be when they grow up, decided just after birth by truly despicable heathens. The white race is destroyed by eugenics injections disguised as vaccines a lot worse than any other race. The white race is being trashed and maligned EVERYWHERE more than any other race. The white race is being asked to bend and compromise, and give up everything it is more than any other race, and if anyone resists, they are called a bigot. A racist. A supremacist. WHY?

The writing is on the wall. We are at war. We are already so destroyed it may be too late to fight back.

The mind control aspect of this war is too entrenched for many to even hope of recovering from, and that recovery is the first step to saying NO to phony shots that will definitely destroy us if we fail to find a way to prevent them en masse. The white race has been tricked into despising itself. How do you go from despising your race to saying no to it's destruction, especially when the dagger of destruction is in a shot pushed by people who hide under a cloak of goodness and claim authority and credibility? Many people won't make it. The losses are going to be extreme.

NTS Notes: Of course the naysayers will come out and ask WHY I support the works of Jim Stone, considering the fact that he is so endeared with the crooked and Jew dick sucking US President Donald Drumpf....I have always said that I want people to read the MESSAGES rather than try to shoot the messenger... Jim Stone has it wrong on so many subjects, including Project Apollo which is and always has been a fraud, and of course his love of Donald Drumpf... But when it comes to subjects such as the criminality of the Jewish elitist pricks and of course vaccinations, he is spot on..

I also need not remind everyone that I did indeed cover the Italian government's investigation into vaccines and their findings that they can not possibly work since they did not contain the chemicals necessary to fight the 'diseases' that they were supposedly designed to fight... That only proved once again that vaccines have a different and more diabolical purpose..

Jim is indeed right about the usage of vaccines for 'eugenics' and the wiping out of certain groups of people, especially white males.... And we have already seen how vaccines are clearly linked to the explosion of diseases such as Autism and other neurological disorders... So the question then becomes as to WHY in the hell would anyone with two brain cells to rub together ever go out and get "vaccinated"?

There is a war going on right now, and sadly too many people are too stupid and do not have the common sense to even bother to research properly into vaccines... Those people would rather believe the lies that they are told and go out like dumb ass sheep to line up and allow these criminals to inject poisons into their bodies without any thought!  Sadly, these idiots seem to be the majority out there in spite of efforts to try to show them the truth about how deadly vaccines actually are...

Yes, the vaccine scam is far far worse than anyone realizes... I have been and will continue to hammer here the facts and to try to get more people to simply say "no" to vaccines... Our very future is indeed at stake..

More to come


Thursday, January 17, 2019

Updates On Syrian War Situation: Was Manjib "Bombing Attack" A False Flag Operation - Absolutely!

It has been a while since I last put in my own "two cents worth" on the situation in Syria.... But with there being proof positive now that the US "withdrawal" is nothing but a farce and a scam, the situation is once again changing rapidly, especially with the recent "attack" that happened a few days ago in the northern Syrian city of Manjib where some US servicemen were "killed" by what has been popularly billed as being a "terrorist" attack.... I of course know that since the Jew spew media are indeed nothing but liars and charlatans, and therefore what we have been told so far is indeed nothing but lies...

I do of course want to focus in on that Manjib attack, and when the first reports came out a few days ago, I instantly smelled a rat....I had said in a lot of my most recent weekend rants that the US would probably launch a form of false flag attack somewhere in Syria to have their excuse to halt their withdrawal, and I and others had presumed that they would try one of their patented and tried and true "chemical weapons" attacks to once again fooling the gullible American people and the entire world into the false belief that "Assad has gassed his own people once again"..... And there was some validity to the argument that a "gas attack" was in the works, for according to the following report that contains information about that planned attack as well as an update on the entire situation in Syria, from the Southfront website at, apparently several of the US/Israel run "terrorist" groups in the Idlib pocket area of northwestern Syria were indeed planning an upcoming "chemical weapons" false flag attack... Here is the link to that article here:

OK, Once again we have the US run "terrorists" planning another chemical weapons fraud using chemical weapons supplied by their US masters... And by this time we can hope that everyone is aware of this scam and would blame the US for this fraud as well..... But the US is of course banking on the sheer ignorance and the short attention spans of the gullible American people that they will support a US attack on Syria itself if this "chemical weapons" attack does take place...

But luckily there has not been any "chemical weapons" false flag attack (yet) in Syria, so we have the sinister criminals in the US/Israel/NATO scourge looking for a "Plan B" to not only find their excuse to attack Syria, but also to halt the "planned US withdrawal" out of Syria.... And voila, we have this new "attack" in Manjib itself...

First, we have some of the details of this 'Manjib bombing attack" that also comes courtesy of the Southfront website, right here for all to see for themselves... This article contains the "official US report" on this Manjib "attack" and after reading this piece of propaganda, I would say that there is much more to this Manjib attack than meets the eye... But in the meantime, here is the link to that report here for all to read for themselves:

Now, I for one am not fooled at all by this... This "attack" was way too convenient and could not have come at a more opportune time to sell to the gullible people that the US MUST stay in Syria to "fight terrorists"... And the first order of business of course is WHO did the "attack" in the first place?  

And lo and behold, but here comes the US run "ISIS" to take the blame for the Manjib attack!  Here is the link to an article from the Jew run CNN online news service claiming that "ISIS" has indeed taken credit for killing 4 Americans in Manjib:

When I saw the reports that "ISIS" has indeed taken credit for the Manjib "attack" I knew right away that this was indeed a FALSE FLAG... The US runs, controls, and supplies this fraud of "ISIS" and it should be obvious that the criminals needed an excuse to halt their "withdrawal" from Syria, and conveniently they use their fraud "terrorists" to create that excuse!

