Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Exposing Real History: The World War One Conspiracy Video By James Corbett

Many people are now aware that over a week ago on November 11th, 2018, we marked the 100th anniversary of the ending of the "Great War".....  I wrote in my rant from November 10th my personal assessment of how that war started, how it was purposely prolonged to ruin Europe, and who benefitted from that real holocaust of violence and death....

Just the other day, a real truth seeker, Jody, who of course writes the blog "What They Don't Tell You" at www.jpaulson.blogspot.com, put up a most interesting article that contained a recent video put out by James Corbett... That video is entitled: "The WW1 Conspiracy - James Corbett" and I decided to sit down just last night and finally watch the whole thing from start to finish... After viewing it, I knew that I wanted to put it up here for my own readers to view for themselves, and of course to give my own two cents worth.... Here is that video for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: IMHO....This is a pretty good video, but once again misses some key facts about the REAL driving force behind the Great War...

James Corbett does miss the key issue that the Jewish power elite absolutely wanted that war as back in the late 19th century they met (1890's Zionist World Council meetings) and decided that they would have their sick dream of their one world government ONLY after having at least THREE world wars.... He does cover how the British Empire was one of the driving forces behind the first World War, but fails to mention that the real criminals behind this driving the British for war were in fact the Jewish power elite that ran the Bank of England out of the City of London who of course were already aiming at using the war as their means of getting Palestine....

James Corbett also talks about 'secret societies' and a "cabal" that were fomenting the war,  but fails to point out the fact that those 'secret societies' were run and controlled by the Jewish power elite and the 'cabal' was indeed this Jewish power elite!....And like so many others keeps avoiding naming the Jews by name!

The question about "who won" the first World War One is obvious.... For it did slaughter so many European Caucasians, and destroyed so many European nations....  Then we have the infamous Balfour Declaration of 1917 that handed over Palestine to the criminal Jews... AND of course after the war, the Jews went to Versaille in 1919 and demanded their "price" for getting the US into the war to tilt the war in the allied favour and save the British Empire from its destruction, which was indeed Palestine... I again ask readers to listen to Benjamin Freedman's video that I have in the right hand column of this blog as proof.

We must also not forget that the first World War saw the end of the Russian Empire which the criminal Jewish elite wanted since the 19th century... The Jewish "Bolsheviks" were well funded and run by the criminal Jewish bankers out of Wall Street, and after these monsters seized power in late  1917, they began a bloody rampage after the end of the Great War that killed some 60 million innocent Russians..... This again shows how it was indeed the Jews that won the first world war and had fulfilled their long dream in getting Russia destroyed...

As a real student of history, I have been sickened by what I see that the criminals pass off as "history books", for nowhere in those "books" is the truth about who won the First World War ever told.... Not surprising, for if people did learn the bitter truth about their real history, there would be hell to pay!

More to come


*One Update: Apparently, James Corbett just released yesterday part II of this expose... I want to present part II right here for everyone to view:

If there are more parts to follow, I will bring them here in future articles.. Stay tuned..

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