Thursday, November 8, 2018

Latest Michael Herzog American Awakening Podcast: (US) Election Results... BDS And BS

I took yesterday as one of those "me days" where I cleared up a lot of personal and family business.... I do need to take some extra time off for some much needed rest and relaxation, and I hope that my readership can bear with me...

But.. I am back... I was asked what I thought of the US (s)election "mid-terms" that happened just the other day, and all I can say is that due to the ignorance and stupidity of the American people in failing to HALT the massive voting fraud that is so rampant, the American people are getting what they deserve.. And the system in America is so corrupt and so criminal, that the efforts of many to try to wake the sheep up in the formerly free nation called the "US" are now for naught and useless.... The criminals are in charge, and there is no hope for America now other than to have a new revolution to try to save the nation from its own destruction...

And about this "Democrat" versus "Republican" BULLSHIT that is so much on the minds of gullible American minds?  Forget it, for the criminal Jewish elite control BOTH parties and absolutely have their puppet and fully Jew controlled President, Donald Drumpf, in control.... The circus now continues with the supposedly maniacal Democrats in charge of "Congress" while the equally criminal Republicans controlling the US "Senate"... But again this is all just bullshit and fluff for the Jewish criminals control them all and seem to like to have this circus thrown in the faces of gullible Americans as a joke... Basically the Jewish criminals are in total control of this political circus and are laughing at the stupidity of the American public!

OK, enough of the bullshit "midterms" in America... For I do want to present the latest podcast from Michael Herzog, over at The American Awakening at, for everyone to see and listen for themselves... It is entitled: "Election Results... BDS And BS", and I have it right here in its entirety... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Listen to "Election Results... BDS & BS" on Spreaker.

NTS Notes:  I also want to present last weekend's American Awakening Podcast, where Michael has Brendan O'Connell on as an important guest to discuss what he has been up to for the last while and to discuss how the criminal and psychotic state of Israel has the master key to ALL 'backdoors", and how it is an "Orwellian wet dream"... Here is that podcast here:

Listen to "Israel has the master key to all back doors; An Orwellion wet dream" on Spreaker.

NTS Notes:  I am glad that Michael does touch on the laughable and ridiculous "elections" in America and how it is indeed complete BS.... And I am glad that he brings forward the recent documentary presented by Al Jazeera about how their criminal "Lobby" does indeed control American politics and has been used to try to destroy the just BDS movement...... I again ask my readers to view that documentary for the facts are shocking...

I will continue to present The American Awakening podcasts here at this blog.... As I said before, I have long supported Michael Herzog since his days way back when he was a host over at the old "Oracle Broadcasting" network, and will continue that support for the foreseeable future...

And one other note... I also took note of that "flat bed truck" that was loading a whole bunch of those illegal "immigrants" that are being shipped to the US border, and the criminal "star of David" is right there on the passenger side door for all to see... Yes, that "caravan" is absolutely part of the Jewish criminal action to flood America with as many illegals as possible to ruin the nation... And sadly most Americans are still too ignorant to even notice, which is deeply disheartening!

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