Let us not be fooled here... US President Jew butt kisser Donald Drumpf may have wanted to "withdraw" from Syria (which I absolutely doubt) and his administration has stated openly that the "withdrawal" would be halted if some crisis arose in Syria forcing the US to stay put illegally in that nation... And again, here we have this false flag in Manjib and the US has their "excuse"!

And now we have the Jew spew media in America hammering away with their bullshit propaganda that "ISIS" is still a "danger" in Syria and that because "ISIS" has not been eliminated, the US "must stay"... And sadly the American public will swallow this bullcrap without any thought!

I have been watching the videos and reports about this Manjib "attack" over these last few days, and honestly the information coming out has been very "sketchy" at best ... And considering here we have the US run "ISIS" doing this false flag, the entire scenario seems to be complete and utter bullshit!

Honestly,  if this turns out to be a real "bombing", then someone is indeed responsible for this attack and it does not take a rocket scientist to see that someone wants to make sure that the Americans never leave northern Syria.....And that someone could indeed be that shitty little criminal state on the Mediterranean Sea known as Israel..

It may indeed be the Israelis behind this Manjib "bombing" attack,.... For we have seen many times before where the Israelis would pack an unsuspecting victim with explosives and have them blown up when the Israeli built explosive device detonated by remote control.... And lo and behold here we have a report from the BBC that claims that an "ISIS suicide bomber" is to blame for the Manjib attack.. .Here is the link to that article here:

When I saw this report from the BBC, I had to go "Hmmmmm..."... For knowing how almost ALL of the so called "suicide bombers" used in so many previous attacks across the Middle East were actually unsuspecting victims used by the Israelis to carry and detonate explosives, I do indeed smell a rat here, and one with a star of David on its butt!

This one is indeed a false flag, and as more concrete evidence comes forward, I will do my best to update this article as soon as I can.... Stay tuned..

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Excellent Article From Greencrow: Latest Scene From Trudeau's "Scorcerer's Apprentice" Leadership - China Issues Travel Advisory RE Canada!

*First a quick note:  I am still in "recovery" and allowing my shoulder and back to heal...It has been a long and painful road for myself and I am indeed feeling a lot better these days... In saying that, I am considering taking a vacation probably starting as early as next week to unwind and relieve a lot of stress in my life... I will let everyone know if and when I do take the time off... Thanks everyone, for their patience and putting up with me!

Over the last month, ever since the idiotic Justin Trudeau regime in Ottawa decided to obey their Jewish masters and have that executive from Huawei Corporation illegally detained in Vancouver British Columbia on some bullshit and trumped up charges for disobeying some bullshit orders issued by the Jewish pricks for defying the US ban on trade with Iran, I have stated clearly that the Canadian government will be very sorry for pissing off China.... Over the last month since that "arrest" there has been some escalation in this battle between China and Canada, where the Chinese retaliated for the Canadian stupidity by arresting and detaining some Canadian "businessmen" operating in China itself....That and the recent Chinese court decision to have a criminal Jewish prick put to death for drug dealings in China itself....

Well, this "war" between China and Canada is continuing and seems to reach new levels of stupidity, especially on the part of the idiotic Trudeau regime... For according to the following new article from one of my fellow Canadian truth seekers, Greencrow, who hails from "parts unknown" in the wilds of British Columbia, and of course writes the excellent blog "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at, apparently after Canada has just issued a "Travel Advisory" for Canadians traveling and operating in China, the Chinese have returned the favor and have issued their own "Travel Advisory" to Chinese citizens traveling and operating within Canada itself... Here is Greencrow's article in its entirety for everyone to follow along for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Latest Scene from Trudeau's "Sorcerer's Apprentice" leadership: China Issues Travel Advisory re Canada

Justin Trudeau as a real life "Sorcerer's Apprentice"

LOL.  Every day brings a new laff from the hollow halls of Ottawa with the Le Dauphin prime minister Justin Trudeau.  Watch the above classic Disney cartoon:  "Fantasia - The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and you will see an exact metaphor for Trudeau Jr's. leadership.  Now cast his deceased father, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, as the Sorcerer, who goes "to sleep" leaving Mickey in charge. Here's the really funny part: Cast Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland as the "water carrying broom"--that takes on a terrible, destructive, life of its own.

In the past two days, the brou ha ha over Canada summarily arresting Chinese Huawei CEO Wang on the basis of orders from the MosCIAd in USrael has become like the Disney nightmare of my youth.  The broom keeps carrying more and more water, splinters off, with the splinters also carrying more and more water to flood the joint.  Please read the two newz reports below and I'll have more comments to follow:

Canada issues travel warning for China amid ‘crisis’ over death sentence
Relations between Beijing and Ottawa are at crisis point after a Canadian man was sentenced to death by a Chinese court, a former Canadian ambassador to China told CNN

Canada’s foreign ministry issued a travel warning late Monday to its citizens in China over “the risk of arbitrary enforcement of local laws.” It came in the wake of the death sentence handed to Robert Lloyd Schellenberg during a one-day retrial in the city of Dalian.

Schellenberg had initially appealed a 15-year prison sentence for being an accessory in a plot to smuggle more than 222 kilograms (489.4 pounds) of methamphetamine from the northeastern port city to Australia in November 2014. But during the retrial, the court sided with the prosecution, which claimed to have uncovered new evidence proving Schellenberg’s principal role in the case.

The decision comes against the backdrop of a spiraling diplomatic dispute between the two countries following the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, a senior executive from the Chinese tech firm Huawei, on December 1 in Vancouver."


China issues travel warning for Canada after 'arbitrary detention' of national

BEIJING (Reuters) - China on Tuesday issued a travel advisory for Canada, warning its citizens to “fully evaluate risks” and exercise caution when traveling there.

The foreign ministry’s consular affairs department, in the advisory issued on its official WeChat account, cited the “arbitrary detention” of a Chinese national in Canada at the request of a “third-party country”.

