Monday, November 12, 2018

The Forgotten War In Yemen: US Pentagon Launched New Classified Operation To Support Saudi Coalition To Commit Genocide In Yemen!

I have been watching the events that are unfolding in the "forgotten war" in Yemen over these last few days with great interest... Right now, while most Americans are being inundated with the continuing BS of their fraud "mid term selection" process and are having their heads filled with other fluff thanks to the evil machinations of their Jew spew media, there is indeed a mass genocide taking place in Yemen...

The criminal US supported "coalition" of pure evil, run by the most evil Saudi regime, is in a heated battle with the Yemeni civilian supported Houthi forces at the Red Sea port city of Al Hudaydah.... If that port city does fall into evil Saudi hands, then the trickle of humanitarian aid supplies that have been able to reach the starving Yemeni civilians will be cut off and we could be seeing a famine and genocide of millions of innocent people... And yes, the US is absolutely complicit in this attack as they have supplied both the weapons and the logistics for the Saudi "coalition" to succeed....

We have seen over the last while all of the reports coming out from the Jew spew media about the US government stating that they want to see a "halt" to this Saudi operation... Many are stating that this shows that the US government actually "cares" about what happens to the civilians in Yemen and may be actually working to prevent a genocide of the Yemen civilians.... I saw all of these reports and being the pessimist I am, doubted the American government's intentions and thought that this was only a PR stunt, as the reality is the US is in bed with the Saudi regime and has continued to supply these monsters with the weapons and logistics to continue to kill innocent Yemen civilians..

Well, it does appear that I am indeed right in seeing what the real intentions are of the criminals in the US government in regards to the war in Yemen... For according to this report, from the Yahoo News website, at, apparently the US Pentagon launched a new classified operation, earlier this year, to support the Saudi coalition of evil in their war to destroy Yemen and genocide the entire population!  Here is the link to that report here for all to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by this report?  The reality is, as I have stated many times, the US is absolutely in bed with the criminal Saudi regime and will do everything to support that regime including giving them everything possible to defeat and destroy Yemen... The US government therefore does not give one crap about the Yemen civilians that are being murdered and suffering from the Saudi/US caused famine.... Millions of innocent Yemen civilians will be the cost of this "support" which in the bigger picture is indeed a war crime!

There it is readers... Read it and weep.... As the US government now goes into their PR mode to  try to spin the war in Yemen in such a way to claim that they want to see the Saudi atrocities stopped, they made deals earlier this year to absolutely support the Saudi regime as it does these killings... Does the term "Hypocrisy" come to mind here?

The other hypocrisy that I have been seeing over the last while is where the US State Department has had the nerve to state that the war in Yemen is targeting Iran, with the outlandish and BS claim that the "Iranians" are supporting the Houthis, and therefore in the sick and twisted mentality of the US government, that makes the Houthis "terrorists"!   I can easily see that the US government will now claim that the destruction of the Houthis and the Yemen civilians is now part of their fraud 'war on terror' and therefore giving justification to the murder of millions of innocent people!

I for one am sickened by what I have been reading really happen in Yemen.... I have called this the "forgotten war" for the fact that the Jew spew media has done their damn worse over the last few years to refuse to report on this war and the mass murdering being done by the Saudi regime.... The truth must get out and everyone should be up in arms about this war that will see millions slaughtered or starved to death.....

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