Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Ukrainian Sea Of Azov Provocation: Did Ukraine Coordinate Its Provocation In Black Sea With "Western Partners"? (Is This A Trick Question?)

I have finally decided to get around to what the hell just happened in the Black Sea over the weekend, when the criminal US puppet government in Kiev, Ukraine purposely sent three "tug boats" into Russian controlled waters in the Sea of Azov arm of the Black Sea..... I have seen already the Jew spew media lies about this "provocation" with their claim that Russia somehow attacked 'innocent' sea vessels..... I am NOT buying the criminal Jew controlled media outlets for they are indeed constantly spinning their web of lies, and this "provocation" is no different...

Here are some of the facts that I have been able to ascertain so far about this "incident".... The Ukrainian regime purposely sent 3 well armed small naval vessels, that were no bigger than tug boats, deep into Russian territorial waters in the Sea of Azov on November 25th... These ships were quickly detected by Russian naval and ground  based radar systems as being well within Russian territorial waters, and the Russian navy responded by sending a couple of their warships to intercept these vessels... Apparently, when the Ukrainian ships failed to heed Russian demands to halt, the Russian naval vessels basically rammed several of these small vessels and had to open fire on the ships to stop them, causing minor damage to the vessels and injuring several sailors on board.

First, here is a link to a pretty good report on this incident from the Southfront website, at for all to view for themselves:

I for one find this report to be FAR more factual than what we have been getting from the liars in the Jew spew media....

But it gets better, for here is the link to a subsequent report that also comes from the Southfront website, that shows that these ships were well armed with a wide assortment of weaponry on board:

Honestly, WHY would these small ships be carrying such a wide assortment of weapons ordinance?  There is indeed something very fishy with all this....

I for one am NOT surprised by this act of provocation, and I am calling it deliberate... For just after these ships were attacked and then legally seized by the Russians for violating their territorial waters, we have that criminal Ukrainian President Poroshenko calling the Ukrainian Parliament to issue "martial law" for the entire Ukrainian nation because of this "incident"...... I have seen the wide variety of reports about this "incident" and I am calling it exactly what it is... A deliberate act of provocation to give the criminal Ukrainian government its "excuse" to impose martial law on the entire nation!  And I am not alone, for Jim Stone over at quickly came to the same conclusion about this very apparent "false flag".. Here is Jim's take here:

Russia seized three Ukrainian naval vessels

My thoughts are was that it was a false flag provocation by Ukraine to justify martial law, which has now been declared. The vessels that were seized were low value tug boats that violated Russia's waters. Any nation would have done the same as Russia did. Rumor has it that Poroshenko was in political trouble, and he staged a provocation to justify declaring martial law, which he did indeed do almost immediately afterward. Never mind the fact that three tug boats have nothing to do with legitimate reasons for declaring martial law, if it worked in the Ukrainian system I guess that's good enough.

Now, that some are coming to the same conclusion that this was indeed a well planned and orchestrated false flag for the criminal Ukrainian government to clamp down on its own people, we can also turn to how the criminals in the US and NATO most probably were also in on this plot... And once again, I want to present the following link to a report from the Southfront website that asks this important question about how the Ukrainians most definitely "coordinated" this provocation in the Sea of Azov with their criminal "Western Partners".... Here is that link here:

NTS Notes: When I saw that article come out today, I had to state "Is that a trick question?"... The Ukrainians absolutely coordinated this provocation with the blessing of the criminals in NATO and the US... The US/NATO scum are wanting to use this incident now to claim that they must come to the "aid" of their "partner" Ukraine in the face of "Russian aggression".... This will give them their "excuse" to ship both weaponry and men to Ukraine under the falsehood that they must "defend" Ukraine, when the reality is that they are wanting to arm Ukraine to the teeth and place troops there for a possible upcoming war against Russia itself...

And yes, Martial Law has now been "approved" by the puppet Ukrainian government in Kiev and will be used to halt any upcoming elections that would have seen that criminal Poroshenko get booted out of office by the Ukrainian people, and to clamp down further on the Ukrainian people that have had enough of the criminal Junta that has ruined that nation... Now with this "martial law" in place, the criminal US puppet regime will continue in its criminal acts and continue to do exactly what their American masters demand!

It will be interesting to see what happens and how there may be further 'escalation' due to this very apparent false flag.... Stay tuned..

More to come


*Update November 28th, 2018:  Here is the link to a report from Pravda News out of Russia where apparently one of the Ukrainian sailors on board those vessels has come forward stating that YES this was all indeed an intentional provocation by Ukraine itself:

No surprise here at all.... This was indeed nothing more than a massive carefully coordinated provocation by Ukraine and aided by their so called 'Western Partners"!


greencrow said...


The TIMING of this provocation is all important. Ukraine has declared Martial Law just before Putin goes off to Argentina, South America to meet with the G20 leaders beginning November 30th. My feeling is that they've got some further crisis planned to take place while Putin is out of the country. Perhaps it will be so major so as to delay/prevent his return. Remember how they shut down airlines all over the world on 9/11?

My advice to Putin is NOT to attend the G20 meeting. To announce that, due to the unprecedented move to declare Martial Law by Poroshenko...he cannot leave Russia.

greencrow said...

This is a very important topic - see my earlier comment and see the above link.
According to the above link - see the video:
Putin discloses that Poroshenko is running so low in the Ukraine Polls [he's running 5th] that he may not even make it to the second round of votes prior to the election in March. The Ukrainian people thus threaten to take their country back from the West. The WEST must thus provoke such an extreme crisis that the democratic process cannot unfold as it naturally would.

I will not be posting about this on my blog I received an important comment on the California "Wild" fires this morning. So I have updated my post of yesterday with that and plan to leave it up for a day or so.