Beijing and Ottawa have been at odds since early December, when Canadian police arrested Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, at the behest of the United States.


Greencrow says:  Yes, Mickey Mouse, aka Justin Trudeau has certainly fallen asleep on the job and left the heavy lifting to "the broom", aka his neo-Nazi supporting Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland.

How did Canada get caught in this diplomatic nightmare?  Let's go back a few weeks, to when Canada in an absolute shocking move, arrested a very important Chinese business executive at the Vancouver airport.  She was put in jail, released on a huge bail and some very draconian bail conditions.  She doesn't know what will happen to her...whether she'll be ultimately charged, extradited to the US, and convicted of a crime that could land her 30 years in jail.

What was her monstrous crime?  Well she was supposedly covertly disobeying some unilateral sanctions laws that the US had placed on Iran.  Apparently in this MosCIAd era of Deep State Rule of the Five Eyes Vassal States....this is a capital crime.  Not that it's officially on any Canadian books.  It's just one of those magical laws that floats around in the ethosphere...and lands anywhere the MosCIAd wants it to.  But, on the basis of that incredibly servile action on the part of Canada...a series of repercussions ensued...including two obvious Canadian MosCIAd assets being arrested in China on suspicion that they were "threats to Chinese security".  Anyone who doesn't recognize the two men who were arrested as stereotypical IC assets needs to have their head examined.

Then China sentenced a Canadian drug dealer operating in China to death.  This man had been warned years ago by a Canadian judge that he was a disgrace to Canada--and that his risk-taking behaviour could someday ruin his life.  And it obviously has.  His drug of choice was methamphetamines.  At the time of his arrest in China he was in the process of shipping a container full of them to Australia.  Have you ever had anything to do with an individual addicted to meth?  I have.  When I was a social worker, I considered an addiction to meth as fatal to an individual's ability to parent.  All the drugs, including pot, were bad...but meth was fatal.  It permanently changes the way the brain is wired...and leads inevitably to homelessness and dereliction.  The previously convicted in Canada Canadian drug dealer was shipping a container of this poison to Australia.  He deserves his punishment.

But, no. As part of the "tit for tat" going on between Canada and China...Trudeau publicly defended the drug dealer...condemning his death sentence as "arbitrary".  The whole world knows that China is very tough on drug dealers...ever since the "Opium Wars" where Britain tried to destroy Chinese culture by hooking the entire nation on opium.  Everybody knowsthat the penalty for dealing drugs in China is death.  It's notarbitrary...but I don't think Trudeau knows the meaning of the word "arbitrary".

So, what has happened so far?  Lemeeseee.

1.  Canada has pissed off of its best alternatives to US trade...after saying in all its current Liberal government TV ads that "Canada needs to diversify its trading partners and not rely on the US"--given Trump's unreliability.  IMO, this de facto elimination of China as an option for Canadian trade WASTHE MAIN OBJECTIVE OF THE ENTIRE SUBVERSIVE CAPER!!!

2.  Ironically, Canada and China had named 2018 as "The Year of Chinese/Canadian Tourism".  LOL...only if the goal was toeliminate Chinese Canadian tourism would that goal have been accomplished.  Thank Gawd I travelled to China and saw that amazing country BEFORE the shit hit the fan!

3.  Canada has set a terrible legal precedent for itself by following MosCIAd instructions to arrest the Chinese CEO on the basis of US laws.  US laws are not international laws.  THEY are the arbitrary laws...if Trudeau would only look up the word.

In summary:  If Canada has set a precedent [abiding by all the arbitrary laws of the US] that we're going to follow regarding all of the US's "enemy du jour" sanctions and demonization target countries...well in that horrific case...Canada might as well throw in the towel...or kick the [water] bucket.  We're finished as a nation.

NTS Notes: I must admire Greencrow for her holding back and calling Justin Trudeau "Mickey Mouse", when I personally have more colourful metaphors to call that idiot myself...

This "war" between China and Canada has gone far enough as far as I am concerned, and the Canadian government should absolutely be doing the right thing and apologize openly to the Chinese for their arrogance and stupidity.... But since Justin Trudeau is a Jewish butt kissing "Globalist" and has received his marching orders from his Jewish masters to go after anyone who trades with Iran, there will be no change in this "war" and there is a fear that it could further escalate into a full trade war that could decimate the already fragile Canadian economy that presently is so dependent on increasing trade with China itself...

It is also sad that most of the Canadian public is not given the real truth about this "war" between China and Canada... But that makes sense for the fact that the Canadian "media" is fully controlled by Jewish interests and those liars and criminals do not want the Canadian public to know the truth that is ongoing fiasco between Canada and China is over Chinese businesses doing dealings with Iran which the Jews want destroyed...

I also agree that Canada is showing in this fiasco that it is indeed NOT an independent nation with independent foreign policies.... The Trudeau regime is showing itself to be an obedient slave to Jewish interests and the interests of the Jewish slave nation called the United States..... It is time that the Canadian people threw this sorry ass "Sorcerer's Apprentice" Justin out of office this year and get someone in power that actually cares about Canada first and foremost...

More to come


Monday, January 14, 2019

Honestly, Are They Kidding Here? Canada Plans To Welcome More Than One Million New Immigrants In The Next Three Years!

I have been against the flood of illegal migrants and so called "immigrants" into this nation, Canada, for the last two years since the asshole and criminal Prime Minister of this nation, Justin Trudeau, basically flung open this nation's borders and allowed every piece of filth imaginable to come in..... This flood of illegal migrant workers has resulted in a severe strain on Canada's already overburdened social and welfare systems as these illegals have been unable to find any work at all here and basically have received free housing, food, and money from the government while doing NOTHING to further Canadian culture!  It has been an unmitigated disaster...

