Friday, November 23, 2018

Important Health News: The Dangers Of Vaccines - Doctor Jailed After Discovering Deadly Viruses Are Delivered Through Vaccines

Well... I am feeling a bit better today.... It does appear that I came down with "some form" of either the common cold or even 'the flu'..... I will be taking it easy over the next few days while I recover, BUT I do have the time to sit down and fire off a few articles and to "catch up" on what I have missed over these last few days..

Just yesterday, I decided to go to the local Pharmacy and get some over the counter cold medication to help me sleep while I have been combatting this "cold"..... While at the pharmacy, I could not help but to notice, again, all of the dumb ass and stupid people that were lining up to get their "annual flu shot"....  To me, it is so disgusting to watch such ignorance in motion and to see all of these fools being brainwashed into letting criminals inject their poisons into their bodies.....  I figured that one of the first articles I would do today would once again attack the BULLSHIT and dangers of "vaccines"...

And... Luckily I was surfing the Internet over these last few hours, and I came across a most wonderful article that comes from my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow, who of course hails from the unknown regions of southern British Columbia.... Her most recent article covers some most interesting information about how a real Scientist was recently jailed after she had discovered how the criminals behind Big Pharma and the crooked Centre for Disease Control had willfully and deliberately put dangerous and deadly viruses into their so called "vaccines"!.... Here first is the link to Greencrow's amazing article here:

OK, I want to present here the link to the important article here, from the "Sign of the Times" website at, that covers in detail how this Dr. Mikovits was indeed jailed after coming forward with information about her important discovery on how these criminals were indeed putting deadly viruses into vaccines.... Here is the link to that report:

NTS Notes: Yes, Readers.. Read it and weep... I have been constantly coming under fire from those who constantly claim that I am so wrong about vaccines, and again and again I bring forward vital information that shows that indeed VACCINES DO NOT WORK....

The facts are simple... These criminals at Big Pharma and the CDC are NOT in the business of actually curing people... Heck there is no money in that... So what they are doing is purposely introducing deadly viruses into their poisonous vaccines just to make people ill so that they can profit off of their illness!

And lets face the facts here... Many have now been alerted that this placement of deadly viruses into vaccines has been going on for decades... We must all remember how the criminals behind the "polio vaccine" introduced a deadly Cancer causing virus into that vaccine starting in the 1950's and as a result millions of people are now suffering from Cancer today..... Is there a link between that "vaccine" and the high number of Cancer patients today?  Hell yes!

Again, it is up to the individual if they want to risk their own health by going out and accepting vaccines into their bodies...  All I and others can do is to provide information and hopefully have them make a logical choice.....

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