Monday, November 12, 2018

The American Awakening Podcast From Saturday, November 10th, 2018: A Lie Is A Lie , No Matter Who Tells It!

I want to present the latest podcast by Michael Herzog, who of course writes the excellent blog "The American Awakening" at, right here for my own readers to listen to for themselves... It is entitled: "A Lie Is A Lie, No Matter Who Tells It" and is a continuing of Michael's previous works covering REAL history and not the BS we have suffered from for so many years from our so called "History books".... Here is that podcast, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Listen to "Part 7 - A lie is a lie, no matter who tells it" on Spreaker.

NTS Notes: I have covered much of what Michael presents here in so many previous articles at this blog.... The facts he presents are very true and very factual...

Yes, what we have been told and what we have been brainwashed for years about the second World War is absolutely nothing but blatant lies.... The facts are of course that the "victors" write the "history" and use those writings to cover up for their atrocities..... The fact that a real holocaust occurred to the German people in the last days of the second World War and shortly afterwards has been most meticulously stripped out of our "history books" and done purposely... For if the truth was told, there would be hell to pay...

I will continue with Michael's podcasts in future articles here at this blog... It will be interesting to hear what Michael has to cover in regards to the Jewish "holocaust" of the second World War over the next two podcasts.... As I do live in Canada and cannot personally comment on what I know about that so called "genocide" of the second World War, I will only post the material that Michael presents and leave it up to readers to decide for themselves as to the accuracy of what we have been told about that "event"....  Stay tuned, for it will make for some most interesting listening come later this week!

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