Well, opening our borders to allow every conceivable sewer rat imaginable to come walking into this nation is bad enough... But now, according to the following report that comes courtesy of the Jihad Watch website, at, apparently that idiot Prime Minister is now planning to allow MORE than 1 MILLION new "immigrants" into this nation over the next 3 years!   Here is that article for everyone to view for themselves, and I absolutely do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Canada plans to welcome more than 1,000,000 new immigrants in the next three years

The population of Canada is 36.71 million. The population of the United States is 325.7 million. So this would be comparable to the U.S. bringing in 8,700,000 immigrants, roughly the entire population of the state of Virginia. If anyone thinks that won’t cause massive upheaval, they’re terminally naive or ideologically blinkered. Among these immigrants will be a certain number of Islamic jihadis, but Canadian officials show no concern about that whatsoever. Even to discuss such a possibility would be “Islamophobic.”
“Canada wants to welcome more than 1 million new immigrants in the next three years,” by Mallory Hughes, CNN, January 11, 2019:
(CNN)Remember when you said you wanted to move to Canada? Now is a good time to start packing your bags.
The Canadian Parliament has announced plans to add more than one million new permanent residents in the next three years. That’s nearly one percent of the country’s population each year.
Canada welcomed more than 286,000 permanent residents in 2017 and projects that number could reach 350,000 this year.
And 360,000 in 2020.
And 370,000 in 2021.
That’s a lot of immigrants, eh?
“Thanks in great part to the newcomers we have welcomed throughout our history, Canada has developed into the strong and vibrant country we all enjoy,” said Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC).
Hussen, himself an immigrant from Somalia, said the influx will help offset Canada’s aging population and declining birth rate while growing its labor force….

NTS Notes: Honestly, are they FUCKING KIDDING HERE???

This is so bad and so astonishing that I do not even know where to begin to state what is so wrong with this "plan"....

The facts are that this nation is already being crippled by the 50000+ illegals that have walked over the Canadian border from the United States over the last 2 years, and here we have this fucking idiot Prime Minister opening the flood gates even further to allow another 1 MILLION to come into Canada for the next 3 years????

That idiot minister of "Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship" is using the sad excuse that this influx of garbage into Canada is "necessary" because of declining birth rates and for "growing its labor force"... But that is moronic and idiotic for how can this "grow" a labor force when almost all of these "immigrants" will be unskilled and untrained for any labor at all????

Of course the first question that I will be asking is ... What are these "immigrants" going to do exactly once they get here into Canada?  Most will be unskilled and untrained, and therefore will be put on WELFARE immediately... This "1 Million" coming in will absolutely destroy Canada's present social and welfare programs and cost Canadian taxpayers a multitude of BILLIONS of dollars to support these useless sewer rats...

Then of course we have what this author has surmised... Many of these "immigrants" will never want to or be able to conform to Canadian culture, and will keep their radical and backwards third world social status... In doing so, we will see CRIME explode across this nation shortly after these rats come in, and it will turn our major Canadian cities into "no go" zones for police much like what has already happened in Sweden!

I am so angry when I see this report, for I can see what is coming... This idiot, Justin Trudeau, is doing exactly what his Jewish masters want, which is to use immigration as a weapon to bring this nation and Canadian social standards and culture to its knees......

I do want my fellow Canadians to get very angry... This nation already has so many social problems with so many people unemployed and citizens living in the streets of our cities... Now this fucking idiot of a Prime Minister is wanting to further damage our culture and our standards of living by allowing these useless welfare recipients to come flooding in and create havoc....

There is indeed a new Federal Election coming this year in 2019 to Canada, and I hope that this issue and of course the fraud Carbon Tax that this moronic Prime Minister is inflicting on this nation forces his ass out of office after the Canadian people vote....  It is time for Justin to have his sorry ass thrown out of office for such stupidity..

More to come


Sunday, January 13, 2019

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Sunday... And better late than never, here comes my usual rant..

I had to take yesterday "off" from writing here to take care of some personal and family issues... I also spent part of the day visiting my mother who does seem a lot better these days and will probably stick around for a few years yet....

I am still in recovery for my severe neck and shoulder pains, and I do want to thank some of the commentators for their support and giving me a long list of different treatments for this nagging pain... I will take some of them under advisement and hopefully, given time, the pain will disappear and I will be back to my old self...

I also have been a bit disturbed by some of the comments that I have received lately where that authors were talking about how much despair and hopelessness they feel after reading some of my reports... I am not in this to make people depressed, for instead I do want people to take notice and actually get angry.... I have always hoped that by telling people exactly as it is, that many will actually do something about it, spread the news, and actually take action against the nefarious criminals that want to ruin our world and destroy our societies... I had hoped that everyone, armed with the real truth, would indeed spread the word and not fall into despair.... I have always hoped that we can stop these criminals NOW and not feel that everything is now "hopeless"...

And again I have received a lot of "hate mail and comments" that I never will publish..... I get the usual "antisemite" comments, to which I always ask those writers to please show me that the criminal Jewish element that does indeed want to subjugate our planet are actually "semites"... Khazars are NOT Semitic people, period, as the vast majority of these evil creatures originated from the central Steppe region of what is now the Russian Federation... These creatures are Indo-Turkish in origin and do NOT have one drop of "Semitic" blood in the entire brood.... I therefore have long dismissed this stupidity of calling everyone that is against their evil machinations as being "Antisemitic" for the fact that those who scream that slur are NOT even Semites.... People everywhere should not fear such stupidity and continue to call out these criminals by name....

I also am NOT against ALL Jews, for there are many that are possibly unaware of the criminality of so many in their "tribe".... I am against criminals, and have no want to see harm to many that may indeed be innocent... But the facts do remain that so many of these 'chosen ones' are fully aware of the horrific crimes against humanity carried out by their fellow tribe members and do absolutely nothing to stop such acts of criminality... Therefore these Jews are "accessories" to the crime and are absolutely just as guilty as the criminal element of their tribe as well......And I need not remind everyone that there are indeed some "good" Jews who do see the crimes and are willing to call out their fellow tribe members for these criminal acts.... But the so called 'good' Jews are so few and sadly they themselves are in an "uphill battle" against the horrors that the majority carry out against the rest of mankind...

I am also not afraid to call out the criminality of the horrific "religion" known as Judaism, for I have spent years studying some of the passages in their so called "holy books" the Torah, and especially the disgusting Talmud.... It is a fact that their own 'scriptures' do indeed talk about how they themselves are indeed "god's chosen ones" while the rest of mankind is akin to being nothing more than lesser animals.... It is also a fact that their "Talmud" talks openly about how the "best of Gentiles are to be killed" as they attain world domination, and that disgusting piece of filth also states how "having sex with a child is nothing" and other horrific statements on pedophilia... And yes, if anyone reading this says this is not true, I ask them to go and look at the passages in the Talmud, for it is all there in black and white for everyone to see for themselves..... All this means of course is that we are dealing here with a sickness that should be abolished from the face of the Earth...

Well, onto other matters....I have spent a good part of last week discussing the sinister introduction of this "5G" technology that through my own knowledge of electromagnetic fields through years of Physics through my years of University training and my own work environment, I know is a detriment to mankind.... I will lay it out simply that 5G cellular service requires Terahertz radiation fields that will indeed rip into our bodies and do insurmountable damage to our cells and our DNA...I have had this thought for a while that this 5G "service" has long been planned as a means of control via using that Terahertz frequency against our own brains, turning them into mush.... I also cannot even fathom the new and more deadly "diseases" that will definitely pop up once 5G pops up everywhere, especially the new forms of Cancer that many will suddenly be diagnosed with....  But again, there has been so little research being done (purposely?) by the Telecommunications industry that is hell bent on getting this new and improved "5G service" out to everyone this year.... The bottom line is, yes there may be some major improvements to present cellular service especially in some great new smartphone services with 5G, but it will come at a cost in terms of more people suddenly getting very sick.  That is why fully independent and unbiased research needs to be done and quickly.

Apparently those who have had their doubts about the US actually "withdrawing" from Syria have been proven right.... The Jew spew media is continuing to push the lie that the US is pulling out, but the real evidence now shows that the US is not only staying in Syria, but recent reports have shown an actual increase in the number of US personnel at their illegal bases in Syria itself.... And just last week I saw reports where some US amphibious warfare ships, centred around the USS Kearsarge have now moved into the Eastern Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria itself.... Honestly, if the US was actually wanting to "withdraw" from Syria, then the question becomes why are they moving even more ships and equipment into the region?   I do smell something brewing, and we may see that "false flag" that I and others have warned about take place very soon, and as a result the US will have their forces in place to attack and invade Syria itself....

And apparently the US has now been working their evil ways in trying to thwart Kurdish efforts to seek peace with Damascus.... Some Kurdish officials came out late last week stating that the US is purposely destroying any peace talks between the Kurds and the Damascus government, for obviously the US does not want to see the end of their sick dream of having northeastern Syria ripped away from Syria for the creation of an illegal state of Kurdistan.... IF the Kurds were to seek peace with Damascus, then the sick American/Israeli dream of having Syria dismembered to make way for the sickness of the Greater Israel project will come to an abrupt end.... I can guarantee that the Jewish pricks that run America are demanding that their American puppets put a halt to any agreements between the Kurds and the Damascus government, and to make sure that the "civil war" continues until they do get Syria destroyed and/or dismembered into smaller states....

Meanwhile, we still have that fiasco happening south of Deir ez-Zor along the Euphrates River valley where the US  backed 'Syrian Democratic Forces' are still slugging it out with the US backed "ISIS" forces, with "news" that it has turned into a 'see saw' battle... But again, I have to laugh when I see these reports for common sense would tell anyone that this is nothing more than a propaganda stunt to sell to the gullible world that the US is in Syria to "fight terrorism".... The so called "ISIS" forces along the Euphrates have been in a small pocket for months now, and I have to ask how they are still able to fight all this time?  Their food supplies alone would have disappeared months ago, and their weapons and ammunition would have been exhausted also months ago... So where are they getting their food supplies and their weapons from today to continue fighting?  Obviously the US is supplying both sides in this 'battle' and are having the players involved put on a great "show" for the world to see!   But what we have here is basically a farce and an insult to anyone with common sense...

OK, I said in last weekend's rant that I fully support the criminal US President, Donald Drumpf, in shutting down the government until the wall along the US Mexico border is built, and I stand behind that assertion.... The US so desperately does need that southern wall to at least curtail the illegal immigrant and illegal migrant workers that continue to flood into the US itself, where these migrants have no hope for any work, period, and instead have been the ones behind the rampant increase of crime across America.... I am sick and tired of the Liberal fuck-tards and other so called "Democrats" that are obviously now nothing more than Jewish stooges, and want to see these migrants come flooding in to destroy America.... These vile creatures that now control the US Congress have done enough damage and through their bullshit "liberal" Jew spew media have been working overtime in trying to convince so many gullible Americans that the President is screwing up America by wanting this much needed wall.... Drumpf may be a Jew butt kisser, but he is no idiot, and those who do support this wall must make sure their voices are heard... Honestly, fuck the Liberal retards and their stupidity and build the wall immediately!

Meanwhile, the flow of migrants crossing from the US into Canada continues at an astounding pace, and honestly I wish that it was possible for Canada to build a wall to stop this flow as well.... I have said many times that these migrants have NO future in Canada, and are doing nothing other than destroying Canada's fragile welfare and social services systems.... It is a fact that almost ZERO migrants have been able to find work in Canada, and instead have been able to receive free housing, free food, and free money, at the expense of hard working Canadian taxpayers... And many have been carrying a wide multitude of new and deadly diseases that were previously unknown in this nation as well...... I will state it again that Canada does NOT need these illegals, period, and the vast majority that cannot and will not actually be of any benefit to our society should be shipped back to the shit holes that they originated from.....

AND just last week we had some "protests" being done to try to block the building of that much needed oil pipeline between the province of Alberta's oil fields and tar sands to Pacific coast terminals in British Columbia... To me, this is insanity and those "protestors" are either the stupidest people on the face of the Earth, or they do not see what is at stake in terms of this essential pipeline... The Canadian economy is still being crippled by the inability to ship petroleum to the Pacific coast to reach markets globally and especially in Asia... Delays to the new pipeline being built has already caused the Canadian price of crude petroleum to crumble and has reached the point that it could cripple Canada's petroleum industry permanently, costing tens of thousands of jobs and cause a Canadian economic collapse...... The facts are that Canada does need that pipeline desperately, and I say to hell with these idiot protestors and their ignorance and get the damn thing built before it is too late....

Yes, baby it is cold outside here in central Canada, and the news is NOT good for the rest of this month with unseasonably extreme cold temperatures and massive snow amounts coming soon.  And I am not in the least bit surprised by the shocking news out of Europe where record temperature lows are being recorded as far south as the Greek Mediterranean islands..... All this flies in the faces of those idiots out there that are still claiming that we face a world wide 'disaster' unless we do something immediately to stop "global warming", and instead shows definitive proof that the world is NOT "overheating" but is in fact entering a long cold spell where record cold temperatures will be here for the next decade at least.... People need to wake the fuck up and finally get it through their thick skulls that this "Global Warming" fear mongering has always been a scare tactic to convince so many that do not know any better to accept the fraud of "Carbon Taxation" to somehow stop the planet from "overheating"... Instead, they should put an end to this Carbon Tax madness and force our governments to actually prepare for the intense cold that is here to stay...

I absolutely do support the "Yellow Vest" movement in France and do indeed want to see it spread right across Europe and globally if necessary... The protest in France was started by the French people being sick and tired of watching their great nation go to hell thanks to Jewish controlled freaks such as Emmanuel Macron and his policies of not only taxing people to death through his fraud "carbon tax" scheme, but also opening France's borders wide open to allow every conceivable sewer rat from some third world shit  holes to come flooding in.... Right now right across Europe, people have had enough of their crooked governments' policies and the "Yellow Vest" movement is indeed spreading... The facts are that the Jewish dream of destroying nations through the usage of illegal migrants to invade nations has to end, and people everywhere must stand up, protest, and get these criminals out of public office...  I also do want to see this "Yellow Vest" movement take hold here in Canada and if necessary have it be the spearhead in getting that terrible Justin Trudeau and his criminal regime in Ottawa take notice and actually listen to the will of the Canadian people..

One other thing before I get onto my 'last minute tidbits', and it concerns the Chinese "achievement" of putting a probe on the "dark side" of the moon.... I have been studying the imagery and other photos being sent back through that Chinese probe coupled with their orbiter to get them sent back to Earth ( A relay system necessary to get those pictures back to Earth), and I am actually not impressed... For one thing, the images do seem strangely identical to the bullshit photos that were put out by the bullshit Apollo landings from 1969-1972, including NO visible stars in the totally black skies... Many could argue that the moon's surface, even on the "dark side" is too reflective to allow starlight to be seen, but I am not convinced.. The moon has a very poor albedo aka level of reflectivity and there should be some stars seen in that sky, and yet we find none, zero....That and the "tracks" that the Chinese rover is leaving in the powdery surface of the moon caused me to say "Hmmmmm...".   Those tracks should not be so pronounced as shown in the photos and seem to remind me of some of the phoney tracks from Project Apollo that could only have been made on a wet surface.....With no moisture on the moon, there should barely be any tracks at all left by the Chinese rover......Does this mean that the Chinese are lying about their lunar exploits?  We saw a decade ago where they faked their Earth orbiter "astronaut" space walks that were done in a water tank already, so we could indeed be seeing a case of "once a liar, always a liar".....

Well, I guess I have said enough now to piss off a lot of people by now... I will of course close off this "rant" with my usual last minute tidbits.......Criminal US President Drumpf last week called on South Korea and Japan to form an "alliance" with the US to oppose "Chinese and North Korean aggression".  Yes, apparently the US is once again wanting to piss off the Chinese and to try to destroy any talks and actions by the two Koreas to actually reunite.......Economic slowdown is starting to happen here in Canada, as some major businesses are about to declare bankruptcy.  I had warned already that 2019 was going to be economic hell for a lot of people, and we are now beginning to see that happen...........Israel launches another attack on "Iranian" and "Hezbollah" "bases" around Damascus a few days ago, and once again the Syrians show their prowess in shooting down almost ALL of the criminal Israeli missiles.  That was done with Syrian antiquated air defence systems, and I can hardly wait to see what happens when the Syrians get their S300 system up and running.........So let me get this straight, a well known Cancer doctor takes a "vaccine" for Yellow Fever last week and dies less than 3 hours later?  Gee, does this mean the poisonous vaccine killed this doctor?  Honestly, if this is not a red flag and another reason to avoid taking poisonous vaccines in our bodies, I do not know what to think any more..........Chinese Huawei Executives arrested in of all places, Poland, last week under charges of "espionage".   Honestly, this has gone way too far, and someone does need to take a step back before serious political and economic damage is done.  One order of business to actually take a step back should see Canada actually release that Huawei executive that was "arrested" over a month ago and actually try to open up negotiations to get the Chinese to release those Canadians "arrested" as part of Chinese reprisal..........Yes, I did notice that the only "order of business" conducted during the US government shut down was for the US Congress to try to ram through a bill that would send more money to Israel and put an end to the BDS movement against the psychotic state of Israel.  This only shows how much the US government does indeed suck Jew dick and swallow!........So let me get this straight.  That criminal US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo stated last week that the US military was a force for "good" in the world?  Honestly, if you look at the long list of nations that have been destroyed through US actions in the last 1/2 century at least, anyone with common sense would indeed question the sanity of Pompeo and his ludicrous statement!.....And speaking of US destruction, I finally got around into checking into how well Libya has been doing since the US destroyed that nation back in 2011, and things are still a terrible mess.  Factions are still fighting and ripping the nation apart, while the criminal big oil giants are extracting Libyan oil for a song.   The Libyan people are no fools and see what US led "liberation" has always been all about and yearn for a return to the days that they prospered under Gadaffi.......The "forgotten war" in Yemen is still going strong, and I am saddened by the reports I have seen about how many more innocent civilians are now dead through the famine genocide thanks to the criminal Saudis and their US backers.   This is yet another example of how America is a "force of good" on this planet........I saw reports last week where the wretched and criminal state of Israel has the nerve to ask its Arabic neighbours for some 250 BILLION in reparations for their blatant theft of Palestine.  Yes, this is fact and shows how twisted and sick that demented "state" truly is........One piece of good news is where the Miss Universe pageant winner was actually a woman and NOT some sick freakish transexual.  I am sick of the perversion of "transsexualism" and how it is attempting to ruin our societies, and I sure hope a lot of people do feel the same way........Someone asked me again last week where I get my material for my 'rants', and all I can say is I derive them from the alternative media and what I see in other "news", then sit down here in front of my computer every Sunday and basically "let her rip" meaning just type what is on my mind.......I see that Arsenal lost a key game yesterday to West Ham United by the score of 1-0.  This again shows that the Gunners are definitely in a rebuilding year and that they still need additional talent to challenge for the top of  the table.  Maybe next year???.......And finally, apparently that Kris Jenner freak show airport bag fiasco of last week was not enough, for apparently main skank Kim Kardashian went out and bought designer handbags for her entire brood and other Kardashian offspring as well.  Yes, this sicko freak family loves to flaunt their 'riches' in front of their stupid fans, and the message should be clear that the sooner these freaks are out of our lives, the better......

More to come


Friday, January 11, 2019

Newest Essay From John Kaminski: The Iron Curtain's Enduring Darkness

Being a student of real history and not the crap that is spoon fed into our minds through our failed education system, I have known for decades the real truths about Communism, and how most of the Communist nations were actually bankrolled by Jewish money... Many people still cannot wrap their minds around the fact that the former Soviet Union itself was bankrolled almost entirely by Jewish criminal money supplied through Wall Street itself... That is fact and absolutely not fiction.

People really do need to read some real history and not the crapola that they have been indoctrinated by through the false teachings of our so called "history" books, and they really do need to study the truths about "Communism"... For if they did, they would see that these "Communists" were indeed almost 100% bonafide Jews.... It does not take much to study real history and put "2 and 2" together to see that Judaism does indeed equate to Communism and the goals for both sides of the same coin is indeed world domination and the destruction of our societies...

I now want to turn to the latest essay that was just put out by John Kaminski, over at his website at This one is entitled: "The Iron Curtain's Enduring Darkness" and shows exactly what I have been saying for years about the sickness of the Jews and the fact that they are indeed all Communists... The article also shows how these freaks still have a Communist agenda of destroying our nations, and it shows that fact throughout our modern history... Here is that article here for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Insidious forces work from within to destroy Western civilization
Our policy is “leading us toward a Communist state with as dreadful certainty as though the leaders of the Kremlin themselves were charting our course.” — Gen. Douglas MacArthur, in a speech to the Mississippi legislature, March 22, 1952
We have all the answers we need to solve our present problems. They were written in a book published 67 years ago. Back then, it was part of the mainstream news package. There were no protests about anti-Semitism, no heated charges that it was a hate crime. It was simply a political analysis, part of a larger political spectrum, warning us about a cancer on society, which today has metastasized into a terminal disease that has already wiped out freedom of speech around the world and now is aggressively trying to take our lives.
A quarter century before Arthur Koestler wrote his epic The Thirteenth Tribe (1976) revealing to the world that the majority of people who invented the nation of Israel in 1948 were not descended from the Biblical Hebrews, John Beaty’s The Iron Curtain over America (1952) attempted to alert Americans to the same creeping Khazar tyranny we face today in the takeover by Jewish money of all of society’s systems. (Order from
As a long time military analyst both in and out of government, Beaty (1890-1961) detailed the influence of the Jewish lobby in the postwar era which shows Joe McCarthy was right and the U.S. government of the early ’50s was riddled with Communists, starting with Presidents Roosevelt and Truman. The great mistake Americans have made in the intervening years was failing to understand that Judaism and Communism are the same thing, which is why Jews always rain down murder and mayhem on countries they infect, and because they control the media and what people think, their victims never see it coming.
Beaty’s book is a perceptive dismantling of Washington corruption that is fully cognizant of the corrupt Jewish sabotage that had sickened America since the turn of the century. Ironically, why Beaty’s book is no longer on the market is because of a controversial process he actually describes in this his final book.
Among “drastic steps against classics” and a “subtle but determined campaign . . . to discredit our older literature under charges of jingoism . . .” was a law that was passed mandating copper book plates more than four years old should be melted down to help the war effort (a preposterous assertion). It was called by one writer whose books were lost “the smartest way to suppress books ever invented.”
Apart from total Jew control of what America gets to read and hear, this is why there are so few classics available today, especially by early 20th century American patriots such as Douglas Reed and Revilo Oliver who have tried to alert us to the enduring Jew menace. When a 68-year-old book is telling us that what becomes famous is determined by Jewish publishers, you can only imagine how many worthwhile works have been disappeared between then and now by those who have no intention of letting empirical reality be honestly discussed.
Yet a far more serious crime was committed by America’s neo-communist government after the close of World War II, according to Beaty, a Ph.D. who traveled the world with military intelligence outfits.
Those who have studied at least a little history know that Washington had to put a leash on Gen. George S. Patton in order for the Soviet Union to capture the eastern half of Europe, enabling that monstrous Jewish superstate to spread its totalitarian misery that became known as the Iron Curtain. Patton was later murdered for hinting at treason from Roosevelt’s White House, making observers wonder what the Yalta conference with Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt at the conclusion of the war was really all about.
That more serious crime was the sudden switch of support from Chinese patriots to Chinese Communists at the close of WW2. That’s right, the USA enabled Mao’s murderous Red forces to take over the world’s most populous country while betraying a staunch ally that had served us well during the war, a moral crime that resulted in as many deaths in China as WW2 produced in Europe and Japan.
Observe how the governments (but not the people) of Russia and China were the main beneficiaries of WW2 and how both were covertly assisted by U.S. leadership eager to help spread Communism around the world. This is the shadow of the Iron Curtain’s enduring darkness that assails us today in the twisted faces of Schumer and Pelosi, powerful Jewish leaders of the current U.S. Congress.
This clandestine manipulation of world events aimed to assure there were competitive forces willing to continue the perpetual war that since Nathan Rothschild swindled Britain out of its treasury in 1815 has made the collective upper crust of the Jews the richest people in history.
Particularly tragic about the betrayal of the Chinese Nationalists was the severing of the close bond that had developed during WW2 when U.S. pilots were actually embedded among Chiang Kai Shek’s troops, and that earlier in the war MacArthur had actually suggested merging the two armies. But when Truman took over from the suspiciously dead Roosevelt, the policy flipped. Gen. MacArthur, perhaps the last true American patriot to hold high office, believed America’s failure to supply the Nationalists had allowed Mao’s Communists to capture China.
Gen. Patton had many of the same reservations with nonsensical U.S. orders he received in Europe before he was mysteriously murdered in a military hospital.
Imagine if a functioning American republic and its proven ally China were close friends today. But the Jewish powers that be saw that that didn’t happen, because they make their money from fomenting conflicts in which they bankroll both sides.
Truman’s Red record includes vetoing the Internal Security Act of 1950 cracking down on Communists, and launching the unconstitutional Korean War without approval from Congress.
In accusing the State Department of “nullifying” existing law by permitting the illegal distribution of Communist literature, Beaty wrote: “The degree of infestation by Communists and those indifferent to or friendly to Communism in our bureaucracy in Washington is staggering beyond belief.” This was in 1952.
Beaty recommended “first, clean out the subversives [and] all others of doubtful loyalty to our country and to our type of civilization be removed under law from policy-making and all other sensitive positions in our government. In that way only can a start be made toward throwing back the present tightly drawn iron curtain of censorship. In that way only can we avoid the continuing interment of our native boys beneath far-off white crosses, whether by inane blunderings or for sinister concealed purposes. In that way only can we save America.”
Needless to say, this hasn’t happened.
Sixty seven years later we observe with regret that his recommendation has been buried under an avalanche of Jewish sabotage and assassinations. In today’s world we see the first order of business in the Senate is a bill criminalizing criticism of Israel, one final knife in the corpse of American free speech.
Beaty also stressed the fact that the new nation of Israel had a jurisdiction over 12 million Jews throughout the world, as subsequent events have proven.
One of the greatest traitors in U.S. history was New York Congressman Emmanuel Cellar. Most infamous for his sponsorship of the 1965 legislation that radically increased immigration from Third World countries which has since greatly destabilized the U.S., Beaty notes that Cellar was also the architect of a 1950 bill which doubled the number of Jews allowed into the country every year.
Today, the Iron Curtain now envelops America, suffocating it from the inside. The media carry on with their artificial reality as the world goes up in smoke, the rich get richer and the poor die by the millions. Is this the way the world has always worked? Perhaps.
They are trying to take our lives with aluminum particulate in the air, which kills vegetation and makes living things more susceptible to disease; through Glyphosate in the food, which will negatively impact the reproductive capabilities of future generations; through fatal doses of microwave radiation through phones, computers and 5G cell towers; through total domination of the U.S. education system, which now recruits toddlers as potential food for superrich liberal politicians who are immune to the laws that regulate the rest of us.
Why is it those who bankroll politicians — and in one egregious case are politicians themselves — have always made their money through gambling casinos or benefiting from big swindles? These are our leaders. These men determine presidential elections. Why is it the public never learns that to trust these men is to kiss your money and very often your lives goodbye?
These are the status seekers who have no compass to guide them but their own greed. Left to their own devices they will get us all killed. John Beaty knew all about them in 1952, but his book was lost and the world has ignored what he said, much to everyone’s peril.

NTS Notes: John once again hits the nail on the head with this one....

It is a fact that so many people over the last century have tried to warn everyone about the dangers of these Jewish criminals and how they absolutely had and still have a "Communist agenda" for destroying our societies and cultures and turning our nations into much the same madness that the former Soviet Union endured for well over a century.... And if they are ever able to achieve their goals of Communist dominion over the entire planet, the 100+ million innocent people that died in both the Soviet Union and Communist China over the last century will pale by comparison to what they intend to do to the world in the near future...

These days, I do not like what I am seeing happen in both the United States and right here in Canada... Both of our criminal governments seem to have a "Globalist" agenda, which is nothing more than Communism by another name... And sadly as John Kaminski points out, too many people are now too weakened and have have their minds destroyed by the chemicals and pollutants in our environment to do anything to stop the slide towards seeing our formerly free nations becoming full fledged Jewish Communist states....

